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How to Make Money Online – 3 Ways to Grow REAL Passive Income-cP2AHWS-Ceg

– Even dropping a title likeHow to Make Money Online
did feel a little sleazy,
but this video is the complete opposite.
We’re gonna be covering three ways
that you can reallygrow real passive income
in your business, no matter what niche
or industry you’re in.
(upbeat music)
Hey, it’s Justin Brownhere, from Primal Video.
Where we help you amplify
your business and brand with video.
If you’re new here, make sure you click
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So let’s jump into it.
When it comes to makingmoney online there’s a lot
of noise and a lot of sleazysalespeople out there.
We’ve avoided doing a video like this
for a long time for that very reason,
but it’s such an important topic,
and it’s something that we discuss a lot
inside of our PrimalVideo Accelerated Program,
so we figured that it’s about time
that we start to talk about income
on the YouTube channel, too.
So in this video, we’re gonnacover three simple models
that you can leverage to make money online
and start building realpassive income streams
that will work for you while you sleep.
Now this is not a get rich quick video,
this is the get rich smart video,
with lessons that we’ve learntfrom a ton of trial and error
and years figuring outhow to make money online.
And on the topic of doing this smart,
I want to bring up something
that’s incredibly importantbefore we dive in,
which is getting clear onexactly what passive income is.
The truth is, passiveincome is not a myth.
With the systems we’ve set up,
we’re making money online 24/7,
while we’re asleep,whether we work or not,
but it took work to get there.
Passive income is amazing,
but there’s nothingpassive about creating it.
It takes work, it takes time,
and it requires you to create real value
for your audience and customers.
And that last point is reallywhere a lot of people mess up.
You need to focus on youraudience or your customers.
The bigger the impact thatyou can make for them,
the more value you can create,
solving their problems,improving their results,
then the bigger returns thatyou will see in the long run.
So the goal here is to createas much leverage as possible,
so that for every one unit of your time
you can five x, 10x or 100xthe outcome you generate.
Once we’ve covered offon the three streams,
I’ll also share withyou our number one way
to maximize that leverage,
to not only deliver a huge amount of value
to your subscribers, butalso maximize your income
from every interaction.
So, the first stream isadvertising, or ad revenue.
This is where there’s ads displayed
on your content, whetherit’s YouTube, or Facebook,
or another platform, as well.
And a percentage of thatad revenue comes to you.
Now this one’s not big,
but if you think of it this way,
if you’re already creating videos
to grow your business online,
then switching on adsis completely passive.
You’re getting additional output
from exactly the same input.
We started out switchingYouTube ads on purely
to give us every shot ofsuccess on this platform.
It’s in no way proven oracknowledged by YouTube,
but it would make sense that YouTube
would value more the contentit can make money from.
But now that small trickleof ad revenue has turned
into more than a full-time wage.
The second stream is affiliates.
Now, we’ve recently releaseda video on this topic.
I will link it up in the cards
and also down in the description below
if you want to dive deep on that.
But essentially it’s whereyou’re paid a commission
for referring a sale toa product or a service.
Now, where a lot ofpeople go wrong with this
is that they’ll starttrying to refer sales
to the ones that are gonnapay the most commission
or the highest percentages,
where the product itselfmay not be the best solution
or a good product at all.
And that’s something that can
and has given affiliatemarketing a bit of a bad rap.
But this is actually our favorite one.
You don’t need to build your own apps,
your own products orhave your own services.
You can start out as easyas just writing a list
of all the products and servicesand things that you love
and the things that youuse in your business,
and then you can identify the ones
that are gonna be a good fitfor your audience, as well,
that are gonna help them withtheir pains or challenges,
and then you can introduce those apps,
those programs and services to them.
So it’s a win, win, win.
It’s a win for you, it’sa win for your audience,
and it’s a win for thebrand, or the product,
or the company thatyou’re referring, as well.
But the biggest thing here to remember,
is to come from a place of integrity.
You really only wanna be referring
or recommending products and services
that you use, that you like,
and that are going to be agood fit for your audience,
and actually help them withwherever they’re stuck,
or with whatever it isthey’re looking to achieve.
Now, if you’re aftersome examples of this,
we have a gear or resources page
which is linked in the description
which you will see theproducts that we use
and we recommend, andmost of them is something
that we are able to receivean affiliate commission for.
So a couple of reallyquick examples for you,
something that we use all the time
and something that we recommendto our viewers is
It’s an amazing transcription services
where they’ll transcribeyour videos for you
and create all the subtitles
that you can upload toFacebook or to YouTube.
But outside of our business,
if you’re doing somethinglike dog training,
it could be that you’re recommending
which food to eat, or thetoys that you recommend,
or even think outsidethe box a little bit more
and go something like pet insurance,
which is something thatyou’re generally gonna need
to put a lot of time intoresearching and finding good ones.
If you find a good one,then you can recommend that
to your viewers, to your audience,
because you know that’s gonna help them
with their dog training, as well.
And if you’re in thehealth and wellness space
it could be things likeproteins or supplements
or any other food or diet products,
or it could even be thingslike gym memberships.
Something that’s gonna help your audience
and something that they’relikely going to be looking for.
Now, to get these referralsor these links out there
and educate people withwhat you’re recommending,
you could create how to videos,
so showing people how to do something.
You could create a walkthrough video,
where you’re taking them through how
to use a product or a service.
Or you could create a review video,
where you’re doing a reviewon one or multiple products.
But again, and I reallycan’t say this enough,
it’s really important to come from a place
where you’re onlyrecommending good products,
not the ones that are paying
the best commissions or referrals fees.
And the third revenue streamis your digital products.
So, if you’ve gotcourses, or you’re looking
to create courses, anytraining, any master classes,
any sort of premium contentor even membership sites.
So these are a great wayto make money online.
Packaging up your skills,your knowledge, your expertise
in a way that other peoplecan benefit from that.
And you’re able to helppeople with those things.
The other great thing aboutdigital products is that
in most cases, you can spendthe time creating them once
and then sell them anunlimited amount of times.
So for us at Primal Video,we do have a few courses,
but we’ve also got a membership site,
Primal Video Accelerator, as well.
So those are my threefavorite revenue streams,
and they’re the ones thatwe’re focused on ourselves.
The cool part is, is thatyou can switch them on
in almost any business.
And with some simple systems,
you can not only increaseyour results 10 or 100 fold,
but also add a ton morevalue to your subscribers
and your customers in the process.
And a pro tip, the easiest way to maximize
all of these, and tomake them truly passive,
is using email marketing and funnels.
You can segment your subscribersbased on their interests.
You can add a ton ofvalue with helping them
with their unique challenges,and where relevant,
you can show them products or services
that will mostly likely helpthem using affiliate links.
There’s a link on screen nowto our free advanced workshop
running through how to start using email
with examples on how we getsubscribers from YouTube
over to our email listcompletely organically,
and a step by step walkthroughon how to set everything up.
If you’re interested,
make sure you click that link on screen,
and I’ll see you soon.

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