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How to Make Money on a Small Farm-GROIP7mGxls

if you’re thinking about starting a
small farm from your homestead a
business where you sell product to in
this video we’re going to talk to you
about the different farm enterprises
that have worked for us the amount of
money that we made from each of them and
what ideas might be good for you in your
farm so stay tuned let’s get let’s get
into it
we have been on our homesteads going on
six years now about five of those years
has been spent running a small farm
business we started our small farm
business for a couple different reasons
for one we liked raising the animals for
ourselves and we figured if we raise a
few more we could sell that and earn
some income we also knew that if we hit
a certain point in income we could
actually get tax cut and take that money
that we’re no longer paying in taxes and
apply that back into the infrastructure
here on the farm so that was an added
motivation for us to become a farm
business so what enterprises have we
done since we started our farm business
we have sold AG we’ve sold vegetables
we’ve gotten into the meat market we’ve
sold different kinds of meat and we’ve
also made some money doing some on-farm
classes so let’s talk about each of
these enterprises first off
eggs and veggies we’re not very good in
the garden so the veggies that we’ve
sold out over the years is not even
worth considering eggs on the other hand
we get plenty of with all our chickens
and ducks so are eggs a good way to make
money well not really if you’re selling
chicken egg there’s probably a lot of
other people in your area who are
selling them too probably for two to
four dollars a dozen at the
supermarket’s or even cheaper the money
that it takes to produce chickens to get
the egg the time investment and all that
said and done you make very little
profit from eggs you don’t believe me
check out this podcast episode that we
did last year we broke down the entire
business of selling eggs to try to
figure out whether or not it was
profitable and we interviewed John from
farm marketing solutions and that got
his numbers because he did a lot more
egg business you won’t believe when you
watch it episode how tight the margins
are so check out that episode you can
find it here so eggs don’t make you much
money what’s the point of selling eggs
in the first
well if you have a lot of extra eggs
it’s better than throwing them out sure
put up a roadside stand maybe get some
income from that it can work as a loss
leader it might be a good way to get
some new faces on your farm then you can
tell them that you do meet or classes or
whatever else you’re doing so if you can
use it as a loss leader then maybe it’s
worth it but to be honest small farms
have a hard enough time making money so
don’t plan a loss leader into your
business model if you have the extra
eggs and you want something to do with
it well then maybe that’s a good way to
leverage having farm-fresh eggs let’s
talk about me I find me to be one of the
best ways to earn a little bit of money
off your homestead feed your family
and not have a full-time career in
farming every year we raised meat
chickens and meat pigs the time
investment is not huge the money
investment can be considerable but we
always take deposits on our meat orders
so that helps defray that cost and the
income at the end is pretty nice meat
chickens vs. pigs those are the two that
we’ve done over the years meat chickens
we found were not really worth our time
especially when we did the butchering
ourselves in some states you can legally
put your chickens for people others you
can’t so it might not even be
consideration however butchering is a
lot of work and we found that we could
sell a pastured chicken for about 20
bucks and 10 of that was cost and the
butcher day was a really long hard day
and had to give a lot a lot of free meat
away to my help and I just didn’t make a
lot of money from the chicken this last
year we actually took our chickens to a
butcher and tacked that price on to the
chicken and that made it a little bit
more worth it but now I have to sell
chickens for about 25 bucks a bird and
that’s still kind of hard to scrimp
well that it’s work spending that kind
of money on so if you have the market
for pastured poultry or the skills to
bring it to market and get people
interested then maybe that was worth
doing for you for us we don’t invest too
much energy and trying to make money off
of pasture poultry we do make a nice
income off of our pigs and if you’re
interested to see how much money exactly
we make from our Pig operation and how
much money you could make from doing
pasture pigs we’ll make sure to
subscribe because tomorrow’s video is
going to get into those details if I
were to give you the advice of what the
operation you should get to on your
small homestead I think pigs is a great
one you can buy feeders when they’re
young through the spring summer and fall
raise them bring them to the butcher in
the fall and then all winter long you
don’t have to care for any animal you
can make a nice income from them people
love the product it’s way better than
store-bought pork and it’s always been a
good way for us to earn income on our
farm in fact we aren’t enough income
from the pigs that we make every year
over two thousand dollars in gross
income which then makes us eligible for
those tax cuts that the state of
Connecticut allows us so earning the pig
money then saves us money in taxes the
third enterprise that we’ve used over
the last few years to earn an income
from our homestead is doing on farm
classes class we did today was raising
your own meat earth take you
step-by-step through the process of
owning meat chicken from the time you
order them on the internet when they
arrive at your door is baby chick to
finishing the birds off and then
processing your own first hour we sit
and chat about how to raise chicken we
talk about all what’s involved and they
get to ask questions it’s real
interactive and once they can delay it
no more then we get to the hands-on part
which is the processing chicken pick up
their own bird out of the chicken
tractor they bring it to the killing
cone we show them the most humane way we
can how to kill the bird then step by
step through the process of turning that
that chicken into a beautiful clean
delicious chicken that you’ll be cooking
up and
urban for your family now classes are a
great way to make a lot of profit you
don’t spend a whole lot of money to do
the classes pretty much what you’re
selling is your experience and knowledge
so the costs are low the profit can be
very high however there are still some
challenges with classes you have to
market these classes you have to make
sure that you fill the class you have
only two people show up sometimes it’s
not really worth your time to do the
class of the three enterprises our
favorite one is me we do it every year
with our pork it’s a nice side income
for us and it gets us the tax benefit
depending on what scale you’re trying to
grow your farm business to is will
depend on which you rely on the most
for us we just want to cover the costs
of raising the animals and get enough
money in that we are eligible for tax
cuts so our goal every year is to gross
over $2,000 if we can do that we’re
happy we are not trying to make a living
from our farm business you can make a
living farming people do it but it is a
challenge in our recent podcast episode
we heard the figure that 91% of farmers
have some sort of off farm income coming
in whether it’s from their mate whether
they have a part-time job somewhere else
you can do it but it’s hard I don’t
suggest to you that you start a farm
business with the idea of going
full-time at that quitting your job I
find that I enjoy homesteading and
farming way more when it’s a hobby level
enterprise that I enjoy doing that I
make a little income from
I work for myself I have my own business
so I have the freedom to enjoy my life
on the homestead but I don’t have to be
slaving away all day long in the garden
and with the animals and the hot Sun if
I don’t feel like it because we keep it
at a manageable level so what should you
do well if you’re a homesteader who
wants to have more time on your
homestead maybe earn a little bit of
find a couple enterprises maybe even
just one in the beginning to grow slowly
over time and earn a little bit of side
money from and then you’ll know over
time whether or not you want to grow it
to be a full-time job or if you think
you know what it’s too much work to grow
any further but I enjoy the stage on
that now just keep doing what I’m doing
that’s what we’ve done here of our total
homestead income all the money we make
the farm business earns very little
compared to everything else that we do
so if you want to know how we really pay
for our lifestyle the business that
really helps us homestead and have this
freedom we’re going to talk about that
in a later video in this homestead
finance series so make sure that hit
subscribe so you don’t miss that video
thanks for watching if you have any
questions just leave them in the
comments below I know I did not talk
about near as many enterprises or as are
out there I just talked today about the
enterprises that we were familiar with
ourselves but if you have any other
questions about other enterprises
you know sheep goats wool fibers
whatever it is leave them in the
comments below and that will help me
know what you want to learn about and
I’ll find somebody out there who knows
more than me about those subjects thanks
for watching be sure to subscribe
sorry one more time action one more time

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