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Earn $500 A DAY Online For FREE Copy & Pasting Links! (Make Money Online)-3XL9hw6jfNg

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Earn $500 A DAY Online For FREE Copy & Pasting Links! (Make Money Online)-3XL9hw6jfNg

dunno how to do something as simple as
clicking a mouse well in this video I’m
going to show you exactly how to make
not only $100 per day $200 per day but
I’m gonna show you how to make over 500
dollars per day just by pasting links on
the internet and the best part about
this method guys you don’t need any
money zero this is completely free you
don’t need any experience for this
method guys it’s completely beginner
friendly and I’m gonna show you exactly
how to do it without any technical
skills and the best part about this
guy’s I know you guys love this one you
can do this from anywhere in the world
it doesn’t matter what country you are
doesn’t matter where you are on the
globe and more importantly guys you can
do this from any device whether you have
a laptop or whether you have a
smartphone you can do this from your
smartphone you can make money online
with your phone there’s no restrictions
if you don’t have a laptop then use your
phone to make money with this method it
can be done and I’m gonna show you how
to do it now the reason I’m doing this
video guys is simple everyone has been
asking me Franklin how can I make money
online from anywhere in the world how
can I make money online with no money to
start well what I’ve done is I’ve gone
out and I’ve found a brand new method to
this channel there’s going to show you
how you can make a few hundred dollars
per day more importantly make sure you
stay all the way to the end because at
the end of this video I have a secret
little trick it’s going to show you how
to make even more money from this method
so if you’re ready to make some money
guys grab some popcorn grab your
smartphone or grab your laptop watch me
through this step-by-step and by the end
of this video I promise you’ll
understand how you can make money from
this method so let’s jump into my
computer and I’m going to prove to you
and show you some real results and prove
that you can make money online from your
phone or from a computer alright guys
welcome back number boy jump into this
method I quickly want to show you some
results so you know what’s possible
online a lot of people don’t think that
it’s possible for them to have some cash
online but these are some results from
just one of the strategies that I do
online and this is every single day six
hundred dollars five hundred dollars
three hundred dollars five hundred five
hundred seven hundred one hundred and
fifty five dollars today in the days
just begun so you can see in the last
week I’ve done over five hundred dollars
every single day and on one day I did
under five hundred dollars so it is
possible guys to earn a living
online from home on the computer or on
phone and that’s what I’m about to show
you inside this video will show you a
quick easy way to do this so you can
start making money today so let’s jump
into this method guys this is the first
step okay step number one is you have to
go to a website called the free ad forum
calm and then there’s also the free ad
form calm and it’s internet marketing
forum so you want to go and put on this
URL the free ad forum dot-com I’ll leave
a little thing up on the screen and then
once you go there guys you want to click
on this little thing here and it’s going
to open up this screen right here okay
and then you want to click register a
free account and it’s gonna take you to
this screen then all you do is go and
register and sign up and put in your
details and once you’ve done that then
you’re ready to start the method now
once you sign up the account it’s going
to send you an email and you must
activate it once you activate it guys
come back to the website and it’s going
to say that you’re logged in so it’s got
my name here it’s a little bit messy
because they’re actually updating the
website but what this website is guys
it’s a website that gets thousands of
visits per day and make sure you stay to
the end because soon I’m going to show
you more websites that you can do this
from and I’m going to send you a big
list for free but what you can do guys
is this website gets hundreds and
thousands of views right and you can
actually don’t place ads on this for
free but what do you do you actually
need to go and promote a product so you
can get a commission for doing so so
what you want to do is go to an
affiliate marketing network or some sort
of network where you can find a product
that we can promote and if you look in
the business opportunities and work from
home section people were actually
already doing this so if we scroll down
into the free section this is actually
that one’s got heaps of featured ones if
we scroll down into the free section
guys people are posting every single day
and if they weren’t making money well
they weren’t getting traffic they
wouldn’t be posting so I’m going to show
