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How to Make Money on Instagram in 2019-ReXXatRHlgk

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How to Make Money on Instagram in 2019-ReXXatRHlgk

yo what is up ninjas in this video we’re
bringing back the Instagram King for
round number three and we’re going to be
teaching you how to make money on
Instagram in 2019 in the best part you
don’t have to have any following to do
it stay tuned
I guess I’m up for that awesome intro
and like we said before we’re gonna talk
about today how to make money on
Instagram in 2019 with your own
following even if you don’t have an
Instagram following at all and we’re
gonna break it up in simple specific
steps that you can implement today in
order for you to have results right away
so the first step that you need to take
into account is probably one of the most
important ones and it’s probably also
the most trivial one that you see and
hear all the time it’s picking a niche
and I’m gonna tell you exactly how to
pick one and all the frameworks that I
use I like to use what’s called three
levels down and what this means is that
you when you decide to pick a niche or
topic you go three levels deep so for
example let’s say I’m going for the
fitness and it’s right instead of saying
I’m going for the fitness and it’s with
the super broad in general I say I’m
going for the slickness niche targeting
men who want to workout at home boom and
that allows me to talk to a specific
demographic when I’m doing the marketing
trying to sell to them because then I
can talk to their specific pain points
desires and things they actually want to
achieve so whatever a niche that you
pick make sure you go two or three
levels down with your own niche specific
research if you’re like man I don’t know
what niche to pick I’m not sure I’m
passionate about anything I just want to
make some money in my recommendation I
would suggest going and selling to
females or women in general it’s
specifically more in the female fitness
side of things and also in the beauty
and makeup and the reason being is
because women are the typical basis by a
lot more than men and on top of that
also Instagram is tailored more to women
the demographics on Instagram I mainly
women themselves and that’s why if you
have no idea what to choose I would
recommend and go for either of those two
I’m not saying that if you pick
basketball or soccer or something like
that you cannot make it happen but I’m
just saying that if you have no idea
have nothing to choose from and you just
want to make money those are the ones
that will go for now this brings me into
my second point and it’s actually
attracting followers to your page
because at the end of the day in order
to make sales and make money on
Instagram somebody else has to give it
to you aka you have to sell something to
somebody so they get money to you and
this means just growing your pacing
getting more followers who are targeted
and specific followers who are going to
engage in your page and you actually can
sell them something later on and in
order to do that you obviously need to
create content and like I said but the
question becomes do I have to create all
my original content and the answer to
that is no you don’t have to be a super
mega photographer you don’t have to be a
super professional videographer I would
see those things helped but you do not
have to be one you can simply share
content that’s proven to go viral before
you’re paid by crediting the original
creator of course and no this is not
stealing somebody else’s content and the
reason is because you’re literally
giving and promoting somebody else for
free let’s say for example you have
Fitness celebrity you only post or
really no fitness content yourself when
a big Fitness page let’s say with a
million followers shares your content
how do you feel you feel pretty good why
because the million follower piece is
saying your content is so good and so
worthy to be shared for free that I’m
gonna put on my account which means that
their followers are gonna go to your
so obviously you feel flattered and you
feel good and on top let your pace is
growing so why can’t you be the owner of
the big team page that shares other
people’s content there’s a couple
benefits for this specific strategy
first of all you don’t have to create
any of your own order content and you
can start posting more which helps you
grow your page even faster second is
that you build a really loyal community
and also relationships with big
influencers around your niche because
you’re literally sharing their content
and videos and photos for free by
promoting them and then turn that
obviously will promote you back and also
your audience will love you for sharing
amazing content with them and your page
is gonna literally just blow up again
this is just one strategy to grow your
face you can obviously do it with your
own personal only original content the
thing I would say is I always model
success posting a bio posts on your page
is just modeling successes we’ve seen
what post went viral and pulls him in on
your face if you have original content
you see what post went viral and you try
to replicate it yourself in your own way
so let’s go back to the Fitness example
or the beauty let’s say you see a woman
doing some type of makeup tutorial or a
guy doing some type of muscle about
backflip and you can do that as well why
wouldn’t you recreate the exact same
video or photo with your own style and
post it on your own page it already has
proven to work on your niche people love
so why wouldn’t you so again modeling
success and modeling viral content it is
extremely powerful and crucial in order
to make sure that your account grows
extremely fast we have talked about this
in other videos as well here in the
channel so I suggest you check them out
if you want to find out more about
market research what content to select
and making sure your content goes viral
every single time now on to face number
three and this is probably the one that
you actually want to learn which is how
to make money on Instagram after you
have implemented the two previous phases
and in here I’m going to show you two
different ways that you can actually do
what the first one is actually doing
