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Make Money Online With FREE Wix Websites (Easy $100_Day Method)-G2O047Y8-4s

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Make Money Online With FREE Wix Websites (Easy $100_Day Method)-G2O047Y8-4s

alright here’s how you make money online
with the free Wix website platform my
name is Tampa Rock the deadbeat super
affiliate and if you’re trying to create
a passive income online business from
the comfort of your living room sofa
this is the channel for you so make sure
you hit that subscribe button and then
tick that Bell icon so that you’re
notified of any videos that are released
when I released it alright in this video
I’m going to show you three lazy simple
ways to make money with the Wix website
platform alright this is just one of
those extremely simple ways to make a
hundred dollars a day online when I
discovered it I knew I had to share it
with you that all said get ready we’re
add up ritalin and get to the
money-making good stuff here we go
all right Debbie so here is the Wix
platform website now Before we jump in
just want to give a quick piece of very
important information all right
Wix is best used as a supporting website
or a supporting income stream so what I
mean by this is you don’t want to base
your entire business off of a free
website platform reason why is because
if you do that you give up your control
and it has this happened many times in
the past if they decide for whatever
reason to shut you down
you’re going to lose your entire
business so that’s why I recommend for
your main business your main money
website you use a self hosted WordPress
blog and a professional web hosting plan
this gives you full control
now Wix is great to use as a supporting
website to boost your main business up
in the search engine rankings and also a
great way to build your list and earn
additional income so that ads will have
the way let’s jump right on it all right
so first things first click the start
now button on the screen look at that
and then we’re going to click sign up
now here’s the first important step is
you have to create an email address that
has your root keyword in it alright so
in this video I’m going to use the I
circled niches for people have dark
under-eye circles like you see right
here have these dark bags from sleeping
like 12 hours a day we’re going to make
a website about that so whatever your
niches it could be Fitness it could be
money saving money investing money it
could be relationship advice
it could be beauty whatever the niche
that you’re interested in you’re going
to register an email address and you’re
going to register that on WIC so let’s
just do cure eye circles now at so you would have to go to
Yahoo and create the email address the
reason why you want the keyword in your
email address is because Wix actually
builds your the subdomain with this
email address so I’ll show you what that
means in the second project so clicks –
mumbo-jumbo right now so let’s just get
on with the tutorial here
all right so we’re going to sign up from
here we’re going to I just do to
remember password we’re going to click
from here – help so I’m just going to do
beauty and wellness and let’s do the Wix
Adi editor this is better for mobile
friendly so that’s why I’m using this
example here the Wix Adi editor alright
all right so here just type in the name
of your blog ideally you’re going to
have your keyword in there so if you’re
your niche is body building you’re going
to have word bodybuilding bodybuilding
in the title of your site don’t have to
do that just to skip by the way the
computers over here but if I don’t the F
Row is really bad alright from here just
going click Next you can click whatever
theme that you want we’ll just edit that
in a second not a big deal alright so
from here it’s going to create the
basics for your site now we’re going to
get to editing so we’re going to do is
just go through this really quickly to
show you a basic overview of how it
works all right so first things first
let’s change the cover here to make it
look more related to what we talked
about so this is right now showing like
a weed plant let’s change this to eyes
so this is about I circled over your
niches so go to free from Wix here and
you’re gonna type in whenever your
keyword is so if there’s those oysters
you’re going to like oysters if yours is
mine’s about eye circles
do that woman here see how that looks
okay so we’ve got a picture of a woman’s
eyes this could be better all right so
that was the image that’s provided by
Wix there’s another side you use is
called let’s see what’s over
there all right here’s one I can use
this pixabay images are royalty-free so
you can use these for whatever you want
all right there we go much better all
right from here we’re going to just get
rid of some of the header stuff we don’t
need all that
so let’s hide the menu we don’t need
that I’m gonna hide the number real name
that you can hide social if you have the
social media profiles already built like
save a YouTube channel on your niche you
can show that or if your Facebook page
you can show that for a month to this
purpose I’m going to just delete it here
to make it very clean all right from
here we’re going to start editing the
post so let me just save this real quick
all right so what I did was I just
published you’ll notice here secure eye
circles now that’s why in the previous
stuff about registering that yahoo email
that’s why I told you to do that so that
you can get your keyword in your Wix
domain name otherwise you won’t be able
to do it so that’s why we did that so
