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2 MONTHS WEIGHT-LOSShi guys welcome back before anything let
me say this is Tim
Tetrick fitness you guys are I think
they know you myth is coach teen
potential Fitness in the flesh in the
most earnest and what we’ve been doing
we’ve been working on Lydia’s bigger fat
loss muscle gain well lay age slayage
for the last eight weeks with protein
world essentially the challenge was to
see how my body would look on an
eight-week program obviously combining
tensions fitness plans with protein
world supplements reviews maybe a
variation so pretty mild kindly sent me
a whole box of product and when I say a
whole lot I mean pretty much the whole
range so protein rod and I are working
together to get my body as amazing and
as fantastic for me as it possibly can
look this is where it’s gonna begin this
is my protein world eight-week challenge
or technically it’s seven weeks so that
seven weeks until my birthday on the 6th
of September I will be telling 25 years
old they’ve given me a whole bunch of
stuff here which is gonna help with my
weight loss challenge we have 8 News
guys we got eight weeks let’s do this of
course alloys there is a plan we have
coach T involved guys
Ted shred fitness tension fitness and my
training he is involved he is going to
be our PT throughout all of this he’s
gonna make sure that we know exactly
what we’re taking what we’re taking it
he’s really gonna help you guys already
know that I train with him I’ve been
training with him for the last like a
year and a half two years almost protein
while descending a whole box of products
and it was essentially for me to pick
and decide what works best for me
Teddy here is a fully qualified PT and
nutritionist so hence why we’ve got him
on board basically explaining everything
because much making you
I have no idea if you had no idea how to
use any of those products but with my
help you know we’ve been able to you
know break it down exactly when to use
what and you know what time so we have
coached en pooty is going to give us the
plan how we’re going to use all this
what are these four amazing we are going
to use the morning when you do your
faster your faucet call you so aim is to
have these products basically the least
of fat from you know they’re from
themselves you know for them to be ready
to be burned which is what we do first
thing in the morning we made sure we do
not eat any food at all because we want
our bodies to be running on fat rather
than glucose so zero cards nothing you
don’t want to you know it just ingest
anything so what we’re gonna do is first
thing in the morning BK up we have one
or two capsules strong you know we have
some morning doing that BD session for
your day as well and it’s it’s it’s
bigger than just training as well I mean
when you get to work you’re really full
of energy you feel good you feel you
know you throw really alive so that’s
what we’re gonna begin with
perhaps another one in afternoon it
really just depends on you know how
easily you sleep you know and if it
really keep it’s really going to affect
you sleep if it does after a few days
then we don’t really need a afternoon
one okay so would it affects my sleep
because of the caffeine that’s inside it
yeah because it’s because of the
caffeine that’s inside you so you have
to be really careful with that but if
it’s fine you want to have another one
in the afternoon between maybe one and
two o’clock in the evening we focus on
waiting if this okay so we have whey
protein we’ve got a slender blender
collection I’m not sure the slim have in
the collection it says the back I don’t
know what actually I don’t know what’s
inside it
you’d have to show me I’m doing
greetings bro the whey protein is fine
that’s what you’re going to have are the
pre-workout later how many how many
scoops is you wanna have two scoops
because when we leave to Williams
heavier away whey protein you come and
we train and then after you can have you
your beloved Rice High BC double A’s yes
when do I take these something similar
so you want to take that you suppose I
call you but you know how much prefer
the caffeine and the green tea so that’s
why that product I’m not really sure you
know you’ll be needing it you know
because we’re taking something that’s
gonna do very very similar so job maybe
some people because I def you know it’s
not it’s nowhere near as strong as the
green tea and the caffeine as well so
maybe some people it’s just not you know
it doesn’t give them if they don’t get
you excited you know and it just give it
that much of a buzz so maybe that works
better before some people got the green
tea and caffeine is what we need let’s
recap so far kind of from week one to
where we are how’s the experience for
you like in terms of as being the cousin
he was training me week one yeah you
know we kind of got her back into the
swing of things and you know just slowly
getting back in about you know routine
guys I am buzzing it’s insane made my
first mistake already it took two fat
metabolizes and you really should just
take one in the first week I’m buzzing
my heart is like mmm
I have so much energy I have like the it
has caffeine in it and it gives you so
much energy and I feel like there’s so
