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How to Make Money FAST With Facebook Ads for Beginners _ Oberlo Dropshipping-9x0XGRzoTqw

Facebook Ads can be scary and that’s
especially true when you’re just getting
started the prospect of spending
hundreds of dollars only to get no sales
doesn’t inspire a whole lot of
confidence but getting that first sale
with Facebook ads is so important it
proves that you can make money with
Facebook ads and it gives you the
confidence that you need to scale your
initial success so in this video I’m
going to talk with you about how you can
make money fast with Facebook ads
specifically I’ll tell you how to find
products that Facebook audiences love
how to create high converting Facebook
ads on the cheap what countries to avoid
targeting your ads to and how to
calculate the right Facebook ad budget
for your product you want to make money
fast so we have no time to waste let’s
get started
hey everyone its Jessica from over lo
today I’m going to go over some tips for
making money fast with Facebook ads if
you’re looking for a step-by-step guide
to running Facebook ads take a look at
overload 101
it’s the ultimate guide to building your
first online store and scaling it with
Facebook Ads click the link in the
description below to learn more
okay let’s get back to the topic at hand
to make money fast with Facebook Ads you
need to get 4 things right you need to
sell the right product you need to
create the right ads you need to target
the right audience and you need to set
the right budget I’ll go over each of
these topics in depth in this video but
I want to start by talking about
there are certain search hacks on
Facebook that you need to know about to
make money with Facebook ads and let me
be real with you you can sell almost
anything on Facebook and make money if
your goal however is to make money fast
on Facebook then you’ve got to be a bit
more strategic with the products that
you’re selling stop asking yourself what
do I want to sell and start asking
yourself what are people buying on
Facebook that’s why this first strategy
that I suggest is selling products that
are already making money with Facebook
this is different from say selling
products with high order counts on
Aliexpress if your goal is to make money
fast with Facebook Ads
you need to sell something that’s been
validated on Facebook but how do you
know what products are making money with
Facebook Ads it’s simple I’ll show you
how on Facebook you want to begin by
searching a niche that is a product
category that you’re interested in and I
recommend you decide on something that
maybe you already have experience in
buying from so for example if you have a
dog maybe you’re used to buying dog
accessories type that in the search bar
dog accessories but now you want to go
one step further by adding a phrase that
dropshippers and entrepreneurs typically
include in their ads for dog accessories
products so that could be for example
50% off but it could also be free
shipping or limited time only once
you’ve got that in the search bar hit
enter now you want to click videos to
filter your results by videos video ads
are by far the most effective way to
advertise on Facebook you get a list
here of what are essentially popular dog
accessories products and what you’re
looking for in this list is views the
higher the views and the more recent the
video the more promising the product
that’s in the video is as a high
potential product a sell on Facebook now
this is an exact science because for
example you might find something with
over a million views that was advertised
at the end of 2018 which would be about
a year from this date or you might find
something more recent with 10,000 views
for something with over 10,000 views to
be sure but the more views the better so
in this list I see a lot of potential
winners for example the dog bed and this
nail trimmer both were published fairly
recently this in fact in the past month
and already has over a million views the
reason you want to pay attention to
views is because that number tells you
if a product is getting sales all ads on
facebook cost money to run if someone is
paying to run an ad for long enough that
it gets over a million views it’s
because that person is seeing a return
on their investment in the form of sales
and if they’re getting sales selling
that product you can too
now some people advise against selling
products that are already selling well
they protest that these products are too
saturated but I’ve interviewed
multi-millionaire drop shippers that are
buying their second Lamborghini with
money they made selling dog beds and
bikinis they took common products and
marketed them in a fresh and creative
way to new audiences that is the whole
art and science of e-commerce this world
is full of money and you can get a slice
of that pie okay let’s get back to these
video ads write down the products that
you see in these ads that are performing
well and make sure you search a lot of
different terms even though this yielded
some great product ideas I would also
search dog accessories free shipping and
I might search other interests that I
have such as I don’t know makeup
application free shipping and take note
of those products as well I want to cast
a wide net here
just a note though that this isn’t the
only search you can do to surface
product ideas I highly recommend that
you also check out popular sites that
share viral content one example of that
is what’s trending and another example
that I really like is cheddar
now cheddar has a lot of viral content
certainly not just product focused viral
content but the product focused content
that it does have are really promising
winning products for example I saw this
electric loofah on cheddar and I think
this is definitely a high potential
product also check out popular pages
within your niche for example if you’re
in the kitchen or cooking these tasty is
a page that you’re probably already
following I saw this article on tasty
I thought it was an absolutely brilliant
source of product inspiration worth it
check cheap check at 28 useful products
under $10 our readers actually swear by
this already has tons of comments and
