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Get Paid Daily By Using Google Maps! (Working 2019!)-m5S4n1ve_E4

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Get Paid Daily By Using Google Maps! (Working 2019!)-m5S4n1ve_E4

clients pay us upwards of a thousand
fifteen hundred so here’s the hook what
you want to do is you want to go into
Doolittle type in
you guys loved our videos so much about
how to make money with Google Maps that
I went out and found the leading expert
anywhere on how to make thousands of
dollars per day literally using Google
I am Paul James of another big youtuber
and a friend of mine and we decided to
bring him on and he’s going to show you
expert strategies of how to get paid
$1,000 a month or more per client he’s
going to show you literally how you can
land your first client as soon as today
penny thanks so much Kevin for that
intro I’m super excited to be here today
again my name is Paul James I’m here to
teach you about Google Maps and what
we’ve been doing what my subscribers and
stuff have been doing with Google Maps
we’ve just absolutely been crushing it
and our clients actually I’ll show you
the screenshot here our clients pay us
upwards of a thousand fifteen hundred
two thousand five hundred sometimes just
kind of depends on the competition of
the niche and the cool part is is that
you don’t have to be like an SEO God to
do this stuff that’s what I really
really love about it so I’m super
excited that Kevin has me on the channel
today so I can share this stuff with you
guys and I’ve got the strategies I’m
gonna bring to you you can get started
with this even if you’re a beginner it’s
really really awesome so Before we jump
into I want to first explain what Google
Maps is so if you’ve ever gone and like
searched for a dentist in your local
area or maybe I stumbled across it by
like looking for a pizza one day this is
a long time ago and I was looking for a
pizza and boom up on the screen pops
this map listings here and you’ll notice
that it pops up above everything else we
call these below it the organic listings
and these are just like regular google
listings but the maps listings they pop
up on pretty much every Google search
for a local keyword and the cool part is
is it stands out you’re already at the
top of Google you’re already standing
out what ends up happening is just tons
and tons of leads start coming in for
this business owner when you place them
there so the reason why I like maps
versus regular SEO is because it’s so
much easier and the cool part is is that
you’re not competing with all these
other SEO people on a national level
because this is just for the local area
that you target so
you’re only competing against other
local business owners and guess what
they’re busy running their local
business they don’t have time to do this
stuff so when you can master it and do
it for them
that’s why we’re able to collect those
thousand dollar fees those two thousand
dollar fees that I was showing you
earlier so that’s what we’re gonna work
on we’re gonna work on getting them
ranked right here and what happens when
you start getting them ranked there is
that as the rankings go up their calls
start going out the roof their phone
starts ringing so you could see this is
stats from our call tracking account you
know 700 calls 514 calls 731 calls so
that example that I showed you of the
dentist if I was able to get a dentist
calls coming in like that and these
people are coming in for teeth cleaning
they’re buying expensive x-rays some of
them are gonna need like $2,000 root
canals do you think that they’re gonna
be willing to pay you $1,000 to put them
there to generate all those calls
absolutely and I’m gonna share with you
how you can land a client like that
here’s an example of a towing contractor
that we work with and 1619 calls how
crazy is that so you can see that’s why
people are willing to pay that and we
even have clients all over the place
this is one that sent me money by
Western Union and just because they
don’t have PayPal or they didn’t have
access to it I don’t know if it’s
something over there in Sweden or what
but anyways just really really cool
stuff so here’s the hook and this is
what you want to do what you want to do
is you want to go into Google type in a
keyword that you think you want to go
after so like maybe you decide you want
to target the the dentist industry or
maybe you want to go after chiropractors
type that in and then type in city name
and the state if you’re in the United
States again works in any country what
you want to do is you want to scroll
down here click more places and we want
to look for a business owner we want to
start clicking all of these listings
that pop up but we’re looking for
something really specific so as I click
I’m gonna show you what that is when I
find one okay right here see where this
says own this business what this means
is that this dentist right here has not
claimed their Google Maps listing and
you’re probably wondering well why do
they need to claim their listing well
this is why a business owner
to claim their listing Google opposed to
this all over their forums they posted
it for like their photographers for
their SEO people that on July 28th
Google will begin shutting down those
GMB associated Google+ pages now GM d
stands for Google my business that’s
basically the name of Google Maps that
have not been associated with user
accounts and that are also not verified
so that’s what we are looking for when
you see that thing pop up right here
that says own this business that means
that this company has not verified their
business and that puts their listing at
risk for removal that means that they
have a chance to not have those phone
calls coming in anymore so here’s the
way Google works google buys data of new
businesses that are starting up all the
time like I said this 550,000 new
business owners starting up or new
businesses starting up just in the
United States alone which is absolutely
crazy when you think about it right so
what Google does is they they scrape all
of that data they buy it from a third
party source and they create these
listings form just like this and what
happens is if they don’t claim the
listing eventually Google will say okay
well maybe this business didn’t last or
maybe they’re not in business anymore or
you know maybe their hours aren’t right
you know this one doesn’t even have
hours listed so then they’ll just take
it away they’ll remove it and then that
business owner has the potential losing
out on all those business they can’t
respond to bad reviews so here is what
you do and this is key to landing a
client like this because you can come in
and add some goodwill right up front you
can simply send them an email if you
want and say hey I noticed that your
listing here is has not been claimed
it’s not been verified and I can help
you do it okay so that is your foot in
the door and they might say well why
would I want to do that and you explain
to them because you’re at risk for
