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MY 7 STREAMS OF INCOME – How I Make Money-EXLuPqqyykY

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MY 7 STREAMS OF INCOME – How I Make Money-EXLuPqqyykY

what’s up everyone its Natalie here and
today I am filming a video that is so
highly requested I am filming my
multiple streams of income video and
breaking down how I get paid and what my
income consists of I’m basically going
to talk about my 2019 income and where
everything came from for those of you
guys who don’t know I used to have a
corporate job I used to work at
Accenture which is a consulting company
and I recently quit that and as of now I
am doing YouTube full-time but that’s
not like my end goal I’m actually
starting my own consulting service based
business that I am going to be launching
that in about two weeks
I know a lot of you guys have asked me
when that’s coming out and it is two
weeks away with the move being pushed
back to September 1st versus August 15th
when I was supposed to move it just kind
of pushed back the launch of that too
yeah so that’s kind of my background if
you guys are new here and I can’t wait
to tell you guys the different ways I
make money because I do feel like this
whole YouTube industry and influencer
industry as a whole is very very
mysterious really talks about how they
make money and to each their own but I
want to talk about how youtubers make
money and how I make money also I want
to say these things on my shoulders I
know they’re very noticeable they’re
burns they’re not any type of weird
thing it’s just burns from the laser
hair removal because I got laser hair
removal on my arm and I was out on the
Sun so they burned my shoulders I have a
video on that if you guys want to watch
that but yeah I know I’m gonna get
questions cuz I get questions every
single video about them so that’s what
they are
bear with me guys I still wear tank tops
whatever okay so I’m going to break it
down from my highest source of income to
my lowest source of income and as
someone who relies on one myself to make
money and I am self-employed it is very
important for me to have multiple
streams of income if I just relied on
one thing I think I would have a panic
attack every time it came down to like
pay my rent so I am very very grateful
that I do have all of these different
streams and
it kind of helps you have ease of mind I
haven’t really felt too stressed with
income because I am pretty good at
saving my money I am a huge on saving I
do not want to just spend all my money I
am one of the biggest savers so I think
that’s why it’s also kind of helped me
out because I know that if for some
reason one month it’s not the best I
have a savings account that I can pull
from even though I haven’t touched it
yet and I don’t plan on touching it just
because I I don’t know I don’t I don’t
want to mess with that and also
investments as well okay time to read
so my first stream of income is through
brand deals this is definitely my top
paid income so brand deal is when a
company pays you to promote their
product on your social media so I do
brand deals on YouTube through videos I
do brand deals on Instagram and that can
include a in feed post story post or a
couple of stories I also do brand deals
on my podcast so all of those definitely
is my number one source of income and
the reason for this is because brands
for one post can pay you like as much
money as you make on Adsense in a month
but just on one post or if not more most
of the time it’s even more than what you
make on Adsense so you don’t have to do
a lot of brand deals to be making a
decent living on it of course it depends
on your size it depends on your
engagement but for me that’s kind of
what it is like my brand deals it’s
definitely my number one source of
income and a lot of people wonder how
you got brand deals I personally have a
manager so I have a manager that she
manages all of those brand deals she
gets a cut of what I make so that is
kind of how that works it’s a very small
it’s not a large percentage at all but
she deals with the emails she deals with
negotiating and it’s nice because all
she takes is my sponsorships that she
brings to me but she doesn’t touch
really anything else like none of my
other sources of income she touches so I
think it’s like more than fair and I
honestly don’t know what I would do
without her she’s amazing a lot of
people ask how you get a manager she
reached out to me and that’s kind of how
we became partners if you guys are
looking for a management team
or a management company or management
person one good way to look for it is
look at your favorite influencers and
influencers in your Andhra and look at
their business email and like the last
part of their email is like the
management company’s name if it’s not a
gmail account so for example mine is
Natalie Barbra at TLA management so TLA
management is my management company so
that’s one way to figure out kind of who
the management companies are and pitch
yourself to them by for the best thing
that I’ve ever done but I know some
people have horror stories with their
managers so obviously do what works best
for you so whenever I get a brand deal
it comes in an email from my manager it
has the rate that they are offering the
deliverables so if it’s a dedicated
video if it’s an Instagram post with
some story slides whatever it is and
then it has the date when it needs to go
live and then it has the brief brief
basically has some touch talking points
that you need to touch on it’s never a
script I will not do something if it
involves a script it’s just very
unnatural to me so I don’t really ever
feel comfortable doing that and a lot of
times before I say yes or no they send
me the product if it is a product and
they let me try it for probably like
three to four weeks and then I can
decide if I want to work with them or
not so for example I just did a brand
deal with a deodorant company and it was
a native deodorant they sent me that
over a month before I did the video with
them because I needed to make sure that
I actually liked using it cuz I had
never used it before I don’t just say
yes to brand deals because yeah sure
it’s a lot of money
I really have to believe in it and also
I will let you guys know I once got a
brand deal that was a very very