with your own following in your own
accounts and the second one is actually
doing even without any instrument
following yourself and just to prove
that this thing
actually works extremely well I actually
did over 71 thousand dollars with my own
small personal Instagram following not
counting my millions of followers is my
own personal Instagram following in just
seven days seventy one thousand dollars
in just seven days and I have other
students who have done the exactly the
same thing some of which have done three
thousand dollars in just five days other
eight thousand dollars in just a weekend
and others even fifteen thousand dollars
in just 24 hours so let’s dive into my
computer and break down exactly step by
step how to actually implement these two
strategies the first strategy we’re
gonna cover is what I call the Instagram
story webinar in combination with direct
messages okay here we have for the sake
of this example say you have 3000
followers 3000 followers it’s not that
many but it’s definitely something you
can definitely use to make a good amount
of money regardless of what other people
tell you and like people say that you
cannot make money with a small following
I’m gonna show you improve that thing
wrong right now so let’s say you have
3000 followers and you get about 100 to
300 views on every single Instagram
story that’s pretty average you should
be able to get between 5 to 10 percent
of total followers watching your stories
let’s assume you provide some type of
value let’s say your fitness your
Sheldon your fitness workout is your
beauty Sheldon your make it routine or
whatever it is let’s assume your provide
some type of value and you then decide
to the right message just or provide
something for free to just half of them
you’re like you know what I’m gonna take
it pretty chill today I just want to do
half of the work right next 150 people
said you can between 50 to 150 people
and let’s just say you show them a $19
affiliate offer or product or your own
product or service or whatever is you
sell them something that’s only 19 bucks
okay through direct messages again you
saw your provided value to a harder to
300 people and then you to only half of
those you show them the offer okay so
let’s assume for the sake of this
example you’re pretty bad you don’t know
sales that well on Direct Message and
things like that and only about 10% of
them buy after you make a pull so for
example let’s say you’re providing some
type of fitness advice you show them
your fitness routine on the gym and
you’re like hey who wants to find out a
little bit more or maybe find out a way
that we can work a little bit more
together you put a pole in the actual
Instagram story and people vote yes or
no and then you only 10% of those like
you direct message and only 10% of those
let’s say for example actually buy
that’s two hundred and eighty five bucks
right then
fifteen people buy a 90 dollar product
that’s torn it at 85 bucks and you just
made right there if we just completely
stop right now
you just made two hundred and eighty
five bucks in a 24-hour time period with
only three thousand followers think
about that like that’s almost like two
hundred eighty five bucks per day you
can possibly make just by doing this
thing but let’s take it up a notch okay
let’s assume now you decide to those 15
people you’re like you know what I’m
gonna upsell you right they bought
before and a customer who buys is
willing to buy it again it’s more
willing to buy again right so let’s say
you show them at $197 affiliate product
or offer or service whatever it is and
let’s assume only two people buy only
two people buy of those 15 people again
these people already trust you what they
bought from you once they’re more than
willing to buy again that’s 600 total of
600 $79 with both sales so on the sell
we’ve made 494 plus the other one that
says 285 $679 were made with only 3000
followers to affiliate products were to
services to products that we sold to the
actual audience and then just one single
post or just one story in 24 hours and
over six hundred and seventy nine
dollars in sales were made as you can
see this thing is extremely extremely
powerful if you implement it right this
is exactly how I was able to do over 71
thousand dollars in just seven days for
my own personal Instagram account and I
was being kind of lazy to be honest with
you I was just doing some Instagram
stories putting some poles up and just
tell people to swipe up the work message
and I liked that stuff and I was selling
through the MS it is literally a
humongous goldmine right now that people
are not taking advantage of I have
clients for example like lady boss who
make over six figures a month just
implementing half of this stuff just the
Instagram story and the pole part six
figures a month and they’re hit make
millions and millions dollars per year
and they’re making six figures over a
million dollar run rate per month just
from Instagram completely organically
without any paid traffic just like them
just like me we have also hundreds of
students who actually implement this
exact strategy that you see right here
and are able to absolutely just crush it
because nobody’s actually doing this
thing correctly and the people who
actually are are just completely killing
it and I know what you’re thinking man I
do not want to be on Instagram stories I
do not
want to have my face behind the brand on
the Instagram account I don’t know how
to be on camera if you look comfortable
I don’t know what to do don’t worry I
got you because I know what you’re
thinking and a super simple solution for
that is just get somebody else to do it
for you for example beautify bases one
of our actually students accounts we
actually just started last year with our
own IG bas program now has over six
hundred and eighty-seven thousand
followers his name is Alec so he’s a
dude it has a beauty makeup account as
you can see right here and you might be
wondering okay who’s the actual person
who does the Instagram stories well it
says right here Maddie Kennedy he can
now obviously do Instagram stories and
teach women how to do makeup because he
doesn’t know how to do makeup himself so
what does he do he found somebody else
to actually go on the page and actually
