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Attempting To Make Money With Photography-NhpRgjrpf10

hey what’s going on over having a shit
one so we’ve walked into car dealerships
before we’ve walked into cafes and
restaurants which has led me to more
work like doing photos for other
people’s cars and stuff like that today
I want to try and walk into barber shops
not hairdressers barber shops there’s a
little bit of a difference I have a
friend and his name is Reese and he’s a
barber he wanted some photos done of him
cutting hair so I was like oh that’s
actually a really good idea so I want to
took some photos of him and then I
printed it out on an a4 laminated piece
of paper why don’t I try and walk into
other barber shops and ask if they want
pictures of them cutting hair so I guess
we’ll head into the city and try and go
get some work not so much man but like
if you if you can be you carrots or
something we might do well this helps a
lot I reckon straight off the bat now
really nice about it I reckon we got a
good chance there I think the main thing
that will actually get off the job today
is whether they need the photos or not
like if they don’t need photos this
straight I’m not gonna get up we
actually did an insert on Google Maps
that’s all I always tease remember you
your eye into the city and then I
spotted another barber so we’re just
gonna we just pulled over and we’re
gonna walk into there Hey
before I even get down to exhibition
straight like just within this block
here there are six barbershops to go six
and that that’s just this part of the
city when we go down search this area
here like even how many pop up there’s
like ten we’ve been like two block walk
around the stops flowers then it shows
for Easter
because when a card or something they go
sweet yeah I’ll leave that week on
section guys Jax barbers – yeah when we
say like I did you need photos for your
Instagram it sounds like we want to
shoot for Kings domain where I’m trying
to like shoot for individual people not
people for that own the business you
know I mean yeah but the difference
between about this is is that when I
walk into these shops now already
cutting hand I don’t want to stop and
talk because they’re like in the flow
it’s like someone walking into my room
when I’m editing and going hey can you
do something completely different for
five minutes like I guess it is just
still a numbers game but fucking
whatever this is gonna send it
I’ll take photos of you cutting hair for
your clients and show the final product
okay perhaps not that’s definitely beat
Savio’s five tips to make money faster
this is how you fucking do it
fucking hard it’s not easy to make money
Akana is a little bit of a gray area
because barbershops already get Pitt it
already get people walking in this is
not necessarily going to help you get
more business but it’s just going to
make you look more professional
Todd’s a hard game definitely
what we’re doing wrong bro
why we do something wrong is the way
that it’s the way that I talk is it the
way to that look yeah I just such a big
schnoz dude they say that I can act
maybe they just don’t it’s not something
they’re looking for this is so hard man
yeah I guess life isn’t easy there’s no
part of this is supposed to be easy
and we can send you the photos today
potentially man’s life is in right now
did we go today we can send you the
photos over to that I don’t need any
right now yeah it’s easy contact details
god damnit why somebody give me money we
just had no luck today whatsoever I know
what’s the time now it’s almost 1:00
o’clock past 3-4 hours we’ve been
walking around trying to get this job
and absolutely no luck with it
the fuck so we didn’t get a job today
which is actually really refreshing I
can’t say that if we didn’t keep walking
into shops then we may have got a job
but we did walk into about 15
barbershops today and no one was biting
for it it’s not really the amount that
you walk into it’s the way that this is
constructed there’s a lot of variables
to this the first one obviously you have
to walk into the shop and then the
barbell the person who owns the shop has
to be okay with you taking photos then
they actually have to have people in the
shop for you to take photos of and then
that person has to be okay with you
taking photos of them there was so many
variables here however we did hand out a
lot of business cards today and I met
quite a lot of new people right although
I didn’t get any work right now this
could potentially lead to work in the
future people did show interest don’t
get me wrong some people like not no way
I’m just not interested and some people
like ya actually know what I do need
photography done or I need videos done
or whatever but it’s still worth going
out and giving it a shot when I make
these videos I don’t necessarily I don’t
plan them I don’t not even necessarily
plan them I don’t leave these videos
have no planning at all none of my vlogs
do I just go out I give it a shot a try
and then it just comes together later
and however it comes together it’s just
how it comes together I hope you can
take away something from this because at
the end of the day I actually make these
videos for you obviously there was
probably things I could have done way
different in this video I am trying to
encourage you to get off your ass and
get out there and just give it a shot
because I wouldn’t have known if this
didn’t work if I didn’t at least try
when you go out there and offer people
your service for photos or videos make
sure you’re focusing on the value that
you want to give to them how much do you
want to give to them what you can do for
them think of people’s businesses as
their house if you walk into someone’s
home and say hey look can you give me 50
bucks and I’ll take some photos for you
they’re just going to turn around and
tell you you’re fucked but if you walk
in there and say hey look I do this this
is my work I can do these things for you
we can scale up to doing this or
whatever and you show the value of what
you can provide them then they’ll take
you a bit more seriously and who knows
where that could lead you just remember
not every single idea is going to work
and this has definitely been refreshing
and still great experiences to get out
there and
bit of a punch in my face as well I
don’t get too cocky with this shit
because you just never know how shits
gonna go down
so all the music in today’s video I find
that an epidemic sound I can just figure
out which song I like go through all the
different genres and then just download
it chuck it in then I can upload it and
I don’t have to worry about my videos
getting copyrighted for whatever reason
and it doesn’t only work for YouTube
videos when you sign up as a creative
but you can also use it for your
business so if you make videos for
someone else and you need music for it
you can just jump with the epidemic
sound and download all the music you
need for it so usually it’s like 15 or
20 bucks a month and that link down
below before this promo it would give
you one month free to try it out but one
month is not enough and I know it’s not
enough we’ve done a deal that’s valid
till the 28th of October I believe let
me just double check right now I’m
pretty sure it’s the end of October if
you click on that link you will get
three months for free to try out
epidemics sound so it’s plenty of time
to figure out if you actually need it or
if you don’t need it so you just signup
punch in all your details there then you
don’t even have to pay anything you just
get a you just get a free website filled
with music and sound effects to do
whatever the fuck you want with like
it’s free like I’m getting annoyed if
you click that link in below and you
punched in the code north borders you’ll
get three months for free I hope I
taught you something new in today’s
video I know I definitely learned a lot
in this video a little about myself I
learned a lot about speaking to people
so if you did like this video leave a
like down below and help me out by
hitting subscribe but that all said and
done I will see you in the next one

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