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How to Make up to $15 per Hour Listening to Music! Make Money Online!-gw_t2M02hYA

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How to Make up to $15 per Hour Listening to Music! Make Money Online!-gw_t2M02hYA

that’s better Oh didn’t see you there
but if you want to learn how to make $12
per song just listening to your air pods
you’re not gonna want to miss this video
stay tuned if you’re like me then music
is probably one of the most important
things in your life nothing makes me
feel better than sitting down after a
long day and listening it to my favorite
musician or my favorite artist so what
type of perfect world would it truly be
if you could make a living just by
listening to your favorite music well
luckily with the invention and
popularization of the good old internet
this job and now it does exist and in
this video I’m gonna be showing you how
you can get paid up to $12 just by
listening to a song and before we
actually get started if you are new here
first of all welcome to the strongest
family on YouTube and second of all make
sure you do two things
tap the like button and make sure you
tap the little red subscribe button turn
on notification bells why we will reveal
later on but I promise it will be worth
it and as I’ve said before I am a man of
the people so I saw all of your comments
asking for some making money online
strategies that work outside of just the
USA and so we brought this brand new
strategy that does work worldwide for
you guys and so let’s get into exactly
how this works and so basically how any
business works and how the economy works
is when there’s a problem a business
comes in and creates a solution to that
problem and the bigger the problem the
bigger the solution and the bigger
solution the bigger the money is that’s
involved in that solution and so the
problem in our particular case and what
this video is about is that struggling
musicians or people who are just
starting out as musicians are constantly
looking for a way to get noticed and
gain popularity both for themselves and
of course for their music so that they
can become the next Justin Bieber or
rock star or whatever you’re actually
trying to become and that is where
push comes in so let’s jump into my
screen real quick and I’m gonna show you
exactly how this works and how you can
earn up to $12 just by listening to your
favorite song let’s go so as you can see
we are on a playlist push right here and
you can see what what do we do
connecting artists to playlist curators
we hope independent artists get their
music on play
and give playlist curators a way to
monetize their playlists while
discovering new music we can see that
they have four artists and they have
four curators and so if we click on four
curators right here this is how we’re
gonna actually make money doing this you
can see you can get earn up to $12 per
song and so basically how this works is
when musicians are looking to get their
name out there the best and easiest way
to do that without having to go to like
a record label or some you know thing
that’s really really difficult to get
and like only like the top point one
percent of people get and the record
companies take you know a big percentage
of their money and they control like all
of their rights and all these things a
lot of musicians nowadays I’m with the
independence of the internet how anybody
anywhere can create a huge following
just by being consistent and putting out
the best quality content a lot of
musicians nowadays are choosing to go
the independent route and leverage
resources like playlist push to take
advantage of ways to get their name and
get their music out there again without
giving away you know a big percentage of
their soul to a record company and so
you can see that they actually have
weekly payouts we pay out every Friday a
via PayPal so it’s you know just as good
as cash it’s not like gift cards or
anything weird like that discover new
music discover new music by independent
artists for your playlist support any
artists so the one thing that we have to
actually do before we can really start
earning leveraging this site is you can
see you have to have at least 400
followers on Spotify or Apple music and
you might be saying yourself oh my gosh
Kevin I don’t have any followers on
Spotify I don’t have any followers on
Apple music well we’re gonna show you
some very easy ways to get this
completely for free to get 400 followers
and how to do it fast so let’s jump into
the next part of this video showing you
how to get those 400 followers so that
you can start earning up to $12 per song
sent out every Friday to your PayPal so
the first thing that you want to
remember is even though you’re allowed
to actually create playlists on multiple
different platforms you want to stick to
just one to start out so we’re gonna
talk about Spotify because Spotify
probably has the most users you know
Apple music I know is really climbing
fast because there’s such a powerhouse
but Spotify probably has the most users
out of the three most people have the
app on their phone which means it’s
gonna be easier for you to actually get
people to you know come over and click
follow on your Spotify playlist and if
you don’t know how to make a Spotify
playlist it’s very easy just google
search how to
a Spotify playlist again it’s free to
sign up you don’t have to join their
paid plan or anything like that so you
can create a playlist completely for
free and so then once you do that
there’s a number of creative ways that
you’re going to be able to actually get
people to come and follow your playlist
and do it quickly
the first thing that you want to
remember is you want to make a playlist
on either hip-hop or EDM right because
most of the people and most of the
strategies that we’re going to talk
about the main type of music that the
people that are gonna follow you listen
to our EDM or hip-hop and if you’re
thinking yourself okay Kevin but how to