shares and so I would click on that link
and start noting down more product ideas
real talk
break researching your product on
Facebook is a great way to see if it’s
actually being sold however you want to
make sure that when you sell that
product your pricing and product pages
are strong because there’s no point in
validating a product on facebook and
running ads to it only to have traffic
to that page read broken English
descriptions from your Aliexpress
supplier that won’t get you sales your
product needs to be priced well and your
product page needs to be able to convert
traffic now I won’t go over product
pages and pricing in this video but I’ll
give you a product pricing formula and a
product page template in over lo 101 so
to access those resources just sign up
for overload 101 by clicking the link in
the description
now that you know how to find the right
products to make money fast on Facebook
you need to know how to create the right
ads I’m going to show you how to make
high converting Facebook advertisements
in three simple steps
most Facebook ad beginners only do step
three and that’s why their ads fail I’m
not going to let that happen to you now
for this to be effective you still have
to be able to put in some work you have
to order a sample of the product or
selling and you’ve got to whip out your
phone and take a few videos possibly
with the help of some friends and you
have to be willing to learn some simple
video editing technique nothing scary
and this is all doable with no special
skills and a lot of times without even
spending a lot more money the key here
is to film three critical shots for your
facebook video ads because these three
shots get Facebook audiences to stop
scrolling and start buying the first
shot has to tell your audience about the
problem that your product solves show
them that problem exists and how it
might affect their lives for ideas go
back to high-performing Facebook Ads you
were researching in the first place I’m
gonna choose that dog nail trimmer
example from the very beginning this ad
goes into the problem
it shows a dog’s nails being cut too
short and causing the dog pain in this
video right here you see the dog pulling
away that is some perfect problem
situation in there and what’s amazing
about this I’ll play it again is that it
really gets emotional seeing the dog
wince and pull away that hits you no one
wants to cause their pet that much pain
so right away this video shows you the
problem with clipping nails the normal
way I also want to pay attention to the
language appearing on-screen because I
want to use text like that both in my
videos and in the captions for my
Facebook ads so for example are you
trimming your dog’s nails right okay
right and wrong is good language to use
traditional way can be dangerous plus
it’s so frustrating words like dangerous
and frustrating are capitalized just to
show you how urgent it is that you solve
this problem once you’ve captured the
in your add the second step is to show
the value of your product in other words
now that you’ve got the audience worried
about their problem provide them with
some sweet relief show them that your
product solves their problem let’s go
back to the dog nail trimmer ad and see
how that ad portrays the product solving
the problem alright so now we know
there’s a right way and a wrong way to
trim nails the wrong way is dangerous
frustrating and painful for the dog so
now we want to know what does this
trimmer do it keeps dogs calm the
opposite of frustrating and it makes the
cutting process safe the opposite of
dangerous that is exactly how you point
out how the product solves the problem
because not only does it show the
product in action but it also uses the
opposite language of the problem
language calm and safe are the solution
to dangerous frustrating problems now
you’ve got a shot that shows the problem
and a shot that shows your product as
the solution the third shot you need and
this is the one that everyone includes
but they don’t include it right is to
describe your product in other words
tell your audience about its features
and other benefits that come along with
it again we can look to this dog nail
trimmer for inspiration right after the
ad shows how this dog nail trimmer is a
solution to the problem it gets into
features the muted sound is perfect for
anxious dogs
there’s no expensive trip so this saves
you money and it’s USB rechargeable and
battery free does that ends with a call
to action which is perfect for getting
people to share the ad so that you don’t
have to pay for extra eyeballs to see
this ad this last bit is the easiest to
film and for most entrepreneurs it’s the
only thing they’ll film think about how
many ads you see that just shows you a
product and tells you that it’s reusable
or battery free or hypoallergenic or
whatever the case might be what those
ads don’t do is get you emotionally with
that first hook that discards a problem
and then hits you with that second shot
that describes how the product solves
that problem
that’s why you need those first two
shots and the third to get a great
add that Facebook audiences will click
now you’ve got the right product and the
right to make money fast with Facebook
Ads but if you don’t target those ads at
the right audience you’re going to lose
out on revenue lucky for you Facebook
wants you to make sales Facebook is a
business and it knows that if you make
sales you’ll keep paying to run ads on
their platform Facebook also knows that
it can be hard to put your ad in front
of the right audience online unlike
brick-and-mortar retail stores your
customers aren’t just walking past your
store so Facebook has created a tool
called Facebook audience insights
Facebook audience insights allows you to
create an audience of people who will be
most likely to buy your product and then
you can serve your ad directly to that
audience I want to show you a few things
that you can do differently in Facebook
audience insights to find the optimal
audience for your ad using the dog nail
trimmers let’s create a Facebook ad
audience that will make us money here we
are in Facebook audience insights you
can manage the demographics of your
potential audience on the left and then
