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How To Make Money Online – Brian Rose and Robert Kiyosaki [The Rich Dad Radio Show]-F7e7XRwLNCc

this is the rich dad radio show the good
news and bad news about money here’s
Robert Kiyosaki hello this is Robert
Kiyosaki the rich dead radio show
broadcasting from Scottsdale Arizona Old
Town Scottsdale Arizona where is he Brad
heaven or hell and right now in the
middle of Hell it is hot so anyway we
played this song as some of you may
recognize it let’s see the song from The
Apprentice which was Donald Trump’s
reality TV show and today he is
president Trump so what does that have
to do with today’s show and today’s show
is for all of you people who are
entrepreneurs or wannabe entrepreneurs
and it’s about the number one tool or
skill or I don’t think what you call it
today you they got it though you don’t
have it and it’s the best a tool called
social media and that was kind of
laughing cuz you know I always watch
these people attacking trumping and on
the Democrat side or CNN and you’re the
Battle of Fox versus CNN and you know
it’s such a boring battle and and people
are now calling Bernie Sanders who’s
running for president for the second
time he ran against Hillary Clinton
feels may not remember they now call
them conrad know comrade comrade Sanders
and I’m going Jesus and most of this is
they have to oppose Trump them and you
can’t be like Trump because he’ll kick
your butt in the world of capitalism and
so we have all of these guys now like
Sanders and Warren and all these
characters up on stage and they’re all
trying to be more communist than the
capitalist and the reason I chose the
song from The Apprentice discuss these
you know they referred to him as Trump
as a reality TV show guy these clowns do
not realize that that’s the why that’s a
raisin Trump wins yes because he’s media
savvy he sucks in the moment he and I
were supposed to write a book together
about in 23rd book and at 2015 he was on
this rich dad radio program missus
can’t do it cuz I gotta run for
president it was like he announced the
rich they had radio show and ever since
then he has sucked the air out of the
media because as those clowns who hey
I’m not Republican Democrat not run take
sides here but everybody has got to go
so against him because he’s so media
savvy so hey that’s reality TV show and
now every morning everybody wakes up to
see what the guy is tweeting and
twatting and all this stuff how that guy
is media media savvy so that’s a long
way of saying is that if you’re an
entrepreneur or want to be an
entrepreneur or a struggling
entrepreneur you’ve really got to be
media savvy primarily like on YouTube
and those channels so if you really want
to make money money money money it is
your most one of your most important
skill sets today is how do you get into
the media world and the good news is you
don’t need to have be a CNN or a fox you
can be a little person sitting in your
little room with your little iPhone or
whatever you how you guys do it and you
can make money all over the world and so
that’s why I have a little bit of
problem with all these wimps that these
socialists are going after you know
these poor people don’t have jobs they
don’t have money they need free
education they need free food free
manicures free pedicures learn to get on
social media and do something I’d say
any comments there’s there’s so many
ways to make money on the Internet these
days but we’re good we got a really
special guest today he’s just a really
great great guy’s name is Brian Rose and
he’s the founder and host of London real
and what London real is he it’s kind of
like you know Richard Branson when he
took on British air you know and he came
up with virgin airways because he wanted
to kind of be the underdog so Brian
started did the same thing because he
wants to go after the BBC and all these
traditional news stations with all this
bad news
I don’t watch traditional news anymore
because I leave depressed and kind of
just down so Brian’s really made a name
for himself and for London real and it
is it is online it’s on YouTube it’s a
podcast and he has a huge following and
really what his mission is as he wants
as he says he wants quality content that
actually improves people’s lives opens
their mind and has a lasting impact what
a novel idea and I want to thank Brian
cuz I’ve been on this program three
times now and Kimmy just on it right
yeah a couple weeks ago and so Brian is
one of the most impressive guys he comes
from Wall Street not similar to Trump
but he comes from the finance world and
he moved to London and he started in his
little apartment in London and now he is
a media force throughout the world he’s
he’s bigger than many TV stations now so
that’s the power of today’s subject for
all you people out there who want to
make more money be more effective get
your message out into the world today’s
program is for you or you can listen to
comrades comrades Sanders or Elizabeth
Warren or a OSI and talk about how
Trump’s are bigger than all this stuff
and it doesn’t get you anywhere but a
week and you can do that too and you can
talk about how the rich are ripping
everybody else or you can just get rich
the choice is up to you so welcome to
the program Brian Rose is the founder
and host of London real one word is
London second word real re-al in his
immediate and transformational company
best known for his weekly live video
talk shows like I said Kim was just on
it have been about three times right now
and the more I get to know Brian the
more impressed I get very very generous
