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Hi guys, my name is Ferdy and in this videoI will talk about how to make money online.
How to use the internet to get an income andmake a living out of it?
Let me tell you upfront that making moneyon the internet is possible but you have got
to put a lot of effort in it.
Of course there are people with the rightidea on the right time and make money within
a few days, but in this video I will talkabout ways to make money but you got to work
hard on it every day in order to get to thepoint that you can make money with it and
make a living out of it.
So this is not a how-to-become rich-quickvideo.
I will talk about ten points how to make moneyonline.
Most of them I’ve experienced or I know alot about and I will talk about my experience.
How I look at it, I will also talk about howyou can put it into practice because the theory
is nice but how can you really start doingit and of all the ten points, I will make
videos where I will dive deeper into thosepoints.
So if you like this video please like it,if you have a question or comment please leave
a comment and feel free to subscribe althoughthis is a WordPress related channel not a
how to make money related Channel, so it’sup to you if you want to subscribe or not.
I would like it, it supports me big time soit’s up to you of course now let’s get started.
The first one is Affiliate Marketing.
You’ve probably heard of it.
Let me tell you what it is?
These days you can create online servicesor products and you can sell those products,
so if I have the product, how to make a websiteand I put it online then people can buy it,
but what I also can do I can make an affiliateproduct out of it what does it mean?
I say to other people, go and promote my courseand when people buy my course through your
affiliate link then we share the Commission.
So if I would have a course that is 100 dollars.
Then I can say to people if you refer someoneto my course and they buy it, I give you 50%
which is 50 dollars for you 50 dollars forme.
The great thing is that I make 50 dollarswhen I sell my course but I’m not the one
that promoted the course.
The affiliate did and since the affiliatehas referred the client to me, we share the
revenue and there are a lot of programs thatwill make that whole process automatic, so
that’s the theory so let me show you how Istarted making money on the internet in 2015.
There’s a site and they sellbeautiful themes, for instance, the enfold
Here it is, it costs $59.
What you can do?
If you become an affiliate of theme forest,I scroll down, it says over here become an
I need to fill in some details and now whenI refer someone successfully, I get 1/3 of
the total amount.
So if somebody buys the enfold theme for $59,I get around $19 and that’s how it works and
for me that’s not the end of the story, becausenow we can make a website and say buy the
enfold theme but How will people ever findyour website?
So what I do?
I create value around the product, so whatI’ve done I’ve created a lot of value around
that product by creating a tutorial on howto make a website.
When people search for that how to make awebsite and they see my video and I say get
the enfold theme then they buy it throughmy affiliate link, you get an affiliate link
and in that way ThemeForest knows that theycome through me and then I get a commission.
The great thing about this is when I’ve createdthe video my last one about enfold was in
January 2018 and today I’m still making moneyout of it because people are searching for
So let me see, if I go to YouTube, enfold2018 for instance here’s my video, a really
long video about how to create a beautifulwebsite using WordPress and the enfold theme.
When I published my first video June the 3rd2015 I got 2 sales after 2 months but I got
5 sales after 3 months and I got 15 salesafter 4 months, so don’t give up when you
don’t see results immediately, really go forit, keep on doing what you like to do, creating
tutorials or create a beautiful website, sothat’s how I have done it, but there are so
many more ways to do it if you search fora DJI phantom 4, I don’t know if there’s a
5 already.
A lot of people give reviews and unpackingthings a way, Let me click somewhere, first
you see, that’s they make money that way,I will talk about it later but you can go
over it here, they go to their website andthey probably have an affiliate link to Amazon
or to a vendor that sells this product andthen they get a commission.
So affiliate marketing is sharing the revenuewhen you successfully promote a product or
For me this is the biggest way how I makemoney on the internet today.
If you want to know more about that, the videosare still in the making but you can click
over here and I will tell you more about theaffiliate marketing.
So let’s go to the second one and that ismaking money through Udemy.
If you go to, you can learn a tonof stuff, so let me see, web developer boot
camp, machine learning A until Z, completejava master class.
You can go to trending what’s really popular.
It is my course, that is funny, wow I didnot see that one coming but I like, it’s free
because when I sold it I had to answer questionsand I really want to focus on one thing that
is YouTube.
I upload these videos also to YouTube forfree.
If you have something on YouTube for free,you cannot use the same content on Udemy but
let me talk about Udemy what it is?
On Udemy you can share your knowledge aboutanything about How to raise a pet?
How to raise a kid?
How to make a website?
How to make money on the internet?
There are so many subjects, as long as youknow something and it can make a digital course
out of it, you can use Udemy.
What’s the great thing about Udemy?
The courses are really cheap, they give alot of discounts and that’s why they attract
a lot of people from all over the world.
