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5 FREE Ways To Make Money Online If You’re BROKE ?? (NO Credit Card Required)-KRSMH-mvVa0

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5 FREE Ways To Make Money Online If You’re BROKE ?? (NO Credit Card Required)-KRSMH-mvVa0

– So you may have heard thesaying that money makes money.
Well, today I’m gonnashow you that actually
you don’t need money to make money
by showing you five freeways to earn money online
even if you are broke.
Yes, I wanted to show you
that even if you don’t have any money,
with time and dedication,
you can build a money-making business,
because these five free methods
can make tens of thousands of dollars
to hundreds of thousands ofdollars every single year.
And best of all, none ofthem require a credit card,
which I know can be a realproblem for some people.
So let’s move on to the first free method
to make money online.
One, copy the $300,000 TeespringFacebook meme page method.
All right.
So let me show you twovery different T-shirts
that each made hundredsof thousands of dollars.
This here is the first T-shirt.
This T-shirt has made itscreator over $300,000.
And this here is the second T-shirt,
which, as you can see, isaimed at the opposite niche,
and this made over $200,000.
Both of these creatorsopted to sell their products
on free print-on-demandmarketplace platforms.
The science shirt chose Viralstyle
and the gun T-shirt chose Teespring.
Both of these websiteswork very similar, however,
and that they very easilylet you create and sell
custom products like T-shirts online.
When you sign up for Teespring,
and it literally takesminutes to do so, by the way,
you can choose a T-shirt
or whatever product you want to sell.
You don’t just have tojust choose T-shirts.
You can then upload a pieceof artwork you create.
Teespring will then let youlist that product you create
for sale on their site.
And it means then that youcan sell custom products
like T-shirts onlinewithout needing to set up
your own online store or a payment gateway
and you don’t need toproduce them yourself.
Then each time a customer comes
and buys one of the T-shirtsyou’ve listed for sale,
Teespring will then printyour piece of artwork
onto one of their T-shirts
and then ship it out tothe customer for you,
automatically, withoutyou having to do anything.
In the industry, we callthis print on demand.
And with services like Teespring,
it means that you can selland make online for free,
and you don’t need a credit card.
See this T-shirt that made $200,000?
The creator is sellingthis for $24.95 USD.
Well, what happens is eachtime the creator sells
one of these T-shirts, Teepsringwill collect their money,
as in $24.95, and thendeduct the cost of the shirt
from that, which in this case is $10.57,
and will pay out the creator their profit,
which is more than $14.
It’s paid out to you like a commission.
So unlike some other methodsout there to make money,
such as setting up your own store
and then combining it witha service like Printify,
you never have to buythe shirts in advance,
so you never need a credit card to start.
Now I can imagine thatsome of you are saying,
"Okay, Sarah, that’sgreat. Just one problem.
"I’m broke. I can’tafford to hire a designer
"to make these T-shirtsfor me. What should I do?"
Well, I’ll be honest with you.
This T-shirt here that made $200,000?
Yeah, that’s prettytough to make yourself.
Unless you are a graphic designer,
you would probably need to hire one.
That you can hire on Fiver for $25.
And I know that’s not much,
but hey, we don’t have $25.
We’re broke here.
So what about this T-shirtthat sold $300,000-plus?
Well, you know, thisis way easier to make.
And, in fact, just to show you,
I came to the free web design app Canva,
and I made my own versionof this T-shirt design
using only free images and icons.
And I’m not even a graphic artist.
I’m not a graphic designer at all.
But with the birth of apps like Canva,
you can create great lookingT-shirt designs yourself
for free.
All right, so we’ve set up our free store
with something like Teespring,
and we’ve created our own free designs.
Now we’ve just got the question of
how these Teespringcreators made these sales
in the first place, andyou know what they used?
Free Facebook meme pages.
So here is the meme pagefor that science T-shirt.
As you can see, over time,
they’ll consistently uploadimages and videos related
to left-wing USA politics and atheism
that their niche really enjoys.
