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How to Make Money From Home-r3LEqKatvPc

how to make money from home economic
downturns can be frightening so pick
yourself up and make some money in an
environment you control you will need a
computer with internet access research
writing ability communication skills
technical design skills a good broadcast
voice and friends optional a blog and
sound proofing and recording equipment
be aware of internet scams claiming fast
and easy cash step 1
search for side job ideas or a new
career for free online don’t limit
yourself to just one country you can
work remotely in Australia Canada the UK
any place in the world can be your zone
of operations thanks to the Internet
step 2
offer your creative talent as a writer
or editor on contract to firms in
individuals a market exists for someone
who can provide incisive criticism
linguistic surgery quick fixes and
inspired revisions try blogging to see
if you can attract enough readers to
pick up some advertising revenue step 3
contract with online customer service
and telemarketing companies who need
people for order-taking
sales problem solving or counseling step
4 experiment with online auctions
learning to research negotiate and pull
the trigger to make money on every sale
step 5
download free templates to design sites
for businesses using a free hosting
service link streaming video and
advertising shorts to your site to
excite potential customers consider
freelancing as a web designer with a
home-based business you can carry
deductions into the next year if they
weren’t advantageous because of current
year losses step 6
record samples of your voice reading
commercial copy an interview with a
local agent as a voice-over specialist
you may have to outfit a room with
soundproofing and high-end recording
equipment step 7
pick up extra cash answering questions
for survey websites and becoming a
mystery shopper who raid stores and
products for money and discount coupons
provide feedback for online focus groups
step 8 start a network marketing group
whether selling insurance legal services
products or supplements bring in as many
downline sellers as you need to make
money without having to drive to an
office every day did you know a 2009
survey found that over 17 million
Americans were working from home one day
a month an increase of 74 percent from
three years previous

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