okay says it’s not the media it’s the
message so for all of you out there who
have a message this is the guy you
should listen to today so Brian first of
all thank you for having Kim and I on
your program and second law welcome to
the Rich Dad radio show well thanks so
much for having me I really appreciate
I’m a big fan of of both of you and what
you do and your messages and it’s funny
you brought back some great memories
there when I started doing this about
eight years ago my tagline was putting
the BBC out of
business and for an American in London
that’s a pretty bold thing to say
but it was always an inside joke because
the BBC is actually funded by the
government via taxation of individual
people so you actually can’t put it out
of business and go to jail by that but I
always thought it was funny and it got a
lot of people’s attention and the truth
is we’re living in an attention economy
right now and it’s all about getting
people’s attention and the biggest
problem that any business person can
have or a politician or anyone out there
is obscurity because if I don’t know you
I can’t do business with you if I don’t
know you I can’t vote for you and you
can see it now with the Democrats you’ve
got twenty four people you know they’re
all struggling not to be obscure and so
I’m in the attention business and that’s
what we’ve been doing for eight years
getting people’s attention by creating
and as you said earlier Robert everyone
has these tools it’s never been easier
to create ideas to create a business
online you just got to get out there
understand how to do it and get the
attention that’s what it’s really about
right so what you might you know I’ve
heard this one statements every every
kid in China wants to be a rocket
scientist and every kid in America wants
to be on YouTube so anyway would you
mind giving us your evolution from wall
street in America to London in a little
apartment and now to be a media force in
many ways more powerful more influential
than the BBC how’d you do that yeah it’s
a great question so I grew up in San
Diego and I was really into computer
science and science fairs I went to the
California State science fair and I
ended up going to the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology in Boston and
got a degree in engineering and really
got very interested in finance and I
went to work for Wall Street when I was
about 22 years old and really got
excited about finance learned a lot
about derivatives and trading and it
ended up bringing me to London where I
spent nine years and the credit
derivatives business here I had all the
top banks as my clients I was doing
business with Goldman Sachs and JP
Morgan and the
Scotland and all of these different
companies even Lehman Brothers I
remember when it fell I had about six
clients over there who lost their jobs
and so it was an exciting time learned a
lot about how to make money but at the
same time I was looking for something
else and I could see that social media
the internet online YouTube was starting
to kind of kick off and I wanted a new
challenge and so I walked out of my job
and I started broadcasting on YouTube in
2011 with just a few webcams nobody was
really doing this back then and I knew
that if I put in the time and I created
value that I could build something
important so and that’s what we’ve been
doing so Brian there’s so much
information on the internet there’s so
many people out there talking and got
the podcasts and everything how did you
or how do you differentiate yourself
from all these other people you know I
stick to this four-letter rule that I
always follow and I teach my students
and that’s this concept of QVC a and
that stands for quality value
consistency and authenticity and that’s
what you need to do too if you want to
establish yourself online and even if
you look at you know what Donald Trump
does you can see he uses all four of
those things so again quality you got to
make sure that you’re putting out things
that are of high quality and of
relevance so if you watch the interviews
with with you too we’re in you know six
camera high definition you know high
production value video value people are
learning something from the content that
I put out really important consistency
we’re producing too full to our episodes
you know every single week and then
authenticity I want to be really Who I
am I want to talk about my background I
want to talk about real problems and
real solutions so that’s been the key
and that’s what I teach everyone and if
you look at the winners in this space
the ones that win the attention economy
that’s exactly what they’re doing let me
let me play devil’s advocate the what so
who are the failures on YouTube I mean
they don’t have any quality they have no
value they’ve no consistent
they have north authenticity I mean
could you give the other side of it what
happens well a lot of people see what’s
on YouTube and think okay I can just be
another vlogger I can just be someone
and what they end up doing is first
thing to do is they try to copy someone
else’s style so again they break that
fourth rule which is authenticity and
with online media especially long-form
content people can smell a fake and they
can smell a rat a mile away this isn’t
like a short piece on the BBC or on fox
news where for three minutes you might
be able to sound intelligent over time
people are going to recognize if you’re
authentic so that’s the first one the
second one just the consistency of
putting together two pieces of video
every week most people realize that that
takes a tremendous amount of effort and
