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Make $100 in 24 Hours from ZERO! Available Worldwide _ Make Money Online-hyxgKzF_QAI

alright guys the 24-hour period is
almost up we have about ten minutes left
so Adrienne is about to do the honors
and reveal exactly how much we earned in
the 24-hour dropshipping challenge
alright let’s do this three two one Oh
another video we have the legend Adrian
Morrison shopify he’s made over five
point five million dollars $40,000 in a
single day was one of his best days we
are gonna be partaking in the 24 hour
Shopify challenge where we’re gonna
build a real store from scratch we’re
gonna find a viral product from scratch
we’re gonna build a Facebook ad from
scratch and then we’re gonna show you
guys exactly how much we made so the
first step of the process is going to be
building out a store choosing a theme
getting it ready second step of the
process I’m gonna take over where we’re
gonna find a viral product and then the
third step of the process we’re gonna
kick it back to Adrian and he’s gonna
set up a Facebook ad and we’re gonna
show you guys exactly how to make money
in literally 24 hours doing Shopify drop
shipping so let’s start off with step
number one building out the store
choosing the theme getting everything
set up to start making money with your
store yeah this is gonna be sick dude so
right now we’ve already just done the
initial setup of the store which is
coming up with a name and getting our
basic Shopify plan which is free when
you first start out so we wanted to save
time so I went ahead and did some of
that so some of the important things
that you need to do as soon as you open
up a store is you need to come over here
to settings and you probably should go
ahead and put in any account information
which is going to be the address that
represents how you get paid the
important part your store and then of
course you know how you get paid the
payment information so you can find that
all here in settings so the main ones
we’ll look at our account billing and
then down here shipping alright so those
are the three things that you want to
take a look at immediately that we’ve
already taken care of right now yep the
next thing that you want to do is you
want to come over here to online store
and you want to go over here to where
you can select a theme all right now
theme is important in the
thing about this is we’re showing you
how to do everything using free stuff
okay so use free themes so if you come
over here where it says free themes and
hit explore free themes right here
they’re gonna give you a couple of
options honestly they’re all pretty good
but for this one we really want to use
Brooklyn right here so all we have to do
is click on the Brooklyn theme you can
choose playful or classic that one’s
really up to you we’re gonna go with
classic you’re gonna hit add theme to
the library now basically what this is
doing is importing this free theme to
your Shopify store legitimately with
just a couple of clicks and think of a
theme guys as just making your site look
good right because like it used to be so
hard to make an e-commerce site but now
literally with the click of a button you
can do that completely for free and
there are paid themes like turbo for
example I don’t know which ones you use
but we wanted to make this as cheap as
possible and as accessible as possible
to everyone which is why we’re using
this free theme yeah absolutely and
you’re not stuck with the theme either
you can always interchange them just by
clicking a couple of buttons in Shopify
so don’t be scared to choose one and
then once you choose it you can go ahead
and you can publish it so a lot of
people are like wait I chose my theme
how do I get on my store remember you
need to come over here and you need to
publish your theme all right now once
you’ve done that you’re gonna be able to
start customizing your store all right
so our theme is on here completely free
now the next thing that you’re probably
going to want to do is get a custom
domain name for your store you can do
this right inside of Shopify by clicking
add a domain name you don’t have to do
this right away you have plenty of time
to think about it so just make sure that
it’s something really general or
something that you know goes with the
product that you’re marketing right and
when he says this guy’s just so like a
little more clarity right now our URL
you can see right here is 24-hour
challenge dot my Shopify com we don’t
want to actually sell people to that URL
we don’t want to bring people to that
URL because it just looks a little kind
of weird people wouldn’t understand it
so we might make it you know 24-hour
challenge calm right and so we might buy
a domain that’s a little bit more kind
of aesthetically pleasing nice and
things like that and so we’ll do that
later on we just wanted to make sure to
remind you guys so let’s jump into the
theme really quick we’ll show you guys
some basic stuff to actually optimize
your theme and then we’re gonna go ahead
and find the product to put on the theme
just start actually making sales alright
cool so customizing your theme is
important and it is very very simple as
well so all you have to do is come up
