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5 BEST Apps To Make Money From Your Phone (2019)-fZmkTIR8TeM

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5 BEST Apps To Make Money From Your Phone (2019)-fZmkTIR8TeM

five apps that you can download
literally today and start making money
with adjust your phone now I’ve done the
research for you so you know that none
of these apps are scams I did all the
research I looked at all the reviews
every single one of these apps actually
works so make sure you grab your phone
I’ll find the nearest window and throw
it out so that you can pay attention
wait what you’re saying they need their
phone for this one because they’re only
using just a phone
alright guys fine one time pass you can
keep your phone for this video but only
because I’ll be showing you exactly how
to make a bunch of money so grab some
popcorn and make sure you hold on a to
your phone because this is going to be a
good one
all right ninjas and ninjetta this is
going to be a very exciting one people
have been asking for it I’m so we went
out did all the research for you and
found the five best apps that you can
literally start to make money with today
as long as you have a phone with an
internet connection before we actually
get into this if you’re new here first
of all welcome to the strongest family
on YouTube and if you like making money
and make sure you do two things tap on
the tiny little subscribe button and
make sure you hit that like button as
well because it helps me reach more
people like you who want to be
financially free and start making a
little bit more bread a little bit more
Benjamins a little bit more moolah and
start to actually stack some cheese and
let’s face it there might not be a legal
way to instantly make free cash but this
is pretty much as close as it gets so
without further ado let’s count down
from the number five app all the way
down to the number one best app start
making some money with a number five
field agent field agent describes
themselves as an app that focuses on
finding opportunities for everyday
people like you to make money
essentially how field agent works is
they deploy shoppers all over the United
States and around the world and share
their opinions and most importantly get
paid to do so this app is available
completely for free to download and once
you do download it you’ll see a map and
it’ll show you when jobs are nearby and
obviously in bigger cities there’s going
to be more jobs and more potential to
actually earn money but as long as your
city isn’t too small there should be
some jobs that you can go ahead and do
and some of these tasks definitely can
appear very random I’m not gonna argue
with that some of the tasks will ask you
to go into a retail store and take a
picture of a piece of food or a can of
soup or something like that and the
reason that companies are actually
willing to pay that is they want to see
how their actual product or service is
being displayed in these you know
grocery stores or retail chains or
outlets and with each job paying between
3 and 12 dollars and generally taking
about 10 to 15 minutes to complete that
means that you’re roughly earning about
$20 just to use the field agent app to
take random pictures and to go into
stores and perform random tasks so if
you have some free time on your hands
want to earn $20 per hour to go random
places in the city and take photos of
random cans of soup then the field agent
app might be for you number four is an
app called folk and I know that’s kind
of a ridiculous name but this app is
actually really cool and basically what
the folk app allows you to do is upload
pictures from your smartphone and get
paid to do that because there’s
thousands of companies from all around
the world that constantly need
royalty-free pictures of their products
or services right and most companies
don’t want to go and hire full-time
photographers and videographers to
actually take photographs of all of
their products out in the world when
they can do what’s called crowdsourcing
and what crowdsourcing essentially means
is it gives companies the opportunity to
buy awesome images of their actual
products or services that are taken by
everyday people like you and so if
you’re taking photos with your
smartphone every day you might as well
start to get paid for those photos that
you’re taking and if a company likes
your photo the company will actually buy
it from you now most photos on foap sell
for around $10 and folk gives you a 50%
Commission which is actually very
generous because they did all of the
work to create the marketplace and to
popularize the app and attract companies
that are willing to pay you so if you
make 50% Commission’s on a $10 sale that
means that if a company likes the photo
that you upload they took you you know
potentially 10 to 30 seconds to actually
set up a product take a cool picture
maybe you’re on vacation in a beautiful
place and you have a coca-cola can with
you and you decide to take a picture you
take 30 seconds upload it to your folk
profile sell it for $10 if coca-cola was
interested in buying it and you would
make $5 every single time one of your
images is bought and like anything
you’ll get better at doing this maybe
when you’re first starting you’re not
going to take the best pictures but if
you already like photography are you
already like taking pictures with your
phone this is a great way to start
earning some side income again just
using your phone number three is the
Google opinion rewards app and as you
can see the Google opinion rewards app