you exactly how you can do this the next
step once you sign up to this website is
simple you want to go to a website
called and we’re going to
go and find some products all you want
to do is go to clickbank comm and then
simply sign up an account here as well
if you don’t have one now if you want
some Clickbank alternatives I always get
this question in my videos simply go to
Google and put an Clickbank I’ll turn
and there’ll be lots at sharp that you
can use if you don’t want to use
Clickbank the network doesn’t matter or
we want to do is find products that we
can make a commission from once you sign
up the Clickbank go to marketplace once
you sign in and you’ll come to a page
that looks exactly like this then you
want to click on a business and email
and emarketing ok and it’s got a glowed
let me just log in real quick alright so
I’ll block baking guys and once you
click on e market a business and e
marketing you’ll come to a page like
this what you want to do is you want to
go to average sale and you want to bump
it up all the way to the top we just
want products and we’re going to make a
really really good Commission from and
then we’re going to scroll down you can
see this one we make five hundred
dollars per sale this one we make nine
hundred and thirty-three dollars on
average per sale what this is guys is
affiliate marketing so you take someone
else’s product you can promote this
product and when someone purchases via
this link you get a commission and for
this one the average Commission is nine
hundred and thirty three dollars all you
need is one sale guys to get nine
hundred and thirty three dollars and
when you click promote on this one this
one in particular you have to sign up
another way so you just open up the
website and they have information on how
you can sign up as an affiliate I’m
under them just go down here at the
bottom and you go get your shout out
links and they will give you some links
but we’re gonna do an easier one just
for this tutorial because I want you to
see how simple it is so if we go to this
one here we get six hundred and twenty
six dollars per sale
if I click promote I can get a link
straight away by going generate hot
links so now we have a link that we can
promote so now you want to go back to
this area guys and you want to go to
publish your ad for free and what I’m
going to do is give you a link that’s
going to give you other websites you can
do this as well where you’re allowed to
post business opportunities I will leave
a link in the description guys to get
this for free and it’s in the
description you don’t need to message me
on the comment section just go to the
description it’s in there right now then
what you want to do guys is simply go to
the ad section and I’ve pretty done an
ad and I’ll show you what I’ve done so
I’m gonna go to category and I’m
probably going to do work from home or
business opportunities because the
product that I want to promote is going
to be this one here which is a make
money online product
okay we can do health you can do fitness
there’s lots of different categories if
we go back here you can see that there’s
food there’s lots of categories and if
we go to clickbank there’s lots of other
categories as well we’ve got Fitness
Home & Garden and languages so you don’t
have to do just to make money online
niche if you don’t want to then I’m
going to put on my title guys which I
already have I’ve done all of this for
you you can literally get it below for
free and I will send this to you okay so
I’ve got the title I’m gonna go back and
I’m gonna place the title in there then
I’m gonna get the actual ad that I’ve
created okay and I’m going to copy this
as well and I’m gonna put this in here
as well
then we have to put a price which we
don’t have a price we can just leave it
on zero and then down here we have a few
other things we can do so you can
actually click on here and you can put
in an image if you like so an image will
stand out a lot better so what you do is
go to the Internet go and grab a
image if you like and what happens is
these images are these little images
here okay but you don’t have to put an
image if you don’t want to but it is
best to do that because it will stand
out more now what you want to do guys is
go down and pick country so you can put
this in any country I’m going to put
United States and then region which
we’re just going to put Alabama so you
put them in specific States okay and
then also specific cities as well so you
might want to do multiple ads right do
one in each city or in each state and
that’s all you don’t need to put
anything in here this you don’t need to
fill in any of this information the next
step is very simple we now want to place
our affiliate link in here so we can
make money from this method so you want
to go back and you want to simply go and
find our offer actually here’s another
offer right here five hundred and sixty
dollars per sale from this particular
offer here which is they make money
online offer as well so I’m actually
going to pick this one because this guy
