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Clickbank For Beginners – How To Make Money With Clickbank For FREE [Step-By-Step Tutorial]-kJZt4kuZ55o

hey what’s up life masters this is
Stefan James from project life mastery
inside this video training I’m gonna
show you step by step how to make money
from Clickbank as an affiliate marketer
now you might be wondering what is
Clickbank Clickbank is one of the
biggest affiliate marketplaces in the
world it’s a marketplace where you can
find other people’s products that have
affiliate programs and you can join the
affiliate program and easily promote
their product and earn a commission from
it it’s one of my favorite ways of
making money online and inside this
video I’m going to walk you through the
steps of how to use Clickbank and how to
get started making money
okay so right now I’m on the Clickbank
website this is known as Clickbank calm
Clickbank like I said is one of the
biggest affiliate market places for you
to find products that you can promote as
an affiliate marketer you also have the
option of selling your own product on
Clickbank if you have one that’s an
option too but we’re gonna primarily
focus on affiliate marketing here today
with Clickbank it’s one of the easiest
ways to get started making money online
because you don’t have to create the
product you don’t have to deliver the
product you don’t have to be the expert
you can promote and share someone else’s
product as an affiliate and earn a
commission from it so here on Clickbank
com you’re gonna have to create an
account it’s a hundred percent free to
do that
okay I already have an account which
I’ll log into in one minute here you can
actually see products that are available
for sale on Clickbank this is mostly if
you’re a consumer you want to buy
products you can you know see the
different categories and the featured
products that they have the products on
Clickbank are primarily digital products
so they’re like online courses video
trainings audio training those ebooks
they’re digital products but there are
some physical products as well like
supplements for example there are some
physical products on Clickbank too so
here you can learn more about Clickbank
they’ve got over 200 million customers
I’ve been working with them for many
years I’m actually a Clickbank Platinum
Member which is kind of like in a word
that you get once you’ve made a certain
amount of money on Clickbank but here is
where you click on the affiliate
marketplace okay and I’ll go through
that in a sec and here’s where you would
log into your account
okay so right now I’m logged inside my
Clickbank account again it’s 100% free
to set this up just kind of share with
you a little bit about the dashboard
here in this section you can see your
weekly sales snapshot these are the
sales that you’re generating on a weekly
basis so these are affiliate commissions
for me I can see day-by-day snapshots of
the sales and if I can actually click on
each of these two and see more details
about the sales that were generated in a
day so this account I generate over ten
thousand dollars a month from here I can
click on reporting I can learn more
about the analytics of my promotions the
sales the details the history of that
account settings that would be where
you’d add in the information of how you
want to get paid of course your name
your company name your address you don’t
have to have a company name but you
could just put it in your personal name
if you want and they send you payments
either wire transfer direct deposit and
I think they pay by cheque as well the
vendor settings that’s mostly if you’re
a vendor and you’re selling your own
products on Clickbank and they also have
resources here as well if I want to
access the affiliate marketplace I would
just click the write right up here in
the top corner so click on through there
or like I said you know when you come
before you even login there’s that link
that I showed at the top to the
affiliate marketplace so let me show you
the marketplace this gives you the
ability to find products that you can
promote as an affiliate marketer there’s
thousands of products available for you
to promote based on all the different
categories and niches so I could search
for products I could type in a keyword
or a certain niche and find products
there or I can come down here to the
different categories and by the way
Clickbank is a great resource even to
see what categories are what niches are
markets that are available for you to
build your business in I often recommend
to pick a niche a market you have an
interest or a passion for and then find
products that you can promote within
that that can benefit you but also can
benefit your audience and at the end of
the day add value not every product is
going to be great but there are things
that we can do to research and identify
if it is a great product but the best
affiliate marketers that I know
including myself I always make sure that
anything I promote and share I know it’s
