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Touring Musician _ How I Make Money-ubrUyboNmto

alright back on the road
finishing up this run with Dwight Yoakam
doing the second set of three shows as
usual I have no idea where we are
I think we’re somewhere in Virginia
we’re in Virginia so in today’s video I
wanted to talk about something that I’ve
been thinking about for a while and
haven’t really covered on the channel
but in the last tour vlog I put up a
couple weeks ago people in the comments
were asking and so I figured I would
address it in today’s video and that is
how do I get paid how do musicians get
paid how do you get paid when you’re on
the road and a touring band or in studio
sessions what’s the differences between
being in an original band or being a
hired gun so we’re going to talk about
that in today’s video
like my village in the street oh no this
is kind of nice
surely you should
we have to park around the factory but
we can go ahead and get her helmet okay
made it to our stopping point for
tonight Morgantown West Virginia next
remembered as soon as we pulled in here
that I’ve played here before with muddy
magnolias back two years ago apparently
so hotels like super haunted Kelly by
the way cardi she died in a bathtub in
314 yeah but for real that’s like 314
supposed to be the most haunted room so
can’t wait to go in it
oh come on Fry no I did fry dude sure
it’s this one
all right first show of this run
Greensburg Pennsylvania nice
another date of the green room
all right strapped first soundcheck of
this run sounds really good man yeah
feels tight it was playing the tweed on
this one I literally like turn all my
pedals off it was yeah I’m telling you
all you need to do yeah
well there you are speaking guys let’s
say we’re yeah
it’s not
well it’s the first time I’ve seen snow
all year and it’s in middle of March
this is what happens here in
Pennsylvania I know you guys tell me
all right Troy Ohio Hobart Arena tonight
found the Zamboni
so I wanted to address this question of
how I get paid this is kind of a
important area that I don’t think a lot
of people really talk about all that
much so most of what I do would be
considered hired gun or work for hire
situation you can think of it like a
contractor I am a contractor who gets
paid for a specific gig on a gig by gig
basis on a set rate now one of the
comments I saw in the last video that I
did with Noah said that oh you split
everything on tour and well sometimes is
the case with certain bands especially
if you’re an original band or something
like that
that’s not the case on this gig so in
this case I don’t split any of the money
with Noah or Noah’s management or
booking agency or anything like that now
there’s pros and cons to that the pros
are when we’re in a situation like this
as an opening band the band is not
actually making that much money as an
opener so someone in my position I have
a guarantee per show rate that I’m gonna
make no matter how much the artist does
or doesn’t bring in the flipside to that
obviously is if and when Noah blows up
and starts pulling down 25 35 $40,000 a
show my set rate will probably go up but
it will never get to the point where it
matches the artist that you’re playing
for on top of that depending on the gig
you might also make money on travel days
and you’ll also get a per diem or a per
day payout and that’s what you can use
to buy food when you’re on the road or
you can save up your per diem you know
eat cheap when you’re on the road and
I’ve heard of guys saving their per diem
on a tour and then buying a really sweet
piece of gear a new guitar or a cool amp
or cool pedal or whatever but the reason
that you want to be on these tours is
for exposure by jumping on with an act
like Dwight Yoakam we are now exposing
Noah and Noah’s music to thousands of
fans every night haven’t normally
heard what we do so in the hopes that
next time we come through this town and
the other towns in this run we’ll be
able to fill up a smaller venue this is
one thing I like to do sometimes before
show is find a seat somewhere in the
venue and just come and sit and hang out
for a minute just by myself I love the
dudes that I travel with I really do
they’re some of my best friends in the
world but sometimes it is nice when
you’re in a van with somebody and you’re
surrounded by people literally 24 hours
a day it is nice to kind of take 15 to
20 minutes to kind of break away and I
use this time to kind of gather my
thoughts thinking about the show think
about what we’re doing what we got to do
is kind of Center myself I found that
when I take time to actually do this I
don’t know I feel healthier I feel like
I’m in a better place I feel like I play
better I feel like I’m more focused on
what’s going on I mean we’ve got like
two and a half hours before show time
here so I’ve got some time to walk
around chill out
rest my ears a little bit and then put
on a great show tonight
so that was a pretty stressful load in
and soundcheck I actually didn’t end up
filming any of it because we didn’t have
a whole lot of time and it’s kind of a
tighter stage tonight so soundcheck went
okay we’re all pretty tired we had a
super early morning today so not playing
well I think I sound that great but take
a break get some food get some coffee
and I think we’ll have a good show
all right first night my sparkly jacket
being pulled off dude
you difficult at all whoo

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