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How Do YouTubers Make Money-v8F4jrtZtNE

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do you remember when YouTube was a
repository for 240p cat videos and
memorializing trips to the zoo like I’m
a full time youtuber who employs two
dozen people and even I had no idea back
then that the site would explode into a
platform that would allow people to make
a full-time living by uploading videos
that other people watch for free but
exploded didn’t these days youtube
stardom has been a ticket to
international notoriety and lucrative
careers for many people who started out
with nothing more than a webcam and a
good idea or in some cases kind of a bad
idea but where the heck does all of this
money come from well just like how real
celebrities might make money in a lot of
different ways TV deals endorsements
fashion lines ill-advised forays into
music online creators can actually have
a variety of revenue streams as well
let’s start out with the most obvious
one Google Adsense this program allows
creators like me to earn a share of the
money from the advertising that you
might see before a video you know the
ones with the yellow progress bar along
the bottom and sometimes a skip ad
button on the right outside advertisers
bid on these paying more for unskipable
or longer video spots and less for
banners and other less desirable
placements YouTube then runs these ads
you see them and that money gets shared
between YouTube itself and whichever
creators video the ad was run against so
if you get a lot of views it’s a fairly
straightforward way to monetize them but
there are a few caveats first you have
to have a total of at least 4,000 hours
watched in one year and a thousand
subscribers to be eligible for this sort
of monetization and creators have to
certify that their videos aren’t
offensive or politically sensitive as
advertisers have become increasingly
concerned about the possibility that
their ads will be run against videos
that might turn off consumers and lead
to outrage on Twitter
meaning that first
creators Adsense actually ends up being
a fairly small percentage of their
overall revenue another model that many
creators use is brand deals these often
take the form of product placements or
brand messaging that is directly baked
into the actual video instead of being
separately served from the Adsense
program tech wiki is a perfect example
of this speaking of which I’m sure you
guys have seen the spots that we do at
the end of each episode that often start
with speaking of something if it wasn’t
for our outside sponsors this channel
which strives to be more about
information at the expense of some
clickability would struggle to operate
profitably so for the most part creators
are free to negotiate brand deals
directly with potential sponsors keeping
all of the ad revenue for themselves
this means they can be quite lucrative
but there’s also a lot more management
overhead because there are so many ways
to approach this so some deals are per
video some are bonus based some offer
rewards for extra engagement through
clicks and views or even Twitter
followers so all of a sudden someone
whose entire life’s focus has been on
creating content can find themselves
making pitch decks sitting on conference
calls and compiling proof of performance
reports bring us to yet another way that
creators make money affiliate links
oftentimes creators who feature a
certain product in their videos such as
for an unboxing a hall or a review will
include a link to an online retailer
like Amazon in the video description if
a viewer clicks the link and buy
something the creator will get a
kickback from the retailer in return for
driving traffic to their site now
although each individual purchase might
only net a small amount of money
affiliate revenue can add up to a lot
over time so it’s a significant thing
that viewers can do to help their
favorite creators make money unless
they’d rather just cut out the extra
step and give it to them directly now we
don’t do too much of this on tech wiki
but either through YouTube’s own
memberships program or third-party sites
like patreon and floatplane
viewers can contribute directly to their
favorite shows in return for rewards
like live hangouts early access
exclusive content or even just fuzzy
feelings of gratitude not that that’s
enough for most people so we’d be remiss
if we didn’t mention merchandise some
youtubers make a small amount of money
from selling a t-shirt here or a sticker
there well for others it makes up a
significant part of the business like
logan paul’s maverick clothing line or
sol as beauty product portfolio so then
that’s most of the common stuff but
frankly just like how you can find
videos about just about anything on
youtube you can also find a seemingly
unlimited supply of creative ideas for
how to make money on youtube we’ve seen
everything from traditional media gigs
like appearing on reality shows or
hosting events to going on live tours
both music and other in the case of
something like sourcefed’s tour to
actually attended when they were here in
vancouver youtube premium and
crowdfunding have also opened up some
interesting opportunities Freddie Wong’s
video game high school was a breakout
online slash traditional media crossover
and since then we’ve seen more funding
get put towards both serialized ideas
akin to traditional TV shows and
feature-length ones like Smosh movie I
mean really if you think about it
anywhere the creators brand can be
leveraged to sell more widgets you will
find it conventions have been springing
up ever since people realized that
VidCon was profitable and those are also
really fun actually LTX was a blast for
the last couple of years we’re not
making money on it in case you guys were
wondering but it’s still fun we’re gonna
keep doing it and then PewDiePie even
did a mobile game that from my
understanding performed very well for
him so the one thing that all of these
methods have in common so far is that
they require a strong viewer base and
I’m gonna bust a popular misconception
right now you do not get paid a penny
for having a lot of subscribers it is
all about views but there is some good
news even much smaller niche creator
have come up with some really clever
ideas that work for them including
providing services that are closely
related to their tutorials for people
who just couldn’t be asked to do it
themselves selling the creations that
they make on video or on stream directly
to their viewers or providing one-on-one
or group lessons to people who are
willing to pay so hopefully if you’re
gonna spire in creator this has gotten
the gears turning for you but then if it
hasn’t maybe check out the comments
below or our helpful community will
undoubtedly be filling in all the
glaring gaps in our programming
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here at Linus Media Group we love them
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description so thanks for watching guys
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