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blah blah blah okay I can skip that so
you want to start a blog but you’re not
really sure that it’s actually going to
make money right well I definitely think
that it can and it doesn’t take years to
cut your first check if you have the
right strategies in place I’m Alison
Lindstrom the unofficial nerd for driven
girl bosses and today I’m going to be
talking about all of the main factors
that really went into me
earning my first $200 blogging coming up
right now so if you’re new here you
should probably know that I am a
full-time blogger that’s how I make my
money I started my blog called frugal
and prairie calm now it’s called Alison
Lindstrom calm but I started it back in
March of 2015 and in June of 2015 I
earned two hundred and thirty six
dollars and 57 cents it’s rather small
when you think of depending on that kind
of income but I was very blessed and I
worked really really hard and I was able
to turn that 236 dollars into a
full-time income by the time March of
2016 rolled around so yes you can
totally make a full-time income from
vlogging no it’s not easy and it’s not
an overnight success it doesn’t happen
unless you’re extremely lucky or you’ve
got some really impressive connections
now really quick for transparency sake I
do want to say that I earned that 236 in
June of 2015 through sponsorships and ad
now ad companies and sponsorship
companies I mean depending on who you’re
connecting with who you’re working with
they pay out on different cycles so
sometimes they pay out in 30 days 45
days 60 days I mean it really just
depends so I just wanted to clarify that
and be very transparent and say that I
earned that 236 in June of 2015
I didn’t deposit that money in my
account in June of 2015 so before I get
into my details here you know I just
want to say have a back-up plan if you
have financial obligations this
definitely didn’t happen overnight for
me and before I worked on just my blog
and selling courses and things like that
I worked as a virtual assistant in a
freelancer that’s how I made my income
before I was able to finally get my blog
up to a point to where I could you know
shift directions that kind of
change careers or just shift my career
if you will so definitely have a back-up
plan okay let’s get into the details now
there were a lot of factors that went
into that first check but here are the
main ones that I think really made a
difference key factor number one I
prepared my mindset for business do not
under any circumstances let anyone make
you feel guilty for having money on the
line and wanting to make a profit from
your blog if that’s not the path for
them or if that’s you know doesn’t feel
right for them just whatever they’re
playing a different ball game than
you’re playing make sure that you have
the mindset of a business woman so a you
would like to make a profit and B you
really want to provide some sort of
value in some way so you’re still
contributing to the world and you know
maybe inspiring people or enriching
their day in some way but you also want
to make sure that the time that you
invest is profitable and there’s nothing
wrong with that k factor number two I
determined my main niche and then I
listened to my audience and when I
started blogging I think I wrote about
five or six different categories it was
a little crazy okay I’m not gonna lie to
you but I was still kind of like
figuring myself out but I listened to my
audience so I got questions about
personal finance but brother did I get
some questions about blogging and online
business so I was really fortunate in
that case it I was talking about a
subject that I just could talk about all
day and on top of that that was the
obvious category that my readers really
loved more than anything else
key factor number three I actually
started the darn blog so really quick if
you’re interested I actually have a
step-by-step video tutorial on how to
set up your blog and your hosting just
to get you started because sometimes the
technical stuff is a little overwhelming
and I’ll leave a link for it somewhere
around here so you can click on that and
go take a peek if you want to but in the
meantime I will let you know that fear
of failure that is the number one reason
I receive when I ask any of my readers
why they haven’t started a blog yet I
just want to take a moment and give you
a high five okay let’s talk about how
brave you’re being for putting yourself
out there on a blog yes you will
run into a few meanies online I know
that I certainly have but if we’re
getting real here you’re probably going
to run into them in real life as well
because sometimes this beautiful world
can be just a little messy so embrace
that fear and just start your blog
unleash that incredible girl boss that
you are because you could really make a
difference key factor number four I
connected with other bloggers I always
like to say that bloggers support
bloggers we can really help each other
out with a learning curve when we get
started with blogging we inspire each
other and I know that being close
friends with some of my really really
awesome bloggers out there have just
really like pushed me to be the best
businesswoman I could possibly be when
you get a group of really intelligent
just like driven women who want to make
a difference in the world and they just
kind of support each other incredible
things happen
okay key factor number five and this
isn’t a hard rule but I feel like it was
a little beneficial for me I did have a
good collection of posts before I really
started promoting hardcore I told people
about my blog when I was like kind of
starting out but I really started
pushing it promoting it on all the
social media platforms once I had I
would say like maybe 20 or 30 posts
written the idea behind this is that
when people land on your blog if your
content is great you only have three
posts that’s okay like but the idea is
that if you have 20 or 30 and people
land on your blog and you’re putting in
a lot of time to promote on social media
they’re more likely to stick around
because you have 20 to 30 very good blog
posts key factor number six
I changed strategies when what was
working for the crowd wasn’t working for
I very much walked the beat of my own
drum and I try to be very conscientious
to find inspiration from other bloggers
but if it’s just not working for me I
just give myself permission to say hey
girl change strategies and try something
else even if like everyone and their
brother is over there doing you know
whatever that is if a certain strategy
is just not working for you change it
even if that’s what everyone else is
doing and they claim it’s going to work
if you’ve really tried it and as you’re
just not seeing results you are your own
rock star so find something else that
you okay guys that wraps it up for this
video and if you walk away with one
thought I really want it to be I can
totally do this
because you can be sure to hit the like
button if you are excited to start your
blogging journey or if you already have
started your blogging journey I would
love to hear about how it’s going leave
me a comment below don’t forget to
subscribe if you want to catch new
videos in the future and as always I’m
Alison Lindstrom and I will see you next
time bye

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