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3 Ways To Make EASY MONEY in Sword and Shield-n7WjoGjETn0

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3 Ways To Make EASY MONEY in Sword and Shield-n7WjoGjETn0

hi I’m Mike Pocket it’s Mike and there
are lots of cool things to buy and
pokemon sword and shield you’ve got lots
of cool clothing items like this sick
Arcanine shirt vitamins you could use
the easily Eevee train your Pokemon and
of course you’ll be needing lots of
pokeballs to catch the hundreds of
different pokemon in these games so
today I’m gonna show you three different
ways you could get money easy in pokemon
sword and shield now the first two
methods are to be things you could do
very early on in the game so don’t worry
I’ve got you covered no matter where you
are in sword and shield and the last
method is going to make you so rich once
you defeat the main storyline you’ll be
a polka millionaire in no time now
before we get started with any of these
I’d recommend having the bike so playing
the story up until the point where you
get the bike and also talking to this
NPC over here and improving your bike so
you could hold one of the turbo charges
longer that will essentially just let
you move through the wild area faster
and be a lot more efficient when you’re
trying to get money in here so now the
first method is very simple very easy go
in the wild area look for these
sparkling spots on the ground and
interact with them you’ll get lots of
items that you could sell to polka
Mart’s for quick and easy money now what
makes this method pretty decent is the
wild area is huge and has lots of items
scattered all over it the items in this
area also respawn so you could go ahead
and pick something up now and then come
back a little later and maybe you’ll
find something there again now the spots
that you’re gonna want to check are
underneath trees those big grass patches
with the flowers not the wild Pokemon
grass but like the regular grass grass
near logs on the grounds and of course
near the seashore there’s a few other
spots you can also find items as well
but for me those are the easiest ones to
check efficiently and if you’ve gotten
to the point in the game or you could
actually use your bike to ride on the
water that’s even better because when
you’re on the water
I generally always find either pearls or
big pearls and if you’ve been playing
pokemon for a while you know you could
sell those for quite a pretty penny at
any pokemons now this definitely is not
the fastest method to make money in
these games but if you’re playing early
on or if you just feel like running
around the wild area you can easily make
a lot of money doing so now tip number
two is while you’re doing tip number one
and running around in the wild area make
sure if you see this woman with the
fishing rod talk to her now she says I
fished up something brilliant this is
absolutely brilliant want my brilliant
fine for a brilliant bargain of 100
watts now 100 watts as you know is
absolutely nothing so always say yes and
then she’ll give you some really good
item that you could sell like right here
she gave me a big pearl which off the
top of my head I think sells for what
4,000 pokey dollars which isn’t bad at
all for only 100 watts
now when Miss brilliant or mrs.
brilliance I don’t know if she’s married
when she shows up in your game she’s
generally somewhere near the water so
she could go ahead and fish up these
items and again it’s always worthwhile
to talk to her here I got a pearl string
from her which I could go to the Mart
and sell for 10,000 pokey dollars for
basically doing nothing and as far as I
know she responds really quickly I’ve
talked to her before ran around the wild
area searching near the water and I
found there maybe two minutes later so
you could talk to her a lot and get a
lot of money through her but this final
method here this is the best one by far
and will make you a lot of money very
fast so you’ll need to have done a few
things first you’ll need to have beaten
the game and become the champion also
here’s just a little quick spoiler
warning going forward just in case you
haven’t beaten the game yet second
you’ll need the item the amulet coin and
finally last but not least you’ll need
the special events Meowth that can
Giganta max preferably at a high level
so let’s go grab everything we need
really quickly alright so first we’re
going to go ahead and grab the amulet
coin now that could be found over here
at the Moto Stoke outskirts so we’re
gonna start here from the second floor
of mo toast okay mister pokeball man and
we’re gonna go across this bridge as
fast as we can on our bike there’s some
items there but I don’t care about those
because we’re going to go ahead here and
grab this amulet coin now you can find
it right here behind the sign now second
we’re gonna need to go ahead and get our
special me out now I haven’t done that
yet so I’m gonna go ahead here and go to
mystery gift get a mystery gift and
via internet so I’m going to connect to
the internet and download the meows to
my game
all right so connect is the internet
it’s gonna search for the gift and boom
there it is Giganta max meows gift so
let’s go ahead and download that to the
game now the nice thing here is I don’t
have Nintendo switch on line on this
Nintendo switch I’m playing with right
now so you don’t need the Nintendo
switch online service to go ahead and
receive this Meowth if you haven’t paid
for online you could still get this
thing for free now if you haven’t done
this already make sure you do it as fast
as possible because this event is going
to end January 15th so if you’re doing
this after January 15th definitely try
to get this Meowth from a trade because
this method is gonna be nowhere near as
effective without it now unfortunately
this Meowth is only level 5 Swami to