gonna impact people I’ve personally been
through it myself I’m passionate about
it and that belief and confidence you
get makes you so much more effective
when you promote or share something
online so that’s an important note that
I want to mention but
let’s say for example I wanted to
promote a product in health and fitness
I might be thinking you know I love
health and fitness I work it every day I
take good care of my health
maybe there’s a great product here that
I can benefit from and I can also share
with people and earn a commission by
promoting so you can see there’s a whole
list of categories here that I can
choose from and find the products and
one thing I’ll mention – here’s a little
tip for you guys the three biggest
niches online for you to build a
business around are health wealth and
relationships okay always gonna be the
biggest ones those are the three areas
of life that people are the most focused
on of course there are sub categories
sub niches of that health is pretty
broad there’s gaining muscle there’s
weight loss there’s yoga there’s
detoxing there’s home remedies there’s a
variety of ones that you can see but for
the most part those are the three
biggest niches to build a business
around so let’s say I want to go here to
diet diets and weight loss so here what
I can see is all the products that are
in this category so there’s over 266
products here 27 pages right now it’s
being sorted by popularity and I want to
just kind of go over each of these some
of these listings here for you so you
can kind of get an idea of what the
product is what some of this means that
can help you identify a product that you
want to promote okay so here’s the name
of the product
okay flat belly fix that’s the name of
this product if I were to actually click
on this open it in a new window I can
see what the product is now I’m sure
you’ve seen pages like this before
this right here is known as a vesl a
video sales letter this basically is a
video presentation that is gonna
basically introduce what the problem is
that the person might be having which is
I assume it’s having like guts you know
like having body fat and then they’re
gonna provide the solution which would
be their product it might be a a book or
a course I’m not sure what it is but
they’re gonna offer it here and what
typically happens is there’s a Buy
button that will appear at a certain
point when you watch this video which
will give the customer the opportunity
to buy the product so I just want to
kind of explain to you how that works
now you might look at a page like this
and think you know I would never buy
this this looks a little weird but you
got to understand these people here on
Clickbank these marketers are incredibly
smart they do this and they’ve created
this because it converts it makes money
it works and these marketers they test
everything on this page I mean they have
tested the headline and identified this
is the headline that grabs people’s
attention they’ve tested this
introduction part and the sound and all
the different elements of this page and
that’s what marketers do they’re always
testing and optimizing things to get it
the highest converting possible because
the higher higher that it converts the
more money they make but also the more
money that you can make as an affiliate
marketer so you can watch this and learn
more about the product of course but one
thing I’ll mention to you a lot of these
products they have here in the footer a
link that is a link to their affiliate
program so I love products that I can
promote the how like an affiliate
resource page they have more information
for affiliates so here I can see and
learn about their products and here they
have an affiliate link which I’ll go
into in a bit excuse me and I can learn
more about their products and their
affiliate program through this page here
okay so let me come back here to the
marketplace and just kind of update you
on a few more things so here they have
the details of the product I’ll kind of
break down some of the terminology for
you if you’re not familiar with it fresh
via cell so it’s a video sales letter
that’s what VSL stands for fresh it’s
brand new top money offer on Clickbank
marketplace so it’s one of their top
products $66 aov average order value
okay so they’ve done the math on on
average what an affiliate will make by
promoting this product preferential
commissions up to 90% available for
serious affiliates so Commission you can
earn up to 90% Commission now you might
be wondering why would a company give a
90% Commission how are they making money
they’re only earning 10% well they’ve
done the math on determining what the
long-term lifetime value
of a customer so they know they can give
you 90 percent commission upfront
because they’re gonna make money on the
back end they have up cells they have
additional products and services that
they’ll offer where they’ll make the
money so they know they want to
incentivize you as an affiliate by
giving you a really high commission
because you’re gonna drive customers to