here to where it says customize and you
can always change this with our stores
we’ve changed like colors a couple of
times and stuff like that when you hit
customize Shopify makes it so easy to
customize this stuff but there are some
key things in here that you really need
to know about okay so the first thing
that I always do right out of the gate
is I come over here to theme settings
now in theme settings is where you’re
going to choose the color scheme for
your brand and a lot of people get here
and they try to do a bunch of bright
crazy colors honestly I’ve been doing
research on some of the most popular
stores and they’re just straight-up
black and white it’s so simple Amazon
right Amazons always yeah so I mean
don’t go too crazy with colors you don’t
want to blind people when they come to
your store okay so you can come over
here and just change the background
color to why you’re heading over here to
black and then you can change the color
of your hyperlinks in other words the
links under your product right on to
whatever color you want so very very
simple so go ahead and set your color
theme up then you’ll want to go to cart
page now the cart page is going to allow
you to choose an actual page where
people go to to checkout or a drawer
which is going to just pop out from the
side that’s personal preference honestly
both of them work phenomenal you’re
gonna want to add social media as people
are searching on your site now today
right they’re gonna look for you on
Instagram they’re gonna look for you on
Facebook they’re gonna look for you on
YouTube so make sure that you have
social media accounts set up for this
product in this brand and add them in
here because this is a great way to pick
up free followers pretty much and then
your checkout okay so for checkout
you’re going to want to upload your logo
for your brand now you can get Fiverr
and you can get a sick logo done and
muslims yeah 24 hours for 5 bucks it
doesn’t have to be crazy but you want
your branding in the logo section okay
and once you
that literally you now have a completely
customized branded store now what you
can do is as you add your product to the
store you can come over here and you can
literally start dragging and dropping
different images of your products so
simple yeah and you can customize the
layout of your store have where they can
subscribe to your newsletter at the
bottom and and remember guys if you
don’t like some of these sections maybe
you don’t want like a whole carousel you
can just come right down to the bottom
of it where it says remove section after
you click into it and you can get rid of
like these entire sections you can even
hide it even faster how how Adrian’s
showing where you can really just make
your site exactly how you want it to
look yeah it’s super simple all you have
to do is just hit hide and you can
always put everything back if you want
to so just make sure that you go in and
you get your layout set up first if it’s
a one product store then you just simply
want to have an image of your product a
header and your logo it’s super simple
don’t ever think it and now what we can
do is we can actually had a viral
product to the store let’s do it so
we’re gonna jump into my screen right
now and we’re gonna find a viral product
actually put on this door so we can
start driving traffic to it so that we
can start doing what we’re here for
which is making sales in the 24 hour
drop shipping challenge so we’re gonna
be using a Prada a software called
shopping spec that just makes it so much
easier to actually find a viral products
and get them onto your store literally
with the click of a button so shop
inspect calm right here if you guys want
to check it out
we do have an awesome discount code that
we are going to share with you guys at
the end if you do want to use this
awesome tool and so we’re already logged
in right here they have a bunch of
different stuff that you guys can take a
look at we’re gonna show a couple of
them so you can search by a Shopify
products so if we come in here and
search like tactical for example right a
really popular very profitable niche
inside of e-commerce and Shopify you can
see that it has suggestions here
tactical gloves tactical pens tactical
boots bags lights like all of these
different things that just get you like
kind of the ideas going in your head it
shows the Google trend line for the
actual word I’m and then it shows all
different types of products like police
force tactical knives all of these
different like types of pants and
backpacks and things that would just be
really hard to kind of think about by
yourself without somebody showing you
but we’re gonna actually make this even
easier and we’re gonna go to what’s
called hot trending products right so we
don’t even have to
bingo tactical it’s literally going to
show us the exact products that we’re
going to actually start to sell so what
shop inspect does is it goes out and it
scrapes through millions and millions of
products from all around the web and it
shows you percentage differential change
and what I mean by that is if last week
a product only sold 12 units right and
this week it sold a thousand then you
obviously know that it’s trending and
