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How To Make Money Making Films – Dont Be A Struggling Artist-azh5fRDHX8A

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How To Make Money Making Films – Dont Be A Struggling Artist-azh5fRDHX8A

hey guys welcome to child feels today
we’re going to talk money and more
specifically how to make some making
there’s only so much talk about
struggling artists when we’re talking
about filmmakers and I don’t think it
needs to be that way I’ve been super
fortunate over the last couple years of
freelancing to be pretty successful
financially while been making films and
I think what a lot of people are missing
is that little bit of business sense and
also just financial intelligence so that
they could make money from filmmaking I
think this happens in a lot of different
areas but especially with artists I
think they’re just so focused on what
they’re creating and doing that they
don’t realize what they’re doing doesn’t
really make sense financially in the
coming months I’m going to be making a
course just on money and the business
side of filmmaking but today we’re
specifically going to be talking about
how you can make money through
filmmaking so the traditional route to
making money from filmmaking is you
would you know go to film school and
then you’d start working at a production
agency and production companies have so
many different roles everything from
directors and producers directors of
photography the guy behind the camera we
have lighting Griff we have camera
assistants we have production assistants
to just do anything that needs to be
done like getting some coffee or going
to grab the rental gear or whatever
needs to be done and so how it works is
clients like you know Nike coca-cola
they’re signed on to advertising
agencies and ad agency will come up with
an idea to promote that brand and then
they’ll use production companies who
actually produce the video in the end
and so these production companies hire
people like me or freelancers to
actually help them make those
commercials or films or whatever that
video is that they need to get done and
for production companies how you get
paid is usually by day rates so
depending on your role in the production
you get a certain amount of money per
day and so for me I’m usually either the
director of photography or a camera
operator and my day rate can range
anywhere from $500 to $2,000 a day
depending on what kind of project it is
my role is so let’s say that my day rate
is $1,000 and that shoot goes for three
days then I’ll get paid $3,000 agencies
are really great to work with and what
I’ve noticed is that if you’re a hard
worker and a good person to be around
then once you’ve gotten one job with
them you’re probably going to get called
back for another later on but it can be
really hard to get into these agencies
in the beginning especially if you don’t
have a good portfolio or reel to show
off the projects that you’ve been a part
of or you just don’t have very much
experience yet but even somebody who
doesn’t have much experience can become
something like a production assistant
and slowly work your way up the ladder
and remember not everybody is going to
be a director or a DP there’s so many
different roles and you might actually
like one of the roles that are further
down in the chain instead of the
director or DP or one of those roles
with more responsibilities but really
before you start looking at agencies you
need to have something to show for
yourself so there’s a lot of different
ways that you can make money without
agencies and I would say try as many of
these as possible every project is
different and therefore you’re going to
learn something new you’re going to
learn something different and that’s
going to make you a better filmmaker in
the end learning is so crucial so key
never stop learning so the first way is
weddings the first gigs that I got paid
for were weddings
me and my brother started a wedding
videography and photography company
called Hart visuals and that was the
first gig we did for money and a lot of
people look down on wedding filmmakers
but you can actually make a lot of money
through weddings nowadays I shoot maybe
three or five weddings a year but I’m
charging anywhere from five to twelve
thousand dollars per wedding and usually
that’s only about a week’s worth of work
so that’s a pretty good pay you’re
getting so try out some weddings next is
corporate films there’s tons of demand
for the smaller to mid range projects
which don’t have a big enough budget for
an agency but you with a small crew or
just by yourself can handle and still
make something pretty decent a lot of
corporate videos they don’t need to be
that fancy or flashy sometimes they can
be boring but they actually pay pretty
well so I would definitely try some
corporate gigs and if you’re just in the
beginning stages of your filmmaking
career try and you know think what kind
of companies that are a little bit
smaller around you that you know of that
might need a video you can just cold
call them email them maybe know some
people who run their own companies and
ask them if they need any video work
done maybe in the beginning you do one
for free but don’t do work for free too
much just to get yourself started and
then start charging even if it’s a
little bit right away and then work your
way up but again these are great
learning experiences and you’re going to
get paid which we all need in the end
another great way that I’ve found is
passive income there’s tons of different
ways that you can make passive income on
the internet for example you can sell
stock footage or stock photography you
can make teaching courses on YouTube
affiliate programs all these things can
make you a little bit of money but it
all adds up and helps you to make money
as a filmmaker last year alone I made
about forty five thousand dollars
through passive income so it’s
definitely worth trying and giving it a
chance so I think the lesson here is is
to not limit yourself to one type of
video or film I think this is one of the
reasons filmmakers a lot of times
struggle with making money they kind of
just say that I’m only going to do music
videos for example so that’s a really
hard way to make a decent income even if
you’re really good at making music
videos it’s better to have a whole bunch
of different income sources so that way
if you’re not getting music videos for a
while well then you have some corporate
gigs or a wedding or some passive income
that all add up and give you an OK
income for that month so you’re never
just relying on one area to make all
your money I think that’s a really risky
way of going about things and you’re
probably not going to make as much money
and yeah of course we all want to be
making whatever we’re most passionate
about but that’s not the real world
sometimes we’re going to have to do
projects that we’re not that interested
in but it’ll make you some money and
maybe it’ll allow you to do a personal
project or do a project that you really
want to do for a little bit less money
than you normally would never think that
a project is beneath you until you’re
getting projects offered to you left
right and center just take anything and
everything and as long as you have a
good attitude about it that you’re
learning and making an income then
you’re going to succeed financially as a
filmmaker so these are some of the ways
that I’ve been able to make a healthy
income and I think most filmmakers make
money through these channels of course
there are other ways and the more
revenue streams you can have the better
and the safer and more consistent your
monthly income will be so work hard and
know your worth don’t understand keep
thinking of different ways that you
could make money through filmmaking
that’s it for me today I hope you
learned something and if you have a
question about any of this leave a
comment down below and I’ll try to
answer some of those questions
enjoy the filmmaking process and have
fun on your travels and for all of you
who don’t know this is what Canadian
money looks like it’s water and rip
fruits and yes that is the queen

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