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How I Make Money from YouTube-_hw_sCuXgq0

focus focus spit a bit of a bit of a bit
of it okay
let’s talk about it in this lesson I’m
going to go open kimono about how I earn
from YouTube the reasons why in a sec
but first this is a subject I’ve avoided
for a long time in fact here’s just a
short list of why it makes me
uncomfortable I worry it’s too self
referential making it about me rather
than about what a viewer might want to
learn it feels like a cop-out just
showing you guys the inner workings
behind the scenes when maybe I should be
doing the hard work to make a
transcription or something some part of
me worries it’ll take the magic away
like explaining how a joke works and of
course I worry it’ll make it seem like
I’m only about money and everything I do
has a profit motive but I’m making it
anyway why well there’s a quotation
which I’m probably gonna butcher that
goes something like you should only
write a book when it becomes more
painful not to write it than to write it
and that’s the place I think I’ve
arrived with this lesson as
uncomfortable as putting it out into the
world makes me it’s finally less
uncomfortable than not making it it’s
painful to see so many youtubers with
ads on their channels and it’s obvious
somebody’s probably teaching this it’s
obvious from some of the comments I get
whether it’s demonetized Pro or you
should let us pay you for these free
YouTube lessons that most people don’t
understand very much about earning on
YouTube and recently I’ve gotten some
emails accusing me of being ruled 100%
by a profit motive or implying that
having something for sale is in and of
itself wrong and the idea of going right
at that argument
Eminem style fired me up I hate to waste
a good temper tantrum finally and this
might just be justification I have
started planting a flag that more
musicians need to be online and that the
Internet is kind of the release valve
for some of the types of scarcity they
used to dog musicians with
brick-and-mortar venues
and one big gaping hole in how to get
gigs lesson was where I said don’t
depend on physical gigs for money
but then I left it pretty open as to how
you’re actually supposed to make money
caveat sand justifications out of the
way and you can see how much head trash
I’ve got just talking about this let’s
get into it how I make money from
YouTube since 2015 I’ve been able to
make a modest living as a result of
being on YouTube in the drum lesson
space I’m not getting rich at least not
yet not that there would be anything
wrong with that as long as I was giving
you guys value for your money but I am
making a modest living the actual way I
do it is gonna seem pretty simple and
it’s gonna be a relatively small part of
this video I sell courses that’s it
you’ve heard me talk about it in other
videos probably if you click the link
below I will send you 3 free videos in 3
weeks that are structured that have
transcriptions as of the time I’m
releasing this video I’ve got actually
I’m not going to describe my courses in
this lesson I want to avoid accusations
that this has any commercial motives and
keep it a hundred percent facts suffice
it to say I’ve got online courses for
sale and I do want to get a little bit
into how hopefully without boring you to
tears first you need a place to host
your course for my first course I built
out a website on my own using WordPress
and a platform called member Mouse but
for subsequent courses I’ve used
commercially available software like
pink epic and teachable which makes it
easier for me and also more reliable for
my students so just sign up for a site
like think you’re big or teachable build
the course and start printing cold hard
right well not quite that simple that’s
how I tried to start out and here’s how
that one first I didn’t have any way to
tell people about my course without
paying for traffic so I ended up having
to pay for ads and I’d end up spending
just as much if not more on ads than
I would earn from sales of my products
second it turns out nobody actually
wanted my first course it was my guess
about what people wanted to learn and it
turns out it was a pretty crappy guess
nobody bought it unless it was priced so
low it was like an impulse buy and at
that price it wasn’t enough to be
profitable over what I was spending on
ads even if it had been the perfect
solution for a big problem people still
wouldn’t have paid more than a pittance
for the courses at that time because who
was I why would they spend their money
trusting me to solve their problems
especially when there were plenty of
other solutions here’s what I eventually
discovered and I’m blazing through this
I have an entire blog with years worth
of blog articles about this but I don’t
want to bore you so we’ve talked about
step 1 which is have a course hosting
platform which is actually the easiest
step step 2 was to build the YouTube
channel so people could discover me
organically that way I didn’t have to
pay for ads at least at first
step 3 was to find out what problems
people actually had with their drumming
so I could make courses they actually
wanted more on this later and step 4 was
to build a mailing list where I give
away a lot of I hope useful stuff for
free so at least a few people eventually
trust me enough to invest in my paid
products there for years of trial and
error distilled down into 15 seconds
with that out of the way let’s talk
philosophy because that’s what I really
want to focus on part of the thing that
fired me up to make this video was one
too many ads on one of the amazing
YouTube channels I follow here’s why
that bothers me so much by 2015
I’d realized I could make that
aforementioned modest living from
YouTube at the time I had around 15k
subscribers and crossing that Rubicon
made every other option look different
like running ads to my channel the
economics of monetizing with ads are
terrible you need huge numbers of views
and subscribers often in the millions
just to make what I make and you’re
beholden to the platform one of the hate
comments I get sometimes when I’ll have
a video get flagged for
be right strike because YouTube can’t
differentiate between fair use and other
use not gonna get into it here is D
monetized as in damn bro you got D
monetized or
de monetize you got got except I didn’t
because I don’t rely on ads then there
was add POC ellipse in something like
September of 2017 when YouTube just
abruptly cut the share of ad revenue it
was sharing with his creators more on
the ad model later on but suffice it to
say if courses allow you to monetize
without ads that changes the picture
somewhat another thing that course sales
helped put in perspective was in-person
lessons people are always astonished to
hear I only teach in person occasionally
and usually only for fun but if you do
the math it’s just not an effective way
to earn money there’s the time I’d spend
