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HOW I MAKE MONEY AS A 13 YEAR OLD! _ Marla Catherine-TnU67wtv7Us

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HOW I MAKE MONEY AS A 13 YEAR OLD! _ Marla Catherine-TnU67wtv7Us

hi I’m Mario Catherine and if you did
here subscribe so did anything is going
to be a higher in money as a team so I’m
13 years old and I make money and a lot
of people will have asked me like how I
soared to have a lot of room decor or
stuff like that or how I have a very big
variety of clothes and a lot of people
ask me that all the time
I know it’s not because no parents or
rich or anything it’s because I make
money off of youtube and I didn’t eat
your videos get my parents pay for you
like my food and like my parents like my
necessities you know but anything extra
or expensive that I want I’m neither and
have to wait till Christmas or my
birthday or I buy myself and most
sometimes I just find it myself
so if YouTube doesn’t work for you and
if you just feel like it’s not working
and you’re not making any revenue from
it and you could not about the money but
you know that’s a good exponent to it
then you can’t try out these other
things I’m about to tell you guys to
make money super easy and kind of fast
you know so let’s get into the video so
the first tip or step 2 or anyway I
don’t know a guy some call it taking
online surveys or downloading apps like
shot bounty and stuff like that so yeah
you can take online surveys and they’ll
pay you to do it
poetic size bucks but like you know if I
bust you in there adds up so if you next
way you guys can earn money is by
selling your old clothing most people
end up giving your old clothing to a
little sister or they donate them to di
or whatever and that’s good and all but
if you want to make a fast buck off of
it then you can sell your clothes on
like your Instagram story I have a
friend that does this all the time shoes
clothes they’re also learn some stories
and they Kennedy and her prices and all
stuff which is an awesome way of selling
your clothes then I think about
Instagram stories now is because you can
excel your clothes on them especially if
you had like a private account where
mostly only people you know follow you
as you can interests like shipping it
out to them to just give it to them you
know pay you the next way of earning
money it’s specifically for more of like
warmer climates and stuff not like Chloe
and snowy here and you talk but when I
get the warmer you can have your own
lawn at morning
business or a hard work business or
doing their work your neighbors or
offering if you doubt the garbage for
your neighbors you know like doing but
like everyday chores that most people
don’t want a because a lot of them will
want to pay you just like ten bucks you
want to do it my brother and it all told
me I would do this all the time out it
make a little flyer and then I put on
the mailbox I don’t know if everyone’s
allowed to do that but it put on like
the neighborhood mailbox and then also
in other ways just making little small
flyers and they can click on everyone’s
doors or if it’s very fast way is just
making having your mom like make a
Facebook post about it like this video
my kid wants to make money the next way
of making money is if you do want to try
out YouTube I would start off by
blogging because wanting you just need
your phone and you can just upload it
blogging is a lot more raw and unedited
so it’s a lot more easier especially for
you together so I would suggest that if
you do want to try out YouTube the next
time running that money is probably and
obvious I know it most people already do
it but babysitting anything I actually
have a babysitting what I wanted a video
on my channel it’s pretty like crunchy
or whatever because there’s my second
video on my channel they’ll have that
link down below but I do have some
pretty good system there so you have to
go check out and then just is the same
as one going and like advertising your
yardwork you can do the same thing as
having your mom post on Facebook about
my child will be to your kids so yeah go
watch the old video to go and get some
the babysitting tips the next way making
money is starting an Etsy shop I think
Epis shops are awesome because if you
love to do something and you can make
money off of it that’s like a win-win so
if you are very good painting or crafty
or you like to mix tough and you think
that people other people would like it
but you can easily just sell them on to
SD and and that is a really great way of
making good money and as long as this
homemade you can’t sell it because fe
and you can’t resell things are already
made you know as long as you guys it
make things that you think what other
people would like in our home
and then that’s great you should go
check out SD so I have two very simple
one collecting cans like aluminum cans I
don’t know about you Viking and pretty
sure you how does it but if you collect
like this soda cans aluminum months
they’ll pay you like a cent per bottle
which is like really small but if you
like I’ll save of all your cans and that
then just summer turn them in then you
can like get money um but for an example
I did have a family friend and whenever
you’d go and had dinner together at
their family or family parties she would
just go and collect everyone’s cans and
put into a trash bags and that you just
keep it I know that she did make money
off about so that was awesome
and I did think it was so like cool that
she was just from like you know soda
cans oh so awesome and it’s also a good
way ever recycling so what the last one
is kind of a variety of things and I
don’t know they do take a lot more work
but I do think they pay off more so of
doing the lemonade stand bake sales and
garage sales yard sales all that stuff I
was so awesome and I used to do low
lemonade stands with my sister all the
time and just the neighborhood’s
like kids I’ll come by you know with the
best better mom for $1 and for me oh he
has like 30 boxes and of themselves so
that was awesome it’s also a super good
way to like spend time with your friends
it might get our so go try out that was
a good experience even if you don’t make
that much money like fun you know

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