much imaging me I keep shaking like I
can’t hold still someone with a gym real
create could do some hit and then come
back and do my little prep some chicken
breast spoke to coach to you about my
diet and got my diet on lock now I’m
week to see you again fit are yeah you
mean getting back on your back on your
stuff basically wondering guys
excuse the paint on my hands I’ve been
painting it’s Monday it’s to start over
each team
and I’m feeling good it’s just Scott of
southern flocked out so I’m running a
little bit late for the gym but I have
started my day already picking my fat
metabolism I take one of these in the
morning and it just gives me a take it
around half 6:00 a half an hour later at
25 minutes later I feel like a little
bit of energy quite a lot of energy to
go to the gym I’m still sticking to a
one tablet at the moment I took two in
the first week by mistake and it wasn’t
known for me like it was just too much
and I think I my body hadn’t adjusted to
it just yet because I’m not used to
taking caffeine I don’t even drink
coffee on a daily basis otherwise I’m
feeling like I’m feeling good honestly
I’ve put so much effort into this so far
I know it’s been you’ve been one week
but I really been working hard I go to
the gym very very often those days when
I go to the gym like twice a day so I’ll
go in the morning I’ll go in the
afternoon then I have days not go to the
gym just once either in the morning when
the afternoon this weekend was terrible
really terrible I didn’t go to the gym
at all but it’s fine we still have time
there’s no need to like kill myself
doing this I’ve also been taking my
porridge at work and so I have my
porridge just before I come back when
I’m going to have an evening session so
that’s what we’re doing I’m gonna keep
this short and sweet it’s Monday I hope
that we have a good week I have prayed
for a good week this week
therefore we when you say fitter what do
you mean to see a performance in gym you
gym performance you know you could see
what’s going up you know when you were
feeling good you know the energy levels
were high it’s a new week it is week 3
whole brand new week so do what we
didn’t do last week to forgive to start
again to be kind to work on ourselves
I am super stoked to have Monday super
grateful thankful for my progress
thankful for my friends it’s just been a
good week and I’m hoping more of the
same for this week this week planning on
going to the gym at least I don’t know
how many times as many times as I
possibly can that’s the goal trying to
drink as much water as I can thank God
for coach team he bought me a new huge
water bottle which is going to help me
with my water intake
I’m just happy to see a new day I am
feeling super positive super encouraged
we are nearly halfway through and I’m
happy with how everything is coming
along for that I can see small changes
or like I’ve been working
working my hardest I have been giving it
my best say I’m happy with how
everything was going so yes new week new
chance to be great
let’s go and let’s let’s get it I’ll
just finish my head rolling okay six
rounds on the treadmill then I did ten
the stepper is the worst but I like it I
know in your third or fourth week I
remember I think was half we’ve you know
we had an update on you know her current
condition and her theta and you know
there was a bit of a plateau when she
was very happy with it
yeah and that’s because you know prior
to her training you know she kind of
took some time off and you know she may
have thought some damage to her system
so you know we kind of needed to get her
back into the swing of things but once
everything was flowing after that you
know you I think I thought yeah I got
better I think around the middle around
the middle term of the program I felt a
bit this heart in this because I was
expecting so so much and I think that’s
one thing that I want to point out that
although yes you can take supplements
and of course you can work out and you
can do all this and don’t expect like
magic straight away it’s it’s a process
than you take it can take time and
sometimes what is very stubborn
and it can’t fight back you know because
nobody doesn’t want to lose fat he wants
to hang on to as much fat as possible so
it was the process and you know
sometimes you just have to stay
consistent and just be patient
so to be honest today is my first day
back in the gym after taking four or
five days off
it was arresting that turned into almost
a week off but it’s okay it happened
sometimes I did hit and also less and
I’m feeling so much better I think for
me it’s just about keeping the momentum
so not stopping if I stop it stops
completely but I’m feeling really really
good today
I feel good for like I’ve kind of slowed
down my process and my progress by
obviously missing a whole week’s worth
of gym but I just I couldn’t do it you
know I was feeling really low and also
the gym depends on my mood
kind of how everything around me is
going if things around me are falling
apart then I can’t see myself in the gym
I don’t know about you guys but um yeah
finish today’s session it’s Sunday it’s
gonna start my week off really really
well actually um knowing that I’ve
started on a Sunday so I’m feeling
