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How Many Subs Do You Need to make $1,000 on YouTube-4rKDJ4Q3dgo

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How Many Subs Do You Need to make $1,000 on YouTube-4rKDJ4Q3dgo

– Here’s the key to makingmoney on YouTube, guys.
The size of your audiencedoes not determine
how much money you actuallymake here on YouTube.
It doesn’t, YouTube doesn’tpay you for subscribers.
But let’s say that you hadaround 3,000 subscribers,
how much money could you earn from that?
Well here at this channel, Video Creators,
when this had only 3,000 subscribers,
it was generating about $10,000 a month.
However, a friend of mine hasover a million subscribers
and that person is literally only making
a few hundred dollars a month.
What I wanna do in thisvideo is share with you
some stories about creators who have
relatively small subscriber counts
and are literally earning millions
of dollars a year on YouTube.
And I’m gonna talk to guysabout how you can do the same
as long as you do what they do.
That’s coming up.
Hey guys, welcome to Video Creators.
My name is Tim Schmoyerand here we are all about
helping you guys growyour YouTube audience.
You can spread a messagethat reaches people
and changes their lives.
And the only way you canmake that sustainable
is to earn enough moneyso you can form a team
and all the equipment,everything you need to do to grow
and really reach peopleand change their lives.
Unfortunately, there isa common misconception
among creators on YouTube,
that once you get to acertain audience size
and subscriber level,
that the money just somehowjust appears and it doesn’t.
In fact, I work withone creator who had over
6 million subscribers on YouTube
and their channel was earning less
than this channel was with, at that time,
around 150,000 subscribers.
But on the other hand,
I know a creator who has onlya few thousand subscribers
and they are earningover $2 million a year.
Yes, $2 million a year,how did that even happen?
Well, in his case, he’sactually an insurance agent
and he talks about differentinsurance plans in his videos.
And whenever one of hisvideos leads to a sale,
he gets compensated forthat leading up to over
$2 million in revenue with onlya few thousand subscribers.
But you’re probablynot an insurance agent.
I know I’m not, so howdoes that work for us?
Well, the general principal isstill the same and it’s this,
do not leave your monetizationstrategy in YouTube’s hands.
Just don’t do it, especiallyif you’re banking on AdSense,
like that’s a system you don’t control
and it’s the best way to make
the least amount of money on YouTube.
And it’s stressful, too,going from month to month
trying to keep your views up
because if your next videosdon’t perform as well,
then you’re gonna earnless the next month.
It’s just not the kinda life I wanna live.
Let’s do some simple maththat I think that you’ll agree
that there’s a much better way to do this.
Let’s just assume maybe you make $2
per 1,000 views through AdSense.
Some channels make a lot more,some channels do a lot less,
but for the sake for our example,
we’ll just say $2 per 1,000 views.
And let’s say that you have a $30 product
that you’d like to sell.
And each time you pitch that product
naturally as a part of your content,
you convert about 1% ofyour audience into a sale.
1% of 1,000 views is 10 salesat 10 sales at $30 each,
that’s $300 for 1,000 viewsfor the same 1,000 views
that YouTube wouldotherwise pay you $2 for.
And actually, that ismy math for my $30 ebook
called 30 Days to aBetter YouTube Channel,
which you can find a link down below
if you’re interested in checking it out.
If you do that kinda math on your channel,
you can earn a fulltime income much sooner,
much more quickly than you could
if you’re just doing AdSenseand brand deals alone
because now we’re actuallytaking about the potential to do
over a thousand dollars per video
if you have a few thousand engaged,
loyal fans there on your channel.
This isn’t just somethingthat works on my channel,
this can absolutely work for you, too.
In fact, just a few weeks ago,
I got an email from JennyChampion who wrote and said this.
"Hi Tim, I’m Jenny.
"I just had to message you!
"I finally started making videos
"and on my third one,
"I sold a $99 diet-planwith only 143 views.
"I instantly thought of you
"and your 1% conversion on your $30 ebook
"when you first started.
"This is amazing!"
Yes and that’s exactly how this works.
Here she is with only three videos
and 143 views and she already made $99.
With this type of approach,
you don’t even need to wait for YouTube
to enable monetization on your channel.
You can just dive in
and start making money onyour channel right away
because you have not only a plan
to deliver good value to your audience,
but you also have a plan of how to
capture good value from your audience.
That could be maybe withchannel memberships,
with Patreon, digital products,
maybe you’re gonna sell somekind of online community
or events and meetups ormaybe an online course
or something else.
You need to know exactly what value
you’re providing through your channel.
You need to know exactly who wants
that value that you’re providing
and then you need to sell 10X that value
in a format people are willing to pay for
just by naturally integratingthat into your content.
And that really seems to be the skill
that a lot of creatorskinda get nervous about.
It’s like I don’t wanna sell,
I don’t wanna feel sleazy or too pushy
or I don’t want like, you know, I get it.
We’re gonna talk more aboutthat in future videos,
but let me maybe giveyou an example right now
maybe what that could look like.
I have a 50 minute traininghere on YouTube called
How to 150X Your YouTubeIncome With a Business Plan
and it is a step by stepprocess you need to follow
in order to get the kinda earnings
that some of these othercreators are making on YouTube.
So, to answer our question,how many subscribers you need
in order to make $1,000a month on YouTube?
Well, not very many.
In fact, I think you could do it
with less than 1,000 subscribers
with a business planwrapped around your content.
So click this video
and I’ll see you guysover in the next one.

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