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How to Make $1,000 a Day for FREE! Make Money Online in 2019!-AcAKYGQma28

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How to Make $1,000 a Day for FREE! Make Money Online in 2019!-AcAKYGQma28

what is up everyone in today’s video I’m
going to show you how you can earn
hundreds of dollars per day selling free
products that aren’t even yours I know
that sounds weird but I’m gonna explain
it all as always and it will make
perfect sense by the end of this video
stay tuned alright what is up everyone
so in this video we’re going to be
talking about how to make hundreds of
dollars per day using Instagram and
Clickbank free plus shipping products
that you don’t actually own right and so
this is the trick and the strategy that
we’re gonna be using in this video is
actually taking advantage of products
that people already want to buy
especially when you don’t have to do any
of the work yourself so I’m gonna show
you guys exactly how to find products
that are already proven products that
are already selling products that
already have a very high conversion rate
and then how to actually sell them with
zero cost to you and again from anywhere
in the world using the power of
Instagram leveraging things that are
actually already working on Instagram
too so I’m going to show you all of that
and let’s just get right into it but
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alright guys so let’s actually jump into
my computer really quick so we are on
Clickbank comm right now which is one of
if not the biggest single affiliate
platform in the entire world they’ve
done I believe over 3 billion with a B
dollars of information products so what
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna come into
the marketplace right there and we’re
gonna type in a free plus shipping right
into the fine products and what we’re
gonna see is we can see products that
actually have free plus shipping but the
problem is they sort these products by
keyword relevance instead of by
popularity right so what we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna go to popularity and
we’re actually look for some stuff that
has relatively cheap cost per sales
because what we’re gonna be taking
advantage of in this video is actual
buyer impulses and what I mean by that
is people will make impulse buys if they
just like the look of something right if
a highly converted well-designed webpage
and it’s something that they’re
interested in and so we’re gonna show
you in this video how to find people who
are going to be guaranteed to be
interested in these proven products and
take advantage of that and start earning
a ton of money completely for free so
what we want to be aware of is on
Instagram right there’s a very different
target demographic than there are on
other platforms Instagram tends to be
younger and people tend to be mostly
interested in fashion fitness and things
like that right which is why all the
Instagram models get famous and become
influencers and end up making most of
their money through affiliate marketing
like we’re about to show you right now
so what we want to find is something
that we know people are interested in on
Instagram right we don’t have to go
reinvent anything we just want to take
advantage of things that already exist
so on Instagram something that’s very
very popular is anything to do with
Fitness right yoga is extremely popular
on on Instagram as well so let’s
actually take a look at yoga burn so we
just click mobile let’s take a look at
yoga burn let’s take a look at unlock
your glutes right this is probably a
good one because you know it has to do
with fitness all right so let’s take a
look at these two so yoga burn help
women get lighter healthier and happier
one yoga strategy to a fast metabolism
right and so basically what this is is
it looks like a yoga workout program
right so this actually might be really
interesting to take a look at because we
can look at people who are both
interested in fitness and yoga and when
you can have two different things that
people are interested in that gives you
an even more targeted market which means
they’re gonna be much more likely to
actually buy whatever the product is and
let’s take a look at the actual other
one right here which is unlock your
glutes unlock the sleeping giant within
its kind of sounds like Tony Robbins for
men and women who are looking to get a
rounder firmer stronger butt right and
so you know a lot of people are actually
very concerned with this like you and me
might be you know men that aren’t
particularly concerned with getting our
butt bigger but that does not mean it
that there’s not millions of women on on
Instagram and probably a ton of men as
well who are interested in improving the
size and shape of their glutes right and
so these products the reason that we
chose them is because they’re actually
they’re sorted by popularity right so
when we look at yoga brain right here we
see that it has a gravity score of
almost 50 and basically what a gravity
score means is there’s a lot of
different affiliates who are all getting
some sales so you know that this
particular product is already selling
significantly well and if we come down
and actually look at the unlock your
glutes we see that this one has a
gravity score of 62 right which so it’s
even better which means that there’s
even a larger pool of affiliates who are
getting at least some sales meaning that
this product is already converting right
so let’s actually just go ahead and
choose the unlock your glutes because it
has a higher gravity score which we can
see right here and we’re gonna make 18
dollars every single time we actually
get one of these sales right and so what
we’re gonna see here is dear friend I’m
not gonna pull any punches right it’s
talking about it’s a basically a big
sales letter for how to actually
increase your glutes with like social
proof I’m showing a lot of women’s
results and things like this you know
they know their target market so if we
scroll all the way to the bottom of this
we can see for a very limited time you
can receive thirty three dollars off
unlock your glutes regular prices fifty
today’s price is only 17 right instant
access to the digital version only which
I think most people are probably going
to buy the seventeen dollar one versus
twenty seven the thing I didn’t really
like about the yoga offer was it looked
like it was only an actual DVD option
which just you know with today’s instant
gratification mentality when everyone’s
using social media and they always you
know need whatever they need right now
i’m i always like having an instant buy
option seventeen dollars is a very very
low barrier to entry people will make
seventeen dollar purchases on a buyer
impulse all day every day and the cool
thing is about these actual products is
oftentimes if you actually go to Add to
they’ll have upsells and things like