pretty good
so the goal was fat loss so what we did
was in the morning we had a doing fasted
cardio in the morning so we use the fat
metabolizers what’s what’s fasted cardio
fasted cardio is doing cause you on an
empty stomach is very very very
effective for fat loss fat metabolizers
so we have to use in these these are
very good to use before you do your
cardio to make sure that you can
mobilize those fat cells and you can get
them moving remove them from this mix
what we’ve got here is Omega threes fish
oils this is good for like it’s like
brain food yeah yeah yeah your brain
cardiovascular health fat loss and yet
this is where the magic happens
actually I mean everybody needs these if
you are serious about your health
you need these what does omega-3 do they
are before you join help cardiovascular
they are also be for muscle building and
fat loss I mean anything you name it
this this really doesn’t really know 0
they are over 90 benefits of fish oils I
have mine at my desk at work and that’s
where I take them it’s just for
convenience so I’ve left them there in
fact I’ve left some of the products at
work the next one I want to talk about
also is a peanut butter which I’m
unfortunately I don’t have it here with
me again is that work and what’s that
what was so what was a reason for peanut
butter why did you choose for me to take
peanut butter peanut butter and coconut
oil oh yeah oh yeah I used coconut oh I
used the protein oil coconut oil as well
obviously it’s just coconut oil yeah you
know what is the peanut butter tastes
really really nice we’ve chosen peanut
butter and coconut oil because Lydia
needed to be using mostly fat throughout
the day to as any as an energy source we
only really hard using carbohydrates
around their workouts for a day I hated
that I’m sorry I really did I hated
having to the phrase of converting or
trying to convert you from using my
carbs as fuel to using fats as fuel yeah
I just really didn’t like it I found it
really really hard enough grumpy yeah
that was tired because why is that why
does that happen because you’re going to
Bannister you know the whole point is to
actually use fat as fuel rather than
carbohydrates most of us use glucose as
fuel which you don’t really want it you
know a fat loss is your you know is your
goal ultimately you know you want to be
running on facts rather than glucose
however none of this matters if you’re
not in a calorie deficit so you still
need to be eating less than you actually
burn look at my face does my face not
look skinnier mm-hmm
look at my shoulders I wish I could show
you my body looking tight it’s looking
the right everything’s looking really
well can we touch your fitness obviously
there’s no tension fit just online
training home it’s a mouthful be
six seven is the porridge and the
porridge what was the purpose it’s just
oats really and it’s those are
carbohydrates those what she’s been
using pre working like ham and and and
you know they are you know slow
digesting carbs you know they don’t
really raise your blood sugar levels too
much so those are really good to have
the priority is taking about an hour to
two hours pre-workout just to give me a
little bit more energy Pina in the
evenings we need to go in in terms of
our workouts with you either like a hit
hey you know we’ll do some weight
lifting and you need you need sugars you
know to provide that energy for your
sessions speaking about weightlifting
what what like kind of girls weight
little eight no you’re not gonna be
hinge girls you know maybe hench
weightlifting is it’s the sister
foundation you know you you it’s really
important you know for building that
lean mass and getting a muscle tone and
you know and you need that you can of
water three point four point four now
can you explain me because the bottles
we use I actually 2.2 liters for two of
those makes four point four liters so we
is it thing we could go on for
absolutely ages in terms of what to do
and how to help weight loss and I think
maybe we should have you back in the
channel yeah I want to bring you back
and get these guys to ask questions and
in terms of any specific questions that
they have how did you get a flat stomach
and a big bowl question coach the other
good fat so it’s not easier it’s really
not easy and I think another thing to
stress is that of course you can take
the supplements to help you and to aid
you but it’s a lot of work from you and
I’m super super thankful to have like
protein more supporting me in this but I
do have to also commend myself and
commend you actually pushing me in
everything that I’ve been doing because
it’s not I mean even for me it’s not
being easy at all
I’ll be the same thing called in the
morning and you lifted in the evening so
those of you follow me on snapchat you
know you can see and if you don’t follow
me on there there’s your fitness and you
see you know local blog you can see my
cardio my one hour cardio in the morning
and waited in the evening pretty much
six days a week that’s that’s a lot yeah
it’s a lot but I mean it’s it’s this is
what it takes guys you know you know
hardwork Sisseton see and just
discipline you know and being patient

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