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How to Copy And PASTE Ads and Make $100 – $500 Per Day (Make Money Online!)-Z_6QrrppG7I

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How to Copy And PASTE Ads and Make $100 – $500 Per Day (Make Money Online!)-Z_6QrrppG7I

you’re like trying to make money online
is the same probability at trying to win
it slots if you do think that then
you’re gonna love this video because I’m
gonna show you a strategy that is not
only the easiest strategy that I’ve ever
found to make money online but most
importantly it actually works and you
can make up to $500 or more using this
strategy like always from anywhere in
the world so let’s jump into my computer
and I’ll show you how right now alright
guys welcome into my screen so what
we’re gonna be talking about like I said
before is how to get paid up to $500 or
more per day literally to copy and paste
ads and I know that probably sounds kind
of confusing like how am I gonna get
paid to copy and paste ads who’s doing
the ads who’s writing any ads don’t
worry guys I’m going to be sharing an
exact template as always that you guys
can literally copy word-for-word but as
always that people are gonna have the
most success with this are gonna be the
people who actually iterate and create
little changes and test things and look
at other ads that catch your eye on
Facebook on Google right on the free ad
forum across the entire internet start
to become an experiment or not just
simply unobserved look at ads that
actually catch your attention and
understand why right was it beautiful
cars was that maybe beautiful women
was it a smiling person or was it some
crazy picture of the galaxy you want to
start thinking about what actually
catches your attention so that you can
then reiterate that same attention
grabbing technique with your own
advertising right so the first site that
we’re gonna look at is called the free
ad forum the first thing that we’re
gonna do is click on register right so
we can fill out you know our email
address our confirm our email address
user name password and you can see here
that this site actually is business
opportunity friendly which is something
that is going to become important as we
move on with this strategy you can see
that they the only things they don’t
allow our escort pharmaceutical and drug
ads everything else they are okay with
which is actually pretty cool because
you know a lot of the
sites that this is also a strategy to
make money with do not allow business
opportunity which is going to be the
easiest and low-hanging fruit to
actually make money using this strategy
so once you guys set up your account you
can see I already have an account and
I’m signed in here what we’re going to
do is we’re gonna click on new
classified and what this does is it
allows us to set up an ad that hundreds
and thousands of people are actually
viewing right because these types of
sites get a crazy amount of traffic of
people who are looking for certain
things similar to a couple of the other
options that we’re gonna talk about
later on in this video so what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna actually go to
down here at the bottom where it says
jobs we’re gonna click on jobs and then
we’re gonna click on business
opportunities and this is all gonna make
sense in a few minutes as we kind of
continue on with this strategy I promise
it’s gonna make sense so we’re gonna
choose jobs and then we’re gonna choose
business opportunity you can see that it
also allows you to choose the duration
of how long your ad is actually going to
be shown right because the more people
who see your ad the more money that
you’re going to make leveraging the
strategy that we’re gonna go over in a
few minutes and so you can choose other
things like six months a year for $5 or
$10 we’re not gonna do that right we’re
just gonna do 90 days and it’s gonna be
free so this is where we actually build
out our ad right but as always guys I
always give you um you know templates
and things like that that you can
literally just copy and paste and so
we’re gonna grab that template really
quick and we’re gonna copy it directly
in here so we’re gonna paste in our
title that we wrote right here you guys
can this will be available down below in
the description so you guys can copy and
paste this but remember you want to
change it up a little bit and really
make it your own
wait new system earns hundreds per day
confirmed working late 2019 right so you
want to make it seem current you want
something to you know really interrupt
the pattern of their scroll and things
like that
and then we are also going to grab the
body and we’re gonna paste it in right
here this is the strategy that
government doesn’t want you to know
about a way to earn money from home from
anywhere in the world right you have to
kind of think about who your target
demographic is what are the type of
people who are actually going to be
browsing these sites seeing this traffic
it’s gonna be people looking for stay at
home jobs you know they find this site
from Google linked from other state work
from home blogs classified ads native
ads things
that is what’s gonna bring them to the
ad forum so you want to really try to
cater to the type of person that’s going
to be reading this type of ad it is
going to seem a little bit more you know
