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How To Make Money From Web Development & Design-omo–k0UrOA

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How To Make Money From Web Development & Design-omo–k0UrOA

hi and welcome to freelance Friday in
today’s video we’re going to take a look
at three real ways that you can look at
charging more for your WordPress web
design services if you interested stick
around I’m going to take you through all
three of those in a lot more detail so
now we have companies like wicks and
Squarespace and so on making it so much
easier for the average person or small
business to create a great-looking
versatile website how can you or I as a
small freelancer or a small business
charge more money well today we’re going
to take a look at three real-world
examples of how I think you can do that
well my name is Paul C and this is
freelance Friday by wptouch the channel
where I help you create a more
sustainable freelance business moving
forward and ultimately help you make
more money okay so the first thing we’re
gonna take a look at and there is a bit
of disclaimer to all of these three
things they’re not something you can
just certainly implement into your
business and start raking in the cash
you do have to invest some time and
effort into upping your skill set so you
can tap into and take advantage of these
three different things I’m gonna
recommend so the first thing I want to
take a look at is specialization now
this might sound like you’re really
gonna dig down and cut out a big
potential market but that isn’t
generally the case let’s just say for
example in the area that you work and
operate from you have a lot of
restaurants or takeaways or something
along that line what you can do is you
can specialize in dealing with creating
websites that focus on that particular
market sector what that means is you’re
gonna get a good reputation for knowing
exactly how to trade great looking
websites for restaurants that sell them
from what the service and the products
that they offer you’re gonna know about
how to deal with things like integrating
booking systems and table reservation
systems you’re going to know how to
integrate all the various different
features that your typical business in
that particular niche would want and
require to create a great online
experience for their potential customer
as your reputation grows you will find
that more people will be drawn towards
you that want to have that website that
has those facilities knowing that you’re
the person to go to to create that
website for them as your reputation
grows and spreads further afield from
your immediate surroundings so will your
potential customer base you’ll find that
you’re gonna have more restaurants and a
further afield
area but start to come to you because
they know that you’re the go-to person
for creating a great WordPress website
or any kind of website this focus is on
dealing with restaurants and the
restaurant to your business so take a
look at specializing now before we close
this down don’t think that this limits
you to only being able to create
websites in the restaurant niche you can
create any kind of website you want it’s
more a case if you can focus and
specialize and really hone your skills
in that particular niche you have the
ability then to charge more because you
are the go-to individual or company for
that particular market so take a look I
specialize in in your WordPress web
design so the second thing I want to
focus on is dynamic content and dynamic
design so basically what that means is
you create custom post types custom
taxonomies custom templates and you can
then leverage the power of this dynamic
content to create more unique websites
for your clients so let me give you a
real world example let’s just say for
example your client comes along and says
that they want to create a business
listing site for their town well you
could take a look at trying to find a
plug-in and a theme and all those kinds
of things you require to be able to do
this and then shoehorn what you need
into that particular plugin hoping that
it meets all the requirements for your
client or it doesn’t exceed all the
needs you have and you end up with a
real simple idea but a very complex
plug-in to make that simple idea into
reality custom design and custom post
types and so on really open up a
potential to create more unique websites
so you can leverage the power of things
like advanced custom fields which is a
free plugin or you have a commercial
option pods jet engine or ultimately
toolset all of these things do very
similar things what they allow you to do
is create custom post types custom
taxonomies custom categories all those
kinds of things that straight out the
box and then you can tie those in to
tools like elemental pros theme builder
and you can then create your own custom
archive single post pages create the
relevant conditions then inside the
template to assign those to the relevant
part of your website and then what you
end up with is a truly bespoke website
leveraging the power of dynamic
information without having to go to the
and time and expense of learning new
plugins learning new themes all these
kind of every time you want to make a
new website using dynamic data so spend
some time learn how to use things like
advanced custom fields or pods or tool
set of jet engine whichever one you feel
most comfortable with now I’ve got
videos covering quite a few of these
different tools and how to utilize those
for the basics of creating dynamic
content for link in the description
below but spend that time learn those
skills and you can ultimately charge
more and make more okay so the third and
final thing that I want to take a look
on on how you can ultimately charge more
and make more money is looking at how
you create custom themes now if you use
in WordPress which is what this channel
focuses on there are lots of ways you
could create your own custom theme you
could really get down to the nitty
gritty and start to learn how to code
things and get in and start tweaking and
adjust in all the relevant templates
inside WordPress but a much easier way
is working with something like elemental
pro now elemental pro is version 2 which
was released several months ago has
brought with it a whole range of really
great theme building tools so when you
want to create your custom taxonomy is
you want to create your custom 4 or 4
pages your custom single pages archive
pages all those kinds of things you
could create templates for those you can
assign conditions to them and then you
can make sure that you’ve got a truly
bespoke design all built around that
custom theme so what this ultimately
means is that when you have a job that
requires something a little out of the
ordinary or you want to get much more
creative you can start up by using these
theme building techniques and create
your own custom WordPress theme if you
then tie these into things like dynamic
data like we covered in the previous
step once you leverage the power those
both things you can create incredibly
powerful versatile and bespoke websites
using WordPress as the core but going
way beyond what the basic WordPress
options offer so spending the time to
understand how themes are built inside
WordPress using any of these tools is
something I think this time well-spent
what it means is ultimately you can
create a more versatile business
something they can respond to the market
needs and your customers needs without
being restricted by what a particular
theme offers if you’re not sure how to
utilize another element or pro-and the
theme build that I’ve already created a
video on how to do
that and also how to work technically
without a theme even a wordpress
requires a theme you can utilize the
power son like the hello theme which
will flawlessly with elemental pro and
what that does is that just basically
satisfies the needs of wordpress but you
ultimately get a completely blank theme
you can use the theme builder inside
elemental pro to create your own custom
layouts it’s incredibly intuitive way of
working and also incredibly powerful so
there’s the three things I want to cover
in today’s video
we’ve take a look at specializing we
take a look at dynamic content we’ve
also taken a look at how we can utilize
the power of elemental pro to create our
own custom themes so there’s three
things that you could utilize inside
your business to ultimately help you
create a much more sustainable business
moving forward you can charge more for
your services you open that more range
of the types of clients you can fulfill
their needs too and you’re not so
reliant upon particular plugins and/or
themes you have much more flexibility so
what do you think of the three topics
we’ve covered today and they things that
you already offer in your business are
they things you could see adding to your
business or have you found other things
that you think are much more useful and
ultimately help create more revenue
streams for you and your business if you
have let me know in the comment section
below I’d love to get your feedback so
we’ve got all share and the knowledge
and the skills that we can develop to
ultimately make a more sustainable
freelance business as always all the
applicable links are in the description
below and if you enjoy the video give it
a thumbs up if you didn’t give it a
thumbs down that’s perfectly fine but
let me know in the comment section what
you did or didn’t like about the video
as we create better content for you
moving forward as always my didn’t
foresee this has been wptouch and until
next time take care

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