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Six Fantastic Ways to Make Money Online – From Side-Hustle to Full Time-0XE-uMmRg-U

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Six Fantastic Ways to Make Money Online – From Side-Hustle to Full Time-0XE-uMmRg-U

– You are interestedin making money online
and who can blame you?
It is a fantastic way to make a living.
I love being an online marketing person
and making my living from the internet.
So today I thought I wouldshare with you six ways
that I can think of thatare really approachable ways
for you to make money online.
Perhaps even make a living all online.
Now three of these are active
where you go out and you getclients and you actually work
for individuals and getpaid for your services
and three ideas are more passive income
which is much more alongthe lines of the way
that we make money here at Dottotech
and I’ll share all six ideaswith you today on Dottotech.
(light electric guitar music)
Steve Dotto here, how theheck you doing this fine day
and I’m looking forward to today’s topic
because I love talkingabout making money online.
It gives people a real senseof control over their lives.
If they can do it, create a side hustle
where they make some money online
or if they indeed maketheir entire living online,
it again, creates a sense of liberation
and control over your lifeand it’s really exciting not
to be bound by a artificialceiling of exactly
how much money you can or can’t make.
If you’re building yourown business online,
well, the world’s your oyster.
You can determine through your skills
and through your effort,
exactly how much moneyyou end up earning online
and I love those, I love those stories,
I love that opportunity.
So let’s start by breakingit down into the two sections
that we’re going to talk about today.
I’m gonna talk aboutactive income opportunities
which is a lot more finding clients
and providing online servicesfor individuals and for that,
I’m gonna refer you to the time code
which is above me somewhere here now.
So if you’re not interestedin passive income,
but you want to learn about theactive income opportunities,
then click on, or move thevideo forward to that time code
and I’ll talk about those opportunities
because we’re gonna start bytalking about passive income
which I get really excitedabout, it’s how I make my living.
Passive income is whereyou’ve created something
that generates revenue for you
even when you’re not activelyengaged and involved.
Selling product through an online store,
affiliate marketing, those sorts
of things are passive income opportunities
that allow you to earn revenueand there are three ways
that I think are the easiest
as far as passive income,or not the easiest.
There are three basic waysthat I’m quite experienced with
in creating passive incomethat I’m gonna share with you.
The first is affiliate marketing,
the second is being a content creator
and the third is onlinecourse and actually,
if you’re interested in diving deeper
into these passive income opportunities,
I have an online coursecalled Independent Income
which teaches you aboutaffiliate marketing,
content creation andonline course creation
as far as creating digital products
as a revenue opportunity.
It’s a great introduction toall of these opportunities,
but for an even later introduction,
let me start by tellingyou about Amazon affiliates
which is I think theeasiest way to get started
in the entire affiliate world.
Now typically speaking, Amazon affiliates
is not gonna be your main income.
It’s gonna be what wewould call a side hustle
where you can make money onthe side by creating content
that helps people makedecisions and really,
the basis of almost all affiliate income
is helping people makethe right decisions.
If you gain a trusted voicewhere you advise people
on how to do something andyou gain some expertise
and a reputation in an area,
then you can leverage that expertise
into revenue opportunities
by helping people make good decisions.
So from the point of Amazon affiliates,
if you do reviews of productsand help people make decisions
on what products theywanna purchase from Amazon
and they use your affiliatelink to purchase that product,
you’re paid a commission.
Now one of the bonuses of theAmazon program is regardless
of what people buy at Amazonwithin a predefined period,
I think it’s 24 hours ofclicking on your link,
you get compensated foranything else they buy on Amazon
during that time period.
So it can be quite,
there can be a nice littlebonus revenue coming in
from Amazon with one big caveat here.
The percentages of revenue that
from our affiliate relationshipwith Amazon are microscopic.
It’s not a lot of money.
It’s very difficult to earn enough money
off Amazon affiliates inorder to make a living,
but it is a nice side hustle
and it introduces you very effectively
to the entire conceptof affiliate marketing.
