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10 Proven Ways To Make Money Online That Actually Work-evZ5gleeUF4

what’s happening everybody on YouTube
Steve here raking profit over a rake and coming back to you with
another video in today’s videos I want
to share with you 10 business models
that you can get started with right away
to start making money online now I’ve
got 10 really awesome models that
actually work and before I shot this
video I did some preparation and watched
some other videos and I can tell you
right now that there’s a lot of crap on
the internet of people talking about
ways that you can make money online and
half of them don’t even work and the
other half are just I’m gonna be honest
with you kind of stupid like taking
surveys is like kind of like a big waste
of time like there was all these little
hacks and little software’s that they
were teaching you how to download videos
and re-upload them and there’s like all
these weird things that don’t actually
work I’ll show you the ten things that
actually work whether you’re a broke
student or you’re someone who’s working
a nine-to-five job or maybe you have a
business already and you’re looking to
build out another income stream these
ten actually work about seven or eight
of them I’ve actually done myself and
have had great success with and a couple
that I haven’t personally done I have
some really close friends who are
crushing it having a lot of success with
these models so I’ll be sure to share
their YouTube channels with you but
without further ado let’s dive in and
talk about these ten business models
these 10 things that you can do to start
making money online so first and
foremost probably my favorite is the
retail arbitrage model that’s going to
thrift stores like Goodwill Salvation
Army there’s all different ones out
there Value Village right savers there’s
so many thrift stores out there even
mom-and-pop thrift stores that you can
go to that you can go to these locations
and source items like clothing shoes
electronics the list really goes on and
on and flip them on places like eBay
Amazon Facebook marketplace Craigslist
that’s how I quit my job over five years
ago five years ago I was working at the
Cracker Barrel I was broke as a joke I
was a server I lived at home my parents
and by going to places like thrift
stores and garage sales and flipping
them on eBay for a profit I was able to
save up enough money to quit my job and
build all these other income
I’m gonna share with you guys so the
thrifting retail arbitrage business
model is amazing probably one of the
best ways that you can get started I’m
sure a lot of people who are watching
this are already doing it so drop a
comment down below and let us know maybe
an item that you sold recently how much
did you pay for it and how much did it
sell forward be curious to hear number
two I think this business model is great
for the people out there who are willing
to put in a good amount of upfront work
it’s low image up excuse me it’s no
physical inventory so you don’t have to
actually touch the inventory it’s very
low startup cost and if you’re willing
to put up put up the upfront work and
put some systems in place this is a
great business model what am I talking
about eBay dropshipping eBay
dropshipping is an amazing business
model and essentially what you’re doing
is sourcing an item from another website
for example maybe you find an item on
Amazon that’s selling for $15 well their
software is out there that you can use
to relist that item on another website
like eBay so maybe you see an item for
15 you listed on eBay for $25 and when
it sells you make the difference now you
might be thinking to yourself Steve who
in the right mind is gonna pay more on
eBay if it’s cheaper on Amazon
that’s a great question well the simple
fact is there’s thousands and millions
hundreds of thousands of people who will
only shop on a certain website there’s
people who are loyal to Amazon they
won’t even look at eBay and then there’s
others who love eBay and won’t even look
at Amazon so you can take advantage of
price discrepancies and you can make
money on the difference there’s hundreds
there’s thousands of people doing it
check out my good friend Paul Lipsky on
YouTube he’s been doing over a hundred
thousand dollars per month now his
profit margins around anywhere eight to
twelve thousand dollars a month profit
margins are low with eBay dropshipping
also my good friend Tyler drop ship or
dropship Tyler yeah on YouTube check him
out as well he’s done over five million
in gross sales over the last two years
with anywhere between an eight to
fifteen percent profit margin drop
shipping on ebay and amazon so if you’re
looking for a passive income business
again you’re gonna have to put up the
upfront work hire virtual assistants
different things like that
take a look I’m gonna put some links
down below
to a free ebook that will explain to you
like the various eBay dropshipping
models so that will definitely help you
out in a workshop as well hundred
percent free so check that out in the
description but definitely a great
business model that works and can make
you some great money number three
selling books on Amazon I love flipping
books on Amazon going to library sale
sales Church sales garage sales I also
love to utilize a software called a flip
if you go to Rick and /e flip
you can actually get a free I believe a
14-day free trial what this software
does and its really incredible is it
allows you to find books that are
undervalued on Amazon so you buy from
merchants on Amazon and then you resell
it through the Amazon FBA program if you
type in Ragan profit he flip in YouTube
you’ll see I have a whole bunch of
videos sharing it it works
I actually just sold an e-book yesterday
that I paid thirty dollars for and sold
for ninety five dollars my mom actually
sold a efj look e flip book as well
yesterday so it’s a great software good
friend of mine Caleb Roth is the CEO
great company definitely check that out
but even you know going beyond that go
into good wills Salvation Army’s savers
you know this is kind of like the retail
arbitrage model but I really wanted to
drill into this specific category going
to these locations and sourcing ebooks
for 50 cents a dollar two dollars and
flipping them for 20 30 40 bucks can be