they kind of end up quitting and back to
the other rules sometimes people put
content out that just doesn’t add value
to anyone’s life they talk about there’s
a lot of that out there there’s a lot of
that this is my car this look at my
breakfast yes yeah hey Brian where we’re
from we’re from Hawaii oh my gosh and
these Japanese tourists come to this
little great little farmers market and
they’re there discussing their plate
lunch I just crack up who wants to watch
you eating a plate lunch but apparently
they’re all sitting there you know yeah
it’s not a way to build anything that’s
gonna last or be super relevant unless
you really think about those four core
principles so that’s what I stick to and
that’s what the winners do and if you
look at what they do it I mean back to
Donald Trump I mean he stay he is not
oops oops
Donald Trump he was on this Donald Trump
or didn’t find up hang on Brian
we lost you when you started talking
about Donald so here goes Chavez maybe
the BBC is listening Oh
Brian are you back yeah I’m here did you
lose me first lost you but you were
talking about Donald Trump and why
Donald Trump successful just pick it up
there no problem so if you look at
Donald Trump he uses the media as a tool
to make sure that he’s on people’s mind
and that makes him relevant and you can
see the biggest problem that most of the
Democratic candidates struggle from now
is is most of them are failing in
obscurity I couldn’t name more than five
of the candidates and they’re now on
stage trying to one-up each other in
order to become relevant and it’s kind
of funny to see that that’s what they’ve
was you know that’s what they’ve gone to
as opposed to going out with these bold
strong statements so again we’re in the
attention and economy right now it’s
attention is is more important than
money to a certain extent and if you
look at even YouTube which is my
platform that is always trying to pull
you in and take as much time of your day
as possible and all the great tech
companies are pulling you in for
attention because that ends up being
long-term value and so if you can
understand that game you can use it and
one thing that I see to Brian that you
do that Donald definitely does and some
of these successful bloggers YouTube
youtubers do they know their audience
they know who they’re talking to so
Donald nailed his audience he knew who
he was talking to and he talked to write
to them but then there’s people that
just talked to everybody and they think
that whatever they throw on the wall of
hope hopefully something will stick but
you’ve got to know who you’re talking to
and know your audience yes yeah that’s
the biggest mistake that a lot of people
make is they try to be too many things
too too many people and there’s there’s
a concept with the internet called the
long tail there’s a great book about
that and the idea is that you can go out
there and find a small audience that are
gonna be your huge fan base and the idea
is you really want to speak to that what
I call a micro niche a small group of
people and you can build an entire
business on say 10,000 or 100,000
customers out of seven billion people in
the world and you know Donald Trump
understood his audience very well much
better than the public who just didn’t
get it they thought he was talking to
everyone and he wasn’t so knowing your
audience is crucial
and and you can’t please everyone that’s
the biggest mistake I think a lot of
people make on social well this first
this first half went really quickly when
we come back with Brian rose again he’s
the founder and host of London real
re-al and his website is London real TV
TV live in London real dot TV and we
come back we’ll be talking to Brian
about questions I have also you have
long form versus short form and as you
know most people have the attention span
of a roach actually the attention span
today I believe is like eight seconds so
we’re gonna talk about long form versus
short form will talk to you about will
ask you questions about how you make
money or the subscription model and
number three is very important when I
was on your office in London you were
telling me you actually teach your skill
I mean you’re so generous like which you
are a generous man
or human being but you actually teach
people how to do what you do so we come
back would be going to more into that
what I which I think is I don’t thought
technology the tool the skill is how do
you become a force on social media today
so we’ll be right back hello hello hello
robert kiyosaki the rich debt radio show
the good news and bad news about money
and recent playing that song we’re
talking about former real estate guy
donald trump who is now president Trump
we’re talking about how a lot of the
people that hate them just call him a
reality TV show guy he’s a much more
than that this guy dominates the
airwaves today I mean people love him
and hate him and I mean he’s just making
more money you know political capital to
using social media so that’s our story
today our guest today is Brian Rose he’s
the founder and host of London real ello
and the O n re al his website is London
real TV and you can listen to the rich
dead radio show anytime anywhere in
iTunes or Android and all of our
programs are archived at Rich Dad we archive this program
you’re an education company and one of
the best ways to learn is lesson or
repetition so if you listen to this
program one more time two more times
you’ll pick up whole new distinctions
because a lot of times we it takes a
while for the brain or the mind to
absorb what is being said at the
