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– You know money isn’tthe key to happiness,
but it doesn’t hurt.
Hey everybody, this is Roberto Blake
of, helping you create
something awesome today.
Having a little bit of extra money
and being able to monetizeyour personal brand
or things online isamazing and it can actually
relieve a lot of anxiety and stress.
I know it’s made a significantdifference in my life,
so today I wanna tell you 12ways to make money online.
If you’ve watched my content before,
you know that my preferenceis to usually focus
on things that I’ve actually done
and have experience with, and in this case
that’s gonna also be true.
I’m gonna be focusing on 12 ways
that I’ve either made money online,
or services that I’ve paidfor from other people.
So it’s literally howI helped other people
make money online because I hired them.
So we’re gonna go aheadand jump into my top 12
ways to make money online.
This will be a mix of both passive
and active incomeactivities, so if you’re more
interested in ways to makepassive income online,
I have a couple of videos about that,
I will link to them in thedescription down below,
and also in the infocard wherever that is,
I have no idea, but let’s go ahead
and jump into the firstway that I want to help
you make money online.
One of the first ways Iever learned to make money
online was when I was much younger
and I was focused more ondigital art and graphic design,
and it was with on printon demand products.
Print on demand productsare pretty straightforward.
It’s things like postersand mugs and tote bags
and things like that, that you can put
either characters orartwork or graphics on,
typography, those kind of things.
And as somebody who hada background in Photoshop
and digital illustration and Adobe,
that was a lot of my focus at the time,
and I actually was able to makesome decent money doing that
with sites like DeviantArtand Zazzle and Cafe Press.
So these are websitesthat let you make these
print on demand products,they cost you nothing upfront,
and you make what’s called royalties.
Royalties are a form of passive income,
and again, once you’vedone the initial work,
you continue to reap thebenefits long after that.
So making products inas many of these digital
websites as possible isactually really lucrative.
In fact, most YouTubers, myself included,
still do that with merchandise.
I do that with my create awesome
and always be creatingt-shirts, and my other merch.
So that’s definitely a route you can go.
For that I use Spreadshirt.comand that is a place
where you could actuallydo that if you are an
online content creatoror a digital artist.
So it’s definitely one I’d recommend.
Another option isTeespring, and even Amazon
has something called Amazon Merch.
So again, these are all places
where you can sell thingsin terms of print on demand
products online, andit’s just one of the ways
you can make money if youhappen to have that skillset.
As you guys know, I’m acreative entrepreneur,
so a lot of these are gonnafocus around creative skills,
but not all of them will.
But this next one doestoo, and it’s selling stock
artwork and photography.
One of the things thatI do constantly for this
YouTube channel is I wannaimprove the visual branding
and the aesthetics, and what that means is
sometimes I have to get stock photography
or even stop motiongraphics or stock audio.
So there’s a great opportunityif you are a musician,
an illustrator, adesigner, a photographer,
to make money from marketersand content creators
who just need more assets for their brand.
And so you can sell onplaces like Adobe Stock,
Can Stock Photo, iStock Photo,or the Envato Marketplace,
or Creative Market.
These are all greatwebsites that will let you
sell stock resources topeople who need them,
people like me.
And so this is one of theways that you can make
money online.
I used to do some of this.
I don’t do it as much now,as I just spend money on it
and put money in other people’s pockets.
Actually I have a great success story
that I wanna tell atsome point about someone
in this community who in four months
did like $125,000 by selling resources
and stock templates inthe Envato Marketplace.
I will save that story for later though.
Maybe you’re not a creative type like me.
That’s okay, tip numberthree is for you then.
One of the ways you can make money online
is by being a virtual assistant.
By being a virtual assistant,you don’t necessarily
have to be a great photographeror a great illustrator
or artist, you could actuallybe doing some data entry.
You could be doingcopywriting, you could be doing
any number of tasks.
You could be doing socialmedia, you could be doing
productivity, there are so many things
that we hire virtual assistants to do.
