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Earning Money on YouTube – These are My Numbers-31-Orue2iWY

and honestly YouTube could shut down
tomorrow and leave me without any income
at all hey guys what’s up it’s Kelly
again and welcome back to my channel for
today’s video I’m going to talk to you
guys about my little YouTube adventure
and answer to questions that I get asked
all the time by friends and by family
members by viewers which is how do I
make money on YouTube and how much money
have I actually been able to make on
YouTube with all of my videos but before
we get into the numbers let me tell you
how this all got started
so I officially got monetized on this
channel one year ago to the day which
means that I actually make money off of
people like you watching my videos but
this is something that I actually didn’t
even know was possible until about 18
months ago when I first decided to start
my channel well I’m the kind of person
who struggles to pick up on movie
references or keep up with pop culture
trends I didn’t live entirely under a
rock so I knew about YouTube but while
YouTube has dramatically evolved over
the last decade of its existence my
understanding of it didn’t so when I
would hear people talk about YouTube I
sort of just thought about the YouTube
I knew the back in the day YouTube we’re
talking salad fingers we’re talking
shoes we’re talking old school jenna
Marbles and that hilarious video where
someone animated their friends LSD
induced ramblings that was what I knew
YouTube for funny videos that you would
share with your friends more or less
when you were bored I had no idea that
they had blown up to become the mega
social media platform that it is today
and I especially didn’t know that people
uploading videos of their cats were
making money off of me watching those
cat videos then my boyfriend came into
my life Misha is really into movies and
he shows and video games so he spends
time on YouTube to watch people dissect
these topics in detail and also cat
videos alive of cat videos when we first
started spending a lot of time together
I was a little impatient with how Misha
always wanted to watch YouTube because I
preferred more traditional TV shows with
an ongoing play and maybe an occasional
Netflix documentary about serial killer
but then I started to discover what
Misha and what feels like the rest of
the world already knew which is that
YouTube is awesome
I discovered youtubers like Liza Koshi
who’s able to make amusing videos out of
nothing more than just a trip to Ikea
Gus Johnson and pay money would be who
do some hilarious commentary about other
youtubers Megan batoon who makes super
entertaining vlogs and cooking videos
Umbridge Stuart who makes these unique
comedic sketches I was hooked I loved
that I could watch videos uploaded
straight from the Creator and I know
this might sound a little cliche but
there really is something for everyone
on YouTube as I started to watch more
and more YouTube I started to wonder if
I could do it too I used to make these
stupid videos with my friends back in
high school in college and I really
enjoyed it and seeing videos uploaded by
creators who were otherwise just normal
people I felt a little optimistic about
my chances
I jokingly told my boyfriend about an
idea I had for a video I could make and
not only did he like the idea but he
really encouraged me to go through with
making it and after several months of
contemplation I finally uploaded my very
first video onto YouTube I was able to
share that video with this Facebook
group that I’m a part of and in one
night I had almost a thousand views
which was completely unexpected Misha
and I thought that I would struggle to
get a hundred views and so we saw a
thousand views as an overwhelming
success especially for her first video
the results of that first video
motivated me enough to decide to do a
second video and so my channel was
born I decided to post a video once a
week and I sort of just did videos on
completely random topics that were
interesting to me like a review of the
Netflix series ugly delicious and
shamefully how I lost some of the let’s
call it winter hibernation wait I had
put on while living in Germany there’s
so much schnitzel I celebrated every
single view comment and subscriber and
it’s important to note that I wasn’t
getting neared the number of views that
I had gotten on my first video but I was
enjoying it regardless after a few
months Misha and I were going on
vacation so I had to pre-record a bunch
of videos to post while we were away one
of those videos was a tour of our
apartment in Germany that I had
desperately filmed by holding
essentially a selfie stick and pointing
out random things I thought were strange
as an American I checked on the video
the first couple nights and was just
happy to see that I had gotten a couple
hundred views on the third night I got
far fewer views and figured the video
was already dying out but then the next
night when Misha and I got back to our
hotel room I opened up my laptop to
check on my video and see how it was
doing and I panicked according to
YouTube’s analytics my video was viewed
a thousand times in one day I didn’t
think that this could possibly be
accurate but then the next day that
number doubled and then several days
later I got an insane twenty-two
thousand views in one day on that one
relatively crappy video I distinctly
remember looking at Misha that night and
asking why are so many people watching
this video and he just sort of shrugged
and told me that a lot of Germans are
interested in what Americans think about