So that’s where I like to startis with Amazon affiliates.
Now there are way betteraffiliate opportunities
in vertical markets.
If you develop anexpertise teaching people
about different softwaretools or productivity tools
as we do or almost any online tools,
there are typically speaking,affiliate programs related
to those tools whichare far more lucrative
and if you follow us here on Dottotech,
you’ll recognize ouraffiliate relationships
with companies like Thinkificthat creates online courses
and Bonjoro which does videomarketing and conversions.
We’ve got affiliate relationshipswith a variety of products
where we teach our marketplacehow to use these products
and what they will do forthem and if they choose
to buy them, then usingour affiliate link,
we are compensated in return
and that can be quite lucrative,
but as far as I’m concerned,the most effective
and the most profitable methodof online passive income
is developing a digitalproduct of your own.
Developing your own online course.
If you have expertise in anarea, you can teach people
how to do that thingand you create a good,
valuable online course, thatcan generate the most revenue
because you can applya real strategy to it.
One of the nice things
about developing your ownonline course as opposed
to being an affiliate marketer
for other people’s digitalproducts is your success
is dependent on thequality of your content,
not on the quality of somebodyelse’s service or product
and that is again, a veryliberating a place to be.
So developing your own online course,
although it’s a much longer sale cycle,
it takes a lot longer toget your feet under you
as far as revenue goes,
that to me is kind of theholy grail of passive income.
Now the cool thing isyou can start this all
as a side hustle.
You could say over a courseof 18 months or two years,
start with doing a little bitof Amazon affiliate marketing,
getting your feet under youas far as creating content,
do some more verticalaffiliate relationships
as you go along, as youbuild your community,
as you build your voice
and the whole time you’re doing that,
start to develop your own online course
which ultimately afteryou’ve built expertise
and a reputation online, youcan then sell to your community
and at that point there,there’s a very good chance
that you could transitionfrom it being a side hustle,
a part-time gig into yourfull-time revenue gig
and that is a well-worn path.
A lot of people have followed that success
into the world of online marketing.
So let me repeat one more time
just in case you’re reallyinterested in I’ve intrigued you
and you want to dive muchmore deeply into this,
there’ll be a link below
to our course on Independent Income.
On how you can buildyour own income stream
through passive opportunities
such as affiliate marketingand online courses.
So the link will be below,have a look at that.
Now, let’s talk about theother side of the coin
which is more active.
That is becoming a virtualassistant or using your skills
and charging for your time and services
and there’s a little bitmore of a ceiling on revenue
that you can earn on these doing this,
but even having said that,
if you have some real good expertise
in a very valuable area,
you can generate a veryhealthy income as well.
So for the most part when we think
about doing virtual services,
we think about becominga virtual assistant.
So yeah being a VA, helping somebody,
working with them doingorganization and social marketing
and a variety of different aspects there.
Now, the best place to start.
Well, actually I don’t knowwhat the best place to start is.
I know there’s a lot ofplaces you can start.
One thing I will caution youon is there are a variety
of different agencies out there now
that are representing virtual assistants
and some of them do a very good job
of creating a relationshipbetween potential clients
and the virtual assistants
and they set really good expectations
on either side of that equation,
but they’re also going to betaking a commission for it
and your reputation is goingto be tied to the agency
that you work with.
There’s also a few onlineservices that are far more,
that are just kind ofposting boards such as Upwork
or Indeed where you can goto you look for opportunities
for performing virtual services.
I think for most peoplethough, the best place
to start is just lookingin their own social network
of people that they haveexperience with and reaching out
to them and asking if they know of anybody
that’s looking for people to help them
in your area of expertise.
Now, that one of the coolopportunities here though
is you can develop additional skills
that make you much more valuable
to whoever it is youhappen to be working for.
You can start out
by doing very simple socialmedia posts et cetera
or doing or managingsome accounting services
or proofreading documents for somebody,
something along that line,
but then if you developan expertise in Facebook
or Google Ads or email marketing,
you can then leveragethat experience in order
to increase your revenue opportunities
with the individual clientsthat you’re working with.