It could be literallymanaging someone’s inbox
for them, I know that’ssomething that causes
me stress and anxiety.
It could be taking appointments,it could be scheduling
people for podcast interviews.
There are so many opportunitiesin sites like Upwork
for example, to be a virtual assistant
and to just take on some of those tasks
that a business or anentrepreneur might need.
So I would look into thatand see what skills you have
that might be in demand.
I know that a lot of people don’t feel
that the rates in thesefreelance sites are that great,
but if you’re needing a few extra bucks
or you’re not making any money right now,
I don’t see the harm.
It’s something that Igo to, to hire out for,
so I use Upwork for that,and I think that for
non-creative, skilledtask that there’s actually
a really great opportunity there.
For creative skills, oftenI usually hire people
directly as freelancers,but when I need something
that’s not necessarily thatcomplicated or technical,
then I’ll go to a placelike Upwork and I’ll hire
somebody to do virtualwork for me remotely,
and it works out pretty good.
So if you’re somebody who has the skills
that might be more technical, or might be
something that’s not that involved,
then maybe this is a good place for you.
Tip number four issomething that just about
anybody can do, probably at any age,
and that is sell Amazon and eBay stuff.
If you go to Amazon and eBay,
you can sell used products.
If there’s somethingthat you aren’t using,
it’s gathering dust on your bookshelf,
you have some old camera equipment
that you upgraded from,you can just sell it
on eBay or Amazon andyou can make a few bucks.
If you have a hobby that you quit,
you quit Magic theGathering, you quit Yu-Gi-Oh,
you quit Pokemon, guess what?
You can sell that stuffto people who are still
in the game, and you can make a few bucks.
I did this even throughouthigh school and college,
and on occasion, wheneverI’m doing spring cleaning,
it’s something I still do.
So I would just take a lookat selling stuff online
with eBay or Amazon, evenCraigslist if that’s your thing,
just do it in a public place.
Don’t go to people’s houses or anything.
And I think that that’sactually a good way
for you guys to be able to make some money
and requires no technical skill at all,
it just means you haveto be willing to get rid
of stuff that you don’t wanna use anymore.
The next tip is using theYouTube partner program.
Being a YouTuber isawesome, and there is an
opportunity for you to makesome money online with this,
usually in the form of passive income
through YouTube ad revenue,but if you don’t have
YouTube ad revenue enabled yet,
because it does take havingat least 10,000 views
on your channel to dothat, and your content
has to be advertiser friendly,
then you can make moneyoff of YouTube Red,
which is basically apool structure from their
subscription model, wherebased on watch time,
all of us get at least a little something.
So you can make some money there.
Also, if you have atleast 1,000 subscribers,
if you do livestreaming, you can enable
what’s called YouTube Super Chat,
and through that peoplecan donate money to you
in any amount that they want,
and so there’s an opportunity there.
I actually do pretty okaywhenever I do a livestream,
as far as Super Chats, and so it is
a lucrative opportunity.
Not everybody gets rich being a YouTuber,
not everyone makes aliving being a YouTuber.
I make enough moneyoff of YouTube directly
where I guess I couldhave a comfortable living.
I prefer to build actual businesses,
that’s just me though,and I like diversity
of revenue, I like diversityin a lot of things.
I just feel less anxiety that way.
So there’s at least threeways for you to directly
make money from YouTube itself,
and obviously you canmonetize with other things.
So let me give you anotherway to make money online
that is kind of specific to YouTube,
but this’ll work if you’re a podcaster
or if you’re on Instagramor Snapchat as well,
and that’s take online sponsorships.
Online sponsorships mean youhave to have a little bit
of a following in a contentor social media platform,
like YouTube, or host apodcast, or a popular blog,
or have a significantfollowing in Instagram
or Snapchat, someplatform where you are an
influencer will allowyou to be able to get
sponsorship opportunities with brands
that want to reach your audience,
and you can make a reallydecent living on sponsorships.