spammy than as if you were advertising
on Facebook or Google for example to a
much higher you know quality of actual
end user of course that’s why Google and
Facebook ads cost money and it’s free to
copy and paste these ads they can still
make you a significant amount of money
so the last thing that we want to do is
actually add tags and similar to YouTube
videos and things like that you add tags
that tell you know the free ad forum how
to actually show people your ad based on
what they search right and so we’re
gonna grab the tags really quick and
then I’ll explain exactly how it works
boom so here are tags right here make
money online make money from home how to
make money online make money online
20:19 passive income passive income
strategies right things that people
would actually type into a search bar
they would actually then bring them to
our actual ad that we’re putting right
here so for price we’re gonna put 0
because we’re actually going to be you
know selling a digital product and then
we’re gonna put in our email address
that we use to actually sign up we’re
gonna put United States if you want to
add additional states or regions to
target specifically you can definitely
do that and then for our website this is
what people are actually going to be
clicking when they come to our actual ad
and remember this is all completely free
traffic from the thousands and thousands
of people who visit the free ad forum
com looking for ways to make money
online looking for you know methods and
strategies to increase their income or
or grow you know personal development
and things like that and so our website
URL we’re actually going to generate
from the largest affiliate network in
the world which of course is Clickbank
right so we’re gonna go to a site called
CB engine we’re actually gonna go to top
gravity which is the top selling
products on Clickbank and one of them
that I think would be good for this
particular strategy
it’s called overnight millionaire right
they pay you twenty four dollars every
single time that you actually make a
sale so what we’re going to do is
we’re gonna go to clickbank really quick
and we’re actually going to go to the
affiliate marketplace and we’re gonna
type in overnight right and here we see
overnight millionaire we’re gonna press
promote and if you haven’t created a
Clickbank account it’s completely free
to do again it’s the largest reputable
affiliate network in the world they’ve
done billions and billions of dollars in
affiliate sales so we’re gonna grab this
and we’re actually gonna click promote
and you can see every time somebody
actually goes through and buys this
product that you’re gonna be promoting
with your free ads you’re gonna make
twenty four dollars and sixty two cents
right and so what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna put in our account nickname
after we create our account if you don’t
know how to create your Clickbank
account just Google search you know
Clickbank account creation again it’s
completely free to do all you have to do
is enter your account information of how
you want to be paid how do you want them
to actually send you the money by check
or by wire transfer we’re gonna put in
our account nickname that you get after
you sign up for Clickbank and then we’re
gonna press promote right here we’re
gonna press generate hot links right
this hop link essentially tells
Clickbank that if somebody clicks this
link and then goes through and actually
purchases this product that you get
credit for that sale and you make twenty
four dollars and sixty two cents every
time that happens right so we’re gonna
grab this link we’re gonna copy it we’re
gonna go to a site called market or
magic which is an incredible tool that
you know I use for all of my businesses
and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
go to a link shortener called minimi you
can see that we have you know three
hundred and fifty thousand link clicks
in our link shortener we have you know
two hundred thousand and the deep links
what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna press
create right we’re gonna paste that long
ugly link that we got from Clickbank
into our actual link shortener right
here you know if you don’t want to sign
up for a market or magic other free
options are bitly and things like that
they’re just much less advanced and
they’re just not for people who are
really serious about digital marketing
and making you know a significant amount
of money so we’re gonna paste this in
and we’re gonna go to create a link
right now what we can do is we can make
this actually much nicer looking we can
put like put it as make money now right
and so now instead of that long ugly
link it’s just gonna look like this
really pretty nicely
looking link right here mini dot me
slash make money now right people are
gonna click that much more likely than
you know some long ugly hop link so
we’re gonna come back into the free ad
forum and we’re gonna paste that link
right here where it says your website
URL now we’re actually gonna have to
upload some images and then we’re gonna
add a video that we think would be the
highest converting right if we actually
come to the overnight millionaire and we
go to visit website what we’re gonna see
is he actually has a video right here
which is you know very f it to the
