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hey buddy its Becky welcome back to my
today I’m going to be sharing with you
guys how to literally make hundreds of
dollars an hour really really quickly
all from the convenience of your own
home these six things are things that I
do every single day and every single
week to make extra money and I wanted to
share with you guys so if you want to
see how to make literally hundreds of
dollars in an hour or so then stay tuned
as Benjamin Franklin said a penny saved
is a penny earned so even if you’re not
physically making money if you were
saving money it’s the same thing as
making money you’re gonna have more
money in your monthly budget to be able
to put towards other things when you
have saved as much as possible and one
of the best ways to do this that can
make a huge several hundred hour
difference in your monthly expenses is
to call and renegotiate your insurance
rates your credit card interest anybody
that you pay money to even cell phones
satellite companies phone companies
things like that if you call them every
year when you’re before your contract
renews and renegotiate the rate you have
with them so if you owe any money on
credit cards call your credit card
companies and if you especially helps if
you’ve never been late and you’ve always
made a payment and everything like that
you know you can call them and say hey
I’ve been a customer for blah blah years
I’m never late I always make my payments
you know at least a minimum payment
whatever the situation is can you lower
my interest rate and more often than not
they will and that can make a
significant difference in how much
you’re paying an interest when they
lower that rate for you same thing with
your satellite or your cell phone my
husband calls our satellite company
every year and gets $80.00 knocked off
of the bill each month just by calling
and asking for a customer retention
credit or anything like that to be able
to lower our monthly expenses as a huge
savings a month that we’re able to save
just by making a phone call so making
sure you’re calling all those people
make a list of all the people that you
pay money to your homeowners insurance
your car insurance all of your bills and
things like
that make a list of all the people you
pay money to and start calling them one
at a time and then scratching it off
when you talk to them and even if they
say no ask to speak to a manager or
somebody in customer retention that is
typically a department that pretty much
every company has where their job is to
keep you as a customer and if they think
that you may cancel your contract or not
renew your contract or go with a
different company they are more likely
to give you some type of credit so
definitely call them don’t give up you
know make it to the list it may take you
a while but it can save you literally
hundreds of dollars a month just by
making a few phone calls
my next favorite way to make money
really quickly and you can make even a
couple hundred dollars in an hour just
by selling things that you have around
your house it is amazing to me even
still how much stuff how much money
you’re sitting on in your house now you
know you might look around your house
and think well I don’t have that much
stuff go through your closets go through
old decor even things vintage things if
you have some old games when you were a
child all of these things are things
that other people are going to want and
they’re gonna look for and it’s great to
donate to Goodwill and stuff but I
always try to sell things first before I
donate them because even though you do
get a tax deduction by donating to
Goodwill or somewhere like that I would
much rather have the cash in hand so
lately especially I’ve been going
through my house like crazy and selling
old curtains all home decor old bedding
things like that on Facebook marketplace
you can also use eBay but eBay does
charge you a fee if your item sells and
you do have to ship things so then you
have to make you know pay for postage so
Facebook marketplace has been my jam
lately to sell things I’ve sold tons of
stuff just in the last week my girls all
duvet covers from Pottery Barn just toys
anything you can think of that you have
that may not seem that valuable to you
it is valuable to somebody there’s
somebody out there looking for what you
have so and the good thing is you don’t
have to pay to put it on Facebook market
you just put it on there for free take a
couple picture of your phone it’s really
easy and it’s a great way to make money
really quickly so I encourage you to go
through your house pick out things
you’re not using that your kids aren’t
using that you don’t want you don’t want
to just sell it a yard sale for a
quarter they take some nice pictures
post it on facebook marketplace and see
what happens I think you may be
surprised at how much money you have
around your house that you’re not using
that you could sell and make some money
Plus and get it out of your house and
declutter and make your house feel
bigger and more spacious and more airy
when there’s less stuff laying around
another way you can save hundreds if not
thousands of dollars a month is by
considering something other than
traditional health insurance there are
health care there are health care
sharing programs out there like
Samaritan ministries Medicare there’s a
bunch of different companies out there
where they’re not from your employer but
they’re still considered a form of how
to pay for your health care I don’t want
to get into too much about it but
basically it’s a group of people that
all agree to help pay each other’s bills
health bills money no medical expenses
that is usually a lot cheaper per month
we were going to do what we were going
to do some marriage ministries this year
and try it out unfortunately because of
one of my pre-existing conditions that
we were not able to they would have
accepted us and let us join their health
care share their health share ministry
but my procedure if I were to have any
kind of procedure related to this
pre-existing condition potentially would
not have been covered and so that’s kind
of a big deal so we decided to go ahead
and stay on my husband’s group insurance
but if you do not have any pre-existing
conditions and your how your family is
pretty healthy and you just want basic
cover you want coverage for larger
expenses like you know more catastrophic
expenses or your child breaks their leg
or you know something like that then
definitely look into some of these other
health care programs because for us it
was gonna save about six or seven
hundred dollars a month just to go with
Samaritan ministries versus what we’re
paying now at my husband’s employer so
there is a huge amount of money to be
saved by going one of these
non-traditional routes and I know it
seems a little scary but if you do your
research and you find out what their
stipulations are what they cover what
they don’t cover and how it works I
think you may be you may be it may be
something that you’re wanting to try at
least for a year and see how it works
out for you because I do think it’s a
great option I think it’s a great way to
save money I don’t think it’s for
everybody or at least not and you know
if you’ve got pre-existing conditions
but I think if you’re a fairly healthy
and you don’t have any pre-existing
conditions it’s a great way to save a