sentence a lot of times you read a book
for a second time you watch a movie for
a second time or you swing your putter
at three or four times you get better at
things so all of our all these podcasts
are archived at Rich Dad
listen to it again but more importantly
have your friends family and business
associates listen to it and discuss it
if you discuss it your knowledge on this
subject will go through the roof so any
comments Kim yes so you know
on another note you know we talk a lot
about capitalists and capitalists today
is like a four-letter word and people
think capitalists are evil and greedy
and they’re the cause of all our social
problems but there’s a real need for
what you and I Robert called social
capitalists or conscious capitalists and
I would say that’s what Brian is because
Brian started on Wall Street and then in
London but his real purpose is to
improve people’s lives right and he’s
making good money doing that and as long
as he’s creating great value he should
be making a lot of money doing that and
he started with this big audacious goal
so I will put me out of business well
you know we got CNN over here but
they’re putting themselves out of
business anyway we’ll talk about social
media and how Brian is a generous man
because he is a social capitalist he
wants all of us to win so Brian the
first question I had is number one is
how do you make money at it and then are
you willing to teach other people and I
think those are the things that our
listeners need to know because it is in
my opinion the number one skill today or
tool today of an entrepreneur so the
first question what is your business
model and you can save as much as you
want or as little as you want but well
how does a person make money in this
genre yeah it’s a great question and
just before I get into that I wanted to
address the conversation that I have all
the time and that’s when people ask me
about short form
versus long-form content because most of
us these days are bombarded by an
Instagram feed that just gives us tiny
little bits of content most of us have
hundreds of Facebook friends we’ve never
met we’ve got a mobile device that’s
buzzing in our pockets but what I found
is that people are really looking for a
human connection they don’t feel that
connection anymore with all of these
devices and so when they invest in a
piece of long-form content when they
listen to a Robert Kiyosaki or Kim
Kiyosaki for an hour and a half talk
about money they feel something they
haven’t felt after two days of scrolling
on their phone and so there actually is
a demand for long-form you just have to
present it in the right way and allow
people to just take a break from that
constant scrolling and make a connection
and how long that’s right how long is
your long-form so we go we go as long as
it’s necessary to understand someone’s
journey and to get the action of a
lesson so if we have to go for two hours
or three hours we do the beauty of the
Internet is someone can choose to listen
to 5 minutes or 15 minutes or three
hours and they can do it at their own
time when they want so it’s not like
television in that sense and and I
always tell my guests if someone watches
your entire show they’re a fan for life
and that and that’s what I found and
people really learn that way I think it
was humans we learn from stories we grew
up as hunter-gatherers as storytellers
that’s how we passed on knowledge and
that’s exactly what I’m doing these days
teaching in a different way not through
university not through an online course
but through really this kind of
long-form storytelling and that’s what
I’m finding people really are engaging
with and building businesses with as
well and that’s what we’ve been doing at
London real so look I’ve been I’m gonna
thank you for being a program three
times for those may not know of this
I’ve done it twice in London and once
Brian actually flew all the way out here
to Scottsdale Arizona that is how
committed this man is to his audience
so do you ever edit the long form or is
it just wrong you know back to that what
I was talking about earlier one of the
four rules is authenticity so we put it
out all this one piece
you know just like you would be
listening to the the grown-ups talking
at the dinner table or if you were
around a campfire you would listen to
the whole conversation and I think
people these days are intelligent enough
and they’re smart enough to understand
what a nuanced conversation has so we
put the whole thing out on iTunes and
YouTube and we also cut it up into small
pieces as well so there are five and ten
minute pieces to get people kind of
interested and that that there’s a real
demand for the long-form content even
though most people are bombarded with
short-form got it
well there must be a demand because you
have what close to a million subscribers
to your show
yeah we’re just hitting a million
subscribers on YouTube and another three
or four hundred thousand on other
platforms and we’ve just broken 300
million views of our content so there’s
there’s a distinct demand for it we’re
really seeing that in the last few years
and is that the primary source of your
of your money of how you make money so
we don’t make money off the content I
use the content kind of the same way
Donald Trump uses Twitter I use it so
people can know who we are and
understand that we have a mission a view
of the world a way that we believe
business should be done that people can
make money by adding value to other
people in any way and if I make a making
that money they can help more people I
have so many of my students Robert and
