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How to Make MONEY as an ARTIST or Creative – 10 years experience-4MlLHpJDu84

hey there I am 7e and today I would like
to share with you how to make money as
an artist I myself have been independent
for the last ten years so I have a lot
of experience to share with you but
before we start I would like to point
out two things to keep in mind whatever
you decide to you the first thing you
really want to do is to diversify your
source of income so don’t focus on just
one way of making money because there is
should you not workout you really want
to have different ways of earning money
so when one month one way is not working
as well you still have the other one
that is going to make it all work as a
whole so that is really important
diversify the second thing that is
really important and they absolutely
need to keep in mind is that everything
demands work tenacity and time
investment there’s not one way that just
works without you doing anything about
it if you want to sell on society6 for
instance which has been immensely
successful for certain artists it’s not
sufficient to just put your art on there
and just wait you need to be regular
about it you need to post on a regular
basis you need to have social media
promote your society6 or red bubble shop
so everything needs a lot of work and in
any case you do absolutely need to use
social media and to market whatever you
are selling and it’s also a very thin
line between over doing and over
marketing yourself and doing it just
right so it’s a lot to learn and there
are tons of tutorials out there and you
kind of need to go through all of that
you need to learn about there’s no easy
way so you really need to inform
yourself about each way and what the
best practices are hard work time
investment and you can do it and another
thing that is also crucial it’s more of
a long-term thing in my 10 years of work
there have been times where have made a
lot of money at that time I was at the
peak of what I wanted to do and so I did
good reputation I used to make miniature
food for about eight years so in eight
years I build up a very good reputation
in the miniature food world and in the
media actual world as a whole I even
wrote a book and since I had such a good
I sold my book very easily I still have
it and I sell it occasionally but when I
brought it out in 2013 it was a huge hit
and that was a massive income of money
when you are working independently you
will have times where you earn a lot of
money and then later on times where you
earn very little money either because
you decide to change like I did I
decided to stop me out to food and you
focus on my art career or simply because
times are hard sometimes geopolitics
will put everyone attention and nobody
is buying anything anymore and so
suddenly you have a comfortable income
and then you hardly have something so
what is really important on top of hard
work informing yourself and being very
passionate about what you do is to put
money aside when you can so when you
earn a lot of money don’t go crazy and
buy a lot of stuff and crap that you
don’t mean really focus on putting money
aside for harder times to come because
the harder times will come it’s always
happening that’s true for everyone it’s
not specific to artists through life you
have moments that can be dramatic that
can be really hard and you will need to
have some comfortable cushions some
money cushions so that is really
something to keep in mind as well
the most obvious way to earn money as an
artist is sell your art now especially
if you are starting out the first thing
you need to do is to build up a name and
a reputation as an artist this is easily
done through social media although if
you have studied art in an art school
you might have already good contacts
with galleries and other artists you
might have some advanced compared to
someone who’s starting out from nothing
if you have contacts use them keep them
be very careful about the relationships
you have in your art world because that
is the hardest gets I did not go to art
school so I never had those out contacts
and I still am trying to get more art
contacts and it is a very slow process
that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to be
done but it’s harder than if you just
have them in the first place
now what about trends personally I don’t
follow trends simply because I see my
artwork as my own vision of the world
and I personally think that it’s much
more meaningful if it speaks about
contemporary society and if it also is
the vision of the artist so I have a
very personal approach to my artwork I
do not want really to be influenced by
trends and I tend to avoid them I might
sometimes do things that are considered
to be trendy like maybe using an animal
in my artwork that is currently hyped
for some reason like foxes or owls or
something like that but I’m not
specifically searching for trends I also
would not encourage to look out for
trend because then all art kind of looks
the same which I find extremely boring
on a financial point however it makes
sense to look at trends because if you
are following certain trends then you
are more likely to sell your art it
really is going to depend if you see
your art as something you want to make
business of which is fine I’m not
criticizing but you need to be honest
about it or if you really want your art
to have some kind of an impact it does
mean you don’t want to sell you art but
you want your art to be more
meaningful it’s a bit difficult to have
meaningful art following trends so where
to sell you on you could sell your art
on your website or on most social media
platforms by now I would highly
encourage you to have your own website
and even a blog I know blogs seem like
the old age kind of thing but blogging
updates your website all the time which
helps with SEO so you can be found more
early on search engines selling on your