it’s starting to go viral and so instead
of having to go do all that research
yourself which is next to impossible you
can just use the hot trending product
section of shop inspect to tell you
exactly what’s going to go viral import
it to your store literally in one click
which we’re gonna show you how to do
right now and then be ready to sell with
a Facebook ad so let’s do this so I mean
you guys can see that if we scroll down
there’s a bunch of different options
here we’re just gonna choose one of the
first ones we see cuz the cool thing
about shop inspect is all of these
products are trending right like it’s
you’re not gonna pick a dud but the cool
thing is maybe you have a passion about
tactical flashlights or dogs or
something like that you always want to
sell things that you know are trending
that you know people are interested in
but also that you’re passionate about
because you’re gonna be spending so much
time doing it that you know you don’t
want to just sell something that you
like hate for example so we’re just
gonna pick out one of the first ones we
see right here the LED flashlight you
can see that this is a hot product you
can see that the cool thing about this
is it’s both kind of a lantern you can
set down like in a camping situation
where you need light but it also is like
a point-and-shoot flashlight as well
which is pretty cool and so if we scroll
down we can see that this has a thirteen
thousand six hundred and eighty percent
growth we can see you know the trend
line of the actual sales we can see a
word cloud about this particular about
this particular product if we’re
advertising on Google AdWords for
example this is a hugely profitable way
if we’re doing SEO trying to rank the
site there’s so many different ways you
can use shopping spec we can also see
the demographics so when we do go to
target on Facebook we can come right
back to here and see that 73 percent of
people interested in this product are
men we can also see you know suggested
interest for ad targeting so when we go
into Facebook we can target outdoor
enthusiasts right here we can target
father and sons right because they’re
buying a gift for each other we can
target Camping World obviously because
you know it’s very useful for for
camping and so what we’re gonna do is we
are gonna actually add this product to
our favorites right and we’re gonna come
back when we actually go to do our
and we’re actually gonna make a free
product video because one of the biggest
pieces of feedback that we got was Kevin
I want to start a Facebook ad but I
don’t have the product right I don’t
have a product video I’m not a
videographer right and so what we did
was shopping spec was we make the
advertisement product video for you for
free with one click of a button which
we’re gonna do a little bit later on but
so we added this to our favorites and
then if we come in here to our favorites
section we can see right here this is
the LED flashlight and what we’re gonna
do is we’re actually going to download a
CSV and if you don’t know how to upload
a CSV to your Shopify store you can
watch this little tutorial right here
but we’re gonna download the CSV and
we’re gonna upload it into the Shopify
store get it ready to sell and then
we’re gonna set up the Facebook ad so
that we can start making sales all right
so now that we have the CSV file from
shop inspect all we have to do is come
over here to the home screen and hit add
product if you don’t see this just come
over here to the left and go to products
right once you do that at the top here
you’ll see a small little gray button
that says import so all I have to do
this is so crazy it’s so simple you just
hit choose file it pulls up the CSV file
here here the reference that we selected
yep and we hit open upload file now what
its gonna do is it’s gonna ask us to
preview this and make sure everything
looks right and we just hit start import
you guys can see that it imported the
title it imported the description it
imported the images everything right so
it’s pretty much ready to go
you just have to optimize make sure that
the title is actually you know correct
because of what Aliexpress does is they
try to keyword stuff a million different
keywords into the end of the title so
you want to make it readable right like
beautiful LED torchlight perfect for
camping something like that verses like
sandy multifunctional Co Beach LED mini
peg light work it’s actually a
flashlight torch lamp right but I mean
it makes sense for all I Express but
remember these are real people coming to
your site they don’t want to see some
keyword stuffed robotic description they
want to see a real title so we’re gonna
make some basic edits and then literally
we’re gonna get ready to sell this thing
yet so to edit it all you have to do is
just click into the product and you can
come in here and just go ahead and you
can delete all of this or you can keep
some of it that looks good so we’re just
going to call this something like you
know exclusive
yep exclusive LED torch lamp I like to
say exclusive because it makes things
just seem more special you know a quick
little keyword and then down here you
might say like you know limited edition
LED torch lamp not sold in stores