A lot of YouTubers andInstagram influencers
and Snapchat influencersmake their majority
of their money in this way.
One of the things I recommend you do
if you want to make money as an influencer
is one, know your numbers cold,
know what to ask for,and maybe put together
a media kit of some kind.
If you want more advice on this,
let me know your questionsabout influencer marketing
in the comments section, and how to become
an influencer, and howto work with sponsors.
I’ve also done a couple ofother videos on the channel
specifically about thatif you are interested.
If you’re not an influencer,but you are an expert,
there are plenty of ways foryou to make money online,
especially if you’re apractitioner of something
that is technical innature or very difficult,
say social media or marketing,
or maybe something in thecomputer sciences field.
There are a lot of things.
It could be anything, evenhelping with personal development
or health, or fitness, thosekind of things do very well
in a lot of areas.
Obviously you can writeeBooks and you can sell
eBooks online, especiallythrough Amazon and Kindle,
and iBooks.
This is a very lucrative opportunity.
Andy Weir who wrote TheMartian had to go directly
to online Kindle publishing because he was
turned down by publishers who said no one
would buy the book.
And apparently peoplewanted to buy the book,
in fact so many peoplethat Miramax then decided
to buy the movie rights.
So you know, you neverknow what happens there.
You can go direct to marketand the people will decide,
the market will decide.
The gatekeepers don’t reallyhave the power anymore.
So I would recommend you do that,
there’s also the opportunityto publish audio books
directly to Amazon aswell, and that’s another
lucrative way to make money online.
In fact, I think technicallyyou can charge more
and get better margins on the audio book
than on both the print and the eBook.
So just kind of keep inmind that audio books
are performing better than ever.
In fact, a lot of my favorite books
for building onlinebusinesses or taking care
of finances or marketing,most of those are audio books
and I’ll recommend a few of them
that might actually help youdown in the description below
if you wanna check that out.
I’ll also link up to an offer for Audible,
where you can get two free eBooks,
or sorry, two free audio books,
because audio books are what I listen to
when I’m traveling, and I just find that
that’s more practical for my time
than reading the eBook most of the time,
or the physical book.
So maybe that interests you.
One of the books that I’mdefinitely gonna recommend
you listen to is CrushIt by Gary Vaynerchuk
and I’m also gonna recommendAwaken the Giant Within
by Tony Robbins, theseare probably just two
of my favorite books andthey’re the kind of thing
that motivates me to, well, work harder
than I’ve ever worked.
If you’re an expert insomething or a practitioner,
another opportunity foryou to make money online
is through paid membership groups.
This is something thathas been very beneficial
for me on multiple levels,and you can do this
in a lot of different ways.
I talked about specificallyhow to do paid membership
groups in a previous video,you’ll definitely wanna
check that out, I’ll linkit up in an info card
and in the description down below,
but what I used to buildmy membership group
is a website platform called Kajabi,
that is one of the more expensive ones,
but I like it for the features,
I like it for the ease of use,
I like it for the speed,but there are other options
out there like Teachable and Thinkific
if you need something that is free.
You could also use any of these platforms
to develop online courses around the thing
that you’re an expert in.
I really think that fitness entrepreneurs
have a really great opportunity
when it comes to developingboth membership groups
and online courses, andit’s definitely something
that I think more people should explore.
I think it could be great fora lot of different people,
I think that even peoplewho are experts in coding
and web development and app development
could help teach a wholenew group of people
if they actually pursueddoing it in this way,
and I think it’s a great alternative
for people who may not be able to afford
to go get this information in college
or don’t have the patience to hunt through
a million YouTube videos.
I think that these thingsare very practical,
and I’ve seen that peopleare willing to pay for them.
They’re things that even Ihave paid for in the past.
So that’s just somethingthat I would recommend
you look at as anotherway of making money online
if you have something thatyou’re a practitioner in,
or that you feel that youhave a level of expertise in.
One of the last things I’ll talk about for
the experts out there is, ultimately,
you should look at consultingand online training.