website if you’re just starting out is
going to be extremely difficult so I
would advise you also try to sell on
bigger marketplaces one of the most
known is Etsy I have never tried to sell
art on Etsy so I would not really know
if it works well I used to sell jewelry
but I will get to that in my next point
but Etsy is a good place to start again
it does me then just because you put
your art on that’s it’s going to sell
overnight you still need to market it
there are really plenty of marketplaces
out there I must admit since I have been
working for 10 years now I have a solid
reputation I have the solid social media
following I don’t really need those
kinds of marketplaces but for a beginner
for someone who’s just starting out who
is not super well-known I would really
encourage you to try one or two of these
outs and to invest some time in
marketing them it’s usually also much
more cheaper to use those then to use
your own website because you have to
install a whole website and shop and
usually you have to pay your fee for
that and when selling on online
marketplaces of course the competition
is high but the customers are high as
well if you follow the rules of that
specific marketplace if you follow the
algorithm and how to use keywords and
how to use titles in description how to
make your pictures so your work is shown
in its best light then you can have a
good chance by being just found by
potential customers when you have your
own website you have no clients you have
no customers to start from so it’s a lot
harder to find them and this is why I
would encourage you especially at the
beginning to try out marketplaces
to promote those places on top of
everything else another advice is to not
get paralyzed by your lack of knowledge
you will lack knowledge all your life
you will also learn by simply doing so
if you really are intent on selling your
artwork if you already have like maybe
ten artworks that you’re really proud of
that you would like to sell just try it
now often selling your own art is really
difficult simply because the artwork
tends to be expensive because you need a
lot of time to make just one painting or
one sculpture so you cannot sell it for
twenty bucks you can for certain things
if you are like really into art toys you
might make casts of the figurines and
then sell them at a lower price point
probably not twenty let’s say fifty and
this is more affordable but most artists
are going to do artwork with is at least
in the hundreds and often in the
thousands which is perfectly fine I’m
not saying you should lower your prices
your artwork needs to be priced
correctly however that also means that
it is a lot more difficult to sell
because most people cannot afford it
so the easy way to make a living as an
artist while still doing something that
you generally love is to make products
so there are many different products as
someone who has worked with polymer clay
for the last ten years the first eight
years of my career has basically been
sustained by making me Yahoo jewelry so
jewelry is a great way to living because
people tend to buy not just one piece of
jewelry but they tend to come back and
create a whole collection and usually
you can sell jewelry for a very low
price point and so people tend to buy it
on a whim Julie is one of those things
that are really easy to sell even though
the competition is fierce as long as you
are making something that is uniquely
you I think you have a good chance of
making it work at least that’s what I
did so in my case I would sculpt all the
jewelry so my jewelry was completely
handmade and some jewelry designers have
an idea they have a design and then they
go find a factory that would make you a
design into reality and then they buy
stock and then they sell the stock now
this is good if you already have a name
otherwise it’s quite a lot of investment
timewise and also money-wise and
something which you’re not completely
sure that is going to work or sell this
is also why handmade other handmade
movements is still doing quite good it’s
because usually the investment
is super low as I was doing when Yasir
fool shall we all the needs to make me a
tofu jewelry or polymer clay jewelry is
to buy some polymer clay which is not so
expensive and the very few basic tools
and some jewelry findings and you’re
good to go so your money investment is
maybe 50 50 bucks something like that
almost nothing the time investment it’s
always always more but you get used to
that as an artist that you have to work
a lot to get results
so this culture with polymer clay
jewelry is really a good way to earn
money as a painter or even if you’re
making sculpture you can always
transform your artwork into art prints
now if you do not want to invest any
money at all in art prints you can
always use society6 or RedBubble or
other print-on-demand shops the plus
side is that you don’t really have to do
anything else then provide good quality
digital files put them on the website
and then well sales are reining in it’s
still a lot of work in the sense that
you have to promote the shop you have to
let everyone know the shop exists and
you still need to make good quality
artwork when people want to buy when
you’re trying to sell products to make a
sustainable living you can also think
from the medium you are using so if you
are maybe maybe you are ceramic artists
and so you could do pottery for instance
to kind of sustain your art practice if
you’re an illustrator you could create a
certain fabric and make bags or fashion
alphabets so it really is going to
depend on what medium you use but the
idea to sell products is that they are
usually a lot cheaper and people know
how to use them whereas when you are
selling artwork you are selling a part
of yourself and you are selling
something that has an intrinsic value
but not a useful value don’t get me
selling products is still pretty hard
and it’s a lot of time investment I’m I
really want to stress that out in this