that you know yes I’d like to add the
advanced glute training video to my
order for 399 and then even if you press
paid now right probably they’re gonna
try to get you with more upsells and
down cells and you as the affiliate
actually earn money on every single one
of those upsells and down sells that
they actually get you on selling right
so how do you actually sell these
products once you select one that has a
good gravity score meaning that it’s
actually making a lot of sales so that
you can guarantee that you’re gonna make
the most actual money for your time that
you’re going to spend doing this and so
what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna come
into Instagram right here where you can
see that we typed in things like fitness
right you can type in hashtag Fitness
I’m you can do Fitness you can do
fitness motivation fitness girl fitness
model right things like that the
strategy that I have actually seen my
students use and that I have used to use
when I was first getting started is you
have to understand what attracts
attention on Instagram right we can all
pretend all these things are going to
work equally or you know you can
actually just cut right to the chase
what attracts attention on Instagram is
beautiful women especially when you’re
actually talking about fitness and so if
I was doing this the strategy that I
would use is I would go find the most
attractive Instagram models right the
most attractive people who are actually
you know having to do with fitness and
things like that and I would actually
use their images of course I would
credit them and get them more followers
right every single image that I use from
anyone’s account I would always you know
tag them and credit them so that they
actually get more followers out of it
right but there’s a lot of different
Instagram pages that actually people
create that are just basically
collections and aggregations of you know
very attractive men and women and then
they actually attract interest from
other people once they make it to the
explore page by posting these very
attractive people on to you know their
own Instagram to build their own
following bringing people to their
actual Instagram page right so all you
have to do is set up a very basic
Instagram with a profile picture and
things like that and then just collect
images of Instagram models and fitness
models from all around Instagram every
single time you post a picture make sure
you always credit that person I’m so
that you actually help build their
followership if anyone ever DMS you to
take a photo down or something like that
obviously respect that and take those
down but most people will actually be
grateful that you’re posting their
content so that you actually get it out
to more people and when you credit them
you actually help build their following
right so a lot of people think that
people will get mad but if you credit
people then they actually you know
you’re doing them a favor because you’re
helping them grow their followership so
what I would do is I would go find the
most attractive fitness models anywhere
in the world and I would just post
picture after picture after picture
crediting them every single time and
that’s going to attract attention of
people you are going to get you know
people to like it that’s just how
Instagram works
beautiful women work better than
anything attracting attention pretty
much in all realms of advertising but
especially on Instagram so when people
like those photos they’re going to visit
your profile and then you just fill out
your profile and basically say you know
the number one program to get a bigger
butt right or the number one program to
basically you know unlock your glutes or
whatever you want to try right as your
actual bio and then you basically say
click here right and when people click
your link that you actually generated
from Clickbank what’s gonna happen is
you’re gonna get paid every single time
you make a sale and so if you’re
consistent with actually building up
your Instagram by posting this viral
content that you’ve already seen proven
you know throughout Instagram leveraging
extremely attractive you know fitness
models either men or women and the thing
is guys this works for anything we just
chose one random product on Clickbank
there’s hundreds of other products that
are proven and sell every single day on
that you can take advantage of using the
strategy all you have to do is you know
if you picked another one like survival
survival frog emergency survival and
preparedness gear kit then all I would
do is I would go out there and I would
actually look for like tactical
flashlight pages tactical pages and
things like that and I would do the
exact same thing right I would take all
of the most viral content I would repost
it I would credit that person to help
build their followership and that’s
going to attract attention to your page
and then all you have to do is just make
your bio basically say you know the
number one survival and preparedness kit
click here exclusive sale today only or
whatever right and they’re gonna go to
this page I mean these pages are already
designed to actually convert people
right you don’t have to create any of
the websites you don’t have to do any of
the fulfillment all you have to do is
drive traffic to these actual pages and
that is it guys and this strategy just
simply works you know I’ve had a lot of
students you know do this to start
earning some money and then reinvest
that money into things like Amazon FBA
social media marketing Shopify right
creating a digital course starting a
YouTube channel a lot of things because
the thing is guys as an entrepreneur
there’s two steps the first step is you
have to make enough money to do whatever
you want and have enough free time so
you can actually go to step two and do
things that you actually enjoy find
fulfillment from and something that you
can scale into like a six-figure
seven-figure or even eight figure or
beyond business and as always guys we
are gonna have our daily comment winner
who is Omri Taj who says keV what do you
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YouTube videos well when I first started
I was using a software called Camtasia
now I’m lucky enough to have a two
amazing full-time videographers who use
Adobe Premiere Pro I mean if you want
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comments down below and we will answer
you and if you like this strategy and
you want to learn another amazing
strategy to start earning money online
check out this video right here where we
teach you how you can earn 300 dollars
or more per day just by typing names I
know it sounds weird I’ll prove it
see you there I just made 300 dollars or
I could make up to 300 dollars literally
by typing names into a computer and that
might sound too good to be true but
stick around for this video because I’m
gonna show you how

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