them but they’re gonna make the money on
the back end so that’s how they think
and that’s how they work they’ve done
all the math to calculate that so
anyways they’ve got an affiliate manager
so usually that’s great when they have
like an email address you can reach out
to them and work with them a little bit
okay so they have their affiliate page
here this is the email address okay so
average dollar per sale this is
important this is what on average that
you’ll make as a commission as an
affiliate marketer per sale okay this is
also factoring in any upsells they have
because usually what they do is they
give you a commission off the front end
product but then they have upsells and
upsells when someone buys the product
there’s an additional product that they
offer okay and then once they buy that
then maybe another product they offer
sometimes they have like three or four
upsells so that is actually potential
for you to make more money with it and
usually company is they have a Kalou
ticket front end but then the upsells
are higher ticket and you can decline an
upsell you don’t have to take it of
course the customer has that choice but
that’s usually what is the average of
what you’d make about thirty eight
thirty nine dollars per commission so
here’s the stats these are stats that
Clickbank is providing okay so the
vendor is not providing these stats let
me just kind of share what these mean
initial dollar per sale okay that’s the
upfront Commission on the front end of
what you could make so thirty dollars
and 73 cents which is really good
average percent per sale 75 percent
Commission that’s the average Commission
that they’re giving and they can have
different Commission’s for like the
front end and the different upsells to
average rebuild total so a lot of they
usually give Commission’s off the
upsells but sometimes they have like
recurring continuity programs so this is
like a monthly membership where the
customer would pay a certain amount per
month and then sometimes they give you a
commission from that so that you can
earn monthly recurring passive Andras
income from that so they have that but
it looks like it’s a really small amount
it’s probably like some cheap trial that
they’re doing where it’s like seven
dollars for the first week and then
they’re rebuilt from that now the other
important thing is the gravity GRA V
this means this number indicates how
many affiliates are actually promoting
this product successfully and making
money this is a really important metric
because this tells you how high is
converting how much money this product
is making so 244 gravity is really good
it means that there’s a lot of
affiliates promoting it they’re making
money so you know that this is gonna
convert for you if you decide to promote
this product so that that’s that’s one
product right there now if I wanted to
promote this product if you wanted to
promote it as an affiliate you click
here on promote and a page here is gonna
pop up now here it says you can earn
seventy five percent commission for
every customer you refer and this is
something called a hop link it’s
basically just an affiliate link but
they call it a hop link at Clickbank and
what you’d want to do here is put in
your account nickname so whatever your
account is you’d put that in here and
here is your tracking ID so this is
optional your tracking ID is if you have
multiple links and you want to track
those links so let’s say for example
you’re doing a promotion on your
Facebook page well then you probably put
in here Facebook and it would give you
the stats and analytics inside your
Clickbank dashboard on your clicks and
sales from your Facebook promotion if
you’re doing Instagram you create
another link for that and so it’s just a
really great way to do some tracking to
see what’s working what’s not working so
then what I do is click on generate hop
link now they’re gonna give me this link
here so this is an encrypted link you
might be looking at it and think wow you
know this is a really ugly link it’s got
a lot of numbers and letters it doesn’t
make any sense that’s right it’s
encrypted this is the link that you
would use in your marketing you put it
in your emails on your Facebook on your
Instagram on your YouTube video
descriptions on your blog posts wherever
it is that you want to mark and promote
this product and the way that it works
is that when someone clicks on this and
they go and they purchase the product
it automatically tracks the last click
something they clicked on it it tracks
that and if they sign up you
automatically get the Commission so that
Commission will be updated in your
affiliate dashboard inside Clickbank
you’ll be able to see how many people
clicked on the link and how many people
actually purchase the product so
Clickbank tracks everything for you and
then they automatically pay you out
every week every two weeks or every 30
days it’s your choice
on how you want to do it so pretty cool
automatically tracks I recommend if
