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it certainly went by fast I I didn’t
realize that the six-month anniversary
of me becoming a you know pursuing my
dream of becoming a full-time landscape
photographer I didn’t realized that that
six-month anniversary had came it
occurred at the end of January and
wasn’t until this weekend and I felt
back as a couple accommodated it has
been six months already
damn that went by fast and my initial
thought when I when I realize that was
you know quartz Kavya you know really
went by fast and that sort of thing of
psycho man and man am I where I wanted
to be in six months did the first six
months ago as planned did I not do what
I anticipated in the first six months
and just kind of like figure out exactly
where my headspace was as it relates to
the anniversary and I started to think
about you know the analytics of it all
and I really started to dig into that to
see what revenue channels are working
what’s not working what do I need to fix
what do I need to do what do I need to
stop doing to really
scope out what the next six months are
going to look like because the next six
months are absolutely critical for me
because at the end of the day I’m not
rich I can’t afford to continue to float
myself you know an entire year or over a
year if things don’t really start to get
going and I’m pretty confident that they
will I’m very positive that they’re
going to but if they if they don’t if
they don’t and I will have to pass
possibly entertain entertain the
possibility of having to go back to the
nine-to-five a corporate America or
something like that but I’m not even
gonna put that on the in the universe
it’s not gonna happen just have good
feeling be happy and and in love with
the life in the world but I did think
about it
so as I was kind of digging into it I
was like you know honey I want to make
the six-month video I made a 90 day
update so consistent cadence would lead
me towards making a six-month video and
I’ve watched quite a bit of you know
YouTube and content related to
making money as a landscape photographer
and I didn’t really want to just talk
about you know you should do this and
you should do that you should do this
because I think a lot of those videos
were like that and there’s only so many
different revenue streams out there for
landscape photography and I and I kind
of think that there’s only a few and
everybody’s doing them but is everything
working for everybody that’s really the
question and not everything is working
for me some things are but some things
aren’t and that’s what I wanted to talk
about today is what channels are working
for me and what channels are not working
for me and what do I want to do moving
forward and really my mindset for my
first year as a full-time landscape
photographer is to first start by
getting myself out there getting as much
exposure as possible and social media is
definitely probably is the best way to
do that so I’ve been heavily focused on
that and some of it’s been working and
some of it it hasn’t been but I’m pretty
excited to see that the this YouTube
channel is really starting to gain some
traction and that’s very exciting to see
I have a couple of charts right here and
this is from January of 2018 to the end
of January of 2019 so just a week ago
measuring watch time minutes and I think
watch time minutes is probably the best
leading indicator for success because as
opposed to subscriber count cuz I’m
subscribed to quite a few channels I I
never watched the content and so like
how how good I mean oh how good is that
for that particular channel so I think
watch time minutes is really the best
indicator because it’s just showing of
course the number of minutes that people
are actually watching your content which
is obviously they go with you to and
it’s nice to see that there’s a pretty
good trajectory here because right here
right here really is when I became or I
left corporate America or corporate
America left me right through here and
so there was a little bit of a dip and
it started to build up but then you know
November and December and October it was
kind of a lull and I got a little bit
down on myself and wasn’t really sure
what was going on but then right through
here it really started to pick up and
then right through here something
interesting happened so I’ve always
heard that you know once your YouTube
channel gets to five thousand
subscribers YouTube really starts to
kind of promote
you’re content more and that’s when your
channel really take off so I got the
5000 subscribers I didn’t see anything
if anything my my watch time went down
but then something interesting happened
at 10,000 and that was the other thing I
heard I heard what you get the 10,000
subscribers you to really start to
promote your content and I’m sure that
there’s a rumor or a story about many
many different milestones out there from
a youtube subscriber basis but and I
don’t know if it if it’s true or not but
it’s interesting I cross 10,000
subscribers right here on this exact day
January 3rd 2019 and look at what
happened ever since then I mean it’s
been really straight up this is from
last week’s video which was very well
received which is fantastic to see so
things are definitely moving in the
right direction from a YouTube
perspective which is super exciting for
me because this is one of the biggest
joys that I have from a social
perspective is just creating content for
this channel of making videos and
talking all things photography and I’d
love to see when everything is is well
received so it that definitely means a
lot to me and I really enjoy it so and
if there was one channel that I want to
or one social channel that I want to be
successful it’s definitely YouTube and
as far as all the things like Instagram
there’s really no revenue tied to that
or anything but I did cross 6,000
followers a few days ago so that was
great to see my my website is definitely
getting more traffic which is which is
another great leading indicator in my
opinion I’ve got another chart here
actually for that this is the number of
unique visitors on my website per month
