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6 Ways to Make Money as a Programmer In 2019-fWh5A3v5seY

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6 Ways to Make Money as a Programmer In 2019-fWh5A3v5seY

if you’re just doing contract work
there’s a certain amount of hours in a
day that you can work at a certain point
you’re gonna run out of hours that you
can or want to work and that’s gonna be
the hard limit on your income the big
idea here is to diversify now it’s just
smart to do any way to have multiple
sort of ways that you’re making money
from your skills but you’re also gonna
make more when you do it so what does
that look like for a web developer all
contract work isn’t the only way you can
make money so here’s a few ideas of ways
that you can take your coding skills and
make money from them in other ways so
blogging you could start a blog you
could target it towards either other
developers or your actual clients that
you’re working with you could target it
to eat either audience but start a blog
and run ads on it I know people think ad
says Adsense has sort of died but
actually there are sites out there that
make four or five $10,000 or more per
month from almost solely from from
Adsense ads so it’s still a thing you
can do it if you if you do it right
information products you know I sell
online courses that sort of started as a
site thing for me but then it became it
sort of became my main thing and
overtook the rest of my business in this
now my primary business at this point so
you never know where it can lead but it
can also be just a good side thing that
you do YouTube videos you can your ad
revenue you can do merchandise you can
get sponsorships you can use that to
promote your information products or
your services etc you can do consulting
so sometimes clients don’t want to hire
you to build the thing for for them they
just want to hire you to talk to you
because of who you’ve worked with there
some of the things that you’ve done I
had this happen to me especially after I
started kind of had worked with ink
magazine I’d work with Mike Hutt I’d
worked with Lewis Howes and worked with
some of these people and we’re starting
to get a name for that I started to have
clients approached me where they’re like
my sites build that’s not what I want to
talk to you about I want to know what
Michael Hyatt did to create his content
or to prolong his membership site or I
want to know what Lewis house did for
this or that right so as you get more
notoriety as you do this more consulting
can become an option for you on sort of
the business or the content or the mark
side of things so at least be open to
that you can also do affiliate marketing
so we talked about blogging in YouTube
another way that you can make money from
those things is promoting affiliate
products that are relevant you know for
a long time I talked I would promote you
to me courses some of you may have seen
that that was that was affiliate
marketing for me I’ve since kind of
really focused on building out my own
information product line because I don’t
I don’t really like affiliate marketing
but that’s just my own personal
preference it’s still something that
that plenty of people do plenty of
people enjoy and you can and make money
with that another one has software
products you’re a developer develop a
product develop something that that
appeals to the people that are hiring
you to build sites build some sort of
product that appeals to them and would
be a good fit for them and could be a
natural upsell to your services so
there’s plenty more things that you
should do you should really be trying to
maximize and diversify your income in as
many ways as you can but the really big
thing with this is you really want to
try to create an integrated set of
products and services to maximize the
income value of every client you work
with so that when you work with a client
they don’t just come in and hire you for
your services okay they also take your
course or whatever it is so let’s say
you build build ecommerce sites start a
blog about e-commerce and the business
lessons that you’ve learned working with
your clients you can include ads links
to affiliate products that are good fit
for your readers you if you have an
online course you could sell that
through your blog and teach you know
ecommerce website owners not about how
to build it but the business side of
things that you’ve learned so you can
attract a much wider audience or offer
consulting to people who already have a
site but they want to get more sales or
create your own add-on for WooCommerce
if that’s what you use to add some
functionality that you see is missing
with it or whatever so everything every
example I just gave you will appeal to
the exact same pool of potential clients
but now you’re maximizing what you can
earn from your expertise and each client
that you work with they can hire you for
their services they can also ask
that’s over consult with you about the
long-term business part they can take
your information product they can know
they they may be like one of the
affiliate products that you recommend in
your commission from that like you can
maximize the value of what you’re
getting not only from your skills but
also the audience that you’re helping to
create around your freelance services so
that really is kind of the key I think
to taking the top off of your income
because if you’re just doing contract
work even with one-time feed projects
like there’s a certain amount of hours
in a day that you can work so at a
certain point you’re gonna run out of
hours that you can or want to work and
that’s gonna be the hard limit on your
income but an online course an affiliate
product those things they can be selling
24/7 365

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