you’re doing affiliate marketing to not
use an ugly link like this you would
take this link and you will shorten it
so there’s a link shorteners out there
like bitly comm bi tly calm or i use
something called pretty link if you have
a wordpress blog pretty link is a
wordpress plugin and it makes the link a
lot more attractive and shorter because
if your link is like really ugly and
long and encrypted then people are
intimidated by that unless people will
click on it okay let’s go through a few
more here
and I’ll kind of explain some more
strategies for you okay let’s take this
one the reddit tea detox
it says huge new weight loss offer for
2019 so this is like a red tea detox
product I guess and it helps people lose
weight I can come here to this page
learn more about the product and again
these marketers are incredibly smart
they split test this like crazy but it
looks like they’ve got a $37 product
here you got a 60-day money-back
guarantee that’s great you know people
can pay through PayPal and Visa and all
the different options you can learn more
about it they’ve got some bonuses and
whatnot here – very cool so and one
thing I’ll mention – when someone clicks
on the affiliate link if they don’t buy
it right away that’s okay – because it
automatically cookies that link and
tracks it for I think 30 days on
Clickbank so if someone doesn’t buy
right away and they buy 25 days later
you still earn the affiliate Commission
for it so let me actually just kind of
check out their affiliate page here so
here you can see $23 85 cents per
average per sale 162 gravity so really
great they’ve got a continuity it looks
like because the rebuilds $33 and 69
sense that’s the commission you can earn
every month if someone takes that upsell
and that offer that rebill which is
pretty cool so you can make great
passive income from that and also
mentioned too when it comes to gravity I
like to use that to see which products
are actually making money and converting
but in the the health and fitness market
it’s a really big market so these
products are gonna have a really high
gravity but even products that have like
a gravity of 5 or 10 that’s fine that’s
just kind of more than enough to let you
know that it’s selling and it’s
converting which gives you the
confidence to promote it the ones that
have a gravity of zero or a little bit
more risky because you don’t know if
it’s gonna sell you don’t know if you
send traffic to that product that
anyone’s gonna buy it so the ones that
have a higher gravity you know are
converting really well but some niches
and markets are smaller so even a 5 to
10 gravity is still it still kind of
gives you some of that confidence okay
let me check out their affiliate page
I’ll kind of break some of this down for
you ok so this is their affiliate
program they pay 75 to 100 percent
commission again because they know
they’re gonna make money on the back end
so that’s why they’re trying to
incentivize you as an affiliate $100
cash bonus to all new affiliates so
usually there’s a stipulation for this
where you have to get ten sales and if
you get like 10 sales they’ll give you
$100 cash bonus converts to cold and
warm traffic what that means is cold
traffic is people that don’t know who
you are they don’t know who the product
is they don’t know anything about it and
they’re completely cold that’s a lot
harder to convert but their offer
there’s their via sell converts for that
warm traffic is people that know who you
are they know who the product is they’re
very targeted they’re very interested
obviously warm traffic is a lot easier
to convert 200 or plus per sale able to
be earned so that’s how much you can
generate with all the upsells if someone
takes all that you can earn about two
hundred dollar commission and they also
do monthly cash and prizes giveaways so
awesome like big affiliate programs like
this they do giveaways to incentivize
the affiliates to promote so I can learn
more about their product their affiliate
program here you know the guy 965 plus
affiliate members 1.5 million paid out
you know they’ve got test
ammonia’s from affiliates if i wanted to
learn more i can click here put in my
name and email address so let me just
kind of click on enter and then often
you’ll see they have not every company
has this but they have like an affiliate
market or resource area so here i can
learn more about their affiliate program
all the different products they have
their upsells all the sort of stuff they
provide here for you and then also like
one thing I love about affiliate
programs like this is they want to help
you as an affiliate to make money
because when you generate sales for them
you’re making them money and they want
you to make money the more money they
can help you make the more money they’re
gonna make so what they’ve done here is
they actually have it looks like they
have like training and tips and stuff
like that to help you as the affiliate
and then they also have all these
resources so here I could see banners
for example so here they give a bunch of