And that’s not all.
In addition to that,
they also periodicallycreate T-shirts and mugs
that they will create withfree print-on-demand services
and post them on their page.
Their fans love these products
and they go and buy them.
And eagle-eyed subscribersmight recognize this model
from none other than Placeit.
And the same goes forthat guns right T-shirt.
Guess what they created?
A Facebook meme page that focuses
on posting images and videos
related to right-wing USA politics,
and, of course, gun rights.
Their niche and fansreally like the images
and videos they post.
And you know what else they like?
They really like the T-shirtsthat they create and sell
using free print-on-demand services.
They’ll post these onto theirpage, their fans love it,
and then they go and buy them.
And you know what the wonderful thing is
about creating a Facebook meme page?
It is absolutely 100% free.
There are lots of freevideos out there on YouTube
about building a Facebookfan page from scratch.
And once you’ve built it,
you can use it to make moneyagain and again and again.
Two, create an Instagram meme page
and sell Teespring products for free.
While Facebook fan pages are indeed
a pretty good source oftraffic, in my opinion,
it’s even easier to buildan Instagram meme page
from scratch, thanks to hashtags.
And you know what?
That same method before works great
with Instagram meme pages as well.
For example, here is afree Instagram page set up
that grew its following posting memes
that are specifically aimed at nurses.
Periodically, from time totime, they will mix it up
and post a picture ofone of their T-shirts
that they created and sell,such as this one here.
They will then encouragepeople to click on the link
in their bio,
which takes them to theirprint-on-demand store,
where they’re selling T-shirts
aimed specifically for nurses.
Now, they chose to set up their own store
on their own domain name,but if they’d wanted to,
they could have set upa free Teespring store,
and that would have worked great too.
And by the way, if youare watching this video
and you’ve learned something
and you would like to learn even more
about real ways to make money online,
then you should be sure tosubscribe to our channel.
And be sure to click thatlittle notification bell
next to it so you don’t missout on any of our videos.
Three, copy the 6-figure Pinterest
affiliate marketing method.
I have friends thatliterally make hundreds
of thousands of dollars a year
by using the method ofcombining free Pinterest traffic
with affiliate marketing.
If you don’t know what Pinterest is,
it’s basically a huge databaseof images that people upload.
It’s an interesting demographic.
It’s over 80% female, which is nice,
because usually femalesspend more money online.
It’s very easy to savephotos by pinning them
onto something called boards,such as this one here.
It’s basically an easy way to share
and save them in a fun, visual way.
But really, at its heart,it’s a big database of images
that people upload, andit’s also a search algorithm
that people can use tofind images they like.
As a marketer, you canhave these images link
to an external website,
which can be a greatway to generate traffic.
So with Pinterest, your goal then,
when you upload an image,
is to try and have it rankhighly for related keywords
when people search for themand to be near the top.
So here is how my friendswill use this method
to make free money.
They will create lotsof blog posts like this.
This is a blog post aboutdifferent gadgets for camping.
They’ll make a list ofproducts that you can buy.
And of course, each productwill have a link to it
where you can go to purchase it.
For this one, when you click the link,
you’ll be taken to the storethat’s selling it, Amazon.
This is however actuallyan affiliate link.
Now if we look at the URL,
we can see that itcontains the tracking code.
This affiliate link trackscustomers that click on it.
For the next 24 hours,
each time that customerbuys something from Amazon,
this site here, Skinny Ninja,
will get up to 10% commission on the sale.
The Amazon affiliate program
is called the Amazon Associates program,
and it’s free to sign up
and to start promoting productson there and making money.
And you know what?
For simple blogs like this,
you don’t need to have afancy website or domain name.
Nope. You can open a free Weebly blog.
When starting out witha free blog like this,
you should really try and putmore effort into your post,
so that people keep reading,
even if it does use aWeebly-branded domain name.
But how do you getpeople who are interested
in camping gadgets to find your blog post?
Well, of course, that’swhere Pinterest comes in.