let’s meet the site here now you can see
here that we have the basics for the
website so now what we’re going to be
doing is we’re going to be adding
content to the site which we can use to
get search engine traffic and we can use
our content to boost up our YouTube
videos our main web sites and also most
importantly to build an email list all
right so next what we’re going to do is
add content so go to manage blog here
click that link it will pull up this
page here is easy default pages you can
either delete these or just modify them
accordingly I’m actually just going to
start from scratch let’s do new posts
alright now from here you’re going to
make a title title is very important
what I do is I usually include the
keywords I’m trying to rank for so I
already have a pre-written article this
one is home remedies for pie circles
circles under the eyes so home remedies
right and now when the news of some a
copy the pre brittle article that I had
created for me this article cost me
about five bucks at text broker you can
also use sites like up work freelance
com all these are great for getting
decent writers alright so from here who
pasted it in there and need some work
but we’re going to just keep it at this
for the time being you know things you
can do or format that it’s a bullet
point we’re not going to worry about
that right now just the sake of getting
this going the tags are in do I circle
dark eye bags a couple goes in there
there we go
all right let’s add an image to these
different wigs here it’s do I all right
got a nice lady Daryl use her all right
left boom all right so there is a piece
of content let’s clean the stuff a
little bit all right so I just posted
the content added the image from here
you’re going to hit advanced SEO at the
bottom it looks like it might be cut off
a little bit hit that and I just like to
remove the dates here just because it
kind of dates the content and it also
just adds a little bit length to the URL
so I’d like to just delete that and keep
it the title only so now from here when
it’s saved and then we’re gonna do
publish post all right so let’s check
out the posts here all right so here’s
the preview of the page you can see we
added the woman there she doesn’t really
have eyes circles no big deal just keep
rolling with it here’s the article
obviously it needs work needs to be
formatted but for the sake of the video
I’m keeping it clicking to the point you
want to make the article look as good as
possible as consumable as possible so
always put effort into that but I’m not
gonna do that right now all right so now
let’s talk about the ways to monetize
your website in order to make money so
we’re talking $100 a day just by selling
a few products when done correctly so
method number one is to do an affiliate
promotion so this is something on big
loan if you know I’m the deadbeat super
affiliate this is one of my main ways to
make money so I found a product here
it’s called Revitol I cream and what I
can do is actually write a piece of
content about this product and any time
I sell it I get a commission so right
now this is the affiliate campaign or
affiliate site which I can sell this
product for through and I can make $40
per sale as an affiliate for every one
of these little kits that I sell alright
so go back to your site and we’re going
to add a product review let’s do that
real quick
all right so what’s name this just very
simply Revitol hi cream review now I’m
just doing very basics here there are
some subtleties that make a lot of the
difference or MIT really make this
effective I’ll talk more about that in a
second but for now let’s just get this
going alright so there’s the title for
the post I’ve already created a premade
article take that in apologize by the
way there’s an echo I know that can be
enjoyed alright so I just I’ve just
copied and pasted my pre-made review I’m
now going to add the image for the
revitol skin tag thing up your image
alright boom there is the product image
uploading slowly but surely and it’s
done so let’s upload that add that into
the site there’s the skin the skin cream
there let’s just do medium float:right
or float:left and there’s the basic
product review alright so this is a
review of the product and what I’m going
to do is I’m going to add some affiliate
links in here so whenever sudden anyone
clicks these links I get a commission so
look so here I’m going to this very
crudely again there are a lot of secrets
to really making this effective but for
the sake of getting this done were to do
it all right now for the sake all right
so I’m going to get my affiliate link
here is my affiliate link so basically
any time someone clicks on this link
I get paid so I’ll show you this and
they’re open in a new window hit okay
let’s do publish post and you’ll see a
basic idea how to do it here so it’s a
all right so there’s my review so a
viewer lands on my site here and they
see my link they click this link it
takes them to the vendor page and now
when anyone buys any of the creams here
it’s tracked with my special affiliate
link and they get a commission so it
adds a cart and by out I get that $40
commission and that means only have to
sell three products per day to make $100
more than a hundred dollars per day so
it’s actually very easy to do so three
things all you need is about two to
three hundred visitors per day on your
site all right so if you get two or
three hundred visitors ideally you can
convert one to two percent if you do
things correctly and we’re talking three
to four sales easy just with this method