has over a million close to a five-star
review and you know that anything
developed by Google is going to be 100%
legit Google opinion rewards was
as a survey mobile app for Android and
iOS developed by Google and the app
allows users to answer surveys and earn
rewards on Android and on iOS it allows
users to answer surveys and actually get
paid directly to their PayPal and not
many people actually know that Google
has a rewards program where you can go
ahead and download this free app answer
a few basic questions and you can get
paid for voicing your opinions because
the thing is your opinion and your
feedback is incredibly valuable to
Google and Google like many large
companies is willing to pay you for it
to improve their user experience and to
improve their products the number two
app is called gosh
now Dasch recently raised 44 million
dollars in investor money because
they’re obviously doing something that
people are interested in and something
that’s making them money but more
importantly making human and basically
how dosh works is you make money and you
get cash back to spend money you’d most
likely already be spending at
restaurants and hotels and literally
thousands of companies and providers
that dodge has partnered with but even
more so than just earning cash back to
go and eat at your favorite restaurants
or go to your favorite hotels you can
also make money with dosh using their
affiliate program every time that you
actually sign up and add a new payment
method to your own
app you actually get a $1 signup fee and
you can also get a $5 referral fee or
signing other people up to the dosh app
so maybe you have a following on social
media maybe you could post about it on
your own Facebook or Instagram maybe you
could even make a youtube video talking
about what dosh is to get people to
actually sign up through your own link
or you can just download the app hook up
one of your payment methods and just use
the app to earn free cashback going to
your favorite restaurants or hotels and
the cool thing is dosh is growing very
quickly which means that you know that
they’re going to be constantly adding
new companies new features new ways to
earn more cash back for you which means
the sooner that you sign up the better
you’ll get at it and the more cashback
referral fees and signup bonuses you
could potentially earn and the number
one way to make money with no
pre-existing skills and no money to get
started using just your cell phone we
will get you in one second but I do
give a big shout-out to our daily
comment winner who is Rand angel who
says this is the real deal if you want
someone who believes in you and will
stay with you through the whole journey
its Kady the important thing is you have
to start start now go and I could not
agree more
with Rand I am pretty awesome I’m just
kidding but you do have to get started
if you actually want to make money doing
any of this it’s not just this video
it’s not any of my other videos
people get so tripped up focusing on one
thing and then the next thing and the
next thing really struggling with what I
like to call the shiny object syndrome
my advice to you is make sure you pick
an online money-making strategy that you
are actually gonna have fun doing and
that you’re willing to do until you make
it work don’t constantly bounce from one
thing to the next because what happens
then is you don’t do any of them well
you don’t do any of them to fruition
which means you don’t actually make any
money from them so maybe you want to
focus on Amazon then just focus on
Amazon maybe you want to focus on SM ma
creating a marketing agency just do that
maybe you want to focus on drop shipping
or creating a digital course or creating
a YouTube but the moral of the story is
start now do your research beforehand
and then stick with one thing until you
make it work
don’t constantly hop between things
because you’ll never make any of them
work and without further adieu the
number one app to make money just using
your phone is called TaskRabbit now
TaskRabbit is an American online and
mobile marketplace that matches
freelance labor with local demand
allowing consumers to find immediate
help with everyday tasks like cleaning
moving or delivery work and the cool
thing about TaskRabbit is you don’t need
any pre-existing skills to help someone
move a few moving boxes or to clean
something and TaskRabbit employees can
make a significant wage I actually hired
people off of TaskRabbit myself to help
me move some of my furniture and I was
paying them $50 per hour to actually
help me move some of my couches and help
me move a few boxes from one house to
one of my other houses and so if you’re
capable of actually picking up a box and
moving it or you’re capable of cleaning
things or you actually enjoy doing that
type of stuff you can earn $40 or even
50 dollars an hour to do very basic tag
and you can do it entirely from your
cell phone so don’t be like 99% of
people that never do anything be the 1%
that actually try some of these things
until it works for you and if you’re
going to do it leave me a comment down
below that says make money to prove to
me that you’re actually going to do
these things until it works and if
you’re looking for an even better way a
scalable way a real way to earn a
full-time income
check out this video right here where I
teach you how to make $1000 every single
week even if you have no job and no
money to start it’s gonna be a good one
see you there yeah what does you want to
learn how to make $1,000 per week with
no job even better yet

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