do that kind of work in that kind of
content for him and the beauty about
this is that you can leverage your own
following that you build in order to get
somebody else so for example let’s say
you build a fitness page or a car page
or whatever type of page you start
building that following up then you can
get somebody else
another influencer a micro influencers
to do content and stories for you and
probably you can get them for free just
because you can leverage your own
following and they’re gonna get free
promotion and free exposure from you
because of that which means everybody
wins you’re getting stories done you get
pushing traffic you making sales and the
person doing the content itself is also
getting promotion because of your own
base bottling now the second part of how
you can make money on Instagram and this
is probably for you who are wondering
man I do not have a following right now
but I actually want to make money right
at this very instant and what we will do
here is combine influencer marketing
pushing traffic from influencers with
exactly the same strategy plus manager
or email marketing for example we are
here again let’s assume we’re in the
makeup niche we just type in makeup we
go right here this is one of the biggest
pages in makeup on Instagram and what we
can do here is use their own following
and Instagram page by just paying a few
dollars to push traffic to our own
offers services and products or even
affiliate products so we go here take
this email right here for example we
just email them ask them how much is a
promotion or price for promo or direct
messages on Instagram directly and they
will tell you exactly how much is a
normal promotion for them and then from
here we can actually just simply take
their own traffic and push it through
our own opt-in pages for example or even
our own manage test sequences and for
example right here we test for example
we are in the fitness niche we just
build a simple bridge page between the
affiliate offer and the actual product
like that they’re selling or your guys
are selling to be able to collect the
leads and able to follow up with them
later so for example in this case I will
actually just put this link on top and
put it on a fitness page on an
influencer page and just push traffic to
it so that people when they come here
they can actually sign up to my own
email list so that can actually follow
up with them and even make more sales in
the backend
and you can apply this as well at a for
example to manager you just send them
directly to the URL ref link in manager
and just build a sequence that people
will go through when they’re pushed from
Instagram with an Instagram influencer
and as you can see right here this is
one of the many sequences that we have
built and automations that people go
through when they joined our manager
list and our own subscriber base now the
beauty about this is that you don’t even
need to have an Instagram following your
self in order to make this work you can
literally just pan influence to push
traffic to your own funnel website
manager that lets you just cost 10 bucks
a month to start and just start making
money that way and again you do not need
your own product or service you do not
need anything you literally just can
find an affiliate offer for example like
lady boss affiliate offer just click
benefit officers just there’s hundreds
of different websites and pages that
just have amazing affiliate products and
programs that you can push with
Instagram and you do not even need a
following just by using Instagram
influences but make sure that you
actually build the bridge page before
you actually show them the offer to make
sure you collect the leads and be able
to follow up with that lead later on
because that’s what the actual money is
made it’s made in the backend and
obviously I do recommend having your own
Instagram following and implementing
both of these strategies at the same
time to have obviously the best kind of
results but obviously like I just share
with you you do not need it in order to
get started even though I do recommend
it and like I said before we have other
videos that we have here we actually
show you how to grow your following
extremely quickly how to use the right
hashtags how to actually promote
yourself how to do influencer marketing
campaigns correctly and a lot of stuff
again just to recap make sure you pick
the right niche that is for you I
suggest that you pick something that
you’re passionate about that you
actually know and make sure you go
through the three levels deep and down
into selecting your own niche then phase
number two is actually growing your own
Instagram following because
those followers are actually the ones
who are going to buy over and over and
over again from you as you build your
own following and loyalty base when
phase number three is actually
implementing the IG story plus direct
messaging strategy or the Instagram
story kind of webinar that we have
talked right here in order to make sure
that you actually make as much money as
you can even with your own small
following with your own Instagram
account and then taking that and
implementing it with influencer
marketing in Mattituck or email to make
sure that you follow up with the current
traffic that you’re pushing from the
influencers and Instagram as a whole and
that’s my friends is how you make money
on Instagram in 2019 even if you have a
really small following and even if you
don’t have an Instagram following
yourself at all alright guys so I hope
you enjoyed that video if you want to
learn more host ways actually be hosting
a completely free training where he’s
gonna be teaching you exactly how
thousands of his students have done
exactly what we learned today at a much
larger scale so if you want to check it
out definitely make sure you click that
link right there in the description join
the free training and you can learn way
more in depth how to make money on
Instagram in 2019 and if you guys like
this video make sure that you do tap
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notification bells and share this video
with someone that you think it might be
helpful for as well and until next time
happy hustling

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