obviously you want to write a little bit
about this this is perfect for camping
Boy Scouts it’s perfect for you know
outdoors remember guys if you need ideas
for this like if you’re not as good as
Adrian that’s just coming up with like
awesome stuff like this go on Amazon and
search torch lamp right and read the
description see what see what sticks out
to you you know what pieces you like and
then write it based off that remember
you don’t have to reinvent the wheel
with this stuff yeah and you don’t have
to write like these elaborate
descriptions because 99.9% of the sale
happens because of the image in the
video and that you’re using yeah so I
mean once people click they want to buy
you just have to make sure you have a
good price all right so we have our
image on here and then we want to edit
our price all right so what do we want
to sell this at right let’s do free plus
shipping for it okay yeah we could do
free plus shipping for this totally so
all we have to do here is just make it
$0.00 now we have a free plus shipping
product which means we’re gonna come up
here and we probably want to say free
just pay shipping and handling all right
one other thing I like to do if it’s
something from Aliexpress as I like to
call out that the shipping times aren’t
super fast yet so you know expected
shipping time up to three to four weeks
all right now a lot of people think that
that like kill conversions but it
doesn’t and it’s you’re free yeah I mean
it’s free and you’re being upfront
honest with everybody I’ve sold an
insane amount of this doing this so I
mean my name is let’s add free before
exclusive in the title also just so it’s
like super severe absolutely yeah so
like free exclusive so people that
really think that it’s like a special
it’s free it’s really a kind of a
attracts their attention and you know
they’re ready to convert all right so
let’s go ahead and save this then oh
yeah one last thing that we need to do
before we hit save is come down here
where it has the title of the actual
product and just put that name so we’re
just gonna put that this is a free offer
and it’s LED torch lamp right the same
title that we’ve had before and then
we’re gonna click Save yeah and now guys
we’re gonna jump back in and we’re gonna
set up the product video right so to do
that we’re gonna come back in to shop
inspect right here and you can see on
this product listing right and this is
just in the hot trending products
clicked into any of the products that
are trending that you know are viral you
can see right here there’s a button that
says get free video right so we’re gonna
click this really quick and we can set
up these awesome selling features and
then it’s gonna make us a product video
that we’re gonna upload to Facebook and
use as our product ad right so what
should we put for the selling feature
one like super bright in like pure
darkness selling feature one subheading
let’s put battery life up to 30 hours
selling feature to we’re gonna say like
perfect for camping perfect gift for dad
and for selling point three will put
works as a lamp and then for the
subheading and as a flashlight and then
for end text will put grab yours today
free limited time right and what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna import all of
these different images immediately
instantly with a click of a button from
Aliexpress and we’re gonna click on
create video you can also add a logo
once you get the logo for your store
made but we’re just gonna press create
video and what this is gonna do is it’s
gonna go and make us an actual video ad
and remember the cool thing about video
ads on Facebook is you can retarget
people who watch 50% of it 75% of it 95%
of it so what we’re gonna do is we’re
going to click into this in my videos
and we’re just gonna preview a little
bit it’ll of this just so you guys can
see how incredibly simple this was to
actually set up
and you can see that it has really
nice-looking text right it shows the
images it really makes it very simple
I’m for you to set this up with no
editing skills nothing right and there’s
no other tools that I’ve ever seen that
make it this simple and allow you to
take advantage of video ads when you
don’t actually have the product yourself
you’re not recording anything yourself
and so what we’re gonna do guys is we’re
gonna use this image we’re gonna upload
it into our Facebook ad and we’re gonna
start running traffic to the store that
Adrienne just set up all right sweet now
that we have the video completely done
for us which is absolutely crazy by the
way that’s one of the biggest hurdles
for most people different we’re in
Facebook Ads I’m gonna show you how dead
simple it is to set up a bull’s eye
targeted ad for this product okay so
we’re gonna add manager now all I want
to do is come over here and hit create
and add alright now once we hit create
and have I’m just gonna hit start over
here so we can start completely fresh
yep we want to do conversion based ads
all right very very important because
Facebook will find buyers for you right
you don’t need to do traffic engagement
and all that other stuff focus on
conversions so let’s click conversion
based ads scroll down and we’re gonna