from January of 2018 to January 2019
this is when I became a full time
landscape photographer and there’s a
pretty good ramp all the way through
here and in December which is always a
busy month for me because of print sales
as deftly the month and do by far the
most print sells it’s also the month one
of the only months that actually
marketed as well so it’s no surprise
that that had the most unique visitors
but going from here all the way up to
here is definitely a you know a nice
slope but things are definitely moving
in the right direction because that’s
definitely another big goal of mine is
to get is
visitors to my website as possible so
from a social perspective things are
definitely moving in the right direction
I started an email newsletter that I
send out a monthly newsletter on and I
started that I think my second month
I’ve been in been going on for about
four months now or maybe three months
now and that’s definitely growing and
that’s super exciting to see as well so
all at all from a social perspective and
getting my name out there and trying to
get as much exposure as possible I think
things are went well the first six
months so it’s pretty happy to see that
in the information the charts that I was
able to to dig up really kind of help
quantify that in my mind so that made me
feel good and as far as revenue goes the
revenue is still nothing nothing crazy I
think when I made my 90-day update video
I think that month I even mentioned in
the video I made like around $600 and I
was very excited about that I am happy
to say that I’m consistently ride around
$1000 mark almost right above that every
single month now so that feels good
definitely move in the right direction
it’s also definitely nothing then I can
live off of most people can’t live off a
thousand dollars a month so we
definitely definitely need to get that
and you know moving higher and I will
but some of the things that are working
for me and not working for me a lot
actually I don’t really have anything
that’s not working but I do have a
couple of things that are completely
flat like post processing sessions Skype
sessions I love doing those I only do
like one or two of those a month and
it’s my own fault
I’d never marketed it and I need to
market that because it’s one of the
things that I absolutely love doing is
connecting with folks on them on a much
more intimate level and you know they
send me over a couple of their
photographs and we can get online via
Skype we can see each other and connect
and just go through and now edit their
photos and it’s just it’s a great way to
for them to see a different perspective
how somebody else would edit one of
their photos maybe pick up a couple tips
here and there but the best part about
that is I actually stay engaged with a
lot of these folks and talk to all of
them once maybe twice a month they send
me a couple photos ask me a pic ask me a
question about a specific edit or if
they you know got a great photo that are
super proud of them I send it over for
me just to take a look at it as well so
like that unfortunately I’m just not
doing a lot of those but that’s
something I definitely want to change
and start marketing for that and in
print sales
I love doing prints and it’s just so
hard to sell them though so that’s very
flat you know I sell me one or two
prints a month if I’m lucky and what’s
kind of discouraging about that is I
actually do market that and I have you
know I just recently read up dated the
way the overall user interface on my
print page on my website and the way it
looks from an aesthetics perspective and
it looks beautiful it’s the best it’s
ever looked but I’m just not getting a
lot of print orders so that’s that’s a
little disheartening I’ve got to figure
out a way around that but what I have
found success with is actually selling
the prints completed so in a frame with
a mat and everything like that and I
don’t use expensive frames or glass or
anything like that don’t use cheap ones
either and I don’t try and make money
off of the actual frame and the mat and
class and all that stuff I just passed
the cost on which the course is
definitely increases the cost of the
print but I think that it really helps
people to kind of envision what the
final product will look like hanging on
their wall and it just looks more
complete where I print might have seemed
like work to somebody somebody might be
like oh it’s a beautiful print but I got
to do this and this and this and this
and I don’t know if I’m going to fuss
with all that I’d rather just buy
something completed so I’ve had I have
had some success doing that on this to
kind of a one-off basis but I’m trying
to figure out a way to kind of do that
on a larger scale but it takes a lot of
time and work to mount a frank print
frame mat and on every single photo but
I want to try and figure out something
to do with that and visual wilderness
now I’ve got quite a few comments I hate
to say that I can millions of comments
for people all over the world that’s not
the case I did just get a couple
comments a couple of emails about people
asking they weren’t familiar with what
digital visual wilderness was and I’ll
put a link in the description below so
you can take a look at that at the site
but I’ve had a lot of success so far
with them so I’ve write blog articles
for them on a monthly basis which is
great great way to get a little bit of
revenue also a great way for additional
exposure and also been creating
video tutorial series I you might
remember I created one think it went on
sale in December talking about the the
importance of using range masks within
the sales on that tutorial series have
been going very well
and that’s reassuring monthly revenue so
that’s great to see I’m actually working
on a second video tutorial series for
them right now and once again that’ll
add additional revenue on a monthly
basis and I’m hoping to do meet at least
a few more of those this year so I have
a you know 3 4 5 video tutorial series
always on on sale with visual wilderness
so that’s something that’s definitely
been moving in the right direction so
that’s exciting to see what else what