high-paying one and it definitely would
have boosted my income by substantial
amount and I actually turned it down
because it was a phone company and it
needed me to not have an iPhone so I
would have to switch out my iPhone for
this other phone and you guys like you
guys know I have an iPhone I do
everything on my iPhone I can’t sit here
and be like oh my gosh check out this
other smartphone that’s amazing as I do
everything on an iPhone so I turned it
down because it just was very
unauthenticated guys wondering that yes
I do a lot of brand deals I’m very
fortunate to like actually work with
companies that I love and I always
try to make sure that they are very good
companies that I’m promoting and
companies that I personally believe in
and that I actually use and that I have
had time to test out so please know that
next time you see the sponsored video we
thought that this would be really ironic
but this is a sponsored video thank you
so much to Squarespace for sponsoring
today’s video Squarespace is a website
builder and it makes building a website
so so so so easy as I was talking about
my consulting services I am actually
building my website for that on
Squarespace it’s all built already and
it was so easy to build I’m also
building my dad’s business website and
I’m building it on Squarespace it is by
far the most customizable website
builder I’ve used so many other ones in
the past for my other ventures that I’ve
done and Squarespace is by far the
easiest so if you guys are trying to
build a website start a business
anything like that I highly highly
highly recommend Squarespace not only is
it very easy to use and you don’t need
to know any code the themes are so
pretty you can customize it so much it’s
just like a very very intuitive website
builder and also makes it very very
aesthetic it’s not like old school
website it’s really really cute and you
can literally build any type of website
a blog ass or services like I’m doing
anything like that you can build on
Squarespace so thank you so much for
sponsoring today’s video and if you guys
want to 10% off your first purchase or
your domain I’m going to link it down
below but you guys can use my code
Natalie barboo or just go to Squarespace
comm slash Natalie Barbie for example
that was a brand deal I got paid to do
that but I actually do love Squarespace
and it’s a very authentic brand deal
considering I am building my whole
business on it another thing I wanted to
mention about brand deals though is that
a lot of companies pay net 60 so you
don’t see the money until two months
later some companies pay net 90 which is
crazy because no other job other than
like freelance jobs really do you do
something for them and they need it in
like a week’s time and then you get paid
90 days later I feel like that’s
something that a lot of people don’t
realize it’s not like an instant
exchange it’s not like hey I’m gonna do
this video for you here you go and then
you get paid the next week or the next
two weeks like no you have to wait a few
months so that’s why it’s also one of
those things that’s unpredictable
because it’s not something
and that’s just gonna pop in your bank
account it’s definitely something that
you need to have a savings for because
you do go a few months without getting
that paycheck and my next source of
income is Adsense I actually have a
entire video on how much I get paid on
Adsense and I don’t sugarcoat anything I
give you guys real numbers I gave you
guys real screenshots it’s probably my
most transparent video yet so if you
guys want to check it out then go to
that I’ll have it linked down below
after you guys watch this video so you
guys can see an exact number of how much
I got paid on Adsense but for me that is
my second source of income because that
is probably where I get paid the
second-most so Brandis I get paid more
than that and then Adsense is my second
highest source of income Adsense for me
is something I don’t want to rely on
because it is very very unpredictable
sometimes YouTube will push your videos
and you’ll get a ton of views and other
times you won’t get any so my Adsense
has ranged quite a bit this past year
and I think at the end of the year I’ll
do a video kind of showing you guys the
entire year so that you guys can see
kind of like a part two of my previous
video but yeah it’s definitely
definitely a huge range and it’s not
something that I rely on as heavily as
my brand nail sponsorships which I do
get paid more from I don’t just want to
assume like oh yeah I’m gonna get this
amount this month because you just never
know and then the third way that I make
money is through affiliate links so for
example if I let you guys know that I’m
wearing this top and it’s from brandy
melville and if you guys want to shop it
you guys can click on the link down
below I’m going to make this an
affiliate link so that if you guys go
and you guys buy my top using my link I
get a small percentage there’s different
companies that do affiliate links it’s
not through youtube so what I use is
rewards style and magic links if you
guys want to apply to magic links so
that you guys can get your own affiliate
link I’ll have my link down below and
then if you guys get accepted then I get
paid for referring you guys and also
anything else so if I ever say anything
like link will be down below for a
product I’m going to try to get an
affiliate link for that most retailers
are on one of those two rewards style or
magic links they’re great great
companies I don’t have a preference for
either of them I really love both of
it’s very passive income you just get
paid if someone happens to buy
thanks from using your link not anything
like a sponsorship or something like
that where you were you’re forced to say
something like it’s just like hey guys
if you guys wanna buy it here it is
the company isn’t paying you to do that
it’s just a nice little reward for
referring a customer this isn’t enough
to live off of but it’s a nice couple
hundred a couple thousand dollars every
here and there so it’s definitely nice
the next thing is podcast sponsors not
only do i do brand deals on my podcast
but i use anchor and anchor is a
podcasting service they distribute it is
what I should say anchor it distributes
your podcast everywhere else but you can
also listen on anchor so it’s a really