Kim that come to me that have a poor
relationship with money they think it’s
dirty they they’re uncomfortable selling
but once I explain to them when they
charge money for something first of all
the customer takes more action second of
all they can help ten times more
customers with that new revenue and they
can create value add to the world and
that’s something we really pretty share
so yeah you don’t have to disclose us
but what is it so people actually pay a
subscription how long a subscription for
and if you want to disclose how much is
it and all this stuff yes so again we’ve
always treated YouTube and all these
social media platforms as content
distribution that works I’ve never
relied on them for income which means
that if for some reason they want to
change the algorithm or change the rules
I don’t care because I’ve created my own
independent source of revenue
and it all comes down to something that
Peter Drucker once said he said the
purpose of a business is to solve a
problem and so when I first started I
had people that were watching and
consuming my content and I went to them
and said what are the problems you’re
having and they said Brian we want to
know how to start our own podcast like
you we want to know how to create a
digital business like you we want to
know how to do a TED talk like you can
you teach us and if you listen to your
customer and you ask them this one
question what is the single biggest
challenge you’re currently facing that’s
actually two questions in one the first
question is what do you want and the
second part is what have you failed to
do in the past that’s what it challenges
and once you can solve that then you
have something you can charge money for
and so we created these intense
eight-week programs where we teach
people how to get eight episodes on
iTunes of their podcast to create a
revenue generating business to create a
TED talk and get on stage and that is
our revenue source that funds the media
arm of the company so it’s what you
teach is your business is your profit
model or whatever you call income model
correct and by doing that I think it
allows us to just push our content as
far and wide as possible if I was really
relying on the content for income I
think I wouldn’t even have a tenth of
the views or subscribers that I have but
by giving that away as free product for
exposure when people want to implement
on what I’ve talked about they call me
so the next question assistance so do
you make any money from a subscription
so we’ve played around with the
subscription model in the past where
people kind of join a community and get
content and we have a small part of our
revenue from that but I
the bulk of it now is through these
eight-week courses where we actually
provide an end-to-end solution and
people can walk away and say I got this
one thing these live courses yeah I
teach them live we do it through all of
this new technology so we use we use the
zoom video software a company that just
went public for about 20 billion plus
and we use Facebook groups for live
videos uploaded and we create this
virtual community of people that become
almost like friends and family
all around the world and then when they
finally come to London for a graduation
that we have every quarter people that
have never seen each other they start
hugging each other it’s amazing to see
the connection we can make through just
a digital virtual community but I think
this is the this is the Academy of the
future so what we’re doing by using zoom
and other other resources you can teach
people all over the world yeah I mean
we’ll heavily right now I’ve got a
couple hundred people from I think about
34 countries around the world and I
think it’s 14 different time zones I got
people in Australia that are up at 3:00
in the morning people in Tokyo people in
California and they all upload video so
everybody puts themselves on video they
talk about their passions their business
ideas they upload their speeches and we
create this virtual community of people
that have shared with each other but
also help each other we gamify it and at
the end they actually have a result they
create income they create a speech they
create podcasts and I measure the
results they’re held accountable and if
they don’t deliver then I kind of call
them out so it’s a it’s a new way of
teaching them we’re really excited
amen I’m asked how much how much does a
program cost yes so we but we experiment
with a lot of price points but I like a
high price point product because when
people pay for it they invest and they
go the distance so our products now all
of our eight-week courses list for just
under $3,000 we we also give payment
plans for $600 a month but I find that
at that price point Robert it makes sure
that I don’t waste my time that I’m
dealing with people that are serious
about the result it also means that two
weeks in when I asked you to do
something that’s uncomfortable or that
scares you that you’re gonna do it
because you’ve done what I call the pay
price to action you’ve already
sacrificed something that’s important to
you money and so you want to show up
till the end of the course and I think
that’s why we get the results that we do
because a lot of people they want to
quit when it gets tough but they don’t
want to walk away from that sizeable
investment so and that’s one of your key
points too about you talk about tackling
resistance one of the keys to success is
tackling resistance doing those things
that make you uncomfortable putting you
out of your comfort zone things that
scare you yeah correct in my TED talk I