I think you should lookat doing potentially
free and paid webinars, andtry and use those things,
grow your email list, obviously.
But I also think paidone-on-one consulting
could be very lucrative for you.
Many of you may not realize this,
but paid one-on-one coaching consulting
is actually one of thebiggest, ultimate parts
of my revenue stream in myonline business ventures.
It’s probably the thing that I think,
more or less consistently every month,
probably makes me morerevenue than anything else,
whether it’s YouTube advertising,
whether it’s sponsor deals,in terms of a single source
of revenue, I think itoutperforms everything.
However, it is a harderthing to be successful at,
because you actuallyhave to be able to prove
your results, your body of work,
have great recommendations,have a strong brand behind you,
and you have to knowhow to price the things
that you’re doing appropriately.
You also have to be able to put together
the right presentation materials,
you have to have a system,and there’s a lot of
cost intitally in termsof what it takes to keep
that business up and running.
There are a lot of online services
and things you have todo, there’s accounting,
there’s invoicing, so it’snot necessarily for everybody
and it may not be practicalfor the far majority of you,
but I thought it wasimportant to highlight it
because it is an active income stream
that is service based, thatis very challenging for some,
but very lucrative, and it could be
the thing that is best suitedto some of you out there,
that will make you the most money.
So, just putting it out there.
Another great opportunity,especially for those of you
who work from home isto do online copywriting
for publications, andalso for what are called
content mills.
Essentially these are websiteswhere you do ghost writing
and that one’s not nearlyas lucrative sometimes,
but again, if you’re lookingfor some extra money,
it’s better than zero, andif you get the opportunity
to write for publications that you like
and that you enjoy thatfit a niche or a thing
that you’re good at, thenit’s actually really good.
I have had this kind of relationship
with a few great publications,and it’s done very well
for me, and it’s alsohelped me with exposure
for my own personalbrand, so I think it has
multiple benefits to it.
I don’t necessarily knowthat all of you could
make a living at it, butif your passion is writing,
I’m sure you could find a way to do it,
and I think beyond writingfor other platforms,
I think that blogging anddoing online advertising
and building yourpersonal brand around that
could have multipleopportunities for you to use
some of the other ways wetalked about making money
and loop it back to your content.
I know that there areseveral great blogs out there
that do six figures in revenueby doing these methods,
so it’s something I would look at.
I actually did okay with my blogging stuff
in terms of making some ad revenue,
the better part of thatlater came from doing
sponsorship stuff related to that
and bundling it with other things.
I’m also exploring thoseopportunities with my podcast now,
so beyond copywriting, Iwould say online content
creation as a whole has a lotof different opportunities
for you to monetize.
One of my favorites isone of the last things
we’ll talk about, whichis affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing issomething I’ve managed to do
very well across multipleaffiliate websites
and deals and platforms.
It’s not just Amazon guys,there are so many opportunities
out there for you todo affiliate marketing.
Obviously you know affiliatesthat I’ve worked with
in the past, you know thatI’ve done affiliate stuff
with Bluehost, and Wix, and HostGator,
and also with Tube Buddyand even for the sign up
for Kajabi, there’s anaffiliate link down there,
and it also gets youguys 15% off if you wanna
build a membership site orbuild your online courses there.
There’s so many greataffiliate programs out there,
there’s ClickBank, there’sCommission Junction,
there’s ShareASale, andI’m sure there are other
websites out there thathave 10 and 20% or better
affiliate deals for you.
Even with things I’m doingwith future online courses
will have affiliate deals,and so these are opportunities
where if you can’t makea product of your own,
or you don’t have the time for that,
if you use something andyou wanna review it anyway,
and you believe in it, primary example,
all of my camera gear,all of the gear used
to make these YouTube videosand all of my content,
it’s linked down in the description below.
If any of you want to usethe same gear I’m using
to produce the same results I’m getting,
then you guys have that opportunity.