banners that you can put on your blog
and website now here you can put in this
is the affiliate link that you would use
the xxx that would be your Clickbank
your Clickbank nickname your ID or login
you would take that and put it there so
if my name was Stefan my affiliate ID I
would put that in here and you can see
they automatically put it here so I
would take this link and this is the
affiliate link that I would use it’s
like exact same link cuz the encrypted
one that I shared it to you before but
here I could you know take the different
banners and put them on my website if I
wanted to if I had one they have videos
even so you could use these videos on
your website as well maybe even on
YouTube so they have all these great
videos that you could use you can
download them put your link they even
have articles that you can use so how
cool is that like how amazing is
affiliate marketing where they’re
providing all the hard work for you
right giving you everything you need
they got reviews they’ve got keywords
for search engine optimization keywords
for Google Adwords Facebook Ads swipes
right so if you want to run Facebook Ads
you can you know use what they’re
providing here they’re giving you free
ebooks they’re giving you all these
resources that you can use on your blog
on your social media to run Facebook Ads
email swipes if you have an email list
you can send out emails to your list
like they’re giving you so much to help
you promote this product and that’s why
they’re so successful on Clickbank right
so they want to help you promote and you
just got to do your job as an affiliate
marketer by getting the traffic and have
them click on the link and then they
click on the link they take care of
everything else they’re proving to
convert and it’ll make you money so
that’s that’s how essentially Clickbank
works and how you’d make money with it
but I love companies they give you so
much of this stuff which is really
awesome so anyways you browse through
here and find go through the different
products now you can filter things on
Clickbank of course based on the gravity
the average sale and all this I like to
look through the most popular products
but I can also sort it by other factors
to the popularity is how many affiliates
are promoting it of course the more
affiliates are promoting it it could be
a little bit more competitive depending
on how you’re going to promote the
product so for example let’s say like
one way you could promote a product like
this okay red tea detox let’s say that
you are an affiliate and you wanted to
promote it here’s what I recommend you
do look to see what other affiliate
marketers are doing to promote this
product okay model the competition learn
from them what they’re doing and find
ways to do it as well so for example the
red tea detox one way that I mean
they’re kind of giving you the ways here
how people are promoting right but let’s
take SEO let me click here and see the
keywords are giving me so they’re giving
me a lot of research but the name of the
product is red red tea red tea detox so
let me come here I’m just gonna go to
google doc okay okay wait that’s their
exit pop-up so now they have a down
right I’m giving you a $20 less couses I
understand if you’re skeptical about
wait wait hold up these marketers are
crazy as you can tell but they know what
they’re telling so they’re gonna make
you money as an affiliate they’ve tested
all this stuff so they have the exit
pop-ups the down sells because it works
makes money marketers just care about
the numbers most often I like to teach
people how to be a conscious marketer
and it not just being this to make money
but actually do the stashing help people
and serve and obviously make sure the
product itself is a great product before
you promote it once you become a more
established if
you can usually get products for free
because you know if you’ve proven
yourself as an affiliate they send you
the product for you to check it out and
see if it’s a great quality product that
you’re comfortable to promote and share
but for me I have high standards for
what I promote and share it usually
their products that I’ve benefitted from
that I believe can help and serve other
people so I’m in it for the long term of
course but anyways I’ve come here to
Google and the red tea detox if I type
this in one thing you’ll see here on
Google is Google will autosuggest all
these keywords these are basically what
Google is telling me other keywords that
people are searching for for this
product so the red tea detox review
that’s a keyword someone searching for
so if I was promoting this product isn’t
affiliate what I would do is I’d create
a blog post and probably a youtube video
reviewing the product sharing the pros
cons sharing what’s great about it
what’s not so great and just be honest
about it and for those that are
interested in still buying the product
after your review you provide your
affiliate link to share that with them
so if I typed in the red tea detox
review I can see what other affiliates
