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How To Make Money On Facebook For Beginners! (Step by Step)-dy5D1EblDr0

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How To Make Money On Facebook For Beginners! (Step by Step)-dy5D1EblDr0

what’s going on guys in today’s video
I’m gonna show you exactly how to make
money online from Facebook so if you
don’t know by now Facebook is a huge
company and there are a lot of people on
Facebook making a lot of money and I’m
not talking a few dollars per day I’m
talking millions of dollars per month
and per year people making a lot of
money including myself I’ve made
multiple millions on Facebook over the
last couple of years and what I want to
do in this video is show you a real
proper way that you can make a lot of
money with Facebook this is probably one
of the best ways you can do it one of
the only real ways that you can do it
and I want to take you through in this
tutorial step by step how you can do
this yourself and make money on Facebook
the right way properly okay there’s not
any spammy stuff or anything like that
I’m going to show you how to put a
proper business with Facebook and make
money online and the best part about
this myth that guys its scalable you’re
in full control and you can build a real
long-term business with this method so
let’s jump straight into this one guys
you know how I like to do this let’s get
into the good stuff make sure you
subscribe smash that like button tap
that notification Belsen on my next
video comes out and let’s get into the
training so we need to go through the
step-by-step because there are a few
things that we need to cover so the
first thing is we need a product now
this can be your own product that I’m
going to assume that most people
watching this video don’t have a product
and what I mean by a product I’m talking
about like a software a course or any
type of online products okay but let’s
just say you don’t have a product you
have nothing to sell promote nothing
like that well you can promote someone
else’s product and make money with their
product so that’s all we’re going to
talk about inside this training and what
I mean by this is we can use something
called affiliate marketing where let’s
say for example we’re going to be
promoting someone the fast track
coaching by Dave Nicholson well what
would happen is let’s say someone went
and bought Dave’s course we would get
some money right a commission it could
be 50% and then Dave would get his part
of the money as well so we would get
money for sending traffic and making a
sale here we get money because he owns
the course or the product now a lot of
you guys probably know other affiliate
marketing is
I just need to go over quickly for
anyone that’s new to my content so what
we do is we promote other people’s
products for a commission now Before we
jump into Facebook I need to explain to
how this works to help you understand
how you can actually make money with
this so what we need to do guys in this
myth that it’s very simple we need to
have a structure and I’ll show you a
visual kind of thing in a second to help
you understand let me just go over it
and simple terms right now we need to
find people and we’re going to be using
Facebook to do that we’re gonna go and
find people on Facebook traffic and what
we need to do is send them to a free
offer to clicked an email okay
then after we click that email we’re
going to send until we call a low ticket
alpha which I’m going to show you how to
get that and then we put them on the
email list as well and then we send them
a high ticket offer and we make money at
these two points here okay this is we’ll
be making our money and on top of that
we’re going to be building out an email
list as well so we can literally just
keep promoting stuff and make money so
it’s kind of like a visual effect of
that this is one of my ads here so
essentially what we do is we go and run
ads to these people this one here’s made
me a lot of money a lot of a lot a lot
of money and we go out to me clicked an
email which is what this form here does
so I give away a free offer to collect
an email and then over here I promote
something that is well this is kind of
like a visual thing this is hypothetical
cuz I haven’t actually done this
particular funnel here but we go and
promote something that’s low ticket like
$10 $12 $20 and then on their email list
this is an email a set up one of them
that I’ve built we then go and promote a
webinar or a course or something in the
backend to make a lot of money with the
high ticket offer okay so this is called
a sales funnel it works really really
well and you can make a lot of money
with this and you can either do if your
own product or somebody else’s product
now the email part of it a lot of people
usually get confused with this so let me
explain when someone goes on to your
email list you can send out emails so
this is me sitting out emails here to
these people in those emails you’re
going to be promoting a product whether
it be your product or someone else’s
product that you get a commission from
that’s where you make a lot of your
money but you want to collect emails to
go and
promote products to them now here’s one
of my ads that I talked about before
this one here got so much hate they’ve
got so many people laughing at my shoes
all this guys on the couch with bright
red shoes what an idiot all this sort of
stuff this is good because it keeps