target demographic of people who are
gonna be viewing you know these free ad
forms and things like that and so what
we’re gonna do is we’re actually gonna
take this video that he has on his
landing page that’s been proven to
convert right because if it didn’t
convert it wouldn’t be on the
top-selling list of Clickbank we’re
gonna grab this actual video URL which I
have right here and we’re actually going
to put that into our video slot right
here on the free ad forum so now when
people come and visit our actual ad
they’re going to see a video that we
know is you know really well made and
designed to actually go ahead and
convert people on this offer that we
have right so now what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna just skip all of this stuff
because they have like little upsells
and things like that to attract
attention and things but we don’t need
any of that
we’re gonna press preview right now
we’re gonna be able to actually preview
our ad and see what it looks like with
our final title and body and with our
final link and things like that so now
we can see what our ad actually looks
like right here you can see this is the
strategy the government doesn’t want you
to know about right it fits perfectly
with this kind of like hyper stylized
thumbnail and like the government
warning on it right it’s really well a
fitted for your demographic which is
something that’s very important to
understand who your audience actually is
with the marketing that you’re doing
right so this is what our ad is going to
look like we’re gonna accept and submit
and then anytime somebody reads this and
then at the bottom clicks on our link
what’s gonna happen is it’s going to
redirect that person directly to our
specific affiliate link that we
generated from clickbank and then every
time somebody actually goes ahead and
buys that cheap well converting you know
that’s perfectly a fitted to this target
demographic what’s gonna happen is we’re
gonna get $25 every single time we make
a sale and they’ve there’s tons of
traffic coming to the free ad forum
every single day and we can see that we
just processed our order has been
received successfully for $0 and now you
know potentially thousands if not tens
of thousands or more people are gonna
see our ad and if they’re interested in
it they’re gonna click it read it and
then watch a video that has been you
know pre-programmed and proven to
actually be high converting and
successful when it comes to getting
people to purchase this product of
course when we would get an affiliate
Commission every single time somebody
did buy it and it’s as simple as that
but there are a couple more incredible
strategies that I want to show you guys
really quick right so there’s other
sites just like the free ad forum like
global free classified ads where you can
do the exact same thing right and so I’m
not gonna walk through all of that again
but I do want to show a couple of ways
that you can really turn this into
something that’s awesome so we’re gonna
go back to CB engine really quick and
we’re gonna look for a product that has
a high gravity score right something
that has you know been proven to make
affiliates right to make you money for
promoting it um we’re gonna look for
another one so what we’re gonna look for
is something that actually teaches
people how to make money right get paid
for your opinions this might be one but
the initial sale is only $1 so it’s not
particularly interesting the 12-minute
affiliate system might be something that
is worth checking a look at let’s check
out this one really quick all right so
let’s take a look at this one let’s view
the website 12-minute affiliate right so
what we’re looking for is yeah here we
go so if you can order a pizza you can
make money with the system activate your
systems today right it has a time date
thing to make it always seem up-to-date
and so let’s check this out so what
we’re gonna do is we’re going to go back
to Clickbank here and we’re gonna go
back to the affiliate marketplace and
we’re gonna put in 12 minute right well
what we’re gonna do is twelve minute
affiliate system you see you make 56
dollars every single time that you
actually make a sale so what we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna press promote we’re
gonna generate our hop link we’re gonna
grab this long ugly link we’re gonna go
back to market our magic we’re gonna
create another link right here we’re
create this link we’re gonna shorten it
and we’re gonna call this one best
money-making we’re gonna call this money
let’s call this one passive income 20 19
right so now that we have this nice
little link what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna find a way to promote this right
and so the one of the best ways to
actually go about promoting this and
I’ve never shared this strategy ever
before guys so this is a really really
exciting one um if you want to make
money and you have you know a
significant amount of time but you don’t
have a bunch of money right if you’re
looking for something that’s really
scalable something that you can create
into a monster business
I suggest you know checking out other
videos after this video that I have
about Amazon FBA about you know Shopify
drop shipping about SMM a social media
marketing creating your own digital
course this strategy that I’m showing
