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12 Ways To Make Money Online With WordPress and Work From Home!-nT51AMsishI

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12 Ways To Make Money Online With WordPress and Work From Home!-nT51AMsishI

let’s talk about how you can make money
online with WordPress in this video I’ll
be going over ten different ways on how
you can make money just with the simple
knowledge of knowing how to make
websites with WordPress and for those of
you who don’t know how to make websites
let’s put a price yet go watch one of my
videos it’s a free video you come back
with a skill that you can start making
tons of money with it’s very simple
everyone’s doing it so let’s talk about
the ten different ways on how you can
start making money number one and the
most obvious one obviously is starting
your own web design business
now what’s your own website business you
can start charging your own prices you
can start adding SEO packages recurring
stuff payment plans security options all
those are really cool stuff you can
start charging clients for on your web
design business now I actually have a
full tutorial on how you can actually
market your web design business once you
start it so go watch my video learn how
to use WordPress and well actually once
you have the skill of it and you’re
confident on it I’ll be showing you a
video on how you can properly market
your web design business to get more
clients and to make more money that will
be in the description below as well I’m
editing it right now so it’s not up but
it will be up probably like a few days
from when this video is really so it’ll
be up there I swear next is starting an
e-commerce business with WordPress now I
bet you’re thinking I don’t know if this
oh dear oh I don’t have anything to sell
yes you do yes you have a lot of stuff
to sell go to Ali
Alibaba calm pick a product you know
right here pick a eyecream right here
you know two dollars you know I’m gonna
show you something really really
interesting that you’re just gonna drop
your mouth like watch this we have this
product right here we got this product
right here right this product right here
is being sold for three dollars three
guess what happens if i type in dark
circle cream on Amazon guess what comes
up as number one and Aliexpress product
which they’re selling it for $23.95 you
can just buy it on their website right
here for three dollars and 38 cents now
I’m not trying to tell you like oh just
this guy got lucky or something like
that or I’m not saying the products bad
I’m just saying that there’s ways to
make money online simply by just buying
it right here and selling it right here
I mean this is physical proof so what
you can do on your website is to sell
those same products you know
this product right here put on your
website for 40 bucks and then give it a
nice really nice change the change the
logo changed the brand and then there
you go you got a whole new thing you
know and people that think that it’s
cheating or something it’s not I mean
look at dr. dre beats dr. dre beats you
can find on Alibaba for like 20 bucks as
a different friend it’s just all brand
that’s all it is so that’s just an
example of what you can do so starting
an e-commerce business go to Aliexpress
go to Alibaba pick a product pick a
niche and then start your own e-commerce
websites I do have a full tutorial on
e-commerce websites in the description
below as well for free if you want to go
ahead and learn how to do that but not
not entirely for free the theme cost
like 40 bucks but after that you can do
whatever you want so number three is a
digital service sell an e-book sell
cooking instructions so I don’t know
whatever ebooks or digital products you
want to sell now a digital products are
a great way to make money because they
self-replicate there’s no shipping
there’s no taxes at least in California
there’s no taxes there’s no there’s no
product inventory you don’t to have a
warehouse everything is digital so it’s
an extremely valuable product and a
convenient way to make money so here you
can see that this is just a demo website
obviously that you know we’re selling
icons graphics plugins a product but you
can sell cooking stuff you can sell if
you want to draw something you’re really
good at drawing graphic art anything you
could possibly think of you can go ahead
and sell it as a digital service and I
will be having a tutorial for this
specific downloadable website in the
description below as well no experience
required very simple to use very simple
to setup and this is actually a free
theme so it’s it’s not it’s actually
free next is creating a wordpress
product so you can go to various web
sites you know and actually make your
own WordPress plug-in or WordPress theme
and charge money for it and various
companies Aspen group studios Divi Live
Divi cake elegant marketplace be
Superfly all these companies out here
simply just create child themes and
plug-ins for WordPress and they just
sell them and the great part about
WordPress in general is that there’s as
a subscription so whenever you buy
something all the modules or the model
is that they are on
annual subscription and that you have to
pay every single year now the reason why
they do that is because they have to
provide updates for the plug-in mostly
support as well but the most important
part is the updates so with that regard
that these companies are all getting a
recurring annual money for all of these
product which is really cool so that’s
just another great one how you can do it
now I’ll be giving you a resource on how
you can actually learn how to create
custom plugins and custom stuff as well
in case you have no experience and
you’re not a developer but that will
require development so it’s not
something like drag-and-drop you will
need to you will need to learn how to
use development or learn developments