quoted the author Stephen Pressfield in
his book the war of art and he has a
concept called the
look it’s fantastic you know you know
resistance is anything that stops you
from accomplishing your goal and the
thing about resistance is it’s directly
proportional to the size of the goal
you’re trying to accomplish so the
bigger the goal the bigger the
resistance and the biggest source of
resistance is yourself the narrative in
your head to convince you that you know
you’re too old or you too broke or all
these excuses not for pulling the
trigger and starting a business that’s
the biggest source of resistance and we
teach people to move through it without
emotion don’t get emotional about
resistance just note it and then proceed
proceed forward well yeah I agree with
wholeheartedly with you is you know the
more person pay is the better student
they are and everything we’ve done it
for free we’ve got a bunch of
freeloaders on there we might get out of
a thousand people maybe five who are
worthy should always say but wait give
something away for free we got some of
the worst people on earth and I don’t
mean to disparage them but that’s why I
wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad and I do free
free radio shows and all this but when
when people expect everything for free
and they’re not a customer are they yeah
correct I mean we used to teach courses
for free and no one finished them and it
was so obvious so we give content for
free but when you want to take action
then we ask you to invest in yourself
and then we know that you’re gonna be
there and it’s just better for everyone
that’s the same reason we priced the
cash flow game originally at 195 when
everybody said it’s 29.95 and we’re like
well no if they pay 195 just as you’re
saying they’re invested and they’re
gonna play the game versus just buy it
and stick it on their shelf it’s so true
and I always tell the story I I took a
Transcendental Meditation course about
ten years ago and they charged me two
thousand dollars to learn how to
meditate and I went to every single
class I did everything they said and
today I still meditate and it’s only
because they charge that price point so
I know it’s important to do that Oh
Brian how does somebody sign up for this
course of yours so on our website lynda
real TV we’ve got our four accelerators
and they run once every couple months
again i teach them live and we have a
live community that all goes through the
course together and so all of the
information is there
we teach business broadcasting public
speaking and then also lifestyle
accelerations everything from movement
to eating to meditation to sleep and so
pretty much have everything and what’s
great about you as you’re willing to
help other people join in your success
share your success it’s just such a
great way to live life I you know I I
enjoyed my time on Wall Street but it
was all about me and my bank account and
I so much more enjoy empowering others
and seen them be successful it’s just a
great way to live life so yeah we love
doing this well you’re doing it very
very well so primarily thank you cuz you
inspired me to get off my button get to
more of this stuff because you know I’m
people say why do you keep doing this is
because my work isn’t done and my in on
my job is I was too in the Buckminster
folio says the more people you serve the
more effective you become and so I
haven’t Kim and I have enough money but
hot question is how do we serve more
people so what you’re doing Brian is a
spectacular work and thank you very
important part of the whole mission that
which is to elevate humanity out of this
mess we’re in
so thank you very much thank you Brian
my pleasure and Robert I always think
back to what you told me in Phoenix she
said you know what does God want you to
do and I’m always thinking about that
you know which is a selfless question
you know what does he want you to do not
what do you want to do and so you know
you both give such a great example of
how to serve so thank you for that right
if I could explain that you know cuz I
hear most little greedy little bastards
this is my passion what does God want
you to do that’s what I was talking
I don’t like teaching money but if I
don’t who will
yeah you know I mean that’s where I come
down to and so I might thank you for
your contribution to all our Father our
lives in the world Brian my pleasure
thank you so much for having me on thank
you Brian
then we come back with on the most
popular part of our program which is ask
Robert we’ll be right back welcome back
robert kiyosaki the rishabh radio show
the good news and bad news about money
once again that’s a song from The
Apprentice which was president Trump’s
reality TV show and I played that
because so many people today attack
Trump calling a reality TV show host or
whatever they call him and that guy is a
media genius you know and he’s kicking
everybody’s butt love him or hate him
he’s on your mind you know you he’s got
you if you hate him he’s got your soul
because all you can think about that son
of a bitch
the guy is a media genius love them or
hate them you know I mean and these
yo-yos who can’t get any kind of press
time at all just hate them and they call
they can do is talk about what a jerk
Trump is but guy is a media star sore
today’s programme is a very important
show with Brian Rose of London real ello
nd en re al London real TV London real London real TV because if you’re
gonna be in a hunch bond or you better
be our rock star you know a bigger rock
star you are the better chance of
success you have in the real world