getting your listing removed so if you
want this is cool you could charge them
just to do this alone you could charge
them a hundred bucks just to help them
claim this and you might say well why
would a business owner pay me to do that
because number one they don’t know how
it’s been like this now and they haven’t
done it so they don’t know how they
don’t have the time I mean think about
it like this everyone can go outside I
could go outside right now and I could
cut my grass right and and that would be
fine there’s a lot of people who go out
and do
but there’s also people who pay people
to cut the grass for them
that’s why landscaping businesses are in
business right because not everyone has
makes the best use of their time going
out and cutting their grass so they’ll
hire people to do that so these people
are busy running their business and you
can go out and dirt and do that for them
and get your foot in the door so it’s
really easy to do you just click this
link and it’ll show you how to set it up
on the next page it’ll have you confirm
the name it’ll have you confirm the
address of the business it’ll ask you is
this where you’re located you just go
through it it’ll ask what’s the best
category that suits your business it’ll
have you confirm your phone number your
website and then all you have to do is
click finish and this is what’s gonna
happen it’s gonna have you verify the
listing now and if the business owner
already has a phone number linked up if
it’s already in there like if Google was
able to pull that data from somewhere
you can have them text it or call for
them or what you can do is you can look
none of these options work for me and
you can have a postcard mailed out to
their address and that looks really
legitimate you know a postcard comes in
from the mail from Google that builds a
lot of trust for the business center
because they can see that you actually
know what you’re talking about and you
actually did what you said you were
gonna do so that’s really cool so I mean
if you wanted you could literally stop
there you’ve already made like a hundred
dollars minimum you could even charge
more than that for getting to this step
or you could go to the next step which
is to try and help them rank in the 3
pack so let’s go back so I’m back here I
typed in Dennis Waukesha Wisconsin what
you could do is you could point out to
them hey you know dentist Waukesha
Wisconsin gets three hundred and twenty
monthly searches can you see on the top
of my screen the way that I’m showing
this here is with a free Chrome
extension called keywords everywhere so
it works for Firefox – you literally go
to keywords everywhere comm and you
install this plugin and then whenever
you do a Google search it’ll tell you
how many people every single month are
searching for that keyword so after you
help them get their listing claim you
could say look there’s three hundred
people that are out there every single
month searching for you and guess what
they’re not coming to you they’re going
to complete Family Dentistry
or they’re going to dental associates
where they’re going to you know Waukesha
County Community Dental Clinic
all of these businesses are getting your
business your customers three hundred
and twenty of them every single month
just for this keyword you know and
that’s to say there’s other keywords out
there that are generating a lot – so you
can actually help them with that as well
and that could be something that you
decide to upsell them and like I said
ranking in Google Maps you don’t have to
be an SEO God to do it if you go after
low competition industries you can get
people ranked here um in as little as
two or three weeks and get them some
awesome results get their phone ringing
one thing that we like to do and what we
usually start with is we’ll go out there
and we’ll get them listed on other local
directory sites this is one of the
things that will increase their rankings
so I want you to think of sites like
sites like Angie’s List and one of the
ways that we look and find out what
other local directory sites that they
should actually be on if you just go to
Google and you do a search for Moz top
local citations they actually have a
guide here where you can choose
citations by category so you can come
down here and choose the type of
business that they are so here’s dentist
and it’ll say okay you should go get
them listed on Yelp Yellow Pages create
a YouTube channel for them a health
grades comm account super pages decks
notice so by creating these ten accounts
or so what you’re gonna do is you’re
gonna boost up their authority and in
turn its most likely going to increase
their ranking and get them showing up
sometimes there’s other things that can
be done as well to get them ranking but
that’s just one of the things that we
like to start off doing and then we
evaluate and see how they’re doing from
there and guys like I said this is the
reason why they’re willing to pay us
fifteen hundred dollars a month or two
thousand dollars a month or even five
hundred dollars a month like that’s one
of our lower Billings but we do have
some clients that pay us at and the
reason why guys is because their call
volume as they start to rank in maps
goes up and up and up they get insane
calls and then they send us money like
this so guys what I’d like to do is I’d
like to invite you to learn more about
this entire thing if you want to learn
more of my tricks more of my secrets to
this like I said I’ve been doing this
for a long time and it’s it’s just
really awesome I’ve got a lot of other
students who are doing really well too
if you want to attend a webinar just
like Tom attended you can see here so
that trick from today’s webinar just
landed me a website building graphic
design for $6,000 and a $1,700 a month
SEO contract so guys if you want to
attend something like that I’m throwing
a free master class I told Kevin that I
would do this for his subscribers and
I’m really excited about it
so if you want to come and join me and
we’ll we’ll hop on together on this
master class and break all this stuff
down you should see a link in the
description of the video so go check it
I hope you got a lot of value out of
this but I’m really excited to bring
even more value this is just the tip of
the iceberg I’ve got a lot more to share
with you so definitely make sure you
check out the link down in the
description Paul’s gonna be put on a
completely free training for you guys if
you want to learn more about how to make
thousands of dollars per month ranking
businesses using google map so
definitely make sure you check it out or
if you’re interested in learning about
other ways to make money on the internet
check out this video right here and
we’re gonna be going over the four best
passive income streams to start making
money online in this video right here so
make sure you check it out but first
before we talk about passive income we
have to define what passive income
actually is so a lot of people tell me
you know

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