regarding I mean I don’t know what these
Ruby on Rails or JavaScript or whatever
I’ll talk more about that as we go on
next is creating courses why don’t you
go ahead and create a course if you know
how to do something people out there are
willing to pay money for it
WP gears is another website where you
can actually learn how to you know once
you learn how to use WordPress they kind
of go over the ins and outs there’s like
they have like a 48 hour course it’s
like a it’s like a four-week courses I’m
like that and they show people start to
finish so getting your first client how
to get clients how to make sales how to
do this how to do that they go over the
entire process because these guys
actually used to build websites for
clients for a few years they actually
started moving over to the developments
and now they’re selling courses on how
you can actually learn how to or
basically everything they went through
you know cuz clients are crazy man you
go you get you get clients out there I
mean I’ve had a few clients where you
know they’ll try to charge you back or
they’ll you know they want this they
want the next Amazon website for free
it’s people are crazy out there so you
want to make sure you get the right
clients and for those of you it
shouldn’t taking this specific course I
do have a coupon code in the description
below I took the course I liked it and
if you want to take it there is a
discount below as well next is creating
templates no this website right here
specializes in creating templates so
once you know how to actually use the
Divi theme or element or or Brizzy or
whatever page but are you using you
actually can make templates for it and
sell those designs and tons of companies
out there do this you know elegant
marketplace tons of them I mean they’re
they’re out there you know in fact
today when people actually make themes
they’re more concerned on the demos than
actual the theme itself and that’s very
true because if you go to various
websites like in model markets all the
theme companies do is talk about you get
50 hundred demos or ten thousand demos
you know and people oh yeah the demos
cuz it’s easy for them to make websites
for their clients then right but this is
just an example of people that are
making demos just for their for their
customers so Krakow blocks you can go
ahead and check them out as well the
link is below if you want to check them
out but generally I think that selling
templates is a is is a little getting a
little more competitive because there
are more and more companies that are
selling templates I’m sorry not selling
them but are giving them away for free
so that is something that I don’t
personally like but that’s is how it
goes in the WordPress community next is
affiliate websites now affiliate
websites is the number one most popular
way to make money online whenever you
see those guys on YouTube where they’re
driving Lamborghini and they got all the
hot girls around them and oh probably
made I made fifty million dollars in a
week yeah you know all that you
know that is all affiliate marketing so
affiliate marketing is at real markets
but those are guys teaching it probably
never did it because if they really were
that successful they wouldn’t be putting
in selling courses like right but they
think he’s do but you know but anyways
this is an example of a website an
affiliate website that I personally used
and bought something so I’m going to
Norway in a month and I wanted to go
ahead and find out the best places to go
in Norway now I went to this website and
there was this booking section where it
took me to a website that actually
booked services for people who want to
slay I’m sorry
go sling like not killing but actually
writing a reindeer and also the dogs you
know in the snow and the Northern Lights
so I went to this blog I I purchased
something and this website probably made
a commission off me they probably made
up a percentage as well now if you’re
looking on how to actually find a
product to promotes there’s a website
called Clickbank and you can go over
here and say okay what am i interested
in health and fitness you know that’s
actually a very big market is the health
and fitness because myself I’m trying to
lose weight and you know I google things
on how to lose weight and and pill
to take or protein to take whatever and
they have all these things right here
you know the five day detox and right
here I’m sorry these are these are
actually to buy the products we want to
go ahead and find products that promotes
all right so let’s go over here well
let’s go let’s go take a look really
quick we’ll go ahead and fun over here
health and fitness here we go flat belly
fix look at that these are painkillers
I’m sorry not painkillers fat burners
and look at that you get fifty percent
commission if someone buys that that’s
pretty crazy
now these websites to me personally I
don’t like them but they do sell they
really do sell you know right here
that’s going to take a look the diet the
big diabetes lie there’s just I mean
there’s just so much stuff you can
promote there’s just so much stuff and
all they need to do is click on your
link and go to that website and you make
a cut if they buy something it’s so easy
it’s automated you look it’s Orbitz
Expedia Yelp all those all those
companies they’re just affiliates though
I’m not Yelp but Orbitz Expedia kayak
the airline companies you know all those
airline companies they’re just
affiliates they’re just recommending
services that’s all they do you know so
affiliate marketing is huge in fact I
myself am a full-time affiliate that’s
all I do is I promote other companies
but we provide a value you know we don’t
just sit there and say hey guys go to
this website and buy it it’s $9.99 you
know no like that was stupid you know we
have to provide value and real good
information so people want to come back
