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4 Best Ways to Make Money Online (BRAND NEW!)-QQXgKRMCrmc

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4 Best Ways to Make Money Online (BRAND NEW!)-QQXgKRMCrmc

in this video I’m gonna be teaching you
the four best ways to make money online
if you have zero money to start and it
doesn’t matter how old you are you can
be 10 years old 15 years old 18 years
old you be 90 years old these strategies
are so simple that anyone anywhere as
long as you have access to a computer
can make money online and I’m not
selling anything in this video this is
literally just to teach young
entrepreneurs who are trying to make
their first money ever how to get
started to save some money because
actually building a larger scalable
business takes money to get started so
this is going to be the top 4 ways to
make some money to get started when you
have literally a zero dollars to start
stay tuned
alright guys so in this video we’re
gonna talk about ways to actually start
making money when you have literally
nothing if McDonald’s sounds expensive
to you this video is gonna be fair for
you you’re probably not going to become
a millionaire using these strategies but
you will be able to save some money and
get started so the top four ways let’s
get into him right now number four is
digitizing family photos and what this
means is a lot of people have pictures
of their family that they’ve taken with
old-school cameras that they got
developed right and now they want to
actually get them digitized so that they
can save them onto their computer or in
the cloud and have access to them and
they don’t have to worry about you know
taking them around if they move houses
or losing them or you know having them
degrade or mold or get old and stop
looking as nice right so what people are
going to pay you to do is digitize their
photo albums and what do people care
about the most in the world and their
families right so it has a lot of
sentimental value and when things have
sentimental value what happens is you
can charge a lot of money to actually do
this and this is just one way right so
the way that you actually get people to
pay you for this it’s just making a
simple Craigslist ad in your city all
you have to say is will digitize family
photos or any type of photos and send
them to you either via email or on Drive
or in the cloud and a lot of people are
actually looking for this so that is tip
number one but that’s only one of the
things that you can actually do with
Craigslist Craigslist is amazing which
we’re gonna talk about a little bit more
in this video but another way you can
actually use Craigslist is actually to
take family photos and take photographs
of people and all you really have to do
a lot of people are doing this on a
budget right so if you have a very basic
camera you can usually do this and
people are trying to pay you know
seventy five $100 when professional
photographers are sometimes charging 500
or a thousand to do the exact same thing
so if you’re charging 10 times is less
they’re obviously not expecting you to
have a full photography studio right so
all you have to do is say that you can
you know handle other photography needs
that people have or other scanning right
the point is to start and open an
initial dialogue with people who need
their family photos or any type of
photos digitized and then you could say
by the way you know I also do family
photos I can also do other things right
getting the conversation started is all
you need to start making money on
Craigslist so that is number four
digitizing family photos that have a lot
of sentimental value getting your foot
in the door you can start to sell them
things like family photos and a lot of
other things that you can do from a
photography perspective
number three is also Craigslist and it’s
buying and selling phones right but this
also works with mac books it also works
with technology lots of technologies
that hold their value and there’s so
many people around the world that really
have no idea what something is worth
when it’s so easy to actually go and
check but think about it for yourself
right if you’re going to buy something
are you checking Amazon Walmart Target
are you checking eBay are you checking
all the different sources to try to find
the absolute cheapest price likely the
answer is no right if it looks like a
reasonable price you’re probably going
to go out and buy it for that and the
way that you can actually take advantage
of this situation is that people will
often upgrade phones and then once they
have a brand new phone their old phone
seems almost worthless to them right so
what you do is you come in and say hey
you know I’ll take that old iPhone off
your hands and you know you’ll pay a
hundred dollars less than what it’s
actually worth and now that they
recently got a new phone what do they
actually care about their old phone it
doesn’t mean as much to them anymore and
when that happens that is when you can
actually profit from it right and so if
you’re saying yourself Kevin but how do
I know how much a phone is actually
worth so I can offer $100 less than it’s
well you can use the Internet you can
look at eBay you can look at lots of
different sources to see how much older
or used iPhones are actually selling for
to know for a fact that even if you
can’t resell it on Craigslist you could
still just resell it on the Internet and
literally millions and millions of used
cellphones and used iPhones are being
sold every single day so if you can find
a good deal for a functional phone right
at $100 150 dollars $200 less than face
value then even if you can’t resell it
on Craigslist in your city all you have
to do is list it on eBay or list it on
Amazon in the youth section and you can
make $200 profit just like that I used
