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How to Make Money with Photography-T5FW5WU-Lho

what’s going on guys I’m here in the
apartment and I we had kind of a rough
day yesterday all sorts of things happen
so I’m kind of throwing together a video
really quick to get online today I’m
back on live time which is exciting for
the vlog it means that this video that
I’m filming right now is actually gonna
go online this afternoon and it means
that the video I filmed this afternoon
is gonna go online I guess Wednesday
when the video start going back online
so I’m back to live time back in Cape
Town on live time which is always fun on
the vlog if you are not subscribed to
the channel and go ahead and do so
because there’s gonna be lots of fun
vlogs coming up we’re going whale
watching I’m gonna go do some landscape
photography here in Cape Town and
there’s gonna be some more business
related videos I’m gonna be talking
about Instagram a lot so go ahead and
subscribe right now on today’s episode
I’m gonna talk about the ways you can
make money as a photographer without
having a big social media account
I hear people all the time saying that
you need a big social media account
before you can start making money in
photography I hear people all the time
saying you need 10,000 followers on
Instagram before you can get work that’s
simply not true there’s a ton of ways to
make money from photography even if you
don’t have a social media following at
all and I kind of thought about this
video and doing this video because I was
thinking back to my grandpa and my
grandpa wasn’t a photographer my grandpa
was a teacher but my grandpa has the
most cool photo
of all time of himself back in Edmonton
Canada and I guess it would have
probably been I don’t know the 1940s
maybe 50s I’m not really sure but the
coolest photo of him walking down the
street looking like James Dean and I
just thought how did you get that photo
of yourself that photos so cool and he
told me this story that back in the day
in Edmonton there used to be this guy on
the street with a big camera and he
would just snipe photos of people
walking down the street and then he
would stop them and try to sell them the
photo and I thought that was so cool I
also think that there’s still people
doing this to this day in fact I posted
in my Facebook
group the other day asking for people to
throw their ideas of some alternative
ways that they’re making money through
photography right now and somebody
commented that they go to events
competitions that their daughters in and
take photos of everybody and then
potentially try to sell some of the
photos to other people’s parents to
other kids parents and I thought that
was so cool I think there’s so many ways
to make money from photography and you
definitely don’t need a social media
following to do it in fact I think a
very very very small percentage of
people are making money from photography
because they have a social media
following so I listed 12 let’s get into
these twelve things I broke be a flight
Agra fur that’s number one flytographer
something I kind of came across in
Santorini in Santorini I saw all these
people doing portrait sessions and I
thought to myself wow how did they find
the portrait photographer there and then
I asked a couple that was being
photographed and they said they went to
a website called Light Agra for calm I
did some research on it there’s also one
called shoot my travel calm and
essentially what it is if you live in a
destination let’s say you live in London
or Paris or really anywhere that people
travel to you can sign up on this
website to become a photographer for
this destination and then if me and Jody
decide hey we’re gonna go to Paris we
want some really cool photos of us
traveling we can hire a local
photographer on flytographer or shoot my
travel calm it’s a really really cool
method and I think a really cool model
and a cool way to make money as a
portrait photographer as a destination
photographer without a social media
following the next one is running local
photo tours there’s so much demand for
local photo tours I have somebody drop
me a question on my Instagram account
the other day saying hey Brendan I want
to make money from photography but I do
street photography and it’s really hard
to sell street photography for anything
other than maybe editorial do you have
any ideas and my idea was run some local
photography tours list yourself
somewhere like Airbnb Airbnb everybody
knows it for apartments we got this
apartment on Airbnb but there’s also
Airbnb experiences and what you can do
is list yourself on Airbnb
as an experience so I told this guy list
yourself on Airbnb experiences as street
photography tour and then take people
that book your tour on street
photography tours around your city I
think there’s so much demand for local
really local travel photography or just
travel workshops or street photography
workshops not even workshops just tours
just people want to go out with a local
and shoot they want to go with a local
and find all those hot spots and want to
go with a local and get the best photos
so list yourself on a website like like
Airbnb I’m sure there’s thousands of
other websites
I just don’t know them next one is stock
photography stock photography has been
around for ages and I know everybody has
mixed feelings about stock photography I
have a video in depth about stock
photography that’s up here somewhere go
check out that video stock photography
I’m not gonna get into details on it
because it is in this video up here but
stock photography is obviously a way to
make money even if you don’t have a
social media follow art shows this is
one I didn’t think about until recently
and I really should have I was listening
to Nick pages of photography podcast and
he was talking with somebody who was
selling prints at art shows they were
going around to different art shows they
would get a booth the booth would cost
two thousand three thousand dollars or
more but then they were selling their
prints on a really high volume and
really to a high level consumer that was
paying good money and they were making
good money doing this and the reason I
said I should have thought of this
earlier is because like three or four
years ago
I have an aunt not three or four years
ago I currently have an aunt that is a
really talented artist and she goes to
art shows herself that’s how she makes
her money from her art she runs around
all these art shows in Canada and sells
her art but the reason I should have
thought about this was because three or
four years ago she took some of my
photos and she put them on prints and
she put them on greeting cards and she
did a bunch of things and she actually
made me pretty good money and I remember
her saying to me hey Brendan I didn’t
really make that much money off your
photos but I did make X amount and I was
blown away because I thought it was a
lot of money so art shows are a good way
to make money from your photography
blogging blogging is I know you’re gonna
say blogging is a social media following
it’s not you don’t need a following to
have a blog in fact all you need to do
is put out really good content find ways
to get people to view it usually be a
search via SEO search engine