people engaged on my ad they comment
they hate on me but that’s what you want
because these ads make so much money
when people comment it puts them up and
the algorithm and that you went options
and all that sort of stuff so the more
controversy you can create usually the
bidder so your ads don’t have to be
crazy good they could be nice and simple
and you can still make money with them
so now let’s before we get into the
other stuff let’s actually get into how
you can make this work what are the
so the first step guys is we need to
actually go and find a product so I’m
gonna show you two places here one of
them is called that’s
where you can find your high ticket
product and this one here is called
warrior + calm so this is we can find
your load took a product and we’re gonna
go and create a funnel so the Lord took
up products guys is this one here which
so basically you sign up to warrior +
calm and you find one of these products
and then you can sign up as an affiliate
so I’m not sure how you sign up for this
one you just go down find out how to
sign up to it I think you go to
affiliates and then offers right so go
to affiliates and offers once you’ve
signed up this product here is $18 I
think so this is a large ticket product
this is a low ticket product right so
$18 I’ll explain to you how this is
gonna work in a second and then a
Clickbank you want to sign up to
Clickbank or another program and we’re
gonna actually do this in to make money
online niche because there’s a lot of
money to be made and once you’ve signed
up the Clickbank you want to find a
product called CB passive income okay
this is they make money online product
and you can get an average sale of 248
dollars now the best thing I like about
this product guys is it already has
something for free that we can give away
so they have a free workshop a free
webinar so we don’t need to go and find
our own thing to give away for free we
can use their product okay there we’ve
been out to give away for free so that’s
great so we’ve found the products the
high ticket product is going to be the
CB passive income elite you can go and
put that in the search bar once you’re
in clickbank and then the low ticket
product guys I found on warrior plus
which is CB money vine VIP now you can
find any product if you go to the
affiliate page and go to offers there’s
going to be heaps of offers that you can
promote right you just go and put in the
keyword or the vendor name and it’s got
all of these so there we go CB money
vine VIP and then request request your
affiliate link but we need to move on to
the next step so you understand how this
all works okay so that’s number two our
number one find two products a low
ticket product and a high ticket product
the next step guys is we need to create
a form to collect an email lucky your
boy Frank Lynn’s done this all for you
there’s a link below you can get this
funnel that I’m about to show you okay
so I’m gonna give away this this one
right here so this is called click
funnels this is the program that creates
funnels and I’m allowed to share my
funnels using this so this is the one
that you will get you’ll get this page
and I’ll show you how to set this up
there’ll be a link below so go get that
you simply message on Facebook I’ll send
it to you right back okay simple now all
you do is once you get click funnels is
you need to go and basically create the
page so you’ll get it like this go to
init page and I’m not going to take too
long for this guys that I want this
video to be super long but all you gotta
do is edit this content here it’s
already actually done for you so you can
just click on this and you can edit
things and and all that sort of stuff
right and then just click save so that’s
real simple but what you need to do is
connect the email to the form so you can
fill out an email list now the email
software that I use you can just use
click funnels if you like they do have
an email thing where the emails will go
into click funnels beneath the upgraded
version but I use one called get
response so this is an email software
platform basically sign up on a free
trial I leave
lengthen that below as well and then
once you sign up you go into here guys
you click list and you create a list
okay so you go to list and then you
simply just go to create a list all
right once that list is created what you
want to do is go back to clickfunnels
and go to settings integrations and
select integrations get response and
then select action add to campaign and
then choose the list from the list
section once that’s done and the list is
connected so just I’m not going to
connect the list I’m giving this away
but once the list is connected when
someone goes to this page and puts in
the email right when someone does that
they’re going to go and be put on your
email list but what we do need to do as
well is we need to actually connect it
to that low ticket offer so when people
sign up they go straight to the low
ticket offer so let me show you how to
do that get rid of this
so which one it does go back to warrior
plus comm and you want to actually
request a so you can promote something
great so click request on a product that
you want to promote now I’m going to not
actually request this because I don’t
want to promote it but once you get
approved to promote it all you do is get
the link the affiliate link so let’s
just pretend that I have an affiliate
link with me right now I’m gonna go to
settings I’m gonna go to general I’m