right so that’s method number one being
affiliate and reviewing products and
getting traffic to your review pages so
method number two is actually you use
this to boost up my YouTube videos so
let’s say you have a youtube channel
just something I always recommend so
let’s go to YouTube and we’re going to
type in and we’re just going to grab a
video on here so this would obviously be
your video right now I don’t have a
youtube channel on this topic but I’m
going to grab one from here so I’m do
here just just to kind of show you how
it works I’m going to get her video I’m
going to bet it on my site again this
would ideally be your video so I’m going
to embed this on the site here where’s
my page right here so I’m embedded on
this page
that is this was very crude again
there’s a lot of secrets to this I’m
just showing you the overview so I’m hit
add video I’m going to type in my video
link here
oh just farted okay here we go
so to type in the link next we Center in
the link there we have the video begins
to be yours and we’re just to say make
that a link address link to YouTube and
boom so this link on the page says it’s
related to the video this link will
boost up your YouTube videos to get them
to rank higher in the search and Google
and it will also get your video more
views which in turn increases the rank
of the YouTube video itself so we’re
going to update this you’ll see how it
all works together
preview and here’s this post we have the
video in there the person can view the
video from your site and this will who
slowly but surely boost up the rankings
up your individual YouTube videos so
that’s method number two method number
three this is one of my favorite ways is
to start building an email list from
your Wix website so I circles one thing
I know about this is it’s what senses
Beauty oriented there’s a bunch of stuff
that I can sell people these sides for
eye creams so I can sell things like
anti wrinkling I can sell things like
moisturizers anything related that I
think what people would be related
interested in this niche I can sell that
to them from my site by creating an
email list so here’s how you do that
alright so from here just click the
little site drop down or note a little
bit condense your sub hit go to editor
and click go to editor and it’s going to
actually bring up the older editor it’s
okay we just need to actually use this
to embed a short little piece of code on
to the Wix platform here so from here
we’re just going click Add click Add and
then go down here to the bottom I think
videos a little bit cut off here right
underneath this store video is a more
it’s more thing and then we’re going hit
this HTML code box right here so hits
that and then from here we’re going to
drag it down to where we want it to show
up on the site so it’s a little bit
messed up right now I just have to
adjust the screen so that I can get full
full view right now to be wondered okay
alright so ideally the best place to put
this with me right here but it’s paying
the butt to move these these links on
video live so I’ve just moved it for
this example
down to the bottom right here so we’re
going to do is I’m going to embed my
opt-in form right here so where’s those
enter code hit that hit website address
and then go over to your autoresponder
or whatever that may be
Aweber get response whatever it is and
you’re going to embed that code into
this video by the way if you don’t know
how to build an email list or use an
autoresponder I’m going to have a follow
up tutorial tomorrow about how to do
that alright so what I’m doing is I’m
just embedding my autoresponder code in
this page so I’ve added that and it
needs to be adjusted a little bit let’s
do that and there we go
done let’s check it out alright so here
we go
method number one affiliate offers
method number two embed your YouTube
videos to increase the ranking get links
to your YouTube videos and method number
three embedding your opt-in form on your
website which is right here looks like
it got a little bit cut off I just need
to do some small adjustments so whenever
anyone enters our email address where I
can do is market them additional
products I can send them back to my
website I can send them to this page
also to earn even more affiliate
commissions alright so those are the
three ways to do it now previously I
talked about washing this videos really
just the basics there are some
additional things that you need to know
to really get the most out of this
information so I do have a free guide
that I put together there’s going to be
a link that pops up on the top right of
the screen here so this guy is going to
show you everything from how to really
pick the best keywords finding a niche
market how do you write the right kind
of content and also how to get traffic
to your Wix website so to get that guy
just click this little video card that
pops up right here or go to deadbeat
University comm slash guide again why
should in this video is the basics you
need to know some more stuff in order to
really get the best results out of this
to make a hundred dollars a day or more
the tricks are right here alright with
all I’ve said my name is Stan Brock see
deadbeat super affiliate I hope you
enjoyed this video if you did click the
subscribe button underneath this video
right now to join the deadbeat
revolution today so there’s a subscribe
button also get to the left of me right
here is that free guide that I just
talked about and here are more
additional videos right here on my
youtube channel check them out I’ll see
you deadbeats later

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