video because sometimes people think oh
I just need a good idea and it’s going
to work if I have a beautiful shop then
it’s all
going to be okay if I can have the best
pictures then I’m going to sell
everything like hot buns it’s never like
that it’s always a lot of work a lot of
marketing of trying and also real value
you work all the time is it good enough
could you improve it can you make it
better is it coherent with the rests of
what did you think that’s all I have to
say about products if you have any
questions about product just ask now
another very popular way to earn money
is to simply teach it is likely as an
artist that you have developed and
learned certain skills and you can teach
those people are very demanding on those
creative skills if you know how to draw
how to paint how to sculpt maybe even
something like embroidery or knitting or
any kind of medium you are using on a
regular basis and that you really know
in and out you can teach that people
love to learn new skills and love to
learn new creative things you can teach
directly on your website they are
streaming service that you can use to
make videos and stream them dirt your
website or more easily you can write and
make a PDF that people could buy and
then download and if you are and if you
have the courage to do it like I did in
2013 you can write your own book just
bear in mind if you are in Europe and
I’m not going to go too much into detail
with taxes etc because it really depends
on everyone and everybody is living in a
different space but if you intend to
sell PDF files that’s the law dat mus
that you really need to learn about and
you really need to be careful about that
because when you are selling in Europe
you basically have to pay taxes in the
country where you are selling in it’s a
lot basically about digital files for
instance I live in France if I’m making
a PDF tutorial to download if someone in
Finland buys my PDF to download I will
have to pay vit
in Finland so I will have to install
something on my website so that the
correct reaiity
is calculated so I have the exact amount
of Finland and then I can send it to
Finland it’s really a mess and it’s it’s
actually the main reason why I never
really went into selling PDF tutorials
because I just cannot be bothered with
that and of course teaching for me it’s
just a side job so I didn’t really want
to get too much into that another way to
teach us also to use online platforms so
it’s a bit like an online marketplace
but specifically for teachers I use
Skillshare as you might know but there’s
also udemy I’m doing now many more I
only know about Skillshare new to me I
mean I’m getting back to it all the time
but it is really so important that you
are willing to put the effort and time
that is needed that you push whatever
venue you want to make money from it is
not something that you’re just oh I make
a class and then I’m going to get rich
new you have to offer consistency
whatever you do it is really for the
long run so you’re making consistently
videos you’re making consistently art or
products and this is how you can make
money on the long run it’s taking time
it’s not always fun sometimes it’s
downright depressing because you are you
work so hard and you learn so little
money that you wonder why you are doing
this and in those moments you really
have to ask yourself what would you do
if you had all the money in the world
would you sell you out if the answer is
yes then just keep going and you can
also teach on YouTube although YouTube I
put in a slightly different type of
earning money which I’m going to get
back to you in just a few minutes
another obvious way to make money as an
artist is to work on commissions with
clients on custom work so this is a good
way to earn money it’s usually very
consistent because you can ask the money
upfront it’s usually to ask at least 50%
up front from a client and even to
clearly state that if you are starting
to work on the project you are going to
keep about 10% 20 it can go up to 50%
even if they end up changing their mind
on it and they don’t want anymore so
that’s something that is fair to you and
that you should do when working on
custom work you really want to be sure
that you are asking money upfront
because it is not rare that people come
to you with an idea and you start
working on it and then they end up going
somewhere else or saying they don’t like
what you did they just change their mind
so you really need to be careful about
that because that can be a lot of time
wasted on something you are never going
to be able to sell to anyone else on the
right side usually Commission’s good
money there are always people who want
something from you that is a little bit
specific something that you used to make
but I’m not doing anymore
so if you need money usually it’s a good
way to answer it also really depends on
what you are doing I for instance did a
couple of tutorial videos for best
fiends what happens is they found my
work on YouTube and they liked it at
that point I was doing more tutorial
space videos and so they asked me if I
wanted to use some how to’s of their
characters and asks how much and so I
offered a price they agreed I was really
happy to work with them and they were
really happy to work with me so at the
end of the contract I said well it was
really fun if you want other videos I
would be happy to work with you again
that’s I made I think in total about 20
videos for them and obviously if I paid
this is typically the kind of freelance
work that might be a little bit
side your normal artwork but at some
point it’s good that you bring money in
next point is crowdfunding you have
patron but you also have Kickstarter’s
and all the others that are kind of like
Kickstarter’s but more local or more
specific depending on what you want it
can work really great kickstarter for
instance is a great way if you have a
project in mind was something very
specific and need a very specific amount