gonna go to on submit go to and I’m
gonna put in my affiliate link okay so
I’ve actually put on one of my course
URLs because I want to show you how this
works in action and then I’m gonna click
Save and then I’m going to go to preview
and I’m going to put on my email and
show you how this works okay so I put in
our fake email here I’m gonna go to get
instant access and it will take me to my
course well I should yeah so it’s taken
us to my course right but you would have
your affiliate link in there and would
take you to the affiliate link so what
we’ve done there is we’ve created a
pathway from the the form here where
they give you the email then to the low
ticket offer
okay and then once they sign up they’ll
go into the email list and then on the
email list you can go out and actually
promote this product here now we’re not
going to do that in the video I’m not
going to take you through how to set up
the emails for this because I don’t have
other videos on that I’ll leave a link
below so you can check those videos up
there’s no point of me redoing it but
essentially you would just go out and
create emails based on this product
right here and they actually have the
emails for you so if we actually went
back to this product and you clicked on
the affiliate page and then what you
want to do is you want to put in your
information put in your information down
here and then it’ll take you to a page
where he has all the emails for you
ready to go so we go down here and
there’s all of these emails that you can
use in your email sequence okay
so free offer to the low ticket offer
and then send out emails for the high
ticket offer when you send out your
emails make sure you put in your
affiliate link so on Clickbank go to
promote and then click on generate hop
links oh sorry my bad let’s go back
okay there’s there should be an option
to choose a webinar which I don’t have
because I think I’ve already chosen one
but choose the webinar or the workshop
it’ll say and then copy this link and
you just go and put this in the emails
when you create the emails and the
automation email automation it’ll send
up automatically
like I’ve said up here but like I said I
have a video below on how to create the
emails and the email us and I sort of
stuff right we don’t need to go over
that that’s not what this is about but
what we I want to do is kind of explain
to you more of the funnel and then we’ll
get into the Facebook stuff so this is
the federal guys it’s very simple you
can just edit it and I’ve showed you
kind of how to set everything up and
link everything together right I’m now
gonna go back and I’m going to show you
how to get the link so we can start to
go make money with Facebook so this is
the link here we’re going to use this in
a second be with me but first I want to
actually look at some numbers and show
you how much money you can possibly make
from this all right so let’s kind of
look at the numbers real quick right
let’s say you go out and you spend a
and we get one sale at $200 it’s
actually the average sell is 248 waters
rather back to 200 and you get one
sailor $18 $97 profit $180 97 and they
set up $118 plus the leads that you get
as well you basically get free leads
right so that’s pretty good money and
you could definitely make money off just
spinning $100 on ads or even 50 bucks on
ads because it’s such a high ticket
product and the whole point of a low
ticket product and after people sign in
is to try and recuperate some money okay
to pay for the edge you’re not gonna get
it all back but you might get 10% back
20% back to 30% back and all helps
towards egg cost and so you can scale
and stuff like that right so those are
kind of like some general numbers at the
end of this video where I’m talking a
little bit of a secret to help you make
more money okay and help you understand
this a little bit better so now what you
want to do guys is you want to actually
go and run some Facebook Ads this is how
we make the money now what I’m gonna do
on this one here is when I use my test
account but what I actually do want to
show you is something very cool okay you
don’t actually need to have your face on
the Facebook page you don’t need to go
out there and put yourself online these
are some ads that I found just today to
show you an example this image is a
stock image and these are people running
ads for how to make money online this
here is a stock image this here is a
picture of a jip jip plane this here is
a picture of people dabbing right you
don’t need to have complicated ads you
don’t need to go out and be a master of
this it’s very simple you can go make
simple easy ads they work extremely well
this one here has 4,000 likes 2,000
likes 150 likes
six likes I mean six likes or six likes
it’s still a bunch of likes and these
ads are working really really well so
let’s go and start an ad and I’ll show
you how to do this and you can use
pictures that are already on Facebook
and I’ll show you how crazy Facebook is
and kind of like that just the stuff you
can do with it is mental so this is a
test account guys when you I use this
for all inside my courses and training
and stuff that I don’t have any ads
running on here but what you want to do
is go on Facebook and create a Facebook
ad account very simple to do
next we want to go to create a campaign
actually what I would mention sorry is
one thing you do want to do is you want
to put a Facebook pixel on this page