are doing okay so let’s let’s pull up a
few things here okay I’m gonna pull up
some videos I’m gonna pull up some of
these articles and I’m gonna show you
how they’re promoting it as an affiliate
okay you got to you got to be a
detective here and learn from these
other affiliate marketers okay so this
person here they’ve got a video they’ve
ranked it on YouTube for certain
keywords and on Google so they’ve got
the keyword here in the title in the
description of course as well they’re
really optimized this but right here
this link guess what this is this is an
affiliate link they cloaked it they set
up a redirect probably using pretty link
on their WordPress blog but if I click
here and open it I can guarantee this is
gonna open up to the yeah okay these
people are losing money right now
because their link doesn’t work that’s a
something you gotta watch out for doing
affiliate marketing so their link
doesn’t work they gotta update this but
should be an affiliate link okay let’s
move on to the next person so this
person’s giving a review right exactly
as I said twenty nine thousand views
this person’s probably making some good
money from this but okay this here
should be their affiliate link let’s see
if it works
yep so as you can see it takes me to
their sales page how do you sell so here
I can see here in this link there hop
link this is like their their clickbank
ID green eyes with two S’s at the end so
if I buy this product this person will
automatically earn the commission ok
this nice nice lady right here so she’ll
earn a commission from my sale if I
click your Add to Cart this is where the
obviously the person would buy the
product but give me a sec here it’s
loading a little bit slow okay this is
obviously the order page but if I come
down here it says your affiliate green
eyes ID so this person is the one that’s
gonna earn the commission so this would
automatically track to see you know who
they feel it is now let’s say I don’t
buy this right now from this person okay
but I come here to this below um this is
like an affiliate website right they
make it look like it’s not an affiliate
cuz they’re really sophisticated but
they should have their affiliate link
here somewhere
just try to find it I think right here
okay I don’t know if that was an
affiliate link let’s let’s check I’m
gonna trick to add the order page
you know that was not an affiliate link
actually okay let’s see this one here
the red tea detox review so this is
someone that made a review and these are
things that you can do as well so if you
want to be an affiliate marketer promote
a product like this you can learn from
this product and apply it to like learn
from these affiliates and apply to
another product or you know apply to a
product like this but you can see what
they’re doing so this should be an
affiliate link let’s see if it is or not
yep so you can see their hop link right
here it’s steel bone the following video
covers the contacted cart feeling events
something so let’s say I’d been changed
okay that’s enough okay so let’s say I
were to buy this product now guess
what’s gonna happen who’s gonna get the
affiliate Commission it’s not the one
that woman from another video because I
just rewrote the affiliate link the
cookie on the person’s browser and now
the steal bone guy is gonna get the
Commission so that’s how affiliate
marketing works it’s based on the last
click so if people click through your
link as the last one before they
purchase you earn the commission if they
click your link but then they click on
someone else’s link then the other
person will earn the commission so
that’s how it works with affiliate
marketing but my point was to be
successful at affiliate marketing it’s
really as simple as just seeing what
other people are doing learn from them I
can go here on Google and see what
they’re doing their blog their website
you can create a blog or website in the
same way you can create a YouTube video
in the same way you can look to see what
people are doing on Facebook or
Instagram or you know through a podcast
or all the different ways of marketing
online and you got to learn the
marketing skills to be successful
through affiliate marketing like this
and so hopefully this makes sense and
kind of gives you an idea of how
Clickbank works and how you can find
products but I could dig through here
all day and find products the key is
finding one or two products that you
want to get behind that you’re exciting
passionate about and promote it and
create a lot of content do a lot of
strategies for it and you can you know
promote products here and earn thousands
per month just by doing this you know
just by really getting behind a great
product to promoting it and part
with the company where you don’t have to
do all the hard work of creating the
product and delivering it and all this
stuff that they’re doing you just got to
focus on getting traffic and attracting
people and promoting that product
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