to do it all the time in the summer when
I wanted to make an extra few bucks but
the best thing about Craigslist is
there’s so many ways to actually make
money with it all you to do is go and
browse the job section and you can
literally see that people every single
day are looking for new people to come
and help them with landscaping people
are looking to hire people to help them
wash windows and a lot of these jobs
don’t pay extremely well right but when
you’re just getting started and you have
a lot of time but you don’t have as much
money sometimes you have to sacrifice
your time and do
where you’re only making $10 an hour $13
an hour right $15 an hour to actually
start to save some money and then once
you save some money you can invest in a
more scalable way to actually start
making money online and start earning
some more passive income but Craigslist
is an amazing way to actually start to
generate income when you have basically
and nothing to get started
number two is with Amazon what I mean by
with Amazon is that most people don’t
know that Amazon actually has the
largest affiliate marketing program in
the entire world Amazon is called the
everything store for a reason because
they literally sell everything and when
a store sells everything and they also
have an affiliate marketing program then
that is a very good thing for you
because you can actually start to take
advantage of that if you have a passion
and let me give you an example right you
could create a blog or a podcast or a
youtube channel all completely for free
and you could make it on something that
you’re passionate about let’s say that
you’re passionate about flying drones
right taking photography and filming
videos with drones you could literally
create content about how to get to pest
pictures how to take the best videos you
could do reviews between the best
different types of drones you can talk
about the best accessories for drones
and you could create content in the
forms of blogs ebooks you could create
the content in the form of a YouTube
video and when you do that you attract
people’s attention right and then how
you actually make money from this is
that you link down in the description of
your YouTube channel right at the end of
your podcast at the bottom of your blog
article wherever you’re creating content
you link your Amazon affiliate link for
a drone and what happens is when you use
your special link right to Amazon you’re
going to get five to 10% of that sale
and if you’re thinking yourself Oh Kevin
but it’s only five to ten percent right
if you’re getting 10% of a drone many
drones of which cost a thousand dollars
right ten percent is still $100 if
you’re making a thousand dollar sale
until Amazon Associates and using Amazon
for affiliate marketing actually can add
up a very quick which leads us to the
number one strategy to make money online
regardless of your age completely for
free right now which is podcasting and
podcasting is one of
best ways to actually start creating a
following and start getting people
interested in what you have to say some
of the top podcasters in the world are
making millions and millions of dollars
and they all started with zero followers
for their podcast that’s something that
a lot of people forget right most people
think oh well he already has this huge
following that’s the only reason that he
can make money every single person in
the world who has a following started
with zero people and so if you’re 13
years old right now or 15 years old the
sooner that you get started podcasting
or on YouTube both of which are
completely free to start and extremely
easy to start the sooner that you get
the sooner you can start building your
following which is the most profitable
thing you can ever possibly do in the
world think about it right now you’re
watching this video because you’re
interested in what I have to say right
and the more people who watch this video
the more people who know who I am the
more people who trust my advice right
and if I want to sell drones from my
Amazon affiliate link or I want to sell
my course or I want to sell much my
products or I want to sell my shirts on
unemployed – CEO comm for example which
is my site go check it out if you like
entrepreneurship gear but the point is
guys when you have a following people
are much more likely to be interested in
what you have to say and when you have
people’s attention you can sell to them
and you can make a ton of money so the
point is start a podcast it’s cheap it’s
free it’s easy to do right and you can
create a youtube channel also and the
sooner that you get started actually
building a following the sooner that you
are going to be on your way to creating
a ton of passive income with zero money
to start regardless of your age so
that’s all for this video guys if you
enjoyed it I want you to do me a few
quick favors because I’m working
extremely hard to put out all of this
free content for you guys teaching you
how to make money when you have zero
money to start I want you to tap the
like button right now and make sure you
tap that red subscribe button turn on a
little notification bell so that you
will be up to date and the first person
to know every time we release a brand
new video on how to make money online
and how to earn passive income and how
to steal back your financial freedom so
leave me a comment down below that tells
me which of the four strategies you are
going to start doing and don’t be like
99% of people guys don’t be like 99
people who watch this video who closed
the screen and never take any action
right be the 1% of people who takes
actions and all of a sudden you are
gonna be financially free for life and
so I hope you guys enjoyed this video
and until next time have you hustling

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