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6 Ways I Make Money as an Illustrator-6jh2PH59hgo

that’s not my fault it does make me feel
kind of powerless sometimes you need to
have money in your bank account in order
to make money hello everyone and welcome
back to my channel so today I’m going to
be talking about the six ways that I
make money as the freelance illustrator
I realized the other day that I do
actually have a few different ways that
I am bringing in income I think it can
be a really important thing to try to do
if you are a freelancer because everyone
knows how unpredictable freelancing can
be you might be waiting on an invoice
for 30 60 80 days and it’s always a good
idea to have other options and other
ways you can keep income coming in I
hope this inspires you to think about
multiple streams of revenue that you can
generate in your business and let’s get
into it so the biggest and probably most
obvious way that a freelance illustrator
can make money is through client work so
I’d say this is the biggest chunk of my
income in a year will be from working
with clients whether that be magazines
brands publishers small or large
businesses so the main positive for me
with working with clients is that it has
the potential to be quite a high earner
especially if you work with large
clients they obviously have a much
bigger budget if you’re working on a big
project say in advertising there’s a
potential there to make enough of a
living to support yourself for the next
couple of months six months a year
there’s really a lot of potential to
make a decent amount of money with
client work another positive is that
it’s always a great experience for me I
always learn a lot just by speaking with
different clients and understanding what
they would like from working with me
it’s always a great way to learn more
about my profession and I feel like I’m
always learning making with my clients
is also another great way of making
really good business connections and I
can contact them again in future to see
if they need any more work from me
it often means that I then work again
with them in the future the last
positive is that it’s a really great way
to build my portfolio if I am able to
work on a really exciting project and I
it’s another way to build on my
portfolio and attract new clients so the
main negative for me of working on
client work is the fast turnaround and
the unpredictability of it all so you
might not have had work for a couple of
weeks and then suddenly you are
presented with a huge project which
means you have to reorganize your entire
schedule you have to work weekends
evenings and pretty much drop everything
for client work it’s quite common for me
to have a really tight turnaround with
work you kind of have to make space for
that and accept that it will mean you
work late into the night you work
weekends you miss out on social things
you also have to dedicate quite a lot of
time to negotiating and talking about
pricing and the term lease in a contract
this can use up quite a lot of your time
and it doesn’t necessarily lead to work
so that’s a real negative for me because
yeah it just eats into a lot of my time
and the last thing that isn’t so great
about working with clients is that you
sometimes have to chase for payment so
you might invoice them wait 30 days
still not have any payment in your
account and then you’ve got to try and
speak to the Accounts Department and
forward your invoice and it can really
be quite a time-consuming thing again
the second way that I make money as an
illustrator is by having an Etsy shop a
lot of illustrators have Etsy shops and
I’ve had mine since 2011 it hasn’t
always been a reliable source of income
for me what I would say about having an
Etsy shop is that you have to put in a
lot of work to see any return so the
times when I’m really busy with client
work or with other things is when my
Etsy shop suffers because I’m not able
to add new products I’m not able to
market my shop or share about it as
often as I’d like to
so the positives to having an Etsy shop
is that once you’ve got everything in
your shop and organized it can be a
really time effective way to make money
obviously once you’ve organised and
created these new products and put them
into your shop pretty much all you have
to do then is just sit back and wait to
see if anyone would like to buy any you
get on with other things whilst you’re
waiting for these online orders another
massive positive for me is that I find
it really rewarding to interact with
customers and to hear from happy
customers I just like thinking about
sending my work all over the world and
it being up on different people’s walls
and yeah I just think it’s really cool
that someone would like my work enough
to buy it for them another way that it’s
really creatively satisfying is that I
have some freedom to create my own
projects and my own products and when
you’re working with clients a lot you
can start to feel really tied down to
their specifications so having an Etsy
shop is just a really great creative
outlet to make the things that you want
to make so the main negative for me is
the responsibility that comes with
shipping orders it is my responsibility
to ship the orders but then
responsibility is put on the delivery
service and the Postal Service a lot of
the time that’s really nerve-wracking
because I have had a fair few times
where products I’ve sent have either
been lost or they’ve been damaged or
they’ve been returned to me for some
unknown reason so that kind of
responsibility is stressful because I’m
aware that we’ll be letting people down
my customers down if the product arrived
and it’s damaged but at the same time
that’s not my fault
it does make me feel kind of powerless
sometimes another negative for starting
an Etsy shop can be that you need to
have money in your bank account in order
to make money so you need to cover your
manufacturing costs and even if you are
printing your work at home you still
need to buy a printer and buy ink the
third way that I make money as a
freelance illustrator is by taking on
private commissions and what I mean by
private commissions is when a customer
who isn’t part of a company or business
comes to me and would like a painting
for their home so not for public use
