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14 Realistic Ways To Make Money Online – Real-Life Examples on How To Become a Digital Nomad-nkY8Mu5Uscc

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14 Realistic Ways To Make Money Online – Real-Life Examples on How To Become a Digital Nomad-nkY8Mu5Uscc

and please step up to the line now
are you guilty of being an irrational
inspiration to people to follow the path
let’s travel against the strongly
cautious opinions of rational life
believers around the world are you
guilty of this video being sponsored by
Squarespace in giving people a discount
to sign up to the awesome online service
do you encourage people wherever
possible to follow their dreams even
though it is that uncertain path and it
might not work however you encourage
people to try because on the other side
of fear and hard smart work there could
be an existence far greater than paying
it safe and it’s at least worth the try
ah yeah yes if I’m guilty well what the
hell are you proposing from this video
we live in the best possible time to
become an online Nomad and have your
income coming into you into you coming
to you from remote sources meaning that
you don’t have to rely on your physical
location to be making money the online
world is open to you and the
possibilities are endless if you believe
in your heart of hearts that you are
capable of making this work or even if
you don’t believe in yourself and you
just are willing just willing to prove
yourself wrong then this could be for
you this video especially me just
dropping possibilities of how you can
make money online because I think a few
people don’t believe it’s possible it is
because if I’m doing it and thousands of
other people are doing it so can you
so with this video I’m not delving deep
into any of these topics I’m just giving
you a list of potential ways of making
money online and if there’s one that
comes up that you’re like that sounds
kind of interesting please just follow
that curiosity that’s exactly all you
need right now you just need that
curiosity be like wait that sounds kind
of interesting I think maybe that could
be something I’d be interested in
pursuing and then you follow that path
because there’s so much information
online about anything you want to make
it happen you just have to follow that
very first curiosity bug so let’s get
these ideas
dropping like that hard are you the kind
of person that likes the idea of having
an online Empire articles merchandise an
online community the perhaps making a
website is the way to go for you because
with a website it may be a little bit of
a big task but once you succeed you have
all of these different online sources of
income and it’s actually really fun my
personal journey of making money online
actually started with websites creating
an online business and I want to make a
very distinct that there is websites and
blogs versus online business a lot of
people just think that writing a few
articles it will be enough you need to
if you want to do this online business
thing drive traffic to the site so
figure out how that works then you need
to do affiliate marketing Google Adsense
sell ebooks sell digital products
develop products physical products if
you like build an online community
there’s so many components to this but
if you really want a crash course on how
the online world works
this is a really good one
so you can become an online expert aka
teacher as well so with my first
business I knew nothing about this world
you just need to have ten percent more
knowledge than the person you are
teaching what I did to the very first
portion of me setting up my online
business is that I’ve researched like
crazy into this vintage world because my
website was called peanut passion and I
just started writing articles about it
and becoming really engrossed in it so I
didn’t know anything about this world
but I made it work I started positioning
myself as an expert in this field I
started selling products around all of
this so you don’t have to know
everything about a topic you just need
to have good understanding better than
the average be able to teach other
people in as well sell yourself okay
sell your skills sell your skills so if
you have any if you have any knowledge
in photography design writing website
management management and general
project management there’s so many
different people looking for this online
so they need people working remotely for
them to help assist with this and
there’s lots of different websites you
can sign up to in order to sell your
skills I am gonna be listing a few
websites that I have come across or
heard of please it’s your job to
research if these websites are right for
you I am not endorsing any of them I’m
just giving you examples starting points
so these some of these websites are ones
that you can sell your freelance work
affiliate marketing is another way
Fillie marketing is another profession
all on its own
so affiliate marketers basically mean
that they sell other people’s products
and they take a portion of the sales to
do this efficiently means that you need
to know how to set up like squeeze pages
and have sales pages to guide people to
buy a product so there is a lot of skill
set involved in this but it can pay off
a lot if you know what you’re doing this
one can be a little bit harder if you
are choosing the wrong products like
some people sell products that are like
five dollars and then get three percent
commission from that if you’re gonna be
an affiliate marketer you learn how to
sell the really really high price points
pointage courses so you get two hundred
dollars per sale or something like that
so affiliate marketing 101 start selling
on Amazon this
is a highly profitable nation new
category if you get it right um it is a
little bit harder to get to there’s like
a lot of steps on how to learn how to
create your own products in China and
then get shipped into the Amazon
warehouses is learning to market your
stuff online it can be difficult there’s
a link in the description for a course
that teaches you how to sell completely
on Amazon from start to finish and it is
a great course I haven’t gone through it
and that’s what I did to sell my own
products back in the day when I had my
online website it is harder but the
results can not promising anything they
can be outrageous for influencing
knowledge so I help businesses to work
with influences I need to have
mentorship for people aspiring to be
influences right now it is way too many
way for me because it’s like really
dedicated and a lot of work but you can
make good a really good catch on this
there’s online courses whether you’re
selling a seven dollar course or a two
thousand dollar course the possibilities
of having passive income make a money
when you’re sleeping massively with
selling on my courses and people are
always willing to pay for great advice
anything that helps them progress and
make their life easier they are willing
to pay so if you learn how to drive
traffic to these pages you can be making
a solid solid income from this if you’re
wondering if I get questioned quite
often if I’m special and if I need some
medication the answer is yes and it’s my
