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How To Make Money On Reddit-GlrtcStl2bU

hi I’m Rameses the pigeon if you google
that name you’ll see that I’m one of the
highest-scoring users on reddit com out
of over 300 million people I’m on the
site every day and I moderate four of
the largest communities there it’s safe
to say that I’m something of an expert
which is why my advice will be ten times
better than what you’d get from any of
the badly written books poorly made
videos are hard to understand articles
that you can find online follow along
with this guide and you’ll be well on
your way to making money on reddit first
here’s a little disclaimer if you’re
joining reddit because you want to
entertain inform have fun discussions or
just make friends with people who share
your interests this guide is not for you
the site is a great place to laughs
learn or even find love but you should
only follow these steps if your specific
intention is to make a profit now with
that out of the way let’s begin in order
to post anything on reddit you’ll need a
username a lot of people struggle for
hours before coming up with one because
in the internet age all of the good
handles are already taken fortunately
you’re not here to contribute so you
don’t need anything that’s unique to you
just use a first name a last name and
maybe a number or skip all of that and
put in a couple of random words you can
even use complete gibberish if you want
it might take a few tries but once
you’re registered you’ll be ready to
move on
reddit runs on a system of electronic
points called up votes and down votes
they are not likes or dislikes and
although you might get away with calling
them that once or twice using the wrong
language will almost always work against
whenever someone up votes something that
you submitted you gain a little bit of
karma some users look at karma as a
surrogate for applause while others
think of it like a high score in a video
game in your case karma is like a key
because you’ll need a certain amount of
it before you can submit to various
subreddits the question is how you can
get some and that brings us to content
the best content on reddit is original
content this is anything that’s made by
the person who submits it a funny
picture an interesting story a song a
comic strip these are all examples of
original content on the other hand image
macros gifts made from other people’s
videos copy pasta and mimetic comments
are not original content which is why
you’ll want to stick to those after all
making something unique takes time and
talent and if you had either you
probably wouldn’t need this guide your
approach will be to find something that
was previously successful in a given
subreddit then repost it a repost is a
piece of content that has already
appeared in the community where it was
posted when you offer yours
be sure to claim that you made it so
that all of the users will think it’s
original if you offer any comments try
to make them short poorly written and in
broken English so that you don’t
intimidate people into down voting
you’ll keep it up for a while and you’ll
see your points growing now you have
your karma and you’re ready to make some
money this is actually the easiest part
of the whole process if you look in the
sidebar of any given post you’ll see a
couple of advertisements these change
depending on what the subreddits focus
might be and they’re also your ticket to
an easy payday by including three dollar
signs at the beginning of your
submissions title you’ll redirect some
of that advertising revenue to yourself
with the exact amount being determined
by how much karma you receive don’t
worry though the only people who can see
that tag are moderators and
administrators because
it’s hidden from normal users when you
include it every upvote you attract will
be converted into cash but then there’s
the question of how you can get your
hands on it if you check your user page
you’ll see a tally of your total karma
the exact exchange rate varies from day
to day depending on how many users are
logged into the site but on most days
approximately 275 karma equates to $1 so
you might want to wait a little while
before cashing out when you’re ready
though getting paid is simple send a
private message to every subreddit where
you’ve posted and include this text
hello this account is applying for karma
conversion to be enacted immediately
once a moderator sees your message
they’ll take a look through your past
activity and they’ll ban you because
you’re a spammer
and you never should have tried to make
money on reddit in the first place right
that’s right this whole guide was a
waste of your time a small revenge
against the parasites who are trying to
exploit the site the thing is while
everything about karma conversion and
advertising revenue was complete
bullshit the strategies I described
really are enacted by thousands of
spammers every day many of them work in
call center like environments where they
create and inflate accounts on social
media but some of them the freelancers
who were only out for themselves
follow guides that are remarkably
similar to this one regardless of which
kind they are spammers try to pump up
their scores until they’re past a
certain threshold then they either sell
the accounts or start submitting links
to malware infested websites and shady
retail outlets you’ve almost certainly
seen their submissions without realizing
it the low effort reposts the badly
written comments the false claims of
ownership and the oddly formulaic
usernames are all red flags when you
spot them be sure to report them because
I meant what I said earlier reddit is a
great place to laugh learn find friends
and offer your content to the world you
can inform you can entertain you can
educate or you can see what other people
have to offer however you approach it
chances are that you’d prefer the
spammers stay away and they’ll have to
if enough people learn how to recognize
them all it takes is for you to share
this knowledge with your fellow users
the rest of the time just start with
your best foot forward because anything
you put out there has the potential to
be seen by literally millions of people
right well offer original content engage
in discussions and absolutely do not try
to make money on reddit

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