any comments Kim but yeah you gotta be
you gotta be a character and you gotta
have something to say I have something
to say and yeah I remember the very
first time you did your very first talk
to a public audience and you had to give
like a two-minute introduction of your
friend Karl who’s an accountant it was a
breakfast business meeting and you you
practice for weeks you were scared to
I almost had to take over the wheel of
driving there cuz you almost crash the
car and the reason most people don’t
have any money as he can’t sell they
cannot sell sales equals income that’s
that simple
and I’m not I’m not you know my poor dad
I’m not a Salesman so that’s why you’re
poor dad yeah no you know salesmen are
crooks but today you know if you’re not
using social media and our guest was
brought as Brian rose you know he says
I’m going to take on the BBC the
interesting thing as BBC has millions
and millions and millions and millions
of dollars invested in infrastructure
staff and all this and here’s this one
guy operating out of his apartment in
London he takes him on
but but Brian understands like you said
it’s QVC a quality value consistency and
authenticity so entrepreneurs if you
can’t sell you’re out of money and today
has never been easier so that’s why we
had Brian today because I meet so many
people who are struggling financially
when sitting in their back pocket or
their purse is his cell phone and they
could market through the world if the
effort got their act together should I
say like presidents from yes I would
check out London real TV because there’s
a lot of information on there a lot of
great interviews but also Brian’s also a
great teacher because he’s a real
teacher he’s teaching from his
experience and what he’s done and what
he does every single day he’s very
generous with us knowledge so Melissa
asked Robert you submit your questions
to ask Robert Rich Dad so
Melissa what’s the first question our
first question today comes from Kim in
Temecula California favorite book Rich
Dad Poor Dad
she says Robert I’ve just finished your
book fake and really enjoyed it
my question is with all the deep fake
issues and fake news from mainstream
media what platforms do you both consume
for your news that’s a great question
you know personally I like the Jerry
Springer Show because that’s that’s the
best reality TV show I know of I sit
there and just crack up and though if
the humanity is but on the other side of
it is I really want to know something
it’s YouTube you know I don’t believe a
thing CNBC says or Fox News or see us
especially CNN
so I go to YouTube and I listen to
opposing points of view so I have one
guy says let’s say the stock market’s
gonna go up I listen to them and then
I’ll go to the pros owner says it’s
gonna crash it’s because it’s in the gap
between the right and the left or up and
the down is where you get to form your
own opinion so the beauty today is
YouTube is Phil Phil crap but it’s also
a really great teachers I mean fantastic
teachers just fantastic people and so
all these people who are wasted
time I don’t know what they’re on
YouTube for what are they watching cuz
you can’t watch anything you want you
know but YouTube is fantastic teacher
and that’s where Bryan rose and he’ll
actually teach you how to do that and be
successful but you’ve got to be QVC a
quality value consistency and
authenticity comments Kim I think the
most important thing is what you just
said about you know you look at
different points of view different
opposing points of view I mean I love
the TED talks I learn a lot from the TED
we have various newsletters that we
subscribe to but even the newsletters
somebody might say this that’s gonna
crash somebody says it’s not gonna crash
somebody says they’re gonna go to
printing more money some say they’re
gonna tighten more money so you really I
mean the key for for me is you got to
really think for yourself I think that’s
one of the keys not just blindly agree
with somebody or really do your homework
and suss out what really rings true for
you so I’m a big thinker I’m a big
believer and think for yourself get as
many points of view as as possible and
then draw your own conclusions good as
opposing points of view as possible
that’s an open mind yeah but today as we
had Hawkins on David Coggins you know
who can’t hurt me he says you want to
take their soul so you might just take
their souls and that means Trump has
taken their souls I mean people who hate
Trump is on their minds he’s taken their
souls I just love it I said there we all
have friends I was I was sitting on
playing with a dear friend and he was
screaming and yelling what did you this
guy was and that another friend of ours
from Hawaii attacked our this guy who
hates Trump a friend who I loves from
where these guys are arguing away you
don’t going it’s entertainment it’s
entertainment to us but if you don’t get
their minds and their souls you’re out
of business anyway so that’s why all you
nice people out there
you can’t sell that’s why Kim started
with you know we couldn’t sell either
remember the first time Kim spoke in
front of a large audience it was in
and she look like I hate to say it
looked like somebody cut her out of a
cardboard thing she was she was so stiff
2,500 2,500 yes I was hoping for a
hurricane earthquake tidal Lane anything
at that moment to get me out of my
misery but but that’s also what what
Brian is talking through about the
resistance you know I had to push
through the resistance I didn’t want to
do it but I pushed through the
resistance and then and then you you
know you take the next step but one
