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hey guys welcome back to my channel so
in today’s video I’m gonna be sharing a
few different ways of how to make money
online fast so I have done the video
already about how to make money as far
as like starting a career or doing
something more full-time and I will go
ahead and link that video down below if
you guys are interested but this video
particularly it’s just how to make money
as fast as you possibly can in the
easiest of ways so as you guys know if
you’ve been watching my channel my
husband and I paid off a mass amount of
student loan debt a couple years ago and
that is when I’ve actually learned all
of these different ways and I utilize
them a ton and we’re trying to pay off
our debt so yeah I know that they are
reputable and there are things that I
have done in the past so let’s go ahead
and get started it’s the very first way
it might seem kind of complicated but
it’s actually one of the easiest ways to
make money and it is through affiliate
marketing now there are different ways
to go about this depending on what you
have going on if you don’t know what
affiliate marketing is it’s basically a
program and depending on which site
you’re using where someone buys through
the link that you are giving them and
you get a percent commission off what
they’re purchasing so for instance
Amazon has an amazing affiliate program
you can actually use it on your own
Facebook page if you’re not like a
really big influencer or if you have
some friends or family that are
following you and you want to recommend
something you can use the link that they
give you and you get a commission off of
the products that you recommend to other
people if they buy it and also not only
that but with Amazon’s program you
actually get a percentage Commission off
of anything they buy from that entire
day I believe it’s like I think might be
for 24 hours or something like that I
will link below the exact specifications
but it is amazing so for instance if I
recommend you guys buy let’s say the
Stone case and one of you ends up buying
a really expensive camera after buying
my phone case I will get a commission
off of my phone case and also the super
expensive camera so it’s a great way to
make extra money on the side and it is
amazing also if you have like a blog or
a YouTube channel the next way to make
quick money online is by reviewing a
certain websites or you can even review
a music I will go ahead and link below a
bunch of different sites on what you can
use I’ve actually done this you
years ago and you do have to do quite a
bit reviewing to get any amount of money
so for instance one website is called
slice the pie and if you happen to love
music you can actually review unsigned
brands and artists and then they will
pay you for your reviews another easy
way to make money online or in this
instance through your phone in an app is
actually through the drop app and they
are sponsoring today’s video so thank
you so much to them but I’ve been using
the drop out for such a long time now
and it is so easy to just get cash back
on certain items the app that’s
completely free to use all you do is
link your debit or credit card and
you’ll basically start earning points
for all the purchases you get the two
main ones that get the most points for
our Starbucks and targets mainly because
Starbucks is always inside the target I
go to and I’ll always get points for
either of those I haven’t paid for a
Starbucks coffee and so long just
because the drop app always takes care
of that for me since I purchased so many
Starbucks probably not a good thing but
by shopping at the stores that are on
the app you’ll basically get points that
convert into rewards and then you can
redeem those for gift cards so I’ll go
ahead and put in the description box
where you guys can download the app for
free and it really is super easy to earn
points when I first got the app a long
time ago I thought it would take so long
for my purchases to convert into points
but it actually just takes like a couple
days in some instances only one day and
I’ve actually partnered up with drop
this week to give away a bunch of
different gift card prizes and a hundred
of you guys will actually be chosen at
random to receive and the gift cards
ranging from $5 to $25 so all you have
to do is download the app and put in my
name Haley link your cards and you guys
will have a chance to win and the last
thing you have to do is basically
comment down below and let me know what
you guys would redeem your gift cards on
the contest ends on November 3rd so
don’t forget to enter the next super
easy way to make money online is
basically participate in market research
I actually had a close friend that did
this and she made quite a bit of money
from doing it now like most of these
things except for the drop app it’s not
necessarily instantaneous but it is
something that you can work on every
single day for a half an hour or an hour
and it will add up to a couple hundred
dollars at the end of the month market
research companies like to collect a
bunch of different data on things from a
consumer interest to spending habits so
brands can help better market their
products they primarily do
through online questionnaires so it’s
super easy I will go ahead and link a
few below if you guys are interested
another way to make quick money online
is to get paid testing out websites this
is similar to market research but it’s
different because you’re giving your
opinions on websites as far as like
quality ease of use and design I looked
at a few companies to where I can give
you guys some rates and one of them was
$10 for 10 to 15 minutes of reviewing a
website which I feel like is very good
I’ll link that one below and another one
is $8 for 50 to 20 minutes and you do
need a microphone for that one if any of
you happens to be a good reader or if
you are good at English there are also
things that you can do online called
proofreading which is basically
obviously where you go and read an
article or a piece of copy and you
proofread it for grammar you can find a
bunch of different websites online to
where this would be accessible to you
and I will link below some credible ones
that I’ve found another quick way to
make money online is working for a call
center so this doesn’t necessarily mean
you have to work part-time or full-time
I did this off and on throughout college
and I made a decent amount of money so I
actually worked for Jessica Simpson calm
random but I would take customer service
calls from her after being coached by an
online team it was obviously very
interesting for me because I’m into
fashion so it doesn’t have to be
something super droll like working for
an accounting firm or some random
overseas company it can’t involve your
interests so this is something that’s
easy because you just need a computer
and a headset they normally send you and
you can work at home on your couch
another way to make quick money online
as being a transcriptionist so there’s a
website called transcribe me you
basically go online and turn audios and
videos into text form so that is pretty
much it for today’s video don’t forget
to check out my other videos on how to
make money online some of them are
definitely more in-depth so if really
starting a career online and making
passive income that’s something you’re
interested in rather than just making a
quick buck which I know for some people
is just as important I will go ahead and
link some resources below in some of my
other videos thank you guys so much for
watching and don’t forget to subscribe
if you’re new and like this video if you
liked it and I will see you in the next
one bye guys

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