you see all kinds of data about that
audience on the right the first thing a
lot of dropshippers will do is determine
what country they want to target now a
lot of people will choose United States
and the u.s. is a huge ecommerce market
with a lot of shoppers but because of
that there’s a lot of competition that
will drive up the price to market to the
US so I actually recommend for other
countries to start with especially if
you want to save some money while still
making sales those countries are
Australia New Zealand Canada and the
United Kingdom for the sake of this
example I’m going to look at Australia
I’ll type in Australia first and I’ll
leave the rest broad I don’t want to
make any assumptions about my audience
because I want Facebook to figure out
for me who in a broad audience is most
likely to buy my dog nail clippers I do
want to type in a relevant interest and
I think anyone interested in dog nail
clippers is probably interested in dog
grooming to some extent so I’ll go ahead
and click that now from there what I
want to actually do is go to page lakes
I want to find out what pages an
audience that is interested in dog
grooming in Australia tends to like once
I click on the page likes tab
I’ll scroll down here and what I’m
looking for is the affinity score
there’s no exact number I’m looking for
but the higher the better and something
over 700 X is usually pretty good
the affinity score indicates how much
this audience is likely to like this
page compared to others on Facebook and
I want people who are super fans of
these pages because I want to target
them when I’m creating my ad let me show
you how I’ll use those pages in the ads
creator so here in the ads creator first
I will choose to target Australia I’ll
make sure not everyone in this location
but people who live in this location
I’ll keep the other parameters broad but
for interests this is where I want to
type the pages that I surfaced in the
audience insights tool so I’ll start
with pet stock and just make sure to
spell it as it is here so no space
between pet and stock perfect now I’m
targeting 100,000 people that’s just a
little bit less than I would prefer for
Australia for Australia I want to target
between 500,000 and a million people for
a completely new Facebook ad so I want
to add another interest I want to tell
Facebook to target people who like pets
stock or another interest and I’ll get
that other interest from audience
insights so pets circle and maybe custom
pet collars so I typed in pet circle and
I see that actually there are no results
this isn’t unusual some pages are listed
as interests as a targeting option and
some aren’t and that’s why it’s great to
have this long list of page likes over
here in the audience insights tool so
instead I’ll try pet barn one-word there
we go and I’m almost there but I might
add one more how about how about doctor
Chris Brown if you’re not sure what some
of these pages are and you want to make
sure to target relevant pages you can
click into them and see what they lead
to so here I see doctor Chris Bowen is a
popular wildlife rescuer
now I’m at eight hundred and thirty
thousand people and this is great but I
actually want to add an interest to make
sure I’m only targeting voracious
shoppers and that will help increase the
chances of me getting conversions from
this fresh Facebook ad so I want to
narrow the audience so someone can like
any of these pages but they must also
match either online shopping or engaged
shopper if I choose either of these I’m
essentially narrowing my interests to
people who really really love to buy
online and that is exactly who I want to
target this gets me to to 10,000 a
little low so let me try online shopping
online shop here is the online shopping
and I want to make sure to choose
interests not employers so interests
there and now we’re at seven hundred and
seventy thousand which is within the
five hundred K – 1 million audience that
we’re going for this would be a great
audience to try targeting those dog nail
trimmers – of course before I launch
that ad I want to figure out one really
important thing in advance how much am I
willing to spend
in other words how do I set the right
budget for a Facebook ad so that I make
sales without losing too much money in
the process and I’m gonna be real with
you when you’re running Facebook Ads
your ultimate goal is to make sales sure
and in this video I’ve tried to tell you
everything I know about how to get
facebook sales ASAP but if you’re new to
dropshipping you might not get sales on
your first try this stuff takes patience
on the one hand it’s okay if you don’t
get immediate sales you’ll still get
data about how your ad performed and
what you can do to optimize it but on
the other hand don’t spend money on a
losing ad one key difference between
beginner and experienced slash
six-figure dropshippers is that the
six-figure dropshippers know when to
kill an ad and try another audience
video ad or even another product after
speaking to successful dropshippers I
found a rule that helps you determine
when to stop spending money on Facebook
ads take the price of your product that
is the price that you’re selling it at
and multiply it by three that should be
the cap for testing your product on
Facebook for example let’s say I sell
the dog nail trimmer for $19.99 if I
multiply that by three than I have $60
that I should budget to advertise it on
Facebook if I still haven’t made a sale
after I spent $60 something probably has
to change either my ad my audience or
the product just isn’t optimized to make
money on Facebook and that’s not a
failure that happens to pro
entrepreneurs every single day that’s
just data and you’ve got to make the
decision to learn from it and move on
quickly if you follow the tactics in
this video and you make a sale and
congratulations you’ve proven that you
could make money on Facebook and you
couldn’t be on your way to a winning
product now I’d love to hear from you
what are your tips for making money with
Facebook ads do you disagree with any of
mine leave a comment and let’s start a
discussion thanks for watching and until
next time learn often market better and
sell more

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