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did you know you can make a living
full-time online but don’t have to go
into an office or set foot in a
workplace you can make money from the
comfort of your own home be your own
boss work whenever you want and you can
make as much as you want and these are
not things that are going to take tons
of time these are things you can start
right now you’re not gonna have to have
any money or make an initial investment
these are not things that require you to
build a large audience over time these
are things you can do right now I’m able
to support myself fully outside of my
full-time job just by doing some of the
things I’m gonna tell you about today
the number one secret of millionaire’s
is that they have multiple streams of
income this is just one of the many ways
that you can develop multiple streams of
income and some of these are so simple
you actually don’t even need a computer
you can do them from your phone so if
you want to know how to make money
online easy free and from the comfort of
your own home then stay tuned hey
honeybees welcome back to my channel or
if you’re new my name is Sierra and I do
videos on Beauty finance in lifestyle I
work full time as a mortgage loan
officer and I have helped hundreds of
people to become homeowners build wealth
and to become financially free I like
sharing what I’ve learned through my
experience in hopes of helping others
become financially free independent and
to make money moves something really fun
and creative you can do completely
online is to self publish your own book
now stop because I don’t want you to get
intimidated or feel like this is super
anyone can make ebooks now they don’t
have to be the most eloquent of books
available they don’t have to be the New
York Times bestseller you can literally
just sit at your computer type about
something that you’re passionate about
or you’re knowledgeable about and you
would just want to share with the world
maybe you want to talk about
relationships and maybe your perspective
is really dope and unique
and people will buy it because it’s
fresh and it’s different and it almost
is an advantage if you are someone who
is not even is experienced in writing
because it literally feels like you’re
sitting there talking to your best
friend have fun with it and once you’re
complete you don’t have to do anything
and you literally can make money while
you sleep
Amazon Mechanical Turk this is a site
and a resource where they will pay
people to do simple tasks that need a
human eye I will leave the link below so
you can check it out it’s called Amazon
Mechanical Turk you get paid for doing
simple tasks just literally using your
eye on a computer another way to make
money online is to narrate audiobooks so
audiobooks are a big thing now they’re
not always recorded by the authors so
when you hear those people that are
reading the books those aren’t just
regular people who read the book and
narrate and you don’t have to have super
high tech equipment you could use your
iPhone actually to narrate a site that I
found that you can use to work as a
audiobook narrator in a sea
XCOM and I’m sure there’s more real
ancing sites do have posts for people
that they need to narrate audiobooks but
definitely check that side out so
something that is super easy and takes a
little more time upfront but almost
virtually no time on the back end is to
create or sell digital courses online so
anything that you’re passionate about or
you know a lot about you can create a
course for no money on a site called
fifth degree and then there’s other
sites too that I’ll list below there’s
you to me there’s a bunch of sites where
you can actually create your own courses
now and people will pay really good
freelance on upward Fiverr guru or
TaskRabbit this is not things that
require you to be some super skilled
technician or graphic designer or artist
or video
editor’ think about things that you can
do online that someone may need you to
do that doesn’t require a lot of skills
or maybe you do have skills in video
editing or graphic design but there’s so
many different things you can do really
simple easy things you can do to make
money it’s literally like a marketplace
for online work if you are wanting to do
something online to make money
guaranteed you can find a job on one of
those sites sell products yourself on
sites like eBay or Etsy become a
affiliate with Amazon one thing that I
always know I can do especially when I’m
in a pinch for money is to sell things
on eBay or sell things online I have
actually created digital products that I
sell an Etsy and I make extra money that
way I just really want to drive home the
fact that you can be super creative and
create things that other people can use
or buy and you can make money from these
things you can sell handmade things
things that you craft there are so many
opportunities to sell things and you
just have to be creative and put
yourself out there and put it online
become a virtual assistant this is
something that has become super popular
lately for people to do and there is
such a need for virtual assistants now I
work with lots of people in different
industries and they utilize virtual
assistants and you can make really good
money and being a virtual assistant you
don’t have to have any specialized
skills as long as you can be resourceful
and use a computer and be able to be a
resource to the person that is using
your services then you can make really
good money the need for virtual
assistants is exploding almost if
there’s not even enough people to be
virtual assistants so definitely look
into becoming a virtual assistant Google
sites that offer virtual assisting jobs
of course any of those freelancing sites
I’ve talked about Fiverr TaskRabbit
things like that they’re also virtual
assistant posts on their death
look into it is something you can do in
your extra time to make really really
good money tutor kids online and you can