other point about where you get your
news and we talk about this a lot Robert
there’s facts and there’s opinions a lot
a lot about there is opinions and so
when you look at something or is this a
fact or is this somebody’s opinion
because everybody wants to say their
opinion and I’ll tell you how you shut
somebody up who’s got a lot of opinions
you give them some facts all right I
don’t even care because he’ll argue
about the way they’ll give it their
opinion on the fact anyway you see once
a person has got your soul as coggan
says I can talk about you know Trump did
this I don’t care he’s got them
Trump has got that guy so the I think
the lesson is if you can’t sell you have
to steal as Tom we all right he says
people who steal can’t sell it is tragic
i kim and i have seen it years and years
together people without money have to
steal and they do it in sneaky little
devious little ways and it’s because
they can’t sell and so that’s why i
would strongly recommend for the free
thought he said that’s expensive oh god
that’s cheap you know three thousand
dollars for eight ways to learn from
Brian Rose oh my god and you could make
no about 3,000 he’s ripping me off well
that’s your opinion you cheap little
bugger you and that’s where the world is
a people just operate are the little
emotions and they’re cheap cheap
thoughts and that’s their problem so
that’s the whole less of that you can’t
sell you have to steal if you want to
increase your income sell sales equals
income next question of Melissa our next
question comes from Caleb in Omaha
favorite book unfair advantage Robert
and Kim you speak a lot about the value
of partnership having good partners and
being a good partner would you be
willing to share the lessons you learned
from partnerships that did not work out
there’s some of the best most but what
Kim and I first of all all of our
partners today are especially advisers
can sell they don’t need money remember
this is a Tom real right he is our
partner in the and he’s my accountant he
makes us millions of dollars tom can
sell because he was a Mormon missionary
before he was an accountant he can sell
my best friend Larry Clark was awesome
Mormon missionary that boy can sell and
those guys don’t have to steal the worst
partners are partners who couldn’t sell
they stole and that’s the worst thing
now the good news is is we always say
out of every good every every out of
every bad partner comes a good partner
so we met Tom wheelwright who was our
accountant from a bad accountant and we
met Kenny McElroy who was our real
estate guy from a bad partner and so
everybody we’ve ever met who was bad
taught us what was bad but for some
reason God or the Great Spirit or sent
us the best partners he looked at
Melissa and Tony you know rich had radio
guys we had horrible partners these guys
I don’t know who that what their name
was but if I saw them today
you know I throw darts at them or
something but because of that Tony and
Melissa showed up who put on the Rich
Dad radio show so they always don’t be
afraid of a bad partner because on of
every bad partner has come a great
partner any comment scam well that’s
always the way we’ve looked at and it’s
always the way it’s happened another
personal lesson I’ve had with bad
partners is I found that if they pay lip
service to the mission if they pay lip
service to the purpose of the business
if they pay lip service to the values
that the business stands for and they’re
not aligned to it you’re going to have a
disaster that’s a disaster waiting to
happen and that’s happened to us several
times where our partners were not
on the mission the purpose the values
and it ended it ended very badly and
just remember there’s all of our
advisors can sell and they’re aligned to
the permission and the mission they can
learn how to sell that’s Blair singer he
has a book sales dogs please get that
book because if you said can’t sell
you’re gonna steal you want these people
to say well the government deserves
I deserve this government gift free
income I should get free of this I
should get free food free college
education these guys are thieves and
they play into comrade Bernie and close
above Warren and ALC and all those other
communists because that’s who they want
to listen to so please hear me if you
can’t sell you’re going to steal I got
even worse debt than that 40 years ago
the entitlement the intelligence of
America was only 25% of our budget of
all of our income coming in and tenants
are only 25% today at 70% and going up
that means for every dollar coming in 70
cents goes to entitlement programs
because these people are stealing from
us and that’s why Conrad Sanders and all
those guys are saying we need a
universal basic income we need free
College free food free medicine free
this we’re going broke with that
attitude and that’s what happens when
you have a when you have a school system
run by Conrad’s also like my poor jet
who don’t teach us anything about money
so that’s why you have guys like Brian
Rose I know you have all people hate
Trump but he’s got your soul if you hate
him and ourselves we’d rather teach
people to fish rather than give people
fish so anyway that’s the that’s the
purpose of the rich dad ready to show
whether you like it or not so once again
thank you to Brian rose London real ello
and do and re al London real dot TV no
London real dot yet only real TV and
once again thank you for your questions
to ask Robert can submit them to ask
Robert at Rich Dad and thank
you for the Rich Dad radio show

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