Germany and German culture so I went to
go and check the demographics and I saw
that Mischa was right the people
watching my video were mostly Germans
and so I started thinking okay maybe
this is the niche topic that I can start
focusing my videos on for a while and so
I did I talked about German grocery
stores German food German trains
anything I could think of and I watch my
channel begin to slowly grow my audience
demographic became mostly German and so
I adapted my content accordingly but
then I moved back to the US and I had no
idea what this was going to do to my
channel because my content so heavily
relied on me being in Germany but
fortunately I was able to find ways to
talk about Germany even without me being
there and then I hit a huge milestone I
met the requirements to apply for the
famous YouTube monetization having
monetization means that YouTube can
insert advertisements into your videos
and then you receive a cut of the ad
money from YouTube I’ll get more into
the specifics of monetization in a bit
but before January 2018 youtubers only
had to have 100 subscribers to apply for
monetization and then as my luck would
have it YouTube changed its policy in
response to some serious issues which
led to the implementation of stricter
requirements so for me and anyone
starting a channel in January 2018 and
beyond the requirements to apply for
monetization is one thousand subscribers
and four thousand watched hours in the
past twelve months that threshold is
daunting for new youtubers and if I’m
being honest here I thought that it
would be at least a year before I met
the requirements but thanks to my German
audience I somehow was able to apply for
monetization despite these stricter
requirements within four months of
posting my first video and then I waited
and I waited and I waited YouTube was
completely backlogged with requests and
their efforts more thoroughly reviewed
channels before granting monetization
meant that there was some serious delays
I continued to post weekly while
anxiously almost obsessively checking to
see if I had get gotten monetized and
then it finally happened one night I
opened up my YouTube’s to
app as I so frequently did and I noticed
that there were little green dollar sign
icons next to each of my videos that I
hadn’t ever seen before I couldn’t
believe it
I immediately googled what those green
dollar sign icons meant and my heart
jumped out of my chest when I learned
that my channel was indeed officially
monetized and then that’s when I started
to learn a whole different side of
YouTube up until that point I was hyper
focused on views and subscribers without
any real understanding of how to best
maximize the earning potential of my
videos or my channel as a whole but that
was about to change
you see YouTube sells ad placements on
before or after videos of monetized
channels those advertising companies
then pay YouTube based on how many times
their advertisement was viewed and
clicked and then YouTube gives a portion
of that ad revenue to the creator of the
video displaying those ads so YouTube
makes the most money off of videos with
not just a high view count but also a
lot of watch time because the longer
user watches a video the more
advertisements they’ll see and the more
advertisements they’ll potentially click
on and because creators are
intrinsically depending on YouTube for
their own revenue it’s in a creators
best interest to make videos that
maximize not just views but also watch
time so after I understood all that I
quickly realized that subscriber numbers
just don’t matter like I thought they
there are certainly perks to having a
big subscriber base and often times
large subscriber counts go hand in hand
with popular videos but youtubers with a
lot of subscribers don’t automatically
make more money off of a video than a
smaller channel because like I said it’s
all about watch time additionally
YouTube’s designated 10 minutes as the
minimum video length for creator to be
able to place additional ad breaks
within their videos with the goal of
making more ad revenue so you’ll notice
that a lot of channels will have videos
consistently falling close to the target
of 10 minutes and if you’ve ever watched
a video and wondered why Acree
seems to be wasting a lot of time
showing completely useless footage or
adding unnecessary narration to their
video it’s probably because they’re
trying to meet that ten-minute threshold
another huge factor is the click-through
rate or CTR CTR is a term that refers to
the rate in which YouTube displays your
thumbnail and title and the number of
times it’s actually clicked on so if
YouTube shows your video a hundred times
the more often it’s clicked on out of
that hundred times the higher your
click-through rate and this is exactly
why you see YouTube videos with
clickbait thumbnails and video titles
that are literally screaming at you to
click on them furthermore your content
and therefore your audience or maybe
your audience and therefore your content
can impact your revenue for a few
different reasons
for one there are certain industries
like automotive legal and financial that
will pay more for their advertisements
because their customers pay a really
high price for their product or service
and so if you have a channel that’s
directly related to one of these
industries then your ad revenue will be
considerably higher than that of just
your standard YouTube vlogger another
way is that viewers from different
countries have different costs per
thousand or CPM rates a CPM rate refers
to the amount of money a creator makes
