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How to Make Money on YouTube in 2019-Ix3DyE5ijKc

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How to Make Money on YouTube in 2019-Ix3DyE5ijKc

– They say that amateursborrow and professionals steal.
And if you want to growfast here on YouTube
and if you want to make job ending,
life changing income, then steal.
On an Apple or androiddevice, access YouTube.
Next, click on notifications
and turn notificationson but say no to sounds,
you don’t want to beinterrupted day to day.
You see, we’re not gonnause notifications like most,
we’re gonna use notificationsto drive more views
to our videos,
I’ll explain in a bit, but consider this.
You see, 97% of the channelsthat are absolutely crushing it
here on YouTube, I’m talkinglife changing income,
buy the new house and thecar and travel the world,
kind of money.
They all do one thing incredibly well.
And until you know what that is,
YouTube will always be not just hard,
but nearly impossible tocrack to grow your channel
and to make that money.
For example these guys, PeterMckinnon and Casey Neistat,
they don’t just understandwhat I’m gonna reveal
and breakdown in this video,they absolutely crush it.
And yet what’s so ironic isis you try to make videos
in the same way they do,
you’re gonna have a lot harder time.
You see, not only do you needthe cameras and the lenses
and the gimbals and thetripod and the studio space,
you need so much stuff.
But you also have to be charismatic,
you’ve gotta have a really compelling
and engaging personality.
Now here’s what’s up if that’s your goal,
if you wanna do that then do it.
But acknowledge what’s most important,
don’t get hung up in all that gear.
And you see the fact of thematter is there’s a secret
that makes YouTube so much easier.
And you don’t even need to be on camera,
heck you don’t have to own a camera,
and you don’t have to have that incredibly
charismatic personality.
Now the fact of the matteris there are so many channels
and they’re not on camera.
Now they may use somethinglike this to film their videos,
but they’re not in the frame,
and these channels arepublishing really simple videos
that you could’ve published.
Let’s take a look at Grade A Under A.
Before we go on I wannamention that this is a channel
that’s pretty much been left for dead.
There have been maybe fiveor eight videos uploaded
in the last year and yet thechannel is earning somewhere
between 16,000 and 267,000 dollars a year,
absolutely crazy!
And what you’re gonnaneed to make videos like
Grade A Under A is kinda like a phone,
an android, Appledevice, tablet, whatever.
You don’t need a premiere,you don’t need after effects,
you don’t need the studio,the lenses, the lighting,
the gimbals, let me show you.
You see this channel isbased on the stupidest
little stick man drawing animations.
And with a few apps and again this thing,
you can do that yourself.
Now how you do this is pretty complicated,
number one start recording your screen,
number two draw some stick man figures,
and you’ll pretty much get the same result
as Grade A Under A generatingsix figures a year,
according to Social Blade.
So that’s our first channeland this would be our second.
You Suck At Cooking, yes you totally suck.
And check this out, it’s just crazy,
1.6 million subscribers,
145 million video views,
and according to Social Bladethe channel is generating
anywhere between 10,000and 162,000 dollars a year,
that’s crazy, for videos youabsolutely could’ve filmed.
We’re not talking cinematics,again you’re not in the frame,
you don’t have to be in the frame,
it’s just simple fun little videos.
And this is absolutely insane,check out these two channels.
Bright Side and 7 Second Riddles,
maybe you’ve seen these channels.
It’s really hard to wrap myhead around these numbers.
7 Second Riddles has drivenover 56 million views
and they’ve gained around aquarter million subscribers,
and the amount of money they’remaking is absolutely insane.
According to Social Bladethey’re generating somewhere
between 168,000 and 2.7 million dollars.
And take a look at the moneythat Bright Side is generating.
Somewhere between 534,000
and 8.6 million dollars a year.
And here’s the secret, ifyou wanna be a vlogger great,
if you wanna dial in yourpersonality, fantastic.
But the easiest way, thesecret that all these channels
are pretty much exploiting is to leverage
a special kind of topic.
And these special kinds oftopics drive far more views
than most YouYubers could ever dream of
because they have huge audience appeal.
I call them kind of this strange thing,
I call them big, broad, andproven Hollywood topics.
Big because a hugegroup of people would be
interested in clicking.
Broad because you don’twanna eliminate any
potential viewers on YouTube.
And Peter McKinnon has donethat so well with this video,
more on that in a bit.
Proven, you don’t wannajust publish a video,
you wanna know it’s already performed.
You wanna have evidence thatthe video you’re gonna spend
the time to create has areally great chance of going
ballistic and driving millions of views.
And the way to do that isto think about Hollywood
and just ask yourself,
hey would Hollywood make avideo on this particular topic?
And if the answer is no, youdon’t make the video either.
And again I wanna be clear,
this is only for thosepeople that really wanna have
a highly successful channel andmake crazy amounts of money.
Casey Neistat is a master at this.
It’s not a vlog, it’s notabout his personality,
it’s about Pokemon Go In Real Life.
And wouldn’t you know thatthat video was released
right as Pokemon Go was blowing up, smart.
Oh Grade A Under A seems tounderstand this concept too.
And I mentioned the word broad,
Peter McKinnon nails this so very often.
It’s not a video about Canon or Sony,
it’s a video about cameras.
And it would appeal toanybody who’s on YouTube
that’s interested in buying a camera.
And again, it’s a videobased on night photography
that would appeal toanybody who’s interested
in taking pictures.
And I mentioned the channel Bright Side.
You see Bright Side takes thisto an absolute extreme level
and in the process theydrive extreme results.
You can do the same.
13 Tips on How to SurviveWild Animal Attacks.
And then we come to the before and after.
I love these because they’rebased on advertising campaigns
that have crushed it year after year
and they continue to crush it on YouTube.
5 Minute Workout that ReplacesHigh Intensity Cardio.
Before and after, day one I’m kind of fat
and day two I’ve lost 30 pounds.
And because people on YouTubeare crazy, I don’t know.
And remember I mentioned Hollywood topics,
well wouldn’t you know it,
Hollywood released a moviecalled The Meg not too long ago.
And sure enough Bright Sidewas there releasing two videos
around the same time of the movie release.
Really smart Hollywood topics.
This is what I got acrossmy screen last night.
New from Dope or Nope,
10 Gadgets That CanOnly Be Found In Japan.
You see like I said at thebeginning of this video,
you wanna go pro, youwanna get tips and ideas,
you wanna learn about being compelling
from the very channels thatare crushing it online.
Because amateurs borrow,and professionals steal.
And that’s pretty compelling,it’s pretty interesting.
It’s not about watchingthose videos per se,
although that makessense to do that right,
to study the most successful channels,
but you just wanna see these kind
of compelling headlinesagain and again and again.
So make sure you’ve gotnotifications turned on
for Bright Side, 7 SecondRiddles, Dope or Nope,
and if you like these kinds of videos,
consider turning on notificationsfor my channel as well.
Now there’s one moresecret I wanna reveal.
I’ve talked about beingcompelling, the video title,
and how important that is.
You also wanna create a really engaging
and compelling thumbnail.
And you can learn abouttesting your thumbnails
by watching that video right there.
If you’re new to the channelagain consider subscribing,
do that and you’ll feed a poodle,
I’ll see you on the next video, ya dig.

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