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How YOU Can Make Money with NO MONEY! _ Ask Mr.

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How YOU Can Make Money with NO MONEY! _ Ask Mr.

Wonderful #7 Kevin O’Leary-sOd4fmA90QE
hi mr. wonderful my main question is how
do you make money with no money this is
Andrea Andrea do we need a quick
musical interlude here
yeah that was good just you know takes
the edge on all so how do you come up
with a good business idea it seems like
there’s just too much competition
everywhere and all the good business
ideas are taken Andrea don’t sound
depressed I don’t like that tone I’ll
tell you something nobody has a monopoly
on great ideas nobody there’s always
somebody with a problem that needs to be
solved and that is the essence of a
great business opportunity look around
you in the world and see the problems
people are having keep your eyes open
and when you discover one that you think
you can fix that is the beginning of a
business my friend that’s how it starts
so don’t be down and don’t say that all
the great ideas are taken that’s never
the case there’s always the next great
idea and that’s what’s wonderful about
being an entrepreneur you’ve got to keep
sort of your mind open and your eyes
open and always be looking for
opportunity and don’t be depressed I
don’t like that tone let’s get happy and
let’s get focused and let’s get to work
and by the way the greatest company’s
ever started were many that were started
with no money it’s not about money it’s
about solving somebody’s problem if you
can solve a problem you can start a
business even with no cash you’re gonna
provide as much as you can for the
little as you can to start it and prove
it out you get a product or service that
people are buying and they’re saying
this works for me or solving a problem
that’s the beginning of a great journey
good luck my friend
hello mr. wonderful if you were mid-20s
again no–but and Brianna decayed liquid
cash that’s granny being invested what
would you do with it oh definitely a
meal oh it’s a great question 300k
that’s a lot of dough I’m impressed
I don’t know you got that but it sounds
pretty good at that young age I would
generally go into more equities than
fixed income because you’ve got a very
long horizon but the key is the markets
at all-time highs these days so you’ve
got to lay her in you can’t put it all
to work at the same time I would put 15%
to work today and wait three months then
put another 15% to work and you’re kind
of you just don’t know one there’s gonna
be a correction and if you go in over a
long period of time you’ll buy somewhat
lower prices than they are today maybe
and I don’t know this nobody does that’s
the whole point
but the key to successful investing is
diversification that’s why I like to use
ETFs exchange traded funds that have
many many stocks in one ticker they’re
inexpensive and very low-cost and what I
like about them is they’re transparent
they’re very tax efficient that’s
probably the easiest way to do it but
definitely prices have really gone up
quite a bit and you kind of want to wait
I think and put in fifty percent fifty
percent three much later maybe fifty
percent three months after that and keep
some cash around because you don’t know
what’s gonna happen
great investing is there out you know
investing when things are low and
waiting for them to go higher but you
never know what the markets going to do
so Larian over time great question no
thank you
instead of an almond brothers kind of
bluesy kind of thing perfect to set up
for George let’s see what he’s got
hello mr. Lee my name is George which is
really calling it from California I’m 21
years of age and I’ve always known that
I wanted to be an entrepreneur the only
issue is I cannot find my passion if you
watch any YouTube video this the main
advice they give you is find your
passion and excel in it the thing is I
know I can excel in anything I put my
mind into but I don’t know what to put
it into so my question would be how can
you identify this passion what’s the
best way of exposing yourself to to
certain situations that may give you a
spark or something George well I should
call you passionless George don’t worry
about finding the passion the the key to
entrepreneurship is to really look for
opportunity and what I think is great is
instead of just saying I’m gonna start
up on my own when you find something you
are interested in whether it be
technology or manufacturing or the arts
or whatever it is be an apprentice for a
year this is old school that way you can
find out if the passion is really in you
you can actually steep yourself in and
say look I’m a really good worker let’s
say you find a company you want to work
for you’re go and see the CEO the man or
woman running and say you don’t have to
pay me I’m so passionate I’d like to
show you how good I am as someone who
can create value for you I know this
sounds what do you mean don’t pay me
when would I you know what I mean
somebody comes up to me says I want to
work for one of your companies and I’ll
do it for free because I’m so good at
what I do and I can make things much
better for you I can solve problems I
can enhance profits I can help you
achieve your goals you don’t think I
listen to that there’s somebody that’s
got passion passion to try and work and
help and of course if they can actually
achieve the things they’re talking about
I’m going to hire them Apprentice gets
you in the door is my point and you
don’t have to know with certainty what
it is
that you love but you’ve got to go try
and the key is apprenticeship I got lots
of people that work for me for nothing
just think it exposed all the things
that we do around all the companies I’m
an investor in and those are the men and
women I think are just terrific because
they’re they’re doing it because they
want to try you think about that that
might be the solution for you an
apprenticeship now like all these
questions you guys are terrific out
hey morning Ken this is it this chart
thanks man
right here these tables these chairs
right here baby
this is where it happens come down that
it’s got to take a lot of guts to walk
through that thing and the doors are
closed knowing what’s on the other side

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