and check it out hey like that’s anybody
so affiliate websites is a huge one next
is freelancer services so once you
actually learn how to use WordPress you
can go ahead and go to websites like up
work and freelancer and actually post
your service and say hey or post your
your profile and say hey guys inaudible
the websites I know to do this either
this and then just go ahead and start
you know trying to find work
if someone submits a job you know tell
them that you’re qualified and tell them
why you’re qualified etc now it is a
little competitive because you are
dealing with people who are being
outsourced such as India Pakistan and
the Middle East but as an American you
can definitely find work on here you
know it’s not the fact that people are
after the cheapness or after the cost a
lot of companies don’t care about that
you want someone local they want
something good because they’re using
company budgets they don’t really care
about how much it costs you know in fact
all of those companies they actually
need to spend the money because that’s
part of their their tax write-off so if
they don’t spend the money the IRS is
just gonna take it so they want to make
sure they find someone local that can do
a really good job so don’t worry about
the price don’t think about all these
guys over these guys over here are
charging foreigner dollars for a website
no then you charge five thousand for the
website and they’re gonna ask why
charging five thousand for the website
when they’re offering four hundred and
there you go now you can say well you
know we have a really big team or very
well organized we have a long history we
have great audience retention and you
can kind of sell them from there you
know it’s a selling point so you know
just because people are selling a cheap
doesn’t mean and and don’t if they sell
for cheap you don’t lower your prices
you keep your prices the same and people
will find out why I mean looking at my
dad’s company my dad’s company makes
like you know they make like a few
hundred million or they make like a
million a year some like that they don’t
care about a four dollar website they
just want the best they don’t care they
don’t look in that price they’re just I
want the best of the best of the best
sir you know like that’s it so
freelancer services are a great way on
how you can make money next is a blog
post so you can actually people can
actually if you want let me go back here
selling blog posts now if you have a
websites you can actually sell guest
posts and a lot of websites do this like
WP maher calm or they’ll actually I’ll
go to their website and say hey I’ll pay
you guys if you talk about me and they
say okay the fees $200 now you can do
the same thing on your websites
there’s also guest blogging you can
charge for guest blogging you can charge
for banner space you can charge for
pretty much anything you want on your
website but posts are a good one so you
charging for posts and also the banner
space as well vanish space obviously
these guys are making money because
these companies over here they decided
to pay to get their site on the sidebar
right here do I think these side bars
are any good no I think they’re useless
but people out there still do its but
I’m not gonna do it because I think
that’s I’ve done this before and I just
had really bad results but you know it’s
it’s still a way now to make my
so that’s that’s another way I make
money now another really important way
how to make money is selling all my
courses if you know how to do something
with word force not just what word press
if you know how to do something with
anything CSS JavaScript HTML Ruby on
Rails of whatever whatever programming
language you have out there people will
actually pay to learn and not just that
if you know how to do anything you can
make a course on it so for example right
here I’ll type in yoga udemy is a great
website on you can start making online
courses and right here I mean look at
this you know yoga for back pain
you know self meditation all the stuff
right here and these have a lot of sales
you know 145 ratings let’s click on this
right here
you know 1700 students you know they’re
selling it at 12 dollars a pop so they
probably made you know they probably
made a few thousand dollars then you
know ten to fifteen thousand dollars
just off this one course if you have
twenty courses you can make a lot of
money right I personally have courses on
here as well so if that I’ve been
Darrell Wilson which is my name
I sell courses as well so I mean I have
I give away for free because I want to
I’m going for the more a feeling
approach you know where I gain the
audience but I lose the money so you can
also go the other way where you sell the
courses but to get less of an audience
you see the trade-off there so there’s
just another way on how you can think
about how you want to approach things
I don’t even car repair mmm I mean car
repair yeah that car repair so it
doesn’t matter what you flipping cars
and that’s an interesting when flipping
cars I’ve always been interested on how
to do that but if you know anything you
can go to you to be calm and make
courses for it as well so it is
WordPress related you know there is
WordPress but I’m just saying if you
know how to do anything you can go over
there as well another thing that you can
do is flip your website or flip other
websites there’s website is called flip
accom where you can actually flip your
websites or you could actually buy
businesses what I personally buy in
these businesses hell no no way
why would I not buy these businesses
because there’s so many different ways
on how they can manipulate the traffic
they can manipulate stuff to make it
look like it’s making money but it’s
really not now most of the sites that
make money right
year usually have a lot of bids and a
lot of attention right here cases tech
this is a drop shipping website that