And this is their secret Pinterest weapon,
the keyword research tool.
Very few Pinterest usersactually know about this tool
or how to access it, butit’s extremely powerful.
It will let you search forkeywords that people use
to find images thatthey like on Pinterest.
Using this tool, you canfind the best keywords
to optimize your pins around.
So what they do is they find the keyword
with the most search volume
that’s related to theiraffiliate blog post.
So in this case here, we cansee that "camping gadgets"
gets a lot of searches each month,
between 10,000 to 100,000.
Well, check this out.
If we go to Pinterest and doa search for that keyword,
camping gadgets, guess which picture
we’ll find sitting at thetop of the search results.
We’ll find this picture here.
If we click on it to see
what sites that it’s linkingout to, check this out.
Does this look familiar to you?
This user, Skinny Ninja,has a lot of these different
affiliate blog posts, and what they’ll do
is they’ll upload a picture to Pinterest
and they’ll optimize itaround related keywords.
For example, she’s used these words,
camping and gadgets, in her title,
and unlike many Pinterest users
who don’t include anydescription, her one does,
and it includes the words "camping"
and the words "gadget" in it.
She’s also taken the time to create
a big, bright, colorfulpicture in high definition
that, importantly, isin a rectangle shape,
which performs the best on Pinterest
for attracting clicks and shares,
which will further your image rankings.
Learning the Pinterest algorithm
and using it to rank your pictures
so that you can link outto your external blog post
is extremely lucrative.
Once again, YouTube isvery much your friend here,
as there is a lot of freeinformation out there
on the Pinterest search algorithm
teaching you how to use free tactics
to get your pins rankinghighly in searches.
Of course, the secret sauce here
is knowing how to get access
to that Pinterest keyword research tool.
And to access it, come andclick on the Ads button
in the top menu.
On this page, you’ll be able to turn your
free Pinterest account intoa free Pinterest account
that has access to advertisements.
Let me show you how.
Just come and click the button,
get a business account,
and then just come and clickthe big Continue button
and let it load,
and now we’ll quickly fillout the forms it gives us.
So enter in the name of your site
and then just click Next.
Here, just click Laterand click Later again,
select any checkbox, and then click Next.
And with that, you’vecreated an ad account.
Super simple.
To access the keyword research tool,
click Ads in the top menuand then click Create Ad.
And once the page loads up,
you can ignore all thestuff that you see here
and just click the Continuebutton at the bottom of the page
and then just scroll downinto the Targeting section,
and it’s here that boom,
you will find the keyword research tool,
which is absolutely free to use.
And here is one final quick tip.
I’ve got a lot to say on this method,
so if you guys like this video,
maybe I’ll make a whole videoon this subject one day.
But yes, a big part of howmy friends make so much money
is they also find digital products
on places like ClickBankwith much higher commissions,
as in 50 to 70% commission.
So that’s definitelysomething to keep in mind.
Four, sell trending T-shirtsfor free with Merch by Amazon.
A lot of people aren’t aware of this,
but just like Teespring,Amazon have their own method
for selling print-on-demandproducts online for free
without needing a credit card.
And that service is Merch by Amazon.
No fees.
Just like with Teespring,
Amazon lets you set theprice of your products,
and after removing thecost of the T-shirt,
pays you the rest out as profit.
Once accepted into their program,
creating and uploading a custom T-shirt,
hoodie, or sweatshirt, orwhatever of their products
that you want to sell is easy.
All you need to do is upload your artwork,
and their app will place itonto the product for you.
You can then come in andchoose further details
about the product that you want to sell.
Merch by Amazon by defaulthas the black shirt selected
because the black T-shirts
actually have the highest conversion rates
and sales on their site.
You also have the freedom to set the price
to whatever you want.
And you can edit theproduct listing details
and customize the salespage for your T-shirt.
And you get to take advantage
of the millions of peoplewho come to Amazon every day
to buy products.
And here is a fun question.
How much do you think thatthis Merch by Amazon T-shirt
has made in the past month?
I’ll tell you.