does sound really really good products
and here’s a lot of trust in the
industry and I’m just going to promote
this guy’s product okay so what I would
simply do guys is click on promote and
then click generate hoplink and then I’m
going to simply copy this link here okay
then we’re going to go into Google and
you just want to put in free
link shortener we want to shorten the
link so it’s a lot cleaner so as you can
see I’ve gone to cut Lee
so this is called cut ly and I’m gonna
paste in the link and I’m going to
collect shorten and this is going to
shorten the link so now I can post it in
my ad and I’m gonna click copy down here
because this is the link and as you can
see it’s a lot shorter now now when I go
back to the thin guys and if you want to
get all the information the adds all the
links and stuff like that I will leave a
link below guys it’s got the ad and all
that sort of stuff so you can see you
know what to do and I’ll be adding more
but once you have the link you simply
want to go back to here and you want to
put in here click here or something like
join here just something like that and
you want to paste the link in there and
I think you can also paste the link in
the prices section no you can’t usually
they have a another section for the leg
by just standard go sorry so if you go
to please visit our website down here
you can also paste it in it’s a good
idea to put it in the description and
also end the website section as well
because then you’ve got your link and
there twice just in case people miss it
okay so it’s best to put it in there
twice now once you’ve done that guys all
you’ve got to do is go down and there’s
a few options so you can basically go no
thanks I always want to post this for
free or you can add extra exposure for a
little bit more money I know I said this
method is free and it is free guys but
you can spend an extra five dollars to
highlight the item for 90 days just five
dollars I mean when you’re when you’re
basically going out there and you can
get $500 per sale it could be worth it
to pay a little bit extra to maybe get
it highlighted okay or mark it as a
premium phone leaf five dollars for
ninety days so there might be worth it
to you but just for now guys just on the
first one just go no thanks I do not
want extra exposure for my ad right now
and then I’m gonna click publish okay
what this is done now is this is now
gonna go into like a mini review it goes
into review for a couple of minutes okay
and then they will send you an email
once it’s live and you can click that
email I’ll show you what the email looks
like alright so this is one that I
earlier today there was a test one this
is the email that you will receive ok
your ad has now been posted and then you
can click the link and check it out and
this is the ad that I posted today it’s
got just a little bit of information and
people can simply click the link and
I’ll make money but if we go back to the
extra website guys you’ll see how
powerful this is all of these people are
posting constantly and the work from
home section because they know that
there’s money to be made people are
going to this website if I click on this
earn $100 a day from home this is
actually probably our one yeah so our ad
is actually live right now this is our
ad I just clicked on it if I click on
this link it’s going to take me through
to that offer which is learned there’s
my hop link so I will get a commission
when someone searches for that so you if
that’s crazy we just actually found our
ad here’s another one and you can see
that this is actually working so here’s
one right here they’ve put in some
information as well now the start of
this video guys ok I did talk about a
secret method which I’ll talk about in a
second but the reason this is so
powerful is because this is free people
will come into these websites every
single day and clicking on these links
and people are making money and there is
more than just one as I’ve listed in
this list these are the five so these
are the five best ones that I found
online to get the most traffic and work
the best but what’s the secret guys how
can you make more money from this what
you want to do is you want to go and
learn how to use funnels and collect
emails because if you can use funnels
and collect emails from these websites
then you can send out emails as well and
you can make even more money so what I’m
gonna do guys if you want to learn more
about funnels sales funnels and emails
I’m gonna leave some videos up on the
screen on the right and they will take
you through step by step how to make
money online with sales funnels and
emails and you could not only make $500
per day but you can make a lot more so
click those videos and check them out
right now don’t forget to subscribe
take their notification now guys smash
your like on this video leave a comment
below and I’ll see you on one of the
videos on the right click it right now
and I’ll show you how to make more money
go and click one of those videos or see

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