name this campaign here so we’re just
gonna call this our free offer LED torch
light now I say free offer because we
may also sell this at the retail price
later on after this promotion all right
then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
turn on our campaign budget optimization
that’s basically required now in
Facebook and we’re gonna put a daily
budget of $5 now I know that’s not a lot
to start and we might bump that up a
little bit but we always start at 5
bucks in the very beginning so let’s go
ahead let’s say continue and once you
get to this page right here all you have
to do is click on the button that says
create a new Facebook pixel if you don’t
already have one we do so we would just
hit Facebook pixel and you give it a
name it doesn’t matter what it is and
you just click this button right here
that says continue now once that is done
it’s gonna give you a pixel code right
you see this little ID down here it says
pixel ID and it kind of looks like a
little short string of numbers yeah all
you have to do is take this and copy it
come over to your Shopify store now for
the pixel and really leveraging the
power of it I use an app called pixel
magic all right this is something that
we developed and this app simplifies
everything about the pixel and actually
makes it more powerful so we’re just
going to click on the pixel magic app
and it’s gonna ask us to take that pixel
ID right here and paste it once I hit
add it’s gonna add it everywhere that
it’s supposed to be on my store it’s
going to track people that look at stuff
that adds a cart that purchase and it’s
really gonna help me power up my
retargeting that’s awesome all right so
now we’re gonna jump back over here to
the Facebook ad manager and we are going
to continue building this ad by now
selecting the event now we’re just
telling Facebook here exactly what we
what our goal is with this ad so you’ll
see view and the card initiate checkout
you want to scroll down and you want to
find where it says purchase okay now it
might be in a have a red dot next to it
that’s totally fine because you won’t
have any purchases yet right as soon as
you get your first purchase it’s gonna
turn green alright so once you hit
purchase you’re gonna scroll down here
you can just ignore most all of that
stuff and you’re gonna see where it says
detailed targeting all right we’re
detail targeting is you’re gonna hit
edit and now we have to actually add
some bull’s eyes targeting to get people
to buy this LED torch lamp now this is
super simple to do because over here
when we click in the box we just have to
type in common-sense things really and
actually shop and spec gave us some
ideas right and remember guys like we
have the demographics right here in shop
a shop in spec right so 73 percent are
males so maybe you want we want to go
ahead and gender right there and let’s
target only males just to start right
only men because we know from shopping
specs that it’s mostly men who are
interested we also know it’s the best
ages right 25 through 44 year old males
maybe 25 through 54 so we’re gonna
adjust the age right here to be 25 year
olds through fifty four year olds now
we’re much more targeted of people who
are going to be interested and then we
also have some suggested interest for ad
targeting right camping world outdoor
enthusiasts father and sons all these
things that Asian can use as you know
kind of insights into what to choose
what other things did
right and Facebook also has a cool
little tool where we can press
suggestions and it’ll show us other
things that are similar to what we had
previously input yes when you had
suggestions it’s gonna say help door
live campsite outdoor recreation so
really what we do is we just start going
through these and I’ll give you one
really important key tip here is you’re
not trying to go after the ones that
have like 187 million people or any big
it’s way too big but you do want to find
the ones like camping and create and
caravanning club 371,000 extremely
targeted people right also just for my
own personal experience in this niche I
know that targeting people that are in
the military veterans Boy Scouts those
are people that are also going to buy
this stuff so you can start coming in
here and typing in veterans and you’re
gonna hit Veterans Day you can hit
veterans in general as 22 million people
so that’s a pretty big demographic so
veterans u.s. nine hundred and seventy
thousand people and now we hit
suggestions it’s gonna start mixing
things up from camping and also military
stuff so we’ll go ahead and we’ll put a
couple of other things in here alright
so let’s just see what we got here the
Caravan Club will add that in there
alright and this is gonna give us two
million people to start targeting right
away right now we may add more to this
and we may optimize this later but right
now what’s important is just simply
launching right right and two million
people is perfect it’s the perfect size
yeah so from there what we want to do is
we want to scroll down and Facebook is
gonna ask us where do we want this ad to
show okay now most people just hit
automatic placements recommended and
that’s great and everything but if
you’re really really trying to get to