actually make up to $25 an hour doing
this there are sites like learn for good
green mojo verbal planet chub tutors I
will create a list below for you guys
but there’s plenty sites where you do
not have to be a certified teacher that
you can teach kids online you can teach
English online and you can make really
really good money doing so one that I
rarely hear people talk about is
becoming an online juror
you can actually serve jury duty on line
there are sites such as jury talk online
verdict jury test resolution resolution
research in sign up direct I will leave
those below for you to reference as well
but instead of jury duty being something
that’s like so much of a chore because
you have to get out of work and you have
to get out of bed and you have to go and
sit you can do it from the comfort of
your own home and get paid to do it
online you can test websites and it give
feedback there’s a site called user
testing that you can use and I will link
any other resources below but you simply
get paid to play on websites to test
them out in to provide feedback to the
developers who need that hands-on
feedback it’s super simple easy all you
have to do is play around on websites
and give your feedback and you get paid
for it online transcriptionists make
really good money I’ve briefly talked
about this in another video but I will
leave some sites below where you can do
transcription work which basically is
when you hear someone talking you just
type out the words you can find jobs on
any of their freelancing sites that I’ve
talked about but there’s also a plethora
of other sites
rev scribbly transcribe me 3-play media
quick taped tigerfish Babel type
castingwords workshop crowd surfed go
transcript speech pad transcribe calm
booby cues speak right the list goes on
there are so many opportunities for
online transcriptionists so testily
check out one of those another way to
make money online is to sell photography
you don’t have to be a photographer you
can even use your phone you don’t have
to have fancy DSLRs there is an app and
it’s called the foam app and you can
sell photography to stock image sites
like Shutterstock Adobe stock
can stock photo big stock Getty Images
ala me dream stein deposit photos and
more so I will list those below as well
especially with the way that technology
is and phones are now you can take
really professional-grade images so yeah
I encourage you to take some pics and
sell some to these sites another unique
way to make money online is to become an
online life coach yes this is actually a
so google it and if you have a knack for
inspiring others then this is a super
easy way to make money online if you’re
in college you can actually sell your
notes there’s multiple sites that you
can do this study soup student VIP one
class stevia notes gin in Nexus notes I
will again link those below so that you
can check those out if you take pretty
decent notes there are people that are
willing to pay you for them online
consulting is also huge and it’s blowing
up now so you can consult others on
anything from cooking to relationships
to health and fitness
you anything that you want to consult
others on you can do that you can do
this on your own or you can do it
through any of the freelancing sites
I’ve talked about there’s also some
other sites called coach dot me and any
more that I have I will link below okay
now stay with me on this one you can
actually sell your unlimited cell phone
plan yes so if you have one of those
like older unlimited data unlimited talk
unlimited data cell phone plans that
you’ve been grandfathered in people are
selling these on eBay for a thousand
bucks like I’m not even kidding
the recent people are paying for these
is because the newer unlimited plans
throttled down the internet speed as you
use more and more data and so the older
plans are actually full speed
for all of the data that you use and
they’re worth a pretty good penny now so
if you’ve refused to upgrade your plan
in years you may be able to make a good
coin become a call center rep and you
can do this from home there are sites
like arise working solutions that offer
these opportunities I will put those
below just Google there’s plenty of
opportunities to become a call center
rep from the comfort of your own home
and to make money I talked about it
briefly in another video but you can
actually sell your own t-shirt designs
you can sell them on Amazon sites like
Zazzle teespring you can even do other
merchandise you can do mugs pins if you
have a cool idea for a design or saying
throw it on a t-shirt and you don’t have
to worry about shipping things sites
like these will create the product and
ship it out for you so all you have to
do is think of something cool and slap
it on a product or a t-shirt and you
make money while you sleep it’s a lastly
one way that you can make money online
is to get cash back on purchases every
purchase that I make online I also get
money back
use this site called racket ‘n racket
Rakuten Rakuten every time that i go
shopping online i get cash back that’s a
simple way if you’re already going to do
shopping online can actually get cash
back and they send you the money via
paypal or a check in the mail every four
it’s money that you make super easy and
for free I think by last check I got
like a couple hundred dollars it’s
something fun and easy and a simple way
to make money online so I hope you guys
like this video and you found some ideas
to make money online that are new and
different and fun and creative and
actually help you to make a decent
amount of money online and you can do
from the comfort of your own home so if
you did learn about something you didn’t
know before or if you heard about
something you’re gonna try make sure to
give me a big thumbs up leave a comment
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video and I will see you in my next one

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