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Make Money by Typing – Writing $200 to $800 per Day! EASY METHOD!-XDTF-0bwUK4

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Make Money by Typing – Writing $200 to $800 per Day! EASY METHOD!-XDTF-0bwUK4

do you know how to type on a keyboard
because if you do that’s all you need to
be able to make 250 dollars or more
every single day just by typing and it
might sound too good to be true but
trust me when I tell you I try this
myself it works and I’m gonna show you
exactly how you can earn more than 250
dollars every single day just by typing
stay tuned
alright guys so let’s kick this off and
before we actually get started and get
too far into this we’re going to show
you a hack that actually allows you to
do this even if you suck at typing even
if you hate typing we’re gonna show you
how to do this way faster than anyone
else and in a way that’s gonna allow you
to write more content so you can get
paid more money so the website that
we’re going to be talking about today is
called text broker and what text broker
is is basically an intermediary that
connects writers of content with
companies that want to buy a ton of
content right if you guys with SEO
there’s constant need on text broker com
there’s literally over 50,000 companies
that are constantly looking for new
articles for SEO right search engine
optimization to try to rank on Google
there’s companies that need blog post
written there’s companies that have a
constant need for a brand new actual
content and they’re paying people to be
able to do this and what text broker is
right this is a long-standing company
it’s not some scam it’s not something
that’s not gonna pay you right I
literally tried out text broker myself
and they did pay me exactly how they
said they were going to write so text
broker is completely legit not a scam
100% works all you have to do is just a
simple few things to be able to actually
start earning money from text broker
today right because people make a very
critical mistake which is what really
holds people back from being able to
generate you know two hundred fifty
three hundred dollars every single day
just by typing and we’re gonna break
down exactly what that mistake is and
how to actually expedite and be able to
start earning money from this site much
sooner than you might think and you can
see right here on the text broker site
that there’s very legitimate massive
companies using its right Yoast staples
right we’ve all heard of eBay right big
companies that are using this but what I
want to show you guys actually is a up
here and where it says why write for
text broker right why write for text
burgers basically what text broker is it
connects companies or people that want
content and people who are willing to
write that content but what I like about
text broker is that you can literally
get you can request a weekly payout as
soon as you’ve earned $10 or more right
which is very very quickly we don’t have
to wait like you know 30 days like some
affiliate programs and other ways to
make money you can get paid
literally as soon as a week which is
huge another thing that I really like
about Tex broker is it doesn’t cost any
money to get started right you don’t
have to go out and buy equipment like
most of us have a phone or a computer
right and I’m gonna show you a method in
a few minutes where you can crank out
content so much faster than your
competition which is gonna essentially
make you you know way more money
actually doing it and I really want to
show you guys just how much you can
actually make doing this so if we hover
over I write content and payment and
come down to this little uh you know
open order earnings calculator what we
see here is if you actually type a
thousand words and remember with you
know normal sizing and everything like
that 500 words is about one page right
so a thousand words there’s only two
pages of writing and you literally can
make fifty dollars for just writing two
pages right and most of us could do that
in a lot less than an hour so you could
actually be making even fifty dollars or
more per hour just writing from your
computer which is really crazy if you
think about it because a thousand words
there’s only two pages most people can
write more than two pages in a single
hour which means that you would be
making more than 50 dollars per hour
just to type all used to do is submit a
single piece of text as you know showing
your skills as a writer they’ll give you
a rating and then you can get started
and get paid and as soon as a week just
for writing content but you’re probably
saying stuff okay Kevin but what about
the trick you talked to us about you
know during this video at the beginning
how do I actually make you know five
times this how do I write a five
thousand word article in an hour and how
do I make up to two hundred fifty
dollars an hour
literally by typing you know I’m not I’m
not saying you can do this right away
it’s going to take some experience right
but earning up to two hundred fifty
dollars an hour just to type and write
content right just typing on your
computer it’s crazy right so even if it
takes you you know a year to get that
good at this it’s a great way to start
making some passive income and the
better you get right the more you can
earn solla trick is using what’s called
voice typing right voice typing
basically transcribes your voice because
most people can’t type 5,000 words an
hour right but a lot of us could
actually talk 5,000 words an hour
if you talk and you know you have a
program that can actually you know using
voice typing to actually transcribe what
you say in speech into a text article
you know what that’s gonna allow you to
do is type a ton more actual content
right which is going to essentially get
you paid a ton more via text broker so
all you have to do is get what’s called
Google Docs right and if you come into
Google Docs right you go to tools and
then you go to voice typing or press
command shift s when you turn that on
right all you have to do is click to
speak and then literally you just sit in
front of your computer and you talk
about content right do some research
beforehand we’ll read a blog or you know
watch a YouTube channel and once you
understand it then literally all you
have to do is talk as much as you
possibly can about that subject to
generate content right and it doesn’t
have to be the best content in the world
remember these companies that are buying
this content from text broker oftentimes
are doing so because they need a bird
you know search engine optimization for
Google so that their website ranks right
it doesn’t have to be you know culet
surprise you know bestselling author
book stuff right it just has to be
content that is unique and it’s not
copied from somewhere else you can earn
up to 250 dollars per hour if you
weren’t able to generate a 5,000 word
article you know and you were getting
paid for that highest level of quality
so one little thing is text broker is
only actually for US citizens right so
if you are in the USA or you just want
to learn how to make money on YouTube
without making any videos of yourself
then what I would definitely do is to
check out this video right here how to
make a hundred dollars per day on
YouTube so check out this video guys and
see you on the next one in this video
I’m gonna be showing you how this weird
top 10 fastest trains in the world video
made over a hundred and seventeen
thousand dollars profit and the most
important part how anyone anywhere even
if you have a zero experience and

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