the money fast you want to make sure
that your ad is showing up in the most
premium placements on Facebook the
newsfeed that’s right so you come over
here and basically you can just get rid
of stories you can get rid of in-stream
get rid of in articles like we’ll use
all of these later as we scale but we
know from experience the most valuable
traffic is coming from the newsfeed on
Facebook on Instagram even the Facebook
forms really really well so yeah this is
what we do right here starting out we’ll
get rid of messenger bottom box as well
yep all right you don’t have to do this
but that’s what we do all right then we
scroll down after we’ve selected our
placements everything is already set
we’re gonna hit continue and once we hit
continue here it’s gonna ask us to
actually set up the creative but before
we set up the creative you got to attach
this to a Facebook fan page yep so if
you don’t already have a Facebook fan
page very very simple to create those
they’ll let you do it that you have a
link right yeah don’t let you do it
right here so we do just create one that
is niche-specific so for this one it
would be like tactical flashlights R Us
or something yeah tactical flashlights
or us or like veterans I’m limited yak
to cool outdoors exact whatever alright
so you can create a Facebook fan page
and just make it generic I have a
generic one here that we’re gonna use
because we just want to save time for
you all called gear grabber all right
then you can scroll down and it’s gonna
ask you if you want to do carousel
collection single image or video shop
inspect gave us an epic video that was
Auto creative arrows which working such
a huge savings right cuz it’s so
difficult like not everyone has a camera
not everyone has the product not
everyone knows how to film product
videos right right and so having a
pre-made video ad cuz videos are so much
more interactive people interact with
them so much better there’s so much more
high converting on Facebook
so having shavon suck just out like
literally export a video for us
saves us so much time and allows us to
really get to advertising which is
what’s gonna inevitably drive the most
profit in the 24 hour challenge it’s
absolutely crazy that it does that so
all we have to do here is simply add
media in we already have a video so
we’re just going to hit add a video we
can now upload a video so it’s gonna
pull up all of the files on my computer
we can find the LED flashlight mp4
alright that is now being uploaded so
you’re gonna see here also the chop
inspect exported it as one of the square
optimized videos which we found for
e-commerce works really really well yeah
I mean there’s all different types
there’s sixteen by nine for video
there’s long-form right but the square
videos just because it fits so nicely in
mobile which is over fifty percent of
traffic now it’s on a mobile phone
having access to a square video and look
at how good that thumbnail looks by the
way so yeah it’s super nice yeah so it’s
I mean that’s it
all we have to do now is just write a
very simple ad and a lot of people to
start thinking about crazy copy and all
this and that I’m gonna show everybody
exactly what I put in most of my halves
to get started so to start you’re gonna
have your primary text which is going to
show up above the actual image alright
and you’re gonna say something like
people are going crazy over this new LED
torch light it works as a flashlight and
a lantern flashlight and Lantern alright
so get yours now free just pay shipping
and handling all right so very very
simple if it’s a free plus shipping item
always say in the ad it’s free but
you’ve got to pay the shipping and
that’s for compliance reasons okay yeah
the headline is very very important
because it’s going to show up in bold
letters underneath the creative yeah so
for a headline we’re gonna call this the
crazy LED torch light right so um we’re
gonna obviously split test headlines
later on as I started to scale this some
without a tree so the crazy LED torch
light the free LED torch light as a
matter of fact when we just go back and
I love using crazy and my copy so yeah I
put it everywhere the free LED torch
light and then down here a little trick
that we use is click here now to shop or
to get this deal and we just do that
right there and underneath the Hat
you’ll see the preview over here as we
go to look at the different news feeds
desktops all that good stuff you’ll see
how it starts to look and then we put in
the website URL so let’s jump over to
our Shopify store let’s find the product
and let’s get this URL and we’re gonna
toss it into Facebook right here alright
so now we have link to add to
correctly to the LED torchlight and the
last thing I would say that we need to
do here is we need to click the call to
action for more looks to shop now dude
that looks so sick look at how good that
looks I mean it isn’t that excited about
this seriously yeah the video is just
next-level for those videos also track
everybody that views it and you can
retarget everyone that watched your
video absolutely so we’re gonna scroll
down we’ve got our pixel selected its
owner Shopify store all we have to do
now is hit confirm so this is gonna take
