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Top ways to make money online in 2019-lU09H0GRczc

hey tackle it here and welcome back to
another episode of the tech lead now as
an ex-googler tech lead I thought it
would be appropriate for me to give you
an overview of the top ways to make
money online in 2019 throughout this
talk I’ll be drinking the substance
actually I know what you’re thinking it
must be lemonade but it’s not it’s
lukewarm actually now the key thing I
want you to understand is that we are
living in an age of influencers that’s
the current trend that is driving
virtually all online business right now
however simply being an influencer erm
like myself you don’t generate any
revenue that way right you generate
revenue by pushing some product which as
I’m talking about I encourage you guys
to be buying some of my stuff make sure
that if you haven’t bought something
from me already then go buy it right now
and I will wait for you there’ll be
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influencers generate revenue by pushing
products so there are a few sites you
can be on here you can either be the
influencer or you can be the product or
you can help either of these sites right
you can help the influencer influencer
or you can help create the product so
the first way to make money is that you
can be an influencer and the key to
understand here is that you don’t
necessarily need to be some huge
influencer like Casey Neistat who’s just
appealing to everybody really all you
need here to make a living or even some
side income is to have a small niche
blog podcast YouTube channel maybe a
Facebook group and Instagram page in
which you can push some product and the
key word here is niche right if it’s
some really small group of people but
they’re very focused like let’s say it’s
a group of dog owners whose dogs have
diabetes and you’re just tailoring all
of your tips for that then if there was
some product that were to help dogs with
diabetes then you could get them all set
up and you would start being able to
generate revenue quite quickly and so
you can do this with any medium YouTube
and podcasting are two pretty big
mediums these
days and the key thing to remember here
is that you don’t want to dilute your
audience or channel with a bunch of
other random stuff for example this
channel is purely focused on tech
software engineering with a little bit
of personal finance thrown in just for
kicks but once you start diluting your
channel way too much then your audience
becomes too widespread it’s just really
hard to sell products to this group of
people sponsors aren’t going to want to
work with you now one thing is even if
your channel isn’t that big and you
don’t have sponsorship deals which you
don’t necessarily need you can still get
yourself all set up by setting up your
own sponsors and affiliate links like
one common technique is Amazon affiliate
links in which you just recommend
products for people to buy there’s also
all the both trial links and the whole
bunch of other affiliate links that you
can get set up you can also work with
people in your space maybe some other
influencer has some other deal or some
project that they’re trying to push and
you can just offer it that you can help
them push whatever product that is and
take some commission off of that so
that’s the first way now the second way
that you’ll be able to generate revenue
online is that you can actually be on
the product side in which you come up
with the product not everybody needs to
be an influencer you know there’s really
two sides of the equation to be able to
generate revenue here if all you do is
sell a product then that works good as
well and then you can find influencers
in which you provide some revenue share
and then you push out the product that
way actually there’s a researcher over
at UC Berkeley named Peter Scopus and he
has been contacting me recently he’s
been writing guides just online ebooks
and then he asks me to push them out so
actually one book that he had written is
how to make money online through reading
ebooks and he teaches you all of this
but he essentially goes through the
basics of using a site like Gumroad
use that to set up your product he goes
into much more detail there are a number
of other platforms you can use to sell
stuff online so Gumroad this one there’s
also Etsy Shopify Amazon eBay
udemy for courses and more so you can
think about what you want to sell right
it may be a digital product in which
you’re selling say document like a book
that you just write up it could be a
song a zip file maybe some recipes
ingredients any number of these things
it can also be a physical product in
which you just go out and you print
stuff and you custom create these things
and then
can sell that and I’ve seen someone for
example they take their own photographs
of really nice-looking animals and then
they print it on wooden blocks through
another printing service and then they
sell you that completed product and you
can easily just set up an e-commerce
where and to be able to sell these
there’s also Etsy and other platforms if
you’re looking for that distribution
once you’ve created this project you’re
going to need the marketing and that’s
really where you go find some influencer
in your space offer them a little bit of
Commission right and then they’ll be
able to help push your project out for
you if you negotiate that deal and email
enough people that’s at least the
strategy that Peter has been going for
so check out his guide if you’re
interested in that there’d be a link in
the description below now there’s
another type of selling online here that
I would categorize a little bit
differently but I would consider it
selling at scale so this would be like
drop shipping using Amazon FBA in this
scenario you buy a bunch of stuff right
maybe you go through Aliexpress and you
just order like a hundred different
French press machines and then you go on
Amazon and you sell them at double the
price and you put in your own listing
maybe upload your own photographs and
just make the project look nice you send
all the items over to Amazon you never