optimization people get to your blog
they read an article about the EOS R the
5d mark 4 or the nikon d80 or the sony
a7r 3 whatever the new camera is you’re
talking about reviewing or whatever
photography skill set you’re talking
about or just anything photography
related you’re talking about they search
it they find your site on your site you
have links their affiliate links to
Amazon or to be an H or to whatever
somebody clicks on the link to the EOS R
bounces them to Amazon and you make
money from any purchase that they make
on Amazon over the next 24 hours
so even if they click on the link of the
USR go to Amazon and go actually I don’t
want to buy a camera but I do need to
buy toilet paper you get a cut on the
toilet paper that they buy it’s not a
big cut but you do make money photo
contests I hate photo contests and I
talked about NIC pages photography
podcast I have my own if you guys didn’t
know this there’s a link in the
description to my photography podcast
over on my website and I talked about my
hate for photography contest my how I
talked about how I think they’re scams
but that being said there are certain
ways to make money from photography
contests if you enter the right ones or
if you maybe use some of these contest
websites view bug comb is a big one
years ago three or four years ago when
view bug was starting to roll out I used
it I made some I didn’t win money I
don’t think on view bug but I did win
some pretty big prizes and so you might
not win money but you can win prizes
which then you could flip to money the
other one that’s new that I haven’t had
a chance to review but I’ve been talking
to I guess the creator of is shut out
calm shidou calm is a contest app and
website and basically they run a contest
and then the best photo the highest
ranked photo wins
so you can win money that way through
your photography although I kind of feel
like that’s not how you should do it but
you can do it be an assistant this is
something that’s so underrated I don’t
understand why more photographers don’t
do this you should be an assistant and
you should definitely be an assistant
before you kind of become a pro if
you’re a wedding photographer or an
event photographer or product
photographer you should try to find a
professional in that area and offered a
system and yes you can make money that
way a good assistant to a wedding
photographer they’re gonna make two
three four hundred dollars a shoot event
photography assistant second shooters
are also gonna make some decent money so
you can make money that way and it’s a
great way not only to make money but
build your portfolio so that you can
start getting these big jobs yourself
and it’s a good way to practice the next
way social media and yes I said this is
a list of ways to make money from
photography without having a social
media following you don’t need a social
media following to make money from your
photography on social media there are
thousands and thousands and thousands of
brands out there constantly looking for
photos to put on their Instagram feeds
every single destination in the world is
looking for photographers that have
really good content that they can put on
their feet if you live in New York City
for example there are hundreds of brands
in New York City destinations hotels
whatever that are looking for photos to
put on their Instagram so if you have a
cool portfolio full of images of New
York City pitch them to these brands say
hey this is my price for social media
usage so I’m gonna charge you $50 an
image and then you’ll have the
non-exclusive rights to use it on your
social media feeds good way to make some
money if your images are good enough
people will buy it you just have to do
the pitching
journalism journalism is hard it’s not
glamorous even though people kind of
make it out to be but being a
photojournalist there’s money there
there’s definitely money there it just
it takes time it takes work and it’s
hard product photography every single
product in the world needs photos of
that product and most brands most
companies they don’t have a photographer
in-house in fact everybody’s favorite
youtuber Peter McKinnon I think and I’m
not sure on this because I don’t know
Peter McKinnon but I think he got his
photography start in product photography
I think anybody who has stuff needs
photos of it if you’re blue Yeti mics
you need photos of your mic to sell your
Canon you need photos of your lenses to
sell if you’re Dell you need photos of
your camera of your laptops to sell
every single product needs photos of it
so you can work as a product
photographer there’s lots of business
their cars are a product and I guess I’m
also gonna lump into product photography
real estate photography even though
they’re totally different but real
estate photography there’s a huge market
for it especially drone photos of houses
really good interior work product
photography and real estate photography
there’s a massive market for
teaching there are so many people in the
world that want to learn photography
right now and you don’t need a big
social media following to be a great
photographer and a great photography
teacher so you can teach photography
it’s a good way to make some money from
photography events and weddings
obviously I’m saving the best for last
this is number 12 events and weddings I
don’t know how it is worldwide but I
know in North America being a wedding
photographer is really good money if you
get to a status that you know you’re
busy there’s really good money in
wedding photography event photography
the money is not as good it’s hard work
but there is money there any event that
happens right now in the modern era
there’s an event photographer there
doesn’t matter if it’s a bum mitzvah a
baptism a wedding a social media event a
press conference whatever there’s always
an event photographer there and there’s
definitely money there um that’s it guys
and girls that is it for the show today
those are 12 I guess maybe even 13
different ways you can make money from
photography without having a social
media following I think that there’s so
many people that get caught up in
social-media followings that they kind
of you know forget that there’s other
ways to do it I also want to kind of
drive on the point here at the end of
this video and saying that you should be
trying to grow a social media following
just because you don’t need it doesn’t
mean it’s not going to be helpful to
your business social media is a massive
marketing tool it’s a massive way of
finding clients and it’s a massive way
of scaling and growing your business so
don’t neglect social media and as I said
at the start of this video subscribe to
the channel because I’m gonna talk about
Instagram and how you can authentically
grow your Instagram I don’t know maybe
at some point in the next two weeks or
so in the meantime we’re back to
no more sit-down videos I hope for a
while and we’re going whale watching
we’re gonna go landscape photography
shooting we’re eventually leaving Cape
Town for a little bit to go on a road
trip there’s tons of fun stuff coming up
on the channel out on the road travel
photography style and I hope to see you
there peace

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