need to do some training real quick so
it’s usable at the champion league all
right so we’re all trained up now to
level 76 and this Meowth should be ready
to go so we’re gonna go ahead and equip
this me out with the amulet coin that we
just picked up here we go now if you
don’t already know the amulet coin when
you give it to a Pokemon it doubles any
prize money you receive after the battle
is over as long as the Pokemon holding
it was in the battle now we’re
definitely going to be using this meal
from the battle so it only makes sense
to give it the amulet coin now who are
we going to be battling against well
we’re gonna be going over here to the
Pokemon League once again now once we’re
in here we’re gonna go ahead and enter
another championship match now we’re
doing it here at the Pokemon League for
a few reasons
number one this is one of the few places
we could battle trainers and Giganta Max
and for this whole thing to work we need
to be able to Giganta max number two we
can rebadow these trainers as much as we
want and number three they normally give
a lot of money and we’re going to be
boosting that up to insane levels
alright so we’re gonna be fighting Jim
Challenger ECLA over here it was gonna
be a little demonstration dummy for us
and she’s gonna lead off with the
Toxicroak now that’s not what I really
want to see Toxicroak is good against
you with its fighting-type moves but I
think being level 76 against it’s level
56 should be
so we’re gonna go ahead and hit the
Dynomax option on our me out and you’ll
see all of its normal type moves get
turned into G Max and Gold Rush now G
max Gold Rush is what makes this whole
method so good when we check out the
move description here it says a normal
type attack that Giganta max me out use
this move confuses opponents and also
earns extra money and you’re about to
see how much extra money we’re gonna get
from going ahead and using it so right
now I’m gonna go for G max Gold Rush and
Giganta max the me out and look at that
long boy let’s go
and there we go gee max the old rush
shooting a money beam at this Toxicroak
and very nice we knocked it out in one
hit guess I don’t have to worry about it
anymore now the text went by really
quickly but it also said at the bottom
coins were scattered everywhere and
that’s good now that we use that move
we’re going to add some bonus money
after the battle so the goal here is to
use G max Gold Rush three times in this
battle Meowth can only stay Giganta max
for three turns so we want to try to
maximize this as best as possible now
the nice thing about G max cool Rush is
if it doesn’t knock out the Pokemon it
confuses it so sometimes like right
there perfect example he’ll hurt
themselves in confusion basically giving
you a free turn so let’s go for our
final G max Gold Rush over here we’ll
knock out this garbage get it out of my
arena and boom there we go
coins scattered everywhere and now we’re
gonna get the maximum amount of money
after the battle is over now
unfortunately after those three turns
are over you’re Giganta max meowth is
just gonna return back into the little
meal form and at this point if you want
to you could switch out of me out again
if you want to get even extra money you
could go for payday after battle I’ll do
it once just to show you but it’s all
it’s gonna use protect why you gonna be
like that toxsa pecs
alright so like I was saying you could
go for payday if you want to more coins
will be scattered everywhere but it’s
not going to be as significant as G max
gold rush was so let me just finish up
this battle and then I’ll show you what
we get after we’re done with it and just
like that we beat the gym Challenger now
let’s check out our prize money we got
sixteen thousand two hundred and forty
poker dollars for winning it not dead
but we also that went by way too quickly
we picked up ninety one thousand pokey
dollars from using that G max move right
there so we got about a hundred and
eight thousand total pokey dollars for
winning that one battle just because we
had the amulet coin and we use G max
gold rush that’s insane
now after doing this battle I want to
compare and see how much extra
you get for using payday so I didn’t use
payday at all in like the same little
thing I fought another trainer over here
and I got ninety one thousand two
hundred polka dollars instead of 90 1960
so using payday after me elf lost his
Giganta max form gave me an extra seven
hundred and sixty polka dollars which in
my opinion isn’t really that worth it
I’d rather just end the battle quickly
from there rather than using payday to
get a little bit more extra money but if
you want to use payday a few times to
get the most money possible go for it
now if you want to optimize this method
and get as much money as fast as
possible you’ll definitely want to turn
the battle effects off if you don’t have
them off already those take precious
time that you could be spending knocking
out other Pokemon
you can also Eevee train your Meowth and
level it up nice and high so it’ll be
able to handle Pokemon in the league
with no problem I’d also recommend
instead of going up against random
trainers try to fight your rival Gym
Leaders or even Leon if you’ve unlocked
fighting cam in this league beating
those trainers will give you a little
bit extra money compared to beating some
generic random trainer thanks a bunch to
NZ tech freak on reddit for posting
about this method it truly is insane and
with that my friends you now know three
good ways to get lots and lots of money
in pokemon sword and shield if this
guide helped you out make sure you give
it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel
if you’re new when you want to see more
Pokemon content follow me on instagram
at pokey tips Mike and my friends I’ll
be seeing you in the next one

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