When I put my course online, I started sellingthe first day I had 36 dollars in one day
so it is a great way and what I also likeif you go to websites like,
you can learn a ton of stuff, you can go to learn about any craft, anything
and you can make it your own.
You can learn it.
You can go to YouTube learn more about itand then we have gained a lot of knowledge,
you can make your own course and everybodyis teaching a different way.
Let me give a shout out to my friend DarrellWilson.
He’s also making YouTube videos about theWordPress like I do and he is different.
He is Native American which I really am jealousof but I’m also happy with how I teach because
I use simple English words because Englishis not my native language, but there are a
lot of people that are teaching the same thingson Udemy, on Lynda and on other platforms
but that’s good because I teach a differentway than Darrell and Darrell different way
than I so, some people are Darrell some peoplelike me it’s all fine so, don’t think yeah
but there’s already a JavaScript course Icannot do that, no you have something different
in the way you teach things then the othercourse maker, so go for it.
If you want to learn more about how to makea course on Udemy so that the real process
then please click over here and as I saidbefore this video is still in the making.
If you take a look at the description yousee all the links to the in-depth tutorials
about all the 10 points.
So let’s go to the third one and let us createyour own course and host it on your own website
and maybe you think why should I do it, ifI can place it on Udemy.
If you take a look at Udemy this course was$199 or Euros and I was just 11 euros or $11.
Udemy will also keep 50% of the revenue.
So if I login and I go to my revenue report,everything is free but let me see, June 2017
I made this amount of money, 400 a, plus 230plus 60 plus 48 minus 14 within 10 weeks I
had a thousand dollars and that’s quite anice amount and it took me three weeks to
create the course and they really needs tobe good you know.
So it’s twelve dollars, mine was ten dollarsand then Udemy got a cut and then sometimes
I got just 25% so I sold a beautiful coursewhich I have worked on for three weeks and
I’ve got two dollar fifty for it, so that’sthe downside of Udemy but if a lot of people
buy it for $2.50 you still get a great amount,but if you host it on your own server, they
can make a lot more money especially whenyou use Facebook Ads and you create a beautiful
return on investment.
So what I’m doing right now with,this is still on progress.
I have a member area and people can buy thiscourse.
Why I’m showing this, it looks really bad,maybe when you see it this day, it will look
Let me see a
I will host it myself.
This is my domain, I bought it with a friendof mine, I’m making a course about how to
get fit.
I’m going to do the course myself so maybein a few weeks or a few months I look better
than this, let’s hope for it I’m going forit and this guy teaches me How to sport, How
to do Fitness, How to do every exercise, Howto eat, How to take rest, How to do everything
to become fit, So when I sell this on UdemyI can get $2 fifty, five dollars per signup
but if I hosted myself we can get $50 persignup and if we would use affiliate marketing
then we would get $25, If we would give theother $25 to the person that promotes us.
So that’s 10 times as much or five times asmuch as on Udemy.
I have a tutorial about this already and youcan see it over here and in the description
so that’s also a great way to make money onthe internet create your own course, host
it on your own website and by the way I useClick bank that helps me to automate the whole
process, so when somebody buys it, the moneygoes to Click bank, the person who buys it
gets all the information to log in immediatelyso they have access immediately and once in
a week, click bank sends some money to mybank accounts.
The fourth one, one of my favorite is YouTube.
You can make money through YouTube.
I’m making money through YouTube.
It’s a small part of what I make because Ihave other ways to make money online but the
YouTube channel is my main source for incomebecause on YouTube people watch my videos
and then they go to the links, to the affiliatelinks.
So YouTube is my source but using YouTubeitself you also have the ability to make money
using Google Adsense and when you get a lotof views you get an invitation to be added
to the program and the revenue depends on,How long the video is?
How many ads you have?
So it can be between two and eight dollarsper a thousand views, so if you have ten thousand
views per day you can have around $70 perday which is really nice of course.
It’s really simple to start a YouTube channel.
You go to Gmail create a Gmail account withthat you’ve created a Google account with
a Google account you can create a YouTubeaccount, but then what should you upload.
I think there are three things really importanton YouTube, to entertain people, make funny
videos, to publish news, people are searchingfor new things.
If you have a nice way of presenting newsmaybe with jokes or just really clear, people
are wanting to see that or the third one educationand that’s what my channel is about I teach
people how to make a website.
People search for how to make a website, theygo to my channel, they see my videos they
get a ton of value and the more people watchit the more people like it and comment and
subscribe, the better my videos will be found.
So in the beginning it’s really hard, youhave to work hard so what I suggest you do
keep in mind that where you want to be ina few years or within the year, be really
How many videos do you want to upload?