commuting to the studio then the time
that’s blocked out of my calendar that I
can’t use for anything else if I just
took that time to make a YouTube video
I’m gonna earn way more in the long run
but I do like to meet people in person
and it’s always rewarding to teach
somebody who’s super motivated so I
still do teach occasionally it’s the
same with clinics I actually really
enjoy them but I’d never do a clinic for
money that I wouldn’t do for free and
finally there are those just for the
money gigs this one’s way out on Long
Island and it pays 200 bucks and it’s
three hours each way just like clinics
and in-person lessons the question
becomes simple would I do it for free
okay so seems pretty utopian right just
build courses and sell them and you
don’t have to run ads for the man and
you also don’t have to take any crappy
gigs or slep to any private lessons you
don’t want to teach so why doesn’t
everybody do it well that’s kind of the
Keystone question because it gets into
some of the ethics and some of the fault
lines or elephants in the room when it
comes to money as far as why everybody
doesn’t do it and why quite frankly I’m
not worried someone’s just gonna steal
this blueprint and compete me out of
it’s hard and there are a few if any
shortcuts I had to build a following on
YouTube brick by brick by making a video
a week for a year before anything
started to get traction I had to learn
everything about the tech which isn’t
that hard but it’s a lot harder than
running ads I do learn a bunch of stuff
about marketing like how to write emails
and how to develop products people want
and then how to talk about them so that
people know they’re the ones they want
but there are books on all that stuff
and well it’s hard it’s not that hard
once you get the hang of it
besides I already talked about this
stuff earlier and the why didn’t I
succeed immediately bit I think the big
reason people stick to ads is the same
reason other people will build huge
followings on Instagram then go to
conferences to meet people whose
products they can promote in their
stories for a small percentage of the
eventual revenue rather than just
developing their own products it’s fear
it’s scary to ask people for their money
it’s even scarier to ask people to
invest a substantial amount and here’s
the part I think poses a big obstacle
many musicians and artists aren’t robber
barons maybe some people are okay asking
for the maximum amount of money they
think they can extract just straight
profiteering for a product but most
artists in my experience are not and
that’s a good thing
but it also means that in order to ask
for money we need to be sure our selves
of the value and this took a long time
for me when I started out I didn’t think
my stuff was worth more than say $29 so
I didn’t feel right about asking more
than $29 for it over time two things
happened first I got better at making
courses so like confidence and how good
they were started to grow second I was
starting to get feedback about them from
actual students so my confidence in how
well they worked and the real results
people were getting from them also grew
okay you got me this is actually really
a commercial for my products you know
you want to so that’s me
but there was still this fear of what
would people say what about all the
emails telling me I sold out or that
they’d subscribed thinking I was doing
this for the right reasons then realized
I was too salesy well two things first
that same process I worked through to
get confident selling my own lessons
online also helped to thicken my skin
now I sleep well knowing I give a ton of
my stuff away for free and that
occasionally I offer things for sale to
people who choose to join my mailing
list knowing full well that I offer
things for sale there that those things
have produced great results for a lot of
people and that nobody is under any
obligation to buy they can stay on my
list or subscribe to my channel forever
and that’s fine if it’s not for them but
here’s the other thing those emails
mostly never came sure every once in a
while I’d get a you sold out email but
it’s so rare it’s like a news event in
fact it was one such email that
eventually pushed me over the edge to do
this lesson
the last email like that before that was
probably a year ago okay but so what I’m
still self-conscious that this is all
about me so I feel like I should spend
at least a few minutes giving you some
takeaways from this besides if I see one
more Ferrari posing private jet riding
internet billionaire telling people they
can make six figures from their bedroom
I’m gonna bust so let’s talk about the
real is this for everybody
definitely not and there’s a saying that
seems to ring more and more true for me
the more experience I get nothing easy
is valuable and nothing valuable is easy
there are a few exceptions like
temporary arbitrage is and gold rushes
but in my experience they’re usually few
and at the time you’d need to get in
them they’re usually highly illegible or
a huge risk and that’s just one more
reason you should regard these Instagram
lifestyle burrows with extreme
skepticism anyway for the rest of us
that means it’s either easy which means
it’s also easy for everybody else which
means it’s a shitty overcrowded
ecosystem in which you don’t get to
dictate the terms and everybody’s
cutting everybody up for scraps or it’s
hard and it requires years of focus and
facing a lot of fears but that means few
can follow you and that means when you
come out the other side you get to
dictate more of the terms and that’s one
reason why I don’t fear competition
putting this out there besides anyone
who stole this and used it to develop
their own platform would by necessity
need to spend years developing their own
voice and their own niche and their own
following and I firmly believe there are
infinite little sub niches there’s
enough for everybody who actually puts
in the work so there you have it that’s
how I make money from YouTube maybe some
part of this is tactically useful to you
and if so great but even if not maybe a
single insight from this video will be
like a camel’s nose under the tent maybe
you won’t be able to look at crappy ways
of making money the same again finally a
word of thanks if any of this sounds
arrogant or like I’m saying I’ve got it
all figured out remember the failure
story from the beginning of the video I
spent a few years spinning my wheels
trying to sell products nobody wanted
and throwing my money away on ads
when I finally succeeded it wasn’t
because of some ingenious idea I had it
was you guys somebody emailed me saying
hey why don’t you just sell us the
practice routine you used to get better
I gritted my teeth put that on a website
and released it and sure enough people
finally wanted it anyway I hope you’ll
indulge me in this moment of
I’ll be back next week with something
drama waited see you that

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