makes around $3,000 a month but it looks
like they’re selling it for 8 grand
which doesn’t make much sense but it’s
still bit there they got around 2 weeks
left but you can just go ahead and kind
of you know research these websites and
just find out and you know if there’s a
website that you can actually you know
buy in fact I do see a lot of companies
out there that actually just make the
websites and they just sell the websites
as is so it’s not getting a lot of
traffic it’s not getting any there’s no
money put into it but they have done a
lot of work into designing the websites
I’ve seen a lot of people do that on
Flippa comm and it’s not bad they’re
just trying to make money off after you
know off off of their product so after
their website these guys are selling it
right here these guys are saying that
this site is making around $30 a month
they’re selling it for a grand I would
probably just buy it for maybe a few
hundred dollars 300 ollars and then
maybe we can you know see what happens
from there
so that’s just a way on how you can
actually start making money with
be very careful though be very very
careful 95% of the sites on the site or
garbage 5% are very good gen Ewell deal
genuine deals so I’ve actually had a lot
of experience with it I bought a few
sites with it’s now some more good
summer complete scams so it’s just you
know it’s it’s how I learned you know so
I’m giving that information to you you
know so you don’t get scammed because
there’s a lot of scammers out there man
everyone just wants to discreet other
you know it’s like it’s so it’s so
terrible now another way on how you can
actually make money with WordPress is
you know go to Craigslist
you know Craigslist com go to gigs you
know if you’re trying to find work
simply type in WordPress right here
WordPress experience actor with weird
about experience and need a wordpress
website wordpress help needed there are
a lot of people out there are on
Craigslist that really just need help so
right here I put I put Los Angeles but
you want to put your local city and then
kind of find out people are you know
needing the skill to make or needing a
website etc and you’ll find them out
there you know people out there
generally need websites so you know it’s
really hard to find someone that you
trust that’s the hardest part you know
in my in my web design career was the
same thing it was just trying to find
someone that I trust
and you know I’d like to outsource a lot
of stuff but I had to really trust my
guys I outsource to you cuz if they
didn’t do it right
the customers gonna come to me and say
hey Darrell what the hell and I’m like
you know I can’t blame my guys you know
I’ll go I’ll take care of it cetera you
know so now this is a great way on how
to make money also WordPress you can go
to where I’m sorry Facebook you go to
Facebook groups and just find people
that are you know interested in you know
WordPress in general you know go to
WordPress job groups and you can find
all sorts of really cool groups and
communities that people will need
developers or designers or web business
they’ll need those people so you can
kind of hang on those groups and when
they ask so you hey this is my website
my service should go ahead and check it
out so those are some of the best ways
on how you can make money online I’ll be
talking more about something around like
affiliate marketing and you know
ecommerce like this for example for
instance right here was was very
shocking you know but the fact that this
is that this product right here is
Amazon’s number one here if I’ll just
search it right here see right it’s it’s
the number one most recommended product
and it’s a product on Aliexpress is this
really genuine good cream I probably
wouldn’t base on it I mean if it’s
coming from Aliexpress it’s probably not
the best quality
it’s probably like a 50/50 but the fact
is that it’s ranked number one on Amazon
is maybe it is a good product I don’t
know you know that sounds very
interesting but there’s just different
ways on how you can always make money
not just with WordPress but just
anything in general you know if you have
an idea put your mind to it you know
just do it you know a lot of these ideas
they blow up and they get huge and you
know a lot of people become successful
and you know now they’re driving and not
really good stuff but you know go ahead
and do research also on Aliexpress
Alibaba you know you know find some
products research some products add them
to your websites
you know import a bunch of them put them
on Amazon put them on eBay put them on
different websites and then just explore
your options from there you know it is a
lot of work it’s not as easy to make it
sound obviously but it’s definitely a
start so hopefully by now you guys have
enough information on how to start
making money with WordPress hopefully
you know you guys do you know I really
wish you all the best
this is another website I made W be
friends calm now I’m trying to monetize
it it’s a website like a social
networking website like Facebook I have
around 20 100 members and like another
one how to make money well this site
they just it’s not really making money
but that’s okay you know I I don’t need
the money from this website but I just
did it because there was a need for the
websites you know so it’s essentially a
social marketing website like Facebook
just for WordPress users so if you are
interested later in the future to check
it out join you know and make a post say
hey what’s up there oh nice websites
I’ll probably ignore you know I’ll do my
best to write back you want to see it
but again guys thank you for watching
this video let me know if you have any
questions I’ll go ahead and put all the
links for the tutorials and everything
else in the description below so until
then I will see you guys in the next

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