here so let’s just do that let’s go to
edit page and you want to so let’s go
back yet you want to go to up here and
you want to go to pixels and you want to
create a pixel so add new data source
I’m just going to get this one here go
to details and I’m going to go to set up
install pixel and manually install pixel
on my website and copy okay when you get
back to here and I’m gonna go to
settings tracking codes and just paste
the code in here I’ve already got one
but just paste the code in there okay
and then click Save so that’s how you
install a Facebook pixel now what you
want to do now is actually go and run
some ads so go to event manager and go
to Facebook Ads
now your ad account might look different
depending if you’re on private business
I’m a New Zealand so we get all the
updates a lot last with after everybody
else they don’t want to go to create ed
and I want to do a conversion ed and I
want to go to continue okay continue now
what one problem with having a basically
a small ticket item afterwards race you
can’t put a lead pixel on that page so
you can’t really track for you can’t
really put in so basically what the
pixel does is it’ll optimize your page
for leads but because we’re not going to
have a lead pixel on the thank you page
on the page that you direct people to
that affiliate link it’s you can’t track
the leads now if you want to you can go
and put a page in between so you can
actually put a page in here with the
button that says thank you for signing
up click this link here to go through to
our special offer or our low ticket
offer right then you can actually put a
lead on a lead pixel on that page and
then you could track
and you can optimize for leaves but in
this case we haven’t done that and I
probably should have done that but in
this case I haven’t done that so I will
just put it on view content won’t
optimize for people to view the page or
you can go back and do the link clicks
that’s up to you but I actually have
some videos down below about that
so essentially you can send people from
the email page to a separate thank-you
page where you have a lead pixel we can
track the lead which is probably a good
idea and then send them off to the low
ticket product the low ticket item
okay but in this case we just going to
track for view content that’s not really
important here because that’s not what
we’re what I’m trying to show you I’m
trying to show you how to actually set
up the Facebook ads and choose the
interest in that sort of stuff so if we
go down guys just ignore all of this
until you get to this it’s a location I
do what we call the five stack okay let
me show you what that is all right so
I’ve put in United States Canada
Australia United Kingdom and New Zealand
this is called the five stack these are
the most profitable countries when it
comes to advertising on Facebook in my
opinion there’s probably more profitable
ones but these are the ones that work
good for me okay the five stack now once
you’ve got the five stack done you want
to go down and you can choose your
demographics now realistically if you’re
doing like make money online you kind of
want to go up to like 40 years old
because anyone after 40 years old
usually doesn’t have to use a computer
or maybe isn’t really interested to make
money online but it’s up to you you can
test but you can choose age gender all
that sort of stuff that’s why it can be
really really targeted but if you can
even get more specific and I can put in
make money online I think means I’m not
sure if that will come up make money so
this is the I’m interest so go make
money fast how to make money probably
not the best are making money so making
money as a good one
but if we put in something like
affiliate marketing because that’s what
a lot of people were interested in so if
sylia marketing has seven million people
that we can target all right or you can
put in someone like someone that’s in
the industry like Tony Robbins he’s in
the make he’s in the make money online
industry you know a personal development
and all that sort of stuff
so you can do that right you can target
people who are interested in tony
robbins or people that interested in
gary vaynerchuck
or people that are interested in I don’t
know a bunch of other people who are in
that industry but you can put down an
interest or so let’s say ecommerce
because people were interested in
e-commerce Shopify stuff like that so
they’re trying to make money so you can
go and put your offer in front of those
people now once you’ve done that guys
you can go down and you can go in at
placements now what I like to do is I
like to stick to Facebook when I’m
starting ads and then branch out into
Instagram and things later so I’m just
going to leave it on Facebook news feeds
Facebook marketplace I’m going to take
away the video I’m going to take away
right column then take away and soak em
Explorer and Messenger bot box I’m going
to take away these stories particularly
in-stream and I’m going to take away
epson sites so all I have is Facebook
newsfeed Facebook marketplace and an
article so they’re only going to shop in
those three places that’s what I usually
do most of the time when I’m starting an
ad you can scale into other areas later
on and then we’re going to go down and
we’re going to just leave this as it is
we’re gonna let Facebook do what it does
okay we don’t need to do any manual
stuff here
Oh realistically you want to have a
leader pixel and then optimize for