of money to raise the money so you can
be able to make that project come alive
it can be an art exhibition or it can be
a very complex installation for which
you don’t have the money it can even be
a product that you want to bring out
maybe you want to bring out a book or
tutorial book and you really don’t have
enough money to invest in a book you
have the time but you don’t have the
money it can be a card game stationery
posters it can be really anything that’s
a good way for you to avoid investing
money in something you’re not completely
sure that it’s going to have more
workout and it’s also a good way to see
if your idea is going to work if you
want to make a specific tutorial book
and you’re just not completely sure it’s
going to work out and you don’t want to
spend a few thousand and never sell it
you could start a Kickstarter and then
you could raise let’s say half of what
you need to produce the book or even the
totality it doesn’t matter but if you
realize nobody is actually helping you
out then it’s a good indicator that
nobody would buy your book later either
it’s really good indicator on how good
your idea is how viable your project is
and also on simply being able to bring
your projects and ideas to life patron
on the other hand is sort of
subscription based platform people
pledge to pay you a certain amount every
month and you give something back in
it really works best when you are able
to form a sense of community through
some kind of a cool membership I
personally also have a pattern
but I have to admit it really needs a
and while I’m here let’s talk about the
last way to make money which is also the
most delicate it is through ads and
advertisements the most known way to
earn a living through ads is YouTube and
blogging both require a lot of
consistency so it’s not something that
you can really count on to like work
right the first year for YouTube to be a
sustainable source of income you
actually count at least three years
something like that although that is
accurate for most businesses so just
forget I said that
if you blog is well read that you can
put ads on it however the issue and this
is also why I’ve never put ads on my
blog even though it’s fairly well
rendered I have a lot of people coming
to my website is because ads really just
look very cheap it kind of destroys the
quality that you want to put out there
it’s like okay I’m I’m making artwork
that is really interesting or even
jewelry I’m making handmade stuff that
is high-quality and and then I’m putting
ads on my website because you know it
brings money and so this is kind of like
for me it’s a bit of a problem it’s
something that I’m really not
comfortable with and that I don’t really
like to see on other artists web sites
either or handmaids web sites you never
see ads on artists web sites so it’s not
just because it looks cheap it’s just
it’s almost a faux pas and then they are
so-called sponsorships okay you are
going to throw tomatoes at me because
I’m I keep talking about social media
but honestly without social media and
without some kind of following it’s
going to be really hard to do anything
so when once you have a good social
following you can also get sponsorship
deals because you are an influencer it
really depends what type of sponsorships
you are going to accept if you are
painting for instance and then
you contact a painting company to tell
them okay I really love your products
I’m using them all the time can you can
we find a deal I would love to represent
your brand that’s fine that’s like
that’s how are you supposed to do it
that’s good that’s okay
I mean artists need to find a way of
living they need to find a way of
earning money if you love your brand of
paints then by all means go to them and
try to find a deal maybe they will say
yes maybe they will send you free
supplies maybe this can be something but
you don’t want to become an
advertisement company and then start
advertising all kinds of crap I often
get contacted by brands that want to
market their things and most of the time
it has nothing to do with art it’s like
some beauty products that I I hardly use
beauty products in my own life I used
water and olive oils so what am I going
to do with beauty products that I would
not know what you with it and to be
honest I don’t really want you to buy
those beauty products because I think
that you don’t need them so this is
always something that you want to keep
in mind because it’s not because you
have you ask famous on social media that
you can do anything you should really be
careful about that because if you are
accepting all kinds of deals because
it’s money you might actually lose your
potential customers because what you
want to do and you should never forget
that is make a living from your artwork
and all those things are all nice and
okay but there are kind of side jobs so
yes sure you have to put some energy
into it but it’s still more of a side
job you want to do art not sell some
crap to your audience do I look like I’m
sick of influencers selling you some
yeah I’m really AM okay these are all
the ways I’ve used to earn money that I
still use to make money right now as
well they’re not perfect I’m sure there
are plenty more and
I invite you to leave a comment if you
have like a brilliant idea forgot to
talk about and just open a discussion
things to keep in mind is that you are
probably not going to enough money from
just one of these ways and I will do
advise to try at least two or three and
really invest time in those we’d like
the best so you can make them work don’t
forget it’s a lot of hard work but you
can do it thank you so much for watching
it all through it was a long video I
hope you liked it I hope you found it
useful if you have any questions just
ask and I might just answer them in my
next videos don’t forget to subscribe
did I ask for like I think I did and I
will see you in my next video bye

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