you right now is a way to get started
and to really start to build your
capital if you’re just starting out and
you have more time than you have money
because as an entrepreneur you always
either have more time or more money if
you have more money you hire people to
help you if you have more time you do
everything yourself right that’s just
kind of the way that the game works so
what we’re doing is we’re on Craigslist
right now I’m in Las Vegas at my house
here I mean what we’re gonna do is we
are going to actually type in resumes
right because what does it tell you when
somebody has their resume on Craigslist
it’s telling you that they are looking
for work they’re looking for a job
they’re looking and trying to make money
and so what we’re gonna do is we are
actually going to share our affiliate
link with a program that’s already
proven to actually have conversions
right and what does that program teach
people how to do it teaches people how
to make money if they can deliver a
pizza right if they can order a pizza
they can make money with this system
right and it’s proven it’s gotten a ton
of sales I don’t know what we’re gonna
do is we’re going to send out our
affiliate link to this high converting
page to every single person who posted
their resume on Craigslist and some of
these people might actually make money
with the system maybe a lot of them will
write if it’s a high converting product
on Clickbank it must work to some degree
maybe it’s an amazing
I’ve never actually taken it so I don’t
know for sure but we know that it is
high converting and if it’s high
converting hopefully it is a quality
product as well and so what we’re gonna
do is we’re actually gonna open up all
of these resume ads that we see right
here on Craigslist and when you can see
right here that you can reply to every
single one of them you could say you
know make it personalized you could say
something like hey you know my name is
Kevin I saw your resume on Craigslist I
just wanted to show you about something
that really helped me you could even
make it personal and say you know I was
in your position recently where I was
looking for work and this is actually
what helped me write and then just
literally in the email post in your
affiliate link right so we can actually
click reply here we can go into Gmail
and I’ll actually show you guys exactly
what out right right so I would say hey
there I just wanted to quickly drop you
a note because I was in your position
recently looking for work on Craigslist
I found something after a long time
searching that actually worked if you’re
interested take a look here or reply to
this email with any questions and I’d be
happy to help you wish you luck or wish
you the best right and then you could
post your link right here click here to
check it out right and you could put
your link right here that we just made
inside of marketer magic com to make it
a much prettier more aesthetically
pleasing link and then what happens is
every time somebody clicks on this link
it opens up into our specific affiliate
link of this product that has been
proven to convert and remember every
time that we actually get a sale for
this product we make fifty six dollars
and 69 cents and there’s literally
hundreds of cities in the USA there’s
hundreds of you know resume sections and
hundreds of cities on Craigslist
and if you really want to grind right
you can go through all the resume
sections on all of Craigslist and send
hundreds of emails a day you can train
virtual assistants to do the same thing
and you can just promote promote promote
your specific link will F for this
product you can try different email
templates you can use their name if they
say their name in their resume to make
it much more personalized you know
another thing that I like to try is for
the subject line if they’re let’s say
her name was Karen and she posted it I
would put Karen question mark right it
just increases your open rate
significantly you know I could even say
did you see this with a question mark
another incredible subject line to get
people to open it and so those are two
amazing strategies guys that are
completely free and if you’re willing to
hustle you can make a significant amount
of money actually doing a hundred
percent for free from anywhere in the
world you just have to have the hustle
to do it remember ninety nine percent of
people are not going to do this if you
want to be part of the 1% and be
financially free and have the will to do
the things that you want you have to be
willing to do what ninety-nine percent
of people are not willing to do because
remember if you want things you’ve never
had you have to do things you’ve never
done if you enjoyed these videos you
guys can tell I’m putting out a ton of
effort finding these strategies making
sure that they actually work vetting
them and then making them as simple as
possible so make sure you tap on the
little subscribe button if you like
making money and speaking of making
money check out this video right here
where I teach you how to make a thousand
dollars per week with no job completely
for free from anywhere in the world see
you there
yeah what does you want to learn how to
make one thousand dollars per week with
no job and even better yet
you’re gonna be able

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