Amazon affiliate revenue so Amazon
affiliate revenue is fantastic it’s all
passive income you know you somebody
clicks the lane they for a specific
product they go to Amazon if they buy
the leg or buy the product or something
else I get a very small Commission it
costs nothing else to the consumer or no
additional revenue no additional money
for the consumer and it gives me just a
tiny bit of commission and it it all
adds up to a decent amount but it’s just
so inconsistent it could be as low as 40
dollars it could be as high as a few
hundred dollars but for the most part
it’s on the lower end and it’s just very
up-and-down so it’s kind of hard to
figure out exactly how to grow that what
else what else oh this is something I’m
very excited about but workshops I’m not
doing any kind of individual workshops
right now but I do hope to do a autumn
and spring workshop in the Blue Ridge
Mountains in North Carolina with a small
group three to five participants hoping
to get that off the ground been working
on that a lot and I was just invited to
be one of the instructors at the out of
Chicago spring conference in Chicago
which I’m super excited about out of
Chicago it’s a company that puts on the
out of Moab out of Acadia the big
landscape photography conferences so it
was quite an honor to be invited by them
to be an instructor and speaker at one
of their upcoming conferences so
definitely looking forward to that I
believe it’s in April of this year so
that was very exciting
and then as far as I guess things that I
regret you know I I I really wish I
started doing things sooner so like when
I was transitioning from corporate
America from you know the last couple
years there I I knew what I wanted to do
I knew what the ultimate goal was to
become a full-time landscape
photographer and I worked on all my
weekends and I worked late at night to
get everything ready and then once I
became a full-time landscape
photographer I started to realize that
there was so many things that I could
have done while I was technically
employed that I didn’t do things like
starting the email subscriber list that
that the number of email subscribers on
my list would be tenfold private island
if I would have started at a couple
years ago like I should have or started
to sell post-processing sessions or get
more serious with print sales or get
more consistent with my content on
YouTube you know I until I became a
full-time landscape photographer that
was when I started to focus on the every
Wednesday 12:30 p.m. Eastern uploaded on
this channel no matter what and that’s
definitely helped create some traction
on this channel but I should have done
that a long time ago as well so if I
could give anybody any device who’s
looking to become a full-time
photographer when there’s landscapes or
portraits or whatever it is
before you leave you’re a nine-to-five
job definitely make sure that you are
maximizing as much downtime as you
possibly have to get your photography
business off the ground so when you do
lose believe that 9:00 to 5:00 and you
start your new pursuit that you’re as
prepared as possible because I I thought
I was but come to find out there’s quite
a few things and I I could have done
before and I wish I would have worked
even harder to get more prepared than I
was but nevertheless I there’s nothing I
can do about it now I’m not gonna do
well on it so I’m just onward and upward
and as far as the next six months I
mentioned at the beginning of the videos
next six months are insanely critical
for me I want to make sure a course that
I made expanding everything that I’m
currently doing so all the revenue
channels that I had mentioned I
definitely want to grow all of them even
more I want to also introduce a tourism
board so I want to reach out to tourism
boards to see how you get it come then
to to Commission me to go wherever to
create some type of content for them
it’s in my own state or maybe across the
world or wherever it is I know I’m not
really partial to any specific location
but I think it’d be really cool to
create content for my company
what like a tourism board and you know
whether it’s content for the website or
social media or maybe make a video or
whatever it is I think that that would
be great so I’ve started to reach out to
tourism boards to try and you know feel
that out and see if I can get some
traction there as well and I also want
to and I’m a Texan works up let me try
that again
I’m actually in the process of setting
up an exhibit this spring there’s a
Spring Fest which is an art show in my
local town which I want to exhibit in
this year and I’m also working on a
local collaboration to exhibit in a
local business this year as well so
definitely want to make sure that that
happens it’s something I’ve never done
before and probably the number one thing
that I really really want to do is to
stop trying to perfect things that’s my
plan for the next six months really off
beyond is stop spending so much time
perfecting things I spent an exorbitant
amount of time focused on details and I
think nobody ever notices and it’s
nothing against that if you’re anybody
but I just spend too much time on very
minor details that I think nobody would
ever really see anyway so why am i
spending so much time doing that it’s
really using out too much time that I
can be dedicated in a much more
productive way so that’s something I
really want to do that’ll help my time
management to stay more focus on the
things that really matter right now so
that’s the six month update I I’m not
really sure how long that went over it
didn’t go too long but I definitely
appreciate you watching any questions
you have as always please leave them in
the comment section below and if you
enjoyed the video if you could give it a
thumbs up it definitely helps this
channel out and if you’re not subscribed
if you could subscribe to my channel and
definitely helps out the channel of
course helps me out as well just to know
that things are moving in the right
direction so as always I appreciate you
watching and I’ll see you next week bye

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