job to be weird you guys keep wanting
more I’m just singing it’s your fault
okay freelance writing so this comes in
a lot of forms it can be writing
articles for people like Forbes it can
be writing online social media posts
blog posts newsletter articles whoa hi
Wow okay a really really profitable one
is sales copywriting because people need
things to sell words sell really well it
is so important even when people do a
sales video for example and I know
you’ve seen a million of these it’s like
hey let’s buy this product but the copy
that what they’re saying is specifically
designed to get you to take action so
sales copywriters oh they are in demand
and they can charge a lot I’ve worked
with a lot of copywriters in the past so
if you love writing this could be
something that is really completely made
for you being a public figure I love
this one clearly this one is my forte
you can choose different routes so for
example some people choose education
teaching like myself some people choose
entertainment music some adjust your
regular YouTube buddies next-door and
contrary to popular belief you don’t
need to be as crazy as me or other
youtubers out there to make it work for
yourself there’s people that are public
figures like Lois house who is a
inspirational motivational does podcast
that kind of thing so he doesn’t have to
be this crazy Tim Ferriss public figure
again they have their little niches so
you can do that for sure and the value
that you have as a public figure is
really significant because you’re like a
TV station essentially when you have a
huge audience watching you brands and so
forth are willing to pay a lot more
because you have such a significant
reach and please if you choose this
route can we just agree that you’ll
spread good work and like help uplift
the world and not try to like crumble it
and make people feel bad and spread
drama etc etc because I know we’re going
now into the age of people wanting
substance and that’s such an exciting
time for me so if you’re gonna be a
public figure please just go in it with
the intention of spreading love because
we need it as well to fill your stuff
online so whether you’re looking to sell
like your own jewelry line for example
if you’re really creative like that or
if you love connecting high quality
vintage one-off pieces they can sell for
a really high price point try not to
deal with the small price boring things
because that’s it’s a little bit
difficult then you can sell your staff
via these websites and just keep in mind
that this is obviously going to restrict
you because you’ll have to post stuff
unless you hire someone to sell to post
your stuff for you I’m giving you guys a
lot I hope your brain is taking over
with the possibilities but there’s a few
more there are a bunch of companies that
are looking to hire staff that work from
home because having someone come into
the office is obviously more expensive
than just having someone work from home
best of both worlds you get to work from
home or wherever in the world and they
pay you and they win as well but these
are the companies that I found online
that you can check out as well become a
VA there’s a lot of people looking for
virtual assistants out there so all you
need to do is figure out what skills it
is that people need and then pimp
yourself out is that okay can I say that
am I allowed to say people yourself have
if you have
still teaching another language for
example you can become an online tutor
for that you’re the couple of pages I
found a photo fun huh all of the
possibilities online social media
manager you would be so surprised by how
few people actually know how to use
social media well for businesses I’m not
just talking posting and writing nice
captions I’m talking if you can learn
the skills of how to drive traffic and
increase sales for a business when it
comes to using social media our people
are gonna devour you because this is a
skill that lots of people need but they
just don’t understand
so submerge yourself in how you can
drive traffic I can build businesses
through the use of social media this
could be your thing it’s fun it’s
enjoyable I’ve done it myself personally
but you need to have that edge of
knowing how to increase revenue from the
use of social media so these are just
some examples a few examples of how you
can possibly make money online I’m just
trying to get your brain to think
outside the square space square face
give it good grace face is sponsoring
this video because the theme of this
video is all about looking outside the
square thinking outside the box watch
the sponsorship the message plays I’m
gonna be showing you guys have I used
gear around the house to think outside
the box to use it as props for my photo
shoot so enjoy this one it’s pretty good
not gonna lie I’d like to thank
Squarespace for sponsoring this video
whether you need a domain website or
online store do it with Squarespace I
have personally been a happy customer of
Squarespace for years now because not
only do they have designer beautiful
templates which for an artist is very
important they’re also an all-in-one
platform meaning there’s nothing to
install patch or upgrade ever they also
have award-winning 24/7 customer service
which is really great for hattis because
we need things ASAP oh he’s sitting at for a free trial and
when you’re ready to launch go to forward slash Sorrell to
save 10% off your first purchase of a
domain or website if there was anything
that captivated your attention follow
that curiosity because that is there is
a reason for that and then it could just
start off with like a simple google
search of how to create an online
business using websites learning any new
skill is super duper hard and I get it
it’s frightening palaver legs is too
short to be sitting in prison oh my gosh
I mean in the cubicle in a job you don’t
like with no plants with no windows
being told exactly
you’re allowed to eat dinner or lunch or
anything that’s pretty Rimmer that’s
pretty bad what are we saying is your
life is worth much more than that you
are a free person and you need to take
control of it you can do so I believe in
you well boy a long video but I hope you
still with me and getting inspiration my
final tip is that if you want to make
this work you really have to take this
seriously just don’t take no for an
you will become overwhelmed it’s gonna
be really difficult it might take you 2
5 10 years to make it work the results
and the outcome of having freedom that
has to be worth it right I would not
recommend quitting all your jobs just to
focus on this full-time because there’s
nothing more stressful than running out
of money and trying to build an online
business at the same time like it’s very
stressful so keep your side gigs keep
your work happening and on the side
start learning about making money online
and free yourself because you deserve it
oh heck yeah how’s this artistic AF ah
the sunshine just killed my vibe man I’m
just gonna say check out my Instagram if
you want to see my photos that’s all I
wanted to say can you not give me like
five seconds are you guilty of being

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