How many views you want to have?
How many subscribers do you want to have?
Fantasize about how would it be if I wouldmake $70 per day on YouTube?
Think about is what would I do I could helpmy parents paying the rent?
I could help my brothers and sisters, I cansponsor people that want to do great things
with their life.
Start fantasizing, of course I can buy a beautifulcar one day if I take my wife to dinner I
can go to a really beautiful restaurant, fantasizeabout it, think about it how would it be to
get there and then make a plan.
How many videos do I want to make?
What do I need to make a video?
You need a video camera, you need screen recordingsoftware you need to practice a lot and then
go for it with everything you have, of courseyou can watch Netflix and its entertainment
but you can also take your time to reallygo for your YouTube channel.
You know my wife said to me I don’t want youto play a GTA 5 because it’s really harsh
and then I thought you know what she’s right.
I will do GTA 5 my own life and not the shootingbut building a business and going for it maybe
it’s a little bit weird to say something likethis but that’s how I think you know no GTA,
I will use my time to make something in thereal life and I know in GTA you can buy penthouse,
I probably want to buy penthouse but the ideathat I can buy a house for my wife or my family,
there’s a kid on his way some I really wantto have the best for my family and that encouraged
me to continue to do things like this.
My goal is to have 100,000 subscribers atthe end of 2018.
Right now I forty thousand so I really needto work hard on it but I’m passionate I’m
going for it and you need to have a drivedon’t think.
How can I make money?
No, think of what can I offer to other peopleand if you give other people what they want,
you will get it whatever you want that’s aprinciple I live by and I see it’s coming
true it’s crazy.
Life has strange ways but I don’t have tounderstand everything I just need to flow
with it, is it the right sentence, I don’tknow that’s it about YouTube.
Point 5, a lot of way of making money onlineis do the same thing as YouTube but then with
a website, offer information, valuable content,funny content or just educational content
and then place AdSense on your website andthe the clicks on your website have much more
value than the clicks on YouTube, so you canmake quite more money creating website when
you’ve got the same amount of visitors onyour website as on YouTube and talking about
that then you’re on the right channel becausethis channel is all about teaching people
how to make a website?
So if you want to do that and you want toimplement AdSense then there is a way to make
money online.
Six how to make money online using Fiverr.
Let’s go to don’t just Dream, doWow okay, let’s go and see what we can do
over here.
You can do logo design, WordPress, Voiceovermaybe, I should do a voiceover in my next
Hi, welcome to this channel.
So if I click over here, Male voice, whoaI go for the best one, really quick and based
on what I just said I get two people and theyhave a video, so if I click over here I will
hear his voice probably, "Hi fiver, I’m Jesse.
I’m a professional" that sounds really great,so I can buy something from him and what,
he will do he will do the voice-over for meso I say everything I want him to say and
then he will say I can say I want you to sayit a little bit different then he sends a
new video and then I can use it on my YouTubechannel.
So Fiverr is all about outsourcing things,you cannot do yourself.
So what I do, I let people transcribe my videoson YouTube, this one is transcribed by someone
else through Fiverr but I’m the one that isbuying this but you can be the one that is
offering your service of Fiverr.
You can learn how to make a website usingthis YouTube channel and then when you’ve
got a hold of it you can put your serviceon Fiverr and say hey I can make a website
for you for $100, that’s really cheap formaking a website and then if you make it,
what you can do, you can use a complete website.
You have made through my tutorial and useit as a starting point so it saves you a lot
of time and when you have ten clients andyou say you know it’s $100 per website and
you change a few things you can offer a serviceon fiver or maybe of a beautiful voice or
maybe you can translate everything from Englishto Spanish.
If you have something like that then you canoffer your service and take a look at Fiverr.
There are so many different area where youcan offer your services, so that’s a way to
make money on the internet using Fiverr.
Point 7, how to make money online, ‘Outsourcing’,We were talking about Fiverr but what you
also can do and how it becomes a little bitcrazy.
You can offer your service as a transcriberof YouTube videos so I say, I want to have
$60 for one hour of transcribing and I willtranscribe it for you.
So I pay you $60, you will transcribe my onehour video but, what you can do, you can send
that video to someone from a country wherethey are willing to work for a cheaper rate
and I don’t mean it’s stupid I really meanthere are people in India for instance that
really want to work for $3.00 per hour andyou could say you know what you I give you
five because I want to help your economy.
If it would take six hours for them to transcribethe video then they get $30 but I paid you
60 and you keep $30, so that way you can bea person between me, the one who was a service
and the guy in India who wants to make moneyand do the work for you and maybe you think
this is stupid because you’re ripping offpeople that’s why I want to bring it really
carefully because of course people in Indiashould make good money, but if people in India
for instance love to get five dollars perhour and you get ten dollars per hour and
the guy that wants to buy our service is willingto pay 60 dollars I think everybody’s happy.