very lucrative I got my mother started
who just heard sixty four happy birthday
to Mama profit you could check her out
an Instagram she’s been selling books
for over five years if it wasn’t for her
Amazon FBA book business she wouldn’t
have been able to retire last year
because her Social Security is so low
and they don’t pay jack so it’s really
hard for people to retire nowadays
especially if you’re not making a big
income take her Social Security is like
eight or nine hundred bucks a month so
she’s able to make over a thousand
dollars profit per month buying and
reselling books using a flip going to
thrift stores you know for the people
who follow my channel all the time you
can attest mama profit is a beast but it
goes to prove it doesn’t matter your age
your gender your ethnicity it doesn’t
matter none of that stuff matters your
experience levels anybody can
started selling books and I would
definitely recommend getting started
there’s a great course that I took that
I promote my mother has gone through it
it’s helped thousands of people you can
check out the link below it’s rank and
profit com forward slash book selling
101 great course amazing price I’m
telling you it’s the best thing to learn
how to do it definitely check that out
but books are great I love selling books
here’s a business model that I don’t
have a lot of experience with but I’ve
seen a lot of people crushing it doing
this and I’ve got a bunch of good
friends who actually have success with
this model and what they’re doing is
they’re going to like for example how do
I say it so you ever have like a bunch
of stuff that you put in storage those
storage locks storage lockers and
whatnot well if you don’t pay your bill
and if you take a look in the contract
after like a couple months or so they
actually auction off your locker if you
don’t pay well there’s thousands of
lockers that are being auctioned off
online you could actually go to online
websites and buy storage lockers and you
can actually go on the physical you know
presidents go to these locations and buy
them and I know a lot of close friends
of mine who are doing this now it’s a
lot of work a lot of times you’ve got to
bring TVs and mattresses to the dump and
you know you’ve got to be able to move
all this stuff out because you’re you’re
paying you’re buying this auction this
locker but they’re they’re doing this
because they want you to clear out so
they can rent it to somebody else so you
can find a lot of undervalued stuff
there’s a youtube channel I forget what
it was called but I was just watching it
the other day and this guy found like
$800 cash
in one of his storage lockers you could
find video games you could find all
types of stuff there was another video I
watched and the guy found a lacquer with
all types of CIA stuff like FBI I think
there’s FBI stuff so it was all that
criminology books he found like all this
technology now that might be a little
bit of a gray area I don’t know if I’d
want to put that on eBay just because
you might get in trouble but you never
know what you’re gonna find
definitely a cool business model to look
into and you can sell that stuff on eBay
or what a lot of these guys do is they
bring the stuff they find at these
storage lockers to the flea market so
from storage locker to flea market
definitely an interesting business model
a lot of work
as passive as selling books and Amazon
FBA not as passive as eBay dropshipping
but definitely a cool business model to
keep in mind the next one I want to talk
about is drop shipping as well but
instead of drop shipping on ebay and I
actually have one of these drop shipping
stores is drop shipping with your own
website such as Shopify so Shopify will
host your actual ecommerce website
that’ll help you with putting products
up essentially what you do is you’re
building your own brand it’s it’s kind
of like private label but essentially
what you’re doing is you’re building
your own brand you’re selling products
whether that’s t-shirts or your drop
shipping off Aliexpress and the way that
you’re making your sales which is
different than Amazon because you’re
utilizing Amazon’s traffic or utilizing
eBay’s traffic is you’re running
Facebook Ads you’re doing email
marketing and you’re utilizing the
Facebook pixel or your Google pixel to
retarget people who interact with your
products or your content so Shopify has
made more sixteen and seventeen and
eighteen year olds rich than any other
business model that I know of there’s a
big learning curve it definitely takes
quite a bit of money to scale your
business because you’re gonna be pouring
a lot of money into Facebook ads
actually one of my best friends he
scaled his Shopify store up to fifteen
thousand dollars profit per month he’s
been running it for over two years now
but now he runs it part time he has
virtual assistants running it he
actually works a full-time job now and
somebody actually recently had offered
him over six figures for his store that
he declined because he believes it’s
worth about three hundred thousand
dollars so there’s money to be made with
Shopify but there is a big learning
curve you have to understand paid
traffic product creation payment
processors you’re pretty much running
all of the you’re doing everything in
the business which is much different
than eBay and Amazon another great
business model that I would consider
that could definitely make you a lot of
money but this is another business model
that’s gonna require much more time much
more upfront learning quite the learning
curve it’s going to take longer to turn
a profit is private-label so this is
building your own brand and selling it
on Amazon FBA so I have a good friend of
mine who his name’s Andy slam ins and he
has a
he has a website a Facebook page amazing
freedom he’s been crushing with private
label over five years I think he’s doing
over a couple million dollars now
private labeling products so what he’s
doing is he’s sourcing products from
China and proving upon them putting his
own packaging putting his own brand he
then gets the control of the brand and
gets that brand recognition and he’s
building out brands on Amazon and doing
a great job doing it so definitely check
that out but private label is an awesome
business model another great business
model related to private label but a
little different a little less work is