based on a thousand views and that value
is constantly changing if you look at my
channel since I have a large
international audience you can really
see how much the CPM varies by country
right now I’m making seven dollars and
seventy two cents off of a thousand
views from Australia compared to only
six dollars in twenty six cents for a
thousand views from the US as I said
earlier in the video my content is very
German focused and I have a large German
unfortunately Germany’s CPM is
consistently lower than that of other
countries and right now I only get two
dollars and 84 cents from a thousand
German viewers that’s a pretty
substantial differential but
Queen Australian viewers and German
viewers and just like how YouTube can
grant monetization it can also take it
away YouTube has several Community
Guidelines that its creators have to
follow these guidelines prohibit Hiep
speech spam copyright violations and so
on and YouTube has several different
tools to punish channels for breaching
these Community Guidelines for example
they can issue what’s called a Community
Guidelines strike and just like in
baseball with three strikes your channel
is out they can also do monetize a
singular video or your entire Channel
YouTube is seriously ramping up its
efforts lately to rid the platform of
content that violates their Community
Guidelines and so a lot of channels are
experiencing some disruption in their
channels monetization even for videos
that might not actually be a violation
for example I posted a video about
German saunas and because I talked about
the nature of the clothing worn in these
saunas which is that there isn’t any my
video was demonetised this means that
despite its 30,000 views I didn’t make
hardly any money off of that video so
after my channel was officially
monetized I had to apply for a Google
Adsense account so that I could collect
my ad revenue Google Adsense pays out
monthly and only if you meet a $100
threshold to mean that if your channel
only makes $30 in a month you will not
get paid until however many months it
takes to get to $100 Misha and I were
convinced that I would only make
fractions of a penny per video because
we understood that making money on
YouTube was really challenging so I had
zero expectations for making any money
off of YouTube for the first couple days
I made 52 cents and then $1 and 58 cents
and then I jumped to four dollars and 22
cents and I was ecstatic I could not
believe that I was making money off of
something that was largely a hobby for
me by the end of that first month I
totaled two hundred and twelve dollars
and 33 cents in ad revenue and then in
July my
dramatically increased and I rounded out
the month with 995 dollars in ad revenue
I was completely speechless and the
November came and I topped out at three
thousand two hundred and thirty-eight
dollars thanks largely to a video I
posted about German habits that rapidly
grew in popularity I thought for sure I
would never make more money than what I
did in November and even with December’s
famously high ad rates which by the way
is why you always see youtubers doing
vlogmas or posting every single day in
December I think come close to what I
made in November but then came March
when I posted a video about the culture
shocks that I experienced in Germany as
an American and my views on that video
soared beyond the German habits video
and with it my ad revenue took off I
made an unbelievable five thousand three
hundred and eighty seven dollars in that
month alone which helped to bring my
total ad revenue for my first monetized
year on YouTube up to eighteen thousand
six hundred and twenty six dollars my ad
revenue is best described as being a
roller coaster where the incredible
highs come with lows making eighteen
thousand dollars in a year on YouTube is
an absolute dream for me my ad revenue
is completely inconsistent and highly
depending on the popularity of my latest
videos topic and it’s actually really
hard to try to predict whether a topic
will be popular or not and since I get
asked a lot if I would ever become a
full-time youtuber I’ll add that at this
point I do not feel comfortable with the
idea of quitting my job to pursue
YouTube full-time although I’ve often
wondered what my channel could become if
I were able to dedicate all of my time
and energy to it the inconsistency of ad
revenue is enough to scare me off and
honestly YouTube could shut down
tomorrow and leave me without any income
at all although it’s been really
me to maintain my youtube upload
schedule while working a full-time job
I’m really looking forward to what this
next year on YouTube will bring I plan
to broaden my video topics to talk about
more things that interest me like why a
hotdog stand was the primary target in a
nuclear war or how restaurants are
adapting their menus to become more
Instagram Abal thanks for listening to
my YouTube story I hope that you guys
enjoyed it maybe it gave you some ideas
of your own maybe it motivated you to
start your own channel honestly I feel
like if I can do it anyone can do it or
maybe it just helped answer some burning
questions you had about what this
YouTube creator life is all about if you
did enjoy this video don’t forget to
give it a big thumbs up if you haven’t
subscribed to my channel yet make sure
you hit that subscribe button and click
the bell so you get notified every
single time I post a new video thank you
so much to all of my patrons for the
support you’ve given me and I will see
you guys next time bye

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