So virtual assistants is a great way
to kind of step into the game.
Similarly, but on aneven easier level you,
if you have good Englishskills or good writing skills,
you can quickly become a proofreader
or a simple copywriteror a transcriptionist.
A company like we workwith called,
that’s online transcriptions where they,
where you listen to or watch videos
and do verbatim transcriptions.
Those are opportunitiesthat have definite ceilings
for revenue becausethey’re only gonna pay you
X number of dollars per wordor per minute of content
that you create, but ifyou’ve got an hour or two
in the evening and you wantto make a little mad money
and you want a littlebit of a side hustle,
these are great reliable opportunities
that can consistentlygenerate income for you
that you might enjoy andthe bonus of doing something
like is you mightbe interested in the topics
that you’re doing transcriptions for.
So looking around onlinefor these opportunities
depending on your skill set.
If you have a really goodmastery of the English language,
being a proofreader, there’slots of online services
that you can sign up on that aspect
and we will have some links
in the description below for that.
Or if you’re just a good typist,then something like
which will allow you todo the transcriptions
would be a great opportunity.
The final thing I wanna talk to about is
if you have some serious writing chops.
If you’re a good writer, oh mygosh the world is your oyster
as far as finding online work.
It’s the biggest challengefor most content creators
is finding good copywriters.
Finding people to writegood quality blog posts
or good content or especiallygood advertising copy.
Oh my goodness it is such achallenge finding something
that can write in your voice
and understands the topicsthat you’re dealing with.
Now, you’re probably temptedto go to a site like Upwork
where you can upload a resume
and hopefully that willmarry people who are looking
for writers to the writers,
but speaking from personal experience,
a site like Upwork is a difficult place
to hire a writer becausethere’s just so much work
that goes into finding the right person.
It’s like a relationship,it’s like dating.
It’s far more difficult in practicality
than it seems to be on the surface.
So there are some good brokerageservices that marry people
who need good writingto excellent writers.
The one that I’m reallykind of intrigued by
is one called Writers Access.
Now one of the reasons thatI like this site so much
is they charge me ifI want to hire writers
and membership fee just togain access to the writers
that they have behind their pay wall.
Now, that might offend some people and say
why in the world am I gonna pay you
before I even get a writerworking on my project?
Because writers access has put together
a terrific interviewformat that allows you
to create realisticexpectations of the work
that you need done andthen marry you to writers
who can deliver on that.
It’s all about expectationsbeing met with Writers Access
and anybody who’s everhired a writer knows
that the biggest challengeis meeting the expectations
that you put in place, ishaving realistic expectations
and having them met.
If you do have your expectations met,
your money spent on hiring anoutside writer is well spent.
Writers Access make sure thatyou find the right writers
that can write in your voicewith the technical skills
that you need in order todeliver to your expectations.
I like that, it’s a greatopportunity for content creators,
but especially, it’s a greatopportunity for good writers
to find the clients that they need
in order to make a good living.
So there you’ve got six different ideas
around making money online
and there are some millionmore, there’s no doubt.
I would love to see yourcomments of ideas that you have,
things that you wouldthink can make money online
or that you’re passionateabout making money online.
I think a lot of us lookfor that side hustle,
look for a little bit ofextra money on the side
and a lot to allow us to A,
have some additional flexibility,a little more security
and find a little more valuein our time, in our downtime,
but those of us that want to transition
from that being a sidehustle to a full-time gig,
it’s a very exciting timeto be in the online space.
The opportunities are virtually endless
for making money online
and we’ve just sharedsix simple ones with you
to get your mind startedin the right direction.
I hope you found today’svideo to be useful.
Please, comments below.
If you’ve not yet subscribed to Dottotech,
subscribe and ring that notification bell
and a little thumbs up wouldbe appreciated as well.
Till next time, I’m Steve Dotto.
Have fun storming the castle.

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