really handle the products and then it’s
a nice passive source of income and
there are other platforms as well like
Shopify or
eBay I’ve seen what some people do is
they’ll actually go on Amazon and print
t-shirts right so amazon has a t-shirt
printing service nowadays they’re still
ramping that up but actually this shirt
I printed off Amazon and you can buy
this shirt as well respect the tech lead
in the description below
I’ve heard of some stories where people
will find some trending topic right like
Game of Thrones and then they’re going
to go print t-shirts with references to
that series of course you need to be
very careful about copyright violation
but if you’re able to do it in a slant
enough way you know with your own
artwork then you’ll be able to come up
with something that will appeal to
people within that fan base and then
what you can actually do here is you
take out Instagram ads or Facebook ads
that are highly targeted to this
specific group of people who happen to
like Game of Thrones and using that very
targeted advertising you’re able to get
your marketing out so in this scenario
sure you can go work with influencers
but they’re going to want some cut and
it may not be targeted very well right
unless you
find some influencers specifically in
your space but in this scenario you can
actually just bypass all of those
influencers and just go straight to
using advertising that are highly
targeted and that can actually get you
set up you just skip the influencers
altogether there now another popular
trend has been the something of the
Month Club for example I subscribe to a
coffee of the Month Club and you can
join me on that too if you like there’ll
be a link in the description below atlas
coffee of the club they send you a
coffee from around the world somewhere
every single month and it’s just fun and
they give you a postcard about that as
well somebody else is going to go
through all the trouble of figuring out
what’s good for me and then send that to
me as a fun little surprise and you you
have like beef jerky of the Month Club
you have Japan candy box where they send
you some fun Japanese snacks every month
I think the great thing about this type
of business is that it is incredibly
consistent so you don’t also don’t need
a whole bunch of customers right if you
have a thousand people subscribe to your
servers and every month they pay you ten
bucks you send them some Japanese candy
that’s already a 120 K business right
there it’s not enough to build a whole
company around necessarily but it’s
enough to sustain yourself and it’s some
pretty decent passive income that way
and because you’re monetizing that so
well and it’s so consistent you just
don’t necessarily need to be taking out
ads all the time and it can also spread
through just basic word-of-mouth
messaging because people are being
reminded every month that there’s this
new package coming in and then they
share that with their friends it’s
now there are so many different ways to
make money online and one huge category
actually has to do with just general
freelancing work right
you could go drive uber cars you can
just go offer your services whatever it
is do some contract work do some odds
and ends but I want to highlight for you
a few roles that are and especially high
demand nowadays in the influencer
economy so one is video editing you have
so many youtubers these days everyone’s
trying to be a youtuber and I love these
people are actually fairly successful
right they need help they’re so busy and
a lot of them will go look for video
editors and if you were to just learn
some basic video editing skills pick up
some premier or Final Cut Pro you’ll be
able to land a job with any of these
people pretty easily if you can just
show that you’re reliable and you’re on
time and you’re hard-working you know
with a video editing another decent road
here is virtual assistant which is
pretty big these days right like again a
lot of people are very busy these days
so people are looking for trustworthy
reliable virtual assistants who can help
them with all of their tasks and just
steadily get away a lot of the things
they don’t want the handle in life a
good virtual assistant can manage
multiple things are on top of things and
are really well organized and you know
the great thing about these virtual
assistants I think is that they can pick
up multiple jobs at the same time if
they’re able to handle that and they can
be living anywhere they want they could
be off living and talent with multiple
contracts for virtual assistants and
living in pretty decent life I would
social media manager is another one
where you help influencers manage all of
their social media presence and then
there’s also a bunch of other things you
can find like if you’re good at digital
art logo design t-shirt design you can
join 99designs comm in which there are
contests every day where you can just go
find some contests that you may be
interested in entering and then just
submit your design if you win you win
the grand prize get some money out of it
that way some of these sites include
upwork TaskRabbit the Fiverr craigslist
or remote CEO in which you can go find
remote work and of course one more way
is that you can actually just get rid of
your old stuff if you have a house or
apartment with an empty room renting
that out could actually be an excellent
source of site income and could get you
like a pretty nice dinner every month I
remember when I was living in New York
City I wanted to travel Europe for over
a month and so during that time I just
rented my apartment now and the whole
trip was essentially free it was paid
for because I had rented out the
apartment and finally the best way to
make money online is to continue to
watching this channel remember to give
this video a like and a subscribe ring
that notification Bell check out my
links in the description below buy my
stuff and in no time you’ll be making
tons of money negative money that is
online let me know what your top tips
are on making money online I’ll see you
next time thanks bye

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