leaves but I haven’t done it in this
case now the budget guys always just
start with something small like ten
dollars a day is fine
twenty bucks today will be bit about ten
dollars a day is fine okay and then
that’s it for this just go the next page
but all I want to show you is kind of
how powerful Facebook is we can go and
target specific things specific people
and specific niches so if it can be
Fitness anything and then I’m going to
go to continue and this is where we do
the fun stuff is we would create the ad
so the first thing you want to do is
have a Facebook page sit up you might
have done that beforehand but you can
actually do it now just go to create a
Facebook page here and then once it’s
created just choose it and then put it
into here okay
nice and simple then we go down and you
want to put on single image or video if
you have a video you can upload it but
in this case we’re just going to pick an
image that fact Facebook has so I’m
going to go to add media and we’re gonna
go to add image and you can actually go
to stock and they have a lot of stock
Solicitors put in jibt and see what
comes up and will golf what that what
that ad dad was that we saw so let’s go
with this one continue and now we have a
picture of a jet Facebook literally
gives you all the ads they give you all
the pictures they give you everything
you need
now these watermarks will be gone once
they are ad is live okay they’re just
there for now because they show shock as
their image supplier now once you have
this image guys need to put in some text
so you’ll see here are my ad that it was
very very basic it’s not very long it’s
not very long at all it’s nice and clean
it’s very simple to do so what I’ve done
is I’ve kind of made one here I will be
editing this you can get this below just
send me a message on facebook uni of the
funnels and you get this ad template
you’re gonna everything you need to make
this work
now if I copy this and put this into
Facebook in the text section primary
text section put some spaces here you’ll
see that it’s now the textures let’s go
to a desktop view because that look okay
okay so now it’s in there now the next
step is to get the link for the forum or
we click the email so I’m gonna go back
and we’re going to do that by going to
here and you want to find a link
shortener so I’ve got one here called
cut lead calm sorry cut
ly and I’m gonna paste it in here it’s
free and I’m gonna shorten the link once
the link is short ended then I’m gonna
use this link and I’m gonna copy it down
here and I’m going to copy it and then
I’m gonna go back to Facebook and we’re
going to put the link down here website
URL and it will reload again and do its
thing so when people click that add now
that goes through to my page where I
click the email alright and you can view
mobile and you can view disc top version
that’s actually glitched out usually you
click to see more thing and you’ll be
able to see it then you can do like a
headline so I can put free training live
now for example or free training live
so yeah down here free training live now
alright very very simple very easy make
sure the Facebook pixels turned on as
well so it can track but it’s not
turning on in this case and that’s it
guys you simply go and create these ads
and you can go on run Facebook ad to
make money like this literally how a lot
of us guys online and making a lot of
money selling our courses selling
affiliate marketing products and you can
see here that it works these are ad
examples that people have got online
right now when they actually found these
is the live ads October the 9th 2019
October the 10th 2019 and these are
working really well but the main thing
you’ve got to remember is that these
guys are mainly just trying to collect
up leaves so they sell on the back end
and the emails now there’s a rule that
we mainly follow this is a bit of a
secret sauce so it’s the 80/20 rule
essentially if you spend 80 bucks you
should be able to make back a hundred
and twenty dollars should be profit
that’s like the worst case scenario
right so if you spend 80 bucks you
should know to make 100 back minimum and
then twenty minimum should be your
profit it should be a lot more than that
that’s usually what we focus on and
you’re gonna get the free leads now if
you don’t know where to get free things
to give away like books and stuff like
that go to google and put in PLR
products and you can get these things
called PLR products their products that
you can use and give away for free you
have the rights to do that now if you
want to learn more about affiliate
marketing how to make money online doing
this obviously I can’t fit it in this
long long video I’ll have a full
training a link below that you can click
and I take you through step by step how
to do this we have hundreds of videos we
have modules I take you through
Clickbank Academy I take you through how
to make a lot of money online with
clickbank I take you through literally
everything you need to make money with
this method if you want some more free
training guys I will leave some videos
up on the screen on the right that you
can click right now and we’ll take you
through to some free training on
affiliate marketing and more methods on
how you can make money online don’t
forget to subscribe
Ted that notification about guys smash
your like on this video I’ll see on one
of the videos on the right

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