actually find the song to put on that
playlist well it’s easy right just
literally search top 100 most popular
hip-hop songs you can see you know the
the Billboard top 100 in google you can
see the top up your music on iTunes from
Apple you can see the top music from you
know YouTube whatever is trending right
now just take all of those songs put
them in a playlist right you don’t need
more than you know 20 to even 50 or
maybe even like 100 if you’re really
going above and beyond you know you can
do it in less than half an hour actually
add all these popular songs find them
from Google find them from whatever
source make that playlist and then once
you have that we’re going to talk about
three strategies to actually get
followers immediately so that you can
start taking advantage of getting paid
from playlist push and so once you’ve
actually put together your playlist of
proven popular songs the first strategy
that we’re gonna talk about is the
subreddit Spotify playlist you can
literally just go to slash
are slash spotify playlist or just
search Spotify play the subreddit you
can see that there’s a lot of people in
here you know making playlists 14
minutes ago two hours ago one hour ago
right so there’s people in here that are
coming every single day you know they
have 16,000 people who are looking at
these all day long so all you have to do
is you know create a reddit account if
you don’t have one sign in and then post
your playlist you don’t want to put too
many playlists right probably keep it to
like one or two a week say you know best
EDM playlist for June 2019 or it’s
something that’s recent so people know
that it’s recent because everybody wants
to you know pick up the most recent
actual playlist they don’t wanna listen
to like old stuff they want to listen to
the brand-new bangers and so that’s one
strategy the second strategy is if
you’re good at actual SEO you can create
a website you can see here the best
Spotify playlist right now the 15 best
Spotify playlist for the summer right
particular terms are getting a ton of
traffic but that one can be tough for
most people but if you are good at SEO
and that is one way that you can do it
the third way and probably the easiest
and best way is just to create an actual
playlist as a YouTube video and you can
see that these get ridiculous viewership
this is one month ago it has 1.6 million
views a month ago 842 thousand views
right four days ago you can see seventy
five thousand views 96 thousand views
one week ago you know everyone’s taking
advantage of the new Justin Bieber song
that just came out recently so you know
if you can create a playlist that have
brand new songs that a lot of people
want to hear and then upload them you
know onto YouTube that’s a really easy
way to actually get a ton of people to
actually subscribe to your Spotify
playlist and all you have to do is just
link your Spotify playlist in the
description of your YouTube video and
you know if 1% of the people actually
subscribe to a playlist on this video
that would be like 16,000 people or
something ridiculous and then you could
get paid a ton from your playlist push
subscription because you’ve had a bunch
of people that are coming over and
subscribing to your playlist just from a
simple YouTube video and another option
to get even more people to follow your
playlist is a site called sound play
calm where you can see that they have
you know Spotify playlist 100 top 100
future trap total chill Spotify playlist
deep house right so this is a really
good way and you can see that they have
an entire category of spotify and deezer
playlists sections organized by house
electronic chill hop chill all of these
different types of music for you to go
ahead and create a playlist for and then
the last option is a site called
playlists dotnet and you can you know
again put random 50 Amsterdam waves
sci-fi all of these different playlists
that people are you know everyday people
are uploading just like you and me you
can see you can submit a playlist just
by clicking the simple button so if you
do all of these methods you know you
could probably do it in less than a day
and if you don’t have 400 followers
after using all of these then you’re not
working hard enough because you could
easily do this in less than a day and
then once you have over 400 followers on
a playlist you can continue to post new
songs to that same playlist again and
again and again and continue to get paid
again and again and again from playlist
push and a cool way that some of my
students are using this strategy to
scale to start making a significant
money actually doing this is they use a
website called micro workers calm and
basically what micro workers calm is you
can hire real people from around the
world to do little tasks just like this
so you can teach them how to actually
make playlists how to make playlists and
put them on you know reddit on YouTube
on sound play on playlist net on all the
resources that we’ve shown you and grow
those new playlists to over 400
followers and so as you get better at
actually doing this once you can hire
people from micro workers calm to help
you actually start to do it again and
again multiple different times create a
bunch of different playlists and get
paid for all of those playlists and the
more playlist you have the more daily
income that playlist push is going to
send it directly to your Pay Pal every
single week and if you enjoyed this
video make sure you click that little
subscribe button on the screen that you
see right now and check out this video
right here where we teach you how to
make money just by watching videos
sounds hard to believe I’ll prove it to
see you there let me ask you a quick
question what are you doing right now
literally what are you doing as we speak
right now at this moment you’re watching
a video likely from the comfort of your
own home on our old friend the Internet
don’t worry it’s what I do all the time

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