a couple of hours for this to actually
get approved and so in the meantime just
cuz we want to add as much value as
possible Adrienne’s gonna show what this
actually is gonna look like once you
have some data with a store that he just
set up the other day ok so right now
what we’re looking at is data from a
store and an ad that I set up the other
day for a product and obviously we
started scaling this because it
literally took off so fast when you do
everything the right way and so you can
see here where this one little set of
targeting we spent $33 an ad spent and
Facebook tracked 139 dollars in sales
that is a 4.1 5x return on our ad spend
Wow so is this stuff profitable well you
can see the real data right here you can
see I spent nineteen dollars to make 76
right and then you can see some of the
ads that didn’t do as well this one down
here at the bottom kind of broke even
over time one hundred and forty dollars
to make a hundred and forty nine so you
know that’s not amazing but what’s
important is looking at all of the data
up here and all of the different ads
that we started to scale that start
generating sales and you’ll notice that
this one down here had five purchases 35
people actually got to the shopping cart
and this is why it’s important to have
your pixel on your store because
Facebook tracks every single person that
actually clicks that ads the cart that
gets to put their credit card in and
actually buys and that’s a great way to
tell if a product is going to work out
of the gate are people even adding it to
the shopping cart yeah you can see all
this information guys are people
visiting the product page are they
interested are they adding it to the
cart and you want to see how deep in the
funnel they get because that signifies
more interest and you want to try to
scale deeper into those ad sets that are
obviously resonating most with your
customers because they’re the ones
actually going deepest into the rabbit
hole of buying your product challenge is
officially over and the numbers are in
Adrian’s gonna break that down for us
but before we do guys we had you know a
little bit of trouble getting our
Facebook Ads approved because you know
it did take a little bit longer than we
expected because it was a brand new ad
account right so we were able to
actually send out you know an email
blast to a really targeted list that we
built up from you know another free plus
shipping offer Adrienne’s gonna break
down the exact numbers of revenue the
exact numbers of cost of goods sold the
exact numbers of our facebook ads spend
and of course the most important number
profit yeah yeah and you know how it is
sometimes Facebook takes a little while
to approve ads but here’s the thing we
got 13 orders for a total cost of goods
at 21 dollars and 97 cents shipped out
the door ad spend we did ninety-four
dollars and 25 cents for a total
invested of 116 dollars and 22 cents now
the money that we generated on day one
was 50 dollars and 77 cents and then
over the course of the next 24 hours we
did 83 dollars and 68 cents so that’s a
total of a hundred and thirty-four
dollars and forty-five cents generated
with a total profit get this on a free
plus shipping offer okay eighteen
dollars and 23 cents profit plus we’re
already building an email list in the
tactical niche so it’s pretty good for a
start and remember guys the free plus
shipping is not to make a million
dollars profit free bushing thing is to
get pixel data is to get email
subscribers into your list is to be able
to retarget those people to sell them
new things right to send out emails to
upsell them to cross sell them the point
of free plus shipping is to get your
first sales get your feet wet get your
foot in the door and realize that
ecommerce actually works and so the app
that we mentioned earlier pixel magic
Adrian will have an awesome discount
down below and a free trial or $1 trial
for you guys to take advantage of so
make sure you check that out and we have
a very
very special one-time offer because
Adrienne came on and we had such an
awesome time you know building out this
24-hour challenge it ended up taking a
little bit longer we have a 50% off
discount code for shop inspects at the
discount code is Adrienne 50 it will
only be available for a very very short
time and if you guys enjoyed this video
comment make money online down below and
if you get five hundred comments
we’re gonna bring Adrienne back on and
we’ll do another round of this and we’re
gonna really scale this store or another
score to the next level and if you guys
enjoyed learning from Adrienne make sure
you guys go and subscribe to his YouTube
channel as well his link will be down in
the description or just type a dream
Morrison go check his stuff out guys if
you want to learn more about Shopify
product research or all about Shopify
check out this video right here where we
break down how to find a viral products
fast see you guys on the next one
alright guys so in this video we’re
gonna be talking about how you can get
unlimited buyer crazed fanatical
ridiculous traffic to your Shopify store
even if you have absolutely no idea
where to start and we have a very
special guest

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