mostly my private commissions come in
the form of pet portraits which I have
on my Etsy shop they are a great way to
make money especially during the festive
period because they can make a really
good gift for friends and family two
positives aside from the fact that
enjoy painting people’s pets would be
that there are no negotiations on fees
or contracts or any of that because I
have the listing in my Etsy shop there
is the price there and I have all the
terms about how long it’s going to take
me to do and that’s all that needs to be
said really and it also means that there
are no client changes obviously I listen
to the customer and what they would like
from this painting and then I go off and
I work on it and I send it to them and
that’s the painting they receive it can
be a really neat and tidy way to make
the only negative I can think of aside
from the responsibility of sending an
original piece of artwork in the post
and usually across the world private
customers don’t usually have as big a
budget as some of the larger clients
that I work with so if you’re talking
about how much you’re going to be paid
per hour working on private commissions
versus working on buy at work you’ll see
that you’ll probably earn much less
the fourth way that I make money is
through content creation like this video
you’re watching now so I’ve had my
youtube channel for a while now and it’s
only recently started to generate a
little trickle of income I’m actually
really happy that I am able to make
money this way because it’s something
that I really enjoy and would probably
do anyway but it’s nice to be finally
earning a little bit of ad revenue so at
the moment I make about a hundred pounds
a month something like that so obviously
nowhere near the amount to be able to
live on but considering I’m a fairly
small Channel I’m pretty happy that I am
able to earn any income at all from
YouTube the main positive for me would
be having an audience I can connect with
because being an illustrator is a very
lonely profession another positive would
be that I’m learning new skills which is
pretty cool I’m pretty proud of myself
for teaching myself how to edit videos
I’m not the most tech-savvy person and
I’m always learning about different
equipment and how to better myself with
every video that I make the only
negative that I can think of is the
amount of time you have to put in to
having a YouTube channel it takes a long
time to edit a lot of people say this so
I won’t go on about it but yeah it’s a
big time suck leading on from that
another way I make money is through
sponsored content so occasionally I am
contacted by brands and they want to
work together and I’ll make a video for
them mentioning their product or via
Instagram they might want me to do some
sponsored content there I’m very new to
this and I’ve only made sponsored
content a few times I can see this area
of my business growing in the future
one of the main positives for me is that
I’m learning new skills I’m learning
what particular clients might want from
me and how to make a really successful
sponsored content another positive would
be again making connections with new
clients connecting in a different
way so not only do they understand that
I am a content creator
they might also find out about my
illustration work that way as well it’s
also kind of a justification for all the
hours that I pour into my YouTube
channel if I can show that I am able to
earn a bit more of a living through
YouTube it means I can justified adding
more hours to my YouTube channel so
that’s really great
a massive negative for me would be that
I’m really picky about who I want to
work with so going forward I only want
to work with friends that I really want
to talk about and would recommend to
friends so I’m mostly looking to work
with ethical companies and companies
that are doing a lot of good for the
world which does leave me with a very
small pool of clients I could
potentially work with but hopefully
every time that will change as more
companies become more ethical and more
aware of the environment and that kind
of stuff and another negative would be
that as a small youtuber there isn’t
really the potential to earn much money
because there are there are so many
massive channels out there that will
have a much bigger audience
so the money gets put there the smaller
content creators are left with a little
sliver off for the cake and the last way
that I make money as an illustrator is
by attending illustration fairs so I
haven’t I don’t any this year I think
maybe I did one this year earlier this
year but in previous years I’ve done
more and admittedly it’s not a very big
income stream for me mostly because I
don’t put enough effort into it I
haven’t gone enough products to sell on
a regular basis at fairs and I haven’t
really put any effort behind setting up
a really decent store and even having a
card reader or anything like that some
of the positives I found about attending
illustration fairs as a seller in case
you’re interested in giving it a better
shot than I have would be that you get
to meet new people and and other
and it’s the only place that you get to
meet customers face to face the main
negative to these cups of types of fairs
for me and again that could be because
I’m not putting enough effort into it
and I’m not doing it as often as I
should be is that I mostly just break
even I guess the main reason is that I
live really far away from anywhere that
would have an illustration fair so it
usually means I have to travel and then
pay for travel and accommodation and on
top of that you will have to pay for
your stall hire it’s more of a social
thing for me that is everything that I’m
going to talk about in this video I hope
you learned something about the
different ways that I make money as an
illustrator I’d love to hear from you if
you have any interesting ways that you
make money as someone creative I’d
really love to hear about that in the
comments if you have any questions leave
them in the comments as well and if you
are not subscribed then please do I make
twice weekly videos I’m trying to on
illustration and my life as an
illustrator thank you very much for
watching and I will see you again soon

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