wholesale on Amazon so what you can
actually do is you could source products
wholesale from various wholesale
companies and then resell them on Amazon
you could sell a single item you can
bundle items it’s a very interesting
business model I would recommend
checking out watch me on Amazon on
Instagram and watch me on Amazon on
YouTube I believe he’s on pace to do
close to 20 million dollars this year in
his wholesale business so instead of
having to create your own products like
with Shopify or having a dropship
products with ebay or amazon drop
shipping or having to do email marketing
and learning paid traffic a great option
is wholesale right and obviously you’d
be running traffic through PPC on
Amazon’s platform but definitely a great
business model a great scalable business
model you might need some type of
storage a warehouse but there’s a lot of
people crushing it wood wholesale so
definitely an interesting business model
here’s a business model that could
definitely make you some great money you
can impact the world you can do what you
love you can share your message and what
I’m talking about is what you’re
watching right now YouTube YouTube is a
great way to make money you know with
this video right now I’m making money
with you know ads that Google runs so
when you create a YouTube channel you
can actually click on a button to
monetize your video so they’ll find
advertisers they’ll put it on your video
and then you’ll get a certain amount of
money based on the views the cost per
click a whole bunch of different data
that goes into that but there’s a great
it’s you know it’s a great opportunity
to make money in 2018 and Beyond with a
YouTube channel because it’s the new TV
people aren’t watching TV like they used
to they’re going to YouTube and not only
can you make money through ads but
make money through promoting other
people’s courses creating your own
courses sponsorships the list goes on
and on now this does take time does take
money you’ve got to invest in equipment
you’ve got to learn how to speak and
communicate and you’ve obviously got to
have knowledge or at least be
documenting your journey it’s a lot of
hard work takes years to start making
money it took me a couple of years to
start making money but it’s very
rewarding and you know you could utilize
the platform for so much good and you
know grow your business so definitely
YouTube is an awesome model right there
another model which I kind of touched on
already is affiliate marketing affiliate
marketing is a great way to make money
and I love affiliate marketing because
I’ve created quite a few products in the
past ebooks and courses and I can tell
you right now it’s a lot of work it’s a
lot more work than you think to create
your own product and you know you’ve got
to consider the actual creation of it
then payment processing and websites and
improving it and there’s just so many
things that go into creating a course if
you have a following whether that’s on
Facebook or a YouTube or Instagram and
you’re creating content around a
specific topic and you really know your
audience they’re gonna have challenges
they’re gonna have issues they’re gonna
have things that they want to learn and
some of those things might be out of
your expertise so one thing that you can
do which I have done and I’ve had a ton
of success doing this over the years is
promoting other people’s products that
solve their problem so you can put a
link to a product in your description if
somebody buys through that affiliate
link then you’ll earn a commission you
could send emails to your email list of
tools and supplies and software’s that
they use or that you use and if they you
know purchase it then you get a
commission affiliate marketing is one of
my favourite business models it’s so
passive but again the prerequisite to
earning money through affiliate
marketing is actually having a personal
brand having people who follow you
having people who trust you and having
people who like you so it does take
quite a bit of upfront work but you
could make a ton of money I’ve had
months in the past where I’ve made over
seventy thousand dollars in one month
promoting one product over look over a
couple week period so that just goes to
show the power of affiliate marketing
and I personally have friends who have
YouTube channels of over
half a million and they’ve had
million-dollar launches so there’s a lot
of money when it comes to affiliate
marketing but again it takes a lot of
work to build up that audience and the
last business model want to share with
you and there’s so many more I could
talk about like Kindle publishing
creating audio books physical books
launching your own products I’m not
gonna dive into all of those there’s so
many more ways to make money but I want
to talk about liquidation so I
personally don’t do liquidation but I
have a couple friends of mine who do
very well with it one YouTube channel
that I would definitely recommend
watching is the resell rabbit and he
actually had a video recently that I
think received like over 4 million views
and it was showcasing him pulling
pallets apart going through items
unboxing items that he eventually was
going to sell on eBay and Amazon another
great resource is Rockstar flipper on
YouTube great friend of mine I think
he’s approaching a hundred thousand
subscribers or at least he’s really
close to it and he actually just made a
video sharing a website that he uses and
recommends to be able to you know find
items to get you know since you
liquidation items in abundance and
that’s one of the benefits of
liquidation is the fact that you get so
many items sent to you at one time
versus having a source one item here one
item there to garage sale in a thrift
store so definitely an interesting
business model that I would consider so
hopefully you guys found value in this
video if you did like comment and
be sure to you know start digging and
learning more about these individual
business models they all work I could
promise you that you just have to work
them you have to put in the effort you
have to learn and you have to put your
best foot forward so with that being
said I appreciate you all like comment
and subscribe if you enjoyed this video
and I will see you in the next one peace

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