ton of money every single month another
way that I save hundreds of dollars a
week or a month is to price-match all
year long I think a lot of people think
about price matching around
Christmastime and if your price matching
all year long you’re gonna say tons of
money every single week and every single
month you know that really adds up to
price-match so you know have your phone
and have the Amazon app and the Walmart
app and the target app all on your phone
so that you can go to these places and
get the best price possible and you may
think well it’s only five dollars it’s
only ten dollars it’s only twenty
dollars over the course of a week and
over the course of a month and over the
course of a year that makes a huge
difference of money you’re saving by
price matching it’s a little bit of
extra effort on your part you know pull
up your phone and find the best price on
something but it really is worth your
time when you think about you know how
hard you have to work to make that money
you should work just as hard to save
that money so price match all year long
even if it’s not Christmas another way
to make money you really really quickly
is to sell old we have card you have
laying around that you no longer wants
whether it’s a brand-new gift card that
you got for Christmas for a store that
maybe you don’t want to shop at or if
it’s an if it’s a partially used gift
card and
you just decided you don’t want to go
and use the rest of it or if you need
quick cash maybe you need to pay a
medical bill or maybe you’re trying to
build up your savings account and you
need some money really quickly to put in
that savings account whatever the reason
is there are some great ways you can
sell gift cards online awesomest Souls
give cards before on eBay now you do
have to pay a little bit of a fee to use
eBay you know when your item sells
they’ll charge you a little bit of a fee
and there’s a little bit of postage
involved and also you know most people
are not going to buy a $50 gift card
from you for $50 you know you may want
to lower it just even just a couple
dollars I’ve sold Victoria seeker gift
cards before for just a couple of
dollars less than they’re worth and that
is okay to whoever this person is like
they’ll buy it from you to say three
dollars so definitely go through your
wallets look through your old purses if
you’ve got gift cards for Christmas that
you don’t want or you just need that
money for bills more than you need a
gift card then think about selling those
gift cards either on eBay or to your
friends and family or rege if maybe you
need to get a gift for somebody and it’s
not in your budget to go buy a gift but
maybe you got a $50
you know t.j.maxx gift card for
Christmas REE gift that gift card it’s
the same as spending that money on the
person but it’s not actually costing you
anything so definitely go through your
purse and your wallet and all that stuff
and look for gift cards you can sell
people actually do buy use gift cards
and it’s a great way to get some extra
cash in your hand and really quickly
my last tip on making money really
quickly and you guys have heard me say
this before but it’s from it’s by using Ebates is a free website that
you can use sign up for you can use it
in store you can use it when you shop
online and basically there are thousands
of websites on that you can
shop through like Kohl’s and Walmart and
Target and Amazon pretty much any
retailer you can think of online is on
so you sign up your free account and
then anytime you do any online shopping
instead of going directly to Kohl’s calm
you’re going to go to and
then type in Coles and Ebates will take
you to Cole’s and then you’ll get a
certain percentage back whatever your
purchase was at Kohl’s you’ll get that
percentage back
in your Ebates account so let’s say I
Bates was offering 10% cash back at
Kohl’s which they do quite a bit you
spend $100 at Kohl’s you’re going to get
$10 cash back in your Ebates account
that they’re gonna save for you and
every quarter they’re gonna mail you a
check for whatever money you have
accrued at that point I have a check
coming to me in February for about
sixteen hundred dollars from Ebates just
from using Ebates every time I shop
online and even in a lot of stores they
have a lot of stores now just pay with
Ebates so you can get it on your phone
you have the Ebates
app so definitely make sure that you are
using eBay’s anytime you shop online and
if you’re in certain stores like Bed
Bath and Beyond I know is on there
there’s quite a few stores that you can
use now Ebates
in the store as well and then it’s just
a great way to get extra money back for
shopping that you’re going to do anyway
so I’m planning a video in February on
how to make extra money with Ebates
because I feel like a lot of you guys
have told me especially over Christmas
but I was talking about you Bates a lot
a lot of you all told me like how do you
make that much money with eBay how do I
use eBay it’s to my advantage and get as
much money back every quarter as
possible so with that check that I’ve
got coming in February it’s the biggest
eBay check I’ve ever gotten it and I am
going to be sharing with you guys I
think I have six tips maybe seven on how
to maximize your check with Ebates
because it really is a great way to get
free money for shopping you were going
to do anyway and if you think about it
over the course of even a month you’re
shopping online you know you can earn
quite a bit of money back you don’t get
it back that month you know you have to
wait for the next quarter you know for
the check to be coming but it’s the same
as making that money you just have to
wait for it it’s super easy and there’s
no reason why you wouldn’t want to shop
with eBay to get that money back so if
you don’t have an eBay account already I
will have my link for you guys in the
description box this video is not
I just am sharing it with you guys
because I love sharing things with you
guys that are useful and helpful and I
really loved Ebates for years now so the
link I have the description box if you
are new to eBay and you
that link you will get $10 bonus cash
back in your Ebates account after
signing up and using Ebates for the
first time it really is not too good to
be true even though it sounds it I
promise it’s not and you’ll see that
next month when I do that other video
and I’ve got like the check in my hand
I’ve shown you guys and vlogs before my
last check was like 6:40 I think for
last quarter but like I said the one
that’s coming in February is about
$1,600 so I’m super excited to get that
check that is more than I need to pay my
mortgage for the month of February so
wouldn’t that be nice to get a check in
the mail that is enough to help you pay
some of your bills or help you to get
groceries or anything like that that we
all have these needs and expenses that
we’re paying every month wouldn’t it be
nice to get some money back to put
towards those things for shopping that
you were going to do anyway
so those are my six tips on how to make
hundreds of dollars really really
quickly I mean these are all things that
I do on a weekly if not some of it some
of these things a daily basis to make as
much money as I can to save as much
money as I can because saving money is
the same as earning money really and I
hope it was helpful for you guys if it
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