So it’s up to you what you do with it butI wanted to give this point because you can
make money this way.
You can become a web designer.
You can learn a craft using YouTube.
You can learn how to make website using thischannel.
You can learn how to make Photoshop througha different channel, you can learn ton of
stuff and what you can do that you can makea website offer your service and get money
for it and what I’ve found, that’s also tip10, the more you develop as a person, the
more you see the value you offer to otherpeople, the more money you can make, so you
can say hey I’ve learned how to Photoshopand you can say I offer my service for fifteen
dollars per hour, but if you become betterand better and better you can say I want 60
dollars per hour.
The thing is when you do that you lose allthe clients that wants to get the best result
for the least amount of money and you probablyattract businesses that think hey that person
is $60 per hour, that’s the real deal, whois probably really grouping because of that
amount and then you will get businesses thatare not… that’d just say you know do the
work, let me know how many hours is and willpay you so, that’s actually tip ten.
The tip eight is learn something how to doit on the internet and then start doing it
as a service a lot of people and that Fiverrgreat thing is that you have a lot of people
on Fiverr that will do it, that are searchingfor your service but it pays less money and
when you do it for yourself having a website,then you can ask more and attract the greater
The ninth one is buying a domain.
Sometimes there are people on YouTube andthere are upcoming stars, you just see it
you know, you see video and you think wowthis guy has potential then you can search
for his whole name, buy the domain for a fewdollars per year and when he grows up or when
he goes viral then you can sell the domainto him or to someone else and also this is
maybe a little bit stupid like hey isn’t thatunfair but it’s also business and again it’s
up to you if you want to do something withit, I did it, there was guy playing for Dortmund
a soccer player in Europe and his name isYoussoufa Moukoko something like that, google
well correct this for me.
This guy he’s really young and he’s such anamazing talent so what I did I bought the
domain, this domain, I pay a few dollars peryear and maybe in five years he is the big
star of Dortmund and he goes to Barcelonaor Real Madrid and he wins the World Cup 2022
for Germany and then when people want to buyhis domain name, it has so much value that
I can sell it for a lot of money and it’sjust a test what I’m doing with this domain.
It’s not my favorite way of making money becauseI think it’s making money in spite of someone
else, but it’s a test and I’m wondering howit’s go so maybe the next five years I pay
a few dollars per year and then in the fiveyears I can sell it for amount of money that’s
a way I personally don’t like it but I wantto show you that it is possible to make money
this way.
And then the tenth point may be the best one.
This for me a real eye-opener read books aboutthe things you want to learn.
I developed so much the latest three yearsbecause I read so much books about development
and since I’ve done that by my self-awarenessand self-image grew like crazy and now I see
myself as a successful person before I wassuccessful, but because I see myself in that
way because I read books about Who I am?
About how people think?
How people work?
How everything works, I believe I attractsuccess because of the person I’ve become
the latest three years and of course I’m stillFerdy, I’m still a nice guy I don’t want to
be arrogant or go crazy but it helped me tosee in myself that, I have something to offer
to the world and it helped me to grow biggerand since I grow bigger, I see more results
in my life and now I think that sky’s thelimit.
So if I can give you a tip for book it wouldbe think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.
Don’t believe everything the latest chaptersare a little bit weird but I learned a ton
of good stuff, listen to Jim Rohn search fromon the internet he has so many great things
to share.
Maybe you know Tony Robbins, he has learneda lot from Jim Rohn.
So Tony Robin’s right now is one of the biggestmotivational speakers in the world and when
I listened to Jim Rohn I feel so much lovefor what he’s doing, a love for the people
that he’s teaching to, so I encourage it,I bought something for $140 but you can also
watch it for free on YouTube and just letyour mind be transformed, you know by the
renewing of your mind.
If you want to transform anything in yourlife be renewed in your thinking it all starts
If you don’t think it, it won’t happen, ifyou do think it you pounder upon it you think
about the things you want to do in life andyou go for it and you read books and develop
you will achieve more in life and not justto become rich but for the person you’ll become.
You are a unique person, you are valuable,you have something to offer to the world that
I cannot offer because you are different thanI am and if you start believing in yourself
that way that you’re beautifully made, thatyou have something to bring, something unique
that nobody else can and you start to learnhow that works and you start to find out what
your talents are and the things you love todo.
You can make a huge difference in this worldand make this place a better place and it
sounds so clich? maybe because it’s true.
Thank you for watching this video.
Please like it and you will see me next timeand subscribe and comment if you have questions,

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