It costs you nothing extra,but I get a small commission
for that, and that’s greatfor everybody involved
because it encouragesmore people to be honest
about what they’re usingand why they use it,
and give away a littlebit of their secret sauce,
but they’re getting somethingcompensated in return,
and you guys as viewersare getting to know
a little bit of what’sbehind the curtain here.
So I think that if you do it well,
and you do it from aplace of authenticity,
that affiliate marketingcan be great for you guys
for making money online.
Just don’t pedal crap thatyou don’t actually use
or actually like.
I think that that’s really bad,
and that’s scummy, and a lotof people try to do that,
but when I think it works the best
is when people know that,well this is what you use
every day for your work or your business
or your content, andso if you’re using it,
yeah I kind of wanna use itbecause I want similar results.
So I think that that’s just the best way
to do affiliate marketing.
One of the practicalthings I would say to do
is if you do affiliate marketing,
do reviews of what you’re using
and then provide some actual use case
for how you used it, and I think that
that goes a long way tojust demonstrating the thing
very well, representing the brand well,
and if you’re smart, what you can do is,
you can do that and thenyou could actually promote
or tweet it and let the brands know,
and the best part is, maybethey become a sponsor later.
So there’s again, multipleopportunities here.
I think you guys shouldexplore all of these ways
of making money online and see which ones
work best for you.
Again, me, I do a lot of the things here,
I diversify my income, andthat ultimately has proven
to be the most successful.
I brought up the Amazon Affiliate program,
but there’s so many waysto make money on Amazon
and similar to Google AdWords,
which also works for YouTubefor the AdSense program,
I would say that youcould do Amazon native ads
on your content and blogs,and I would especially look at
doing that if you’re a podcaster.
The reason is that you canactually kind of control
the CPM rates there a little bit,
and that’s actually really interesting,
because it helps you kind of determine
how much money you can make.
You can’t raise it tosomething astronomical
and expect ads or things to show up,
but it actually, I thinkactually financially,
is better to have Amazonads on your website or blog
than it is to have Googleads on your website
and blog at this point,and then I prefer to use
obviously Google for theYouTube advertising side.
But between doing affiliate marketing
with image based banners from Amazon,
and also doing Amazon’s native CPM ads,
I think that those aresome of the best ways,
if you’re gonna focus onwritten content and blogging,
for you to make money.
I think later you combine thatwith some of these methods
like I talked about, youdiversify as much as possible,
and then I think that’swhat ultimately helps you
to get a little bitmore financial freedom,
make a little bit of extra money.
There’s no overnight success here,
there’s no get rich quick.
I’m just telling youthe things that I did,
and that all of them combinedadded up really well,
and that there’s somethingthat you can explore.
This stuff doesn’t take alot of money to invest in,
some of it costs zero to invest in.
The main thing is just to educate yourself
about as much of it as possible,
and I provide you some of that information
here on the channel.
Anyway guys, I know this was a long one,
but I wanted to give you 12 great ways
to make money online, and Iwanted to give you some context.
I didn’t want this to just be some stupid
list video where it’s just, oh do this,
do that, with no actualpractical way to apply it
and so I hope this was helpful to you.
If you still have questions,definitely let me know
in the comments section down below,
let me know if you wantmore videos like this,
let me know if you wantsome dedicated videos
on how to use some of thesemethods of making money online.
And so, maybe I can dothose, or do like a tutorial
or a walk through.
I just wanna see what wouldbe the most helpful to you,
so let me know in the comments section.
Remember, I’ve got linksto a lot of the resources
I talked about down inthe description below,
also some other videos thatmight help you link up.
Remember if you specificallywanna focus on passive income,
I have a great video about 10ways to make passive income
online, it’s probablythe best performing video
on this channel still.
Anyway, like this video if you like it.
Don’t forget to subscribe.
Check out the other awesomestuff on the channel.
As always you guys, thanksso very much for watching
and don’t forget, go out there,
create something awesometoday, and maybe it’s something
that you’re able to monetize,get a few extra bucks.
Take care.
(upbeat music)

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