great way if you’re trying to get into
podcasting to use it but they actually
do kind of something like Adsense on
their own platform where you don’t need
to the brand doesn’t need to approach
you and be like hey we’re gonna give you
a thousand dollars to say this but it’s
like a CPM so every thousand listeners
you get a certain percentage if you
include their ad in your podcast so
every thousand listeners I get a certain
amount of money it’s something like
twenty dollars or something like that
which adds up really easily and just for
having an ad on there guys the other
thing that I do get paid from my
podcasts and it’s mainly through brand
deals and anchor but it definitely is an
additional income it’s again not
something I can live off of right now
but all of these things add up to be my
full income so those are the main ways
that I rely on my income that is a
steady monthly direct deposit that goes
into my bank account there are other
ways though that I have made money this
year and I’m going to share them with
you so the next one is selling my
clothes and a lot of people use Poshmark
they use depop and they basically make
it a whole business I have been using
just Buffalo exchange
I don’t have patience to sit there and
take pictures of my clothes and to put
them on Poshmark and then sell them send
them out to you guys but it is something
that a lot of people do but I actually
get quite a bit of money when I go to
Buffalo exchange
I probably go maybe like four to five
times a year and each time I’ve made
like 300 bucks going which yeah that’s
not a livable income but I’m just
letting you know literally every way
that I make money I know some people
that have full-on businesses on Poshmark
and depop so if you guys are trying to
find extra side hustles and weights to
make money selling clothes on one of
those you’ll definitely get way more of
a return and the next one is my online
store so for those of you guys who don’t
know I do have an online store called
shop Babu and it’s been on pause for a
little bit so it’s been on pause for the
past few months so that’s why this one
is kind of down there because this year
we haven’t really sold much I haven’t
really gotten that paid that much from
it but last year I was actually getting
a quite a decent amount
I was reinvesting it into my business
for the most part I didn’t really pay
myself that much of a salary yet because
I wanted to reinvest it so I still have
all that money in my business bank
account and I could have paid myself a
salary but I just chose to reinvest it
in the business now that it’s on pause I
kind of have that money just sitting
there and depending on what we do with
it all either transfer it to my savings
or reinvest it into my business and then
the next way that I have made money this
year is through my presentations and my
workshops that I’ve done so I have done
two workshops so far where I teach how
to build your personal brand on YouTube
and through ticket sales tickets were at
$35 I have gotten paid from that and
obviously I’ve only done two classes and
they have been relatively small so it’s
not like I’ve been getting so much money
off of that but that’s something that I
want to continue in the future is to
continue doing workshops and webinars is
kind of when I want to get into next so
that’s definitely going to be I think
rising on the charts of a stream of
income and I think it’s going to become
more consistent once I start doing them
more consistently but that is another
way that I have made money this year is
through my workshops that I have done
and two ticket sales through that I
don’t have any mercury anything so I’m
not making any income through that but
those are my seven streams of income in
the future in about two weeks I will be
doing consultations so Natalie barber
comm is going to be it it’s going to be
blowing me offering services on building
your personal brand and growing your
online business and they’ll be
one-on-one consultations and you’ll also
be able to buy like an e-book on there
too if you don’t want to sit down with
me for an hour but if you just want to
kind of get my little nuggets of wisdom
through a book it’s gonna be pretty
inexpensive the book so I’m really
excited to sell it to you guys and I
can’t wait to start my services and
hopefully my goal is to have that be my
main source of income so for that to
surpass even my brand deals that
the number one goal because again I love
YouTube and in love what I do
but I don’t want to be a full-time
youtuber I want to start a business and
I want to help other people and motivate
other people so that is definitely
something that I am working on and doing
in the future and another thing I want
you guys to keep in mind about all of
this that I just mentioned is that none
of this is taxed I do want to do a whole
separate video on taxes I have being
self-employed or as a youtuber so none
of this is taxed which means I have to I
pay my taxes quarterly so every quarter
I have to give the IRS my money
anyways I do have to pay my taxes every
quarter which is no fun but for me
personally I have a separate bank
account where I put my taxes this just
helps me not feel as like ah when I see
that money being taken out because like
the second I get a direct deposit well a
certain percentage goes to that tax bank
account so I don’t even miss it when
it’s gone it wasn’t to pay all of those
taxes in one sit like from my just like
checking account from my saving account
it would hurt it’s all mental so yeah
keep in mind all of this is not taxed
and we do have to take out the taxes
ourselves but anyways those are all my
streams of income I really hope that you
guys enjoyed this video and that it was
informative and then you guys learned
something and this if any questions
leave them down below I can’t wait to
have this video go up thank you again
for Squarespace for sponsoring today’s
video and for being the perfect sponsor
because I mean right then it wasn’t that
just like perfect timing I just had to
guys I’m sorry but thank you so much for
sponsoring today’s video if you guys
want 10% off I’ll have it linked down
below and I really hope that you guys
enjoyed it and you guys learned
something and I will see you guys in my
next video bye guys

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