This T-shirt has made over $4,500.
Yep. If we come to the Amazon listing,
we can spy on its monthly sales
using the Jungle Scout Pro extension app.
When we do that, check it out.
While the sales havefluctuated over the past year,
each month, this T-shirtconsistently makes its creator
thousands of dollars.
And so you decide, hey, that’s awesome.
I want to make money onlinefor free by taking advantage
of the free Merch by Amazon program
and the free customers that come to Amazon
each and every day to buy products.
That just leaves one question.
"So, Sarah," you’re asking.
"I’ve opened up the free app Canva
"to create a T-shirt image,
"but sort of design should I make?"
Well, I’ll be honest with you.
For most Merch by Amazon sellers,
the majority of their money
is made from just a fewof their T-shirt designs.
So most of them will notbe ones that make you money
every month like this one.
However, there are somethings that you can do
to greatly increase your success rate.
And that is by takingtwo types of customers
and crossing them together,i.e., you cross-niche.
So this T-shirt here that is making $4,500
is a great example of that.
It crosses two typesof customers together,
mothers that are lookingfor a T-shirt to wear
during their daughter’s birthday party
and customers that loveunicorns, or importantly,
whose daughter loves unicorns.
And you might be thinking,
why on Earth does that work so well?
Unicorns have nothing to dowith their daughter’s birthday.
And so why should I cross them together?
Well, the answer, of course, is that
unicorns are very popular,especially with young girls.
And so, sure, they couldgo and buy this T-shirt,
but what’s even better isbuying a shirt like this
that also evokes happinessfrom their daughter.
That’s the power of cross-niching.
Now this T-shirt hereis another good example
of a cross-niche.
Obviously, this is not a design
that most of you will want to make
because it requires actual drawing skills,
since it isn’t just atext plus image design
with a glitter filter appliedlike this one is here.
But this T-shirt is sellingwell for a similar reason.
It’s crossing together two things,
Halloween and dinosaurs.
And so when grandparentswho have a grandson
that likes dinosaurs see this, they’ll go,
"Ooh, what a perfect T-shirtfor him for Halloween."
And if we check out
with the Jungle ScoutChrome extension again
to see what the salesare for this T-shirt,
we’ll see that it’smaking essentially $3,000.
Now I’m filming this mid-September,
but I don’t think I’m gonnabe able to upload this video
until mid-October,
because I’m a bit behindwith my video schedule.
So you can only imagine thatthis will get even bigger
in terms of sales thecloser we get to Halloween.
Yeah, these sales are onlygonna get better and better.
Five, combine the powersof Merch by Amazon,
their affiliate program, and Pinterest.
Let me ask you a question.
Do you think that you’re allowed
to sign up for theAmazon affiliate program
and to then use it tocreate an affiliate link
for a T-shirt that youcreate with Merch by Amazon
and to then advertisethat T-shirt on Pinterest
by creating an awesome,keyword-optimized pin for it?
The answer is yes.
By combining all three things together,
not only are you making money
by selling your T-shirts on Amazon,
but you’re making additional money
from the commissions on the sale.
It’s essentially likeyou are double-dipping.
And what if we go andtake this a step furhter?
Why not go and find a keywordlike this, "besties presents,"
with up to 100,000 searches
that has very poorly-made optimized pins
for it currently on Pinterest
and then go and createa series of products
from these free print-on-demand sites
around this niche of best friends
and then create anaffiliate list blog post
recommending the productsthat you are selling
and create an optimized Pinterest picture
that promotes your blog posts.
See, here’s the thing.
It doesn’t matter if you’re broke
or you don’t have a credit card.
You have no excuse for not being creative,
not taking action,
and not taking controlof your financial life.
Thanks for watching this video,
and if you would like to learn even more
about setting up and creatingyour own online business,
then you should be sure todownload our free ebook,
"The 6 Steps That 6-FigureOnline Stores Follow
"To Make